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  1. Favorite Chatbox Quotes

  2. Oregon isn't even ranked higher than USC, and i think there's a case for them to be since they just won h2h
  3. [Feature] Border States Changes Discussion

    Iowa shares a larger land border with either Illinois or Nebraska than it does South Dakota. I'm sure Illinois schools wouldn't be too happy with Iowa suddenly gaining better access to their territory, and the Nebraska/Kansas/Colorado schools wouldn't be too happy about Iowa schools gaining a westward expansion into their current land of Nebraska, but in the spirit of proper competition, id like to propose swapping out South Dakota for one of the two.
  4. [2021] Foreign games sign-up

    Vikings will play in London
  5. Ok I didn't read all of this yet but last year I heard the Temple-Toledo matchup get referred to as the "G5 Super Bowl," so y'all better live up to those standards for this to be the G5 game of the century (about to read this, may expand upon this comment with an edit). Edit: have now read this very solid analysis. Will certainly be a ballgame to behold, and should be up there in the national spotlight. I'm somewhat partial to UCF winning simply because they played me and it will make my SOS and resume look better but it might be too close to call at this time.
  6. [2020] FCS Championship Bracket - Day #5

    Shaq Mason put up a worthy fight, just wasn't enough. Either the Citadel passed a lot and we dont see that, or Josh Griggs came up on some runs, and that's good to see for ACU.
  7. [2020] Week #16 - TNF

    Didn't he play UTrassh Though?
  8. [2020] Week #16 - TNF

    Im majorly conflicted by the CMU-KSU game since I recognize both teams so well. Id like to imagine they brought me on in-studio to discuss both before the game, given Iowa has a bye this week. A downward but expected season for CMU, who will get to throw Byron Suggs (a 5.0 QB currently redshirting) out there for inspiration next season. An amazing, unexpected bowl eligibility for Kent State! Congrats to both of you on your seasons, both of you should only get better.
  9. Website Feature Discussion: Clubs

    If clubs do become a thing, would it be possible to have a quicklinks feature to get to them (or maybe we already have one and I'm just blind)
  10. Website Feature Discussion: Clubs

    I 100% agree with this, i think its the perfect place for those. ...i Also think it's the perfect place to contain the discussion to. If there were to be a Mafia/OOTP club, i think all discussion should be kept in pms/inside the club (create a thread in the club called "____ Mafia Discussion Thread" for whichever mafia is being currently played), and any violation of that would result in punishment/termination against the club. Just my own 2 cents though. However, even if forum games went on during the offseason, a club still might be a good way to organize them. Could be "CFBHC OFFSEASON FORUM GAMES CLUB" or something named appropriately.
  12. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Week 15)

    Maybe Nebraska severely underachieved this year
  13. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Week 15)

    "Why would 2-loss Purdue be in the Top 8 over a West Virginia, Western Michigan, or USC? They loss to Iowa!" How dare you use a loss to "For Real Mikeal" as an insult, he is the one true savior of the lost-by-3-to-Penn State, beat-#4-Illinois, beat-#1-Purdue Iowa Hawkeyes #KneelBeforeMikeal
  14. Recruiting Punishments

    Well the JuCo favored me by having either a family tie or preference, and I dropped a scholly on top of that. The ILB you were within 30 but not within 5, so I'm assuming my lead was by more than 15.
  15. Recruiting Punishments

    Same, i landed both of my JuCo players (offered them both scholarships and put all my points on one of them) and landed my other target that I put all my points on (a 4.0 ILB), the JuCo scholarships went through for me at least but maybe my points didn't?
  16. BYU Looking to fill schedule

    I have a week 7 OOC open date, so if you want, you can come to me this year, and I'll go to you in any future year.
  17. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Afternoon

    Who would have thought Iowa would go 8-4? Gg lucas, i feel the weather prevented us from having the matchup we should have.
  18. [2020] Week #15 - FNF

    John Garland 18/29 305 3
  19. Share your Google Timeline

    Sadly it has only tracked since August 2016 for me, which is when i got my current phone. I'd like to see all the other places I went 2014-16 with my iPhone.
  20. Resume vs Current Poll for Iowa (7-4) Iowa wins: #7 Purdue (10-1) #22 Illinois (7-3) Iowa losses: #2 Penn State by 3 points (10-1), #5 UCF (11-0), #8 Michigan State (9-1) by 4 points I know there aren't currently any 4 loss teams ranked, but at which point do you have to start watching the season and not the records? What makes Illinois worthy of 38 points, and Iowa only worthy of 3, when Iowa won the head to head (won by 2 scores, and Illinois was a top 10 ranked team at the time), AND has taken down a #1 team in the past week, AND only lost by 7 points to the two best teams on the other side of the conference (pretty quality losses)? (Flutie, this is not an attack on you, just trying to understand voter logic and Illinois is a good comparison for this example. FULL IOWA RESUME through 11 games L. Iowa 17, UCF 28 (Week 1) W. Boston College 20, Iowa 38 (Week 2) W. Oklahoma 17, Iowa 34 (Week 3) L. Iowa 17, Michigan State 21 (Week 5) W. #4 Illinois 10, Iowa 24. (Week 6) W. Iowa 31, Northwestern 3 (Week 8) L. #4 Penn State 23, Iowa 20 (Week 9) L. Iowa 24, Nebraska 27 (Week 10) W. Ohio State 23, Iowa 26 (Week 11) W. Iowa 35, #25 Wisconsin 24 ( Week 13) W. #1 Purdue 31, Iowa 34 (Week 14) Record vs. At the time Top 25 (3-1) Record vs. At the time Top 5 (2-1) Record on the road (2-3) Record at home (5-1) Point differential vs at the time Top 25 (+24) Point differential vs at the time Top 5 (+14) Point differential on the road (+10) Point differential at home (+52) Conclusions: my road record isnt great. I also shouldn't have lost to Nebraska, and the Ohio State game was a little tight. However, 2 of my losses came to at the time unranked teams who are currently a combined 20-1. There are multiple MAC teams, not shitting on them, but I don't think they have the resume I do, in the receiving votes column with more votes than me (Buffalo, Ohio, Akron) #RankIowa (Now, like I said last week, watch me lose to Minnesota )
  21. vollmagnet

    I know winthegame irl, I have no idea what's up with him. He doesn't seem as interested in the sim as I thought he would be, and he may be better suited for a different conference/lesser school if he even stays around as a coach since he seems to have no idea what hes doing at all. That said, I can't speak for him, or the conference, but it's nice to see you back around here.
  22. [2020] Week #14 - Saturday Evening

    Bish I beat Top 10 Illinois and lost to Penn State by like 3 although I myself am just as surprised
  23. Imposter's Bowl Projections (2020 Week 13)

    Hey, we barely lost to Penn State and beat a Top 10 Illinois earlier in the year. I don't expect us to beat Purdue at all, but stranger things have happened. (Now watch me lose to Minnesota and beat Purdue)