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  1. If no one else is interested, id gladly do something like this. (However I think I fall a week or two shy of the 1.5 years rule). If others are interested, by all means, let them do it, though, I love reading all of the content and headlines all of you guys always produce.
  2. Mfw Mikeal isnt even an honorable mention Mikeal Black, IOWA, 20 of 29 for 260 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT Also had 5/38 and a score on the ground.
  3. Just realised neither of my players with picks made the stat sheet
  4. If I did my math right, Mikeal Black finishes his 2020 OOC slate with the following stat line: Mikeal Black, IOWA, 56 of 84 (66.66%) for 719 yards, (8.55yds/att) 5 TD, 1 INT, (155.82 rating) 18 Car, 122 yds, (6.77avg) 2TD. Not too shabby considering we faced UCF, BC, and Oklahoma, and not some Sophos-level cupcake schedule.
  5. I remember watching this on tv instead of doing homework. I was tempted to do my homework instead, the game was so terrible
  6. I would love to be the coach at Kansas, but I don't think I could take it over if storm ever left. It's storms program here, id want to build my own identity. (Plus im pretty sure azul would murder me for taking Kansas, id probably end up like Charlie Weis.) I was hesitant to come to Iowa for the same reason, it's jmjacobs built program, but with the bridge between us that is the 2019 season, the worst period of Iowa football, I knew someone had to rescue them. (And i like being in the Big Ten, and Chad Greenway went to Iowa, and he's my favorite player of all time at any level). I'll probably never leave Iowa unless Storm and Azul have moved on from Kansas, and the future of the program is bleak.
  7. I played a C at OG last year at CMU, it didn't go terribly. He was too good to not have on the field over my other backup guards who probably wouldn't even start in FCS. When I recruit I try to go for bigger OL, avoiding guys who weigh less than 265ish. When drafting OL id like to think of going with the same principle idea, but certain OL (we had decently high grades on Lucas Hopkins, and particularly Russell Benson-Gifford, by the time the draft rolled around, and they are listed at 261 & 260 respectively) can get away with it if I view them as having a better collegiate background or pedigree. I like to play skill over size really, but I view bigger tackles (Arthur Taylor is like 6'8") as right tackles, especially if they are run specialists
  8. Mikeal you beautiful slut, why couldn't you do this last week
  9. 8 sacks and only one guy made the sheet?
  10. The 1st game i finally kinda figured out a gameplan that worked, and I think i led WMU at one point
  11. Nebraska and especially UCLA surprised me
  12. Bowling Green had a decent coach last year in Groobs03. Groobs showed a strong willingness to help on the MAC Statsheet and i honestly thought he would be the MAC Commissioner some day. Then he just randomly stopped helping on the statbook one day, and never returned to the site.
  13. I think Purdue got robbed with only 1 selection, but this is a really strong conference and I think it'd be tough to choose anyone to replace
  14. If we could get statlines for kickers then id be down, since I still want to know if my kickers are being their usual trash selves
  15. None of my college teams have ever had a solid kicker. Also gg ubl, was expecting that to go much worse given you know what
  16. Leaving the Ravens. Everything else snowballed from there. With the Ravens, everything was run through Monark and TheSam. We didnt always agree on everything, but we had a solid foundation, and a team with potential. I told them the only way I would ever leave was if the Vikings opened up. Well, the Vikings opened up, and I was enthusiastic about joining my favorite childhood team. This is no offense to bellwood or bmlig, but I was hoping id have a veteran apply to be the head coach. When that didnt happen, i was forced to bring bellwood on as the HC rather than as a scout/administrative assistant, a role im not sure many newcomers to the site can handle. (Bellwood has done a phenomenal job thus far, though our record doesnt refelect it.) Then I started looking into the financials of the team, and it was an absolute mess. The team already couldn't afford to bring back Arlie LeClair, who if he was still with our team, would make us the undisputed best linebacking corps in the league. The cap sheet was messy and incorrect in a few places. There was a player who had been progressed as part of the team, who had been released and not re-signed, meaning our team page wasn't proper. Then I looked forward to the 2021 contracts, and it was clear we weren't going to be able to afford to bring Vardell back the way things were written. So i was forced to make some moves, which we all know about. Some people were like "well why not wait until next year then, you could still make the playoffs this year!" That would only be prolonging the inevitable, and we also would have the same problems on defense as we do now (lack of secondary, weak DL). Also now nearly everyone, even if they're supposedly blowing their own teams up and "everyone's available", tries to fleece me while trading, where with the Ravens, they at least seemed to somewhat respect me. And that's probably the biggest thing of it, I've seemingly lost any respect I've had at the nflhc level, and while some of that might be deserved, i think given the circumstances theres a little bit too much shitting on certain teams. Because of this, NFLHC isnt as fun to me as it once was, since every move I make is scrutinized to the maximum level (drafting a CB in the 3rd "there the Vikings go drafting another shitty CB", making it public knowledge that I was interested in getting Stiles "wtf are you even doing anymore" when the most I was going to offer the Saints was much less than the Bengals paid, etc). If i were still with the Ravens, i think people would view me differently, maybe even positively for moving up for Troy Marshall last year and for whichever other moves we may have made this off-season. Im in deep with the Vikings now, and I do enjoy working with bmlig and bellwood very much, but i definitely miss working with theSam and Monark and our hijinks both inside and outside the Ravens Cave. I dont think the Vikings are much off from whete the Packers were last year, and we've seen the success theyre having, so hopefully we can recapture some of the winning ways, and the fun of NFLHC.
  17. If there were a way to get UDFAs to shine a bit more, it would be cool. Every year IRL theres a bunch of udfas who end up as impact players for their teams, and on here they basically only make up the 52nd or 53rd guy on a roster and the practice squad, and after 2 years are never heard from again. I get that this is the reality for a lot of irl udfas, but i just feel like we don't have that hit rate for them that the nfl does. I'm not sure how to implement that though. Maybe we have something like minicamp for just rookies, and each team privately finds out something like "Aaron Ayala has a bad drop rate" or "Aaron Ayala excels at returning kicks" or "Julius Thomas has been getting reps at WR as requested by Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice", which could add value to the OC/DC positions. "Mike Tice told me Juilus Thomas could play WR, but he has 11 drops through 3 games? He also told me Charles Perez was looking great and could see starting time, but our OL has been shit with him starting and our interior has allowed 8 sacks to DTs? Maybe it's time to reevaluate Mike Tices position with the team." Or that could be an entire training camp thing and include veterans. This sounds like a lot of work though, so withiut high demand it might be a non necessary thing to implement. I also think we should have 46 man active rosters in nflhc, with 7 gameday inactives, it keeps it more realistic.
  18. I dont know how hard to incorporate this it would be, or the practicality of it, but have scheduling on the interface, only a more complex version of it. Obviously conference games are set by rotation and such, and those could be locked in from the get go. After that, OOC games could be agreed upon between two teams like currently, only with customization of when the game would happen. So, for example, if Iowa State and I share week 4 as an open date, and we want to schedule to play each other yearly for week 4, we can schedule that. It would lead to a more customized schedule, and would potentially finish the structure of the schedule earlier. The issues I could foresee though include potentially overloading the amount of total games in a week, so yould have to limit Who could play when, which could limit potential OOC matchups.
  19. I edited it for you
  20. I would like conference commissioners to PM me (NOT INSPIRAL) When they approve someone. It's not like it's hard to check the application thread, but when we had a mass joining due to the Reddit ad, it was somewhat difficult, and I feel bad if I miss someone because I want them to get interface access as soon as possible.
  21. @ImposterCauster thank you for raising Walt right, ily bb. Also I like to run gameplan ideas by imposter and they seem to work out best when I run them by him (see 2019 CMU vs Toledo) vs when I dont (2019 CMU vs Ohio). I know @Rome has had a long history with the site, but every interaction I've had with him in my time here has been positive, from working on the 2018 CFBHC Big Book to now working together in NHLHC. @bellwoodbomb611 has been a great coach, i think hed be a great coach with any NFLHC franchise and im fortunate hes caught on here. The results of our games dont show his value to the organization, especially since I figured an ideal role for him in his first NFLHC season would be as a scout, and hes far surpassed those expectations. @bmlig95 has done a solid job as a scout so far, hopefully we'll get to see more of your potential once cfb kicks off. An excellent future GM candidate for those looking for one down the road. I think we can all agree @stormstopper is one of the most positive minded, and willing to reason in debate, members of the site. I wish you weren't a dirty Bear, but you're always a Jayhawk in my heart <3 Shoutout to the rest of the late night crew @notoriousbigej @Darman @lucas95and all the others, i love getting on here during my office portion of work and then again when I get home to talk about music and, um, "adult recreational activities" and wind down my night that way. I also thoroughly enjoy the random snaps from notorious, and of @taffyowners dog. (For those who want to add me on snapchat, it's freebundy. Maybe send me a snap saying who you are on here tho so I'm not just like who tf is this) Those of you who have participated in CFBHCVision ( @Soluna @CadeRich5 @Emperor_of_Orange@iliveinadreamatorium etc) have been awesome, music is a major part of my life since I at minimum drive for 2 hours every day, and I've discovered so much thanks to all of you. More CFBHCVision PLS I could shoutout probably 75 to 80 of you really, and that's just because I haven't interacted enough with the other 30ish people. I love this community, talking about random shit and lifes problems, and I basically gained 80 new friends instead of finding a football simulator. I can't leave without thanking @LaserCats and @deathcpo though, they helped me learn a lot early on in the 2018 season, and im always willing to pass that on to new users in the future because of that.
  22. Also the only teams I play this season (including OOC) that didn't get more votes than me are Northwestern and Ohio State. Halp. @ #33 UCF Vs #38 BC Vs #23 Oklahoma @ #38 Michigan State Vs #10 Illinois @ NR Northwestern Vs #1 Penn State @ #35 Nebraska Vs NR Ohio State @ #19 Wisconsin Vs #5 Purdue Vs #21 Minnesota
  23. I think Michigan is a bit overrated to start the year, they should be better than last year but I'm not sure theyre Top 10 in the country better. Also holy shit I have votes, this is an entirely strange feeling to me.
  24. I think death and FSUAlumni were the first people who reached out to me, and then Sophos wanted to collude on croots and I was like wtf? Because I had no idea what I was doing crooting, and was under the assumption no croot would ever go to Kent State over Michigan anyway
  25. Also Jesus fuck Thomas Wheeler