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  1. Dylan Bishop made our offense come to life with his arm, and if the team was ever in trouble, he'd just use his legs and bust out a huge run to keep us in the game. After the game in Clemson, he stepped up and made sure we wouldn't lose another game the whole year. Gonna miss him, and I couldn't be prouder : )
  2. Thanks to all of you, and also to all the Arizona staff for giving me this opportunity to start out in NFLHC! Hopefully, despite inexperience, I can be beneficial to helping the Cardinals succeed, and I'm looking forward to being able to learn from the talented guys here on the team as well.
  3. i tell you hwhat we raise our Dylan Bishop from the finest soil you'll find in Massachusetts
  4. It's the end of week 7, which means we have just played our first game of conference play, in what I would consider to be the toughest conference in the nation. It definitely won't be easy for us the rest of the season, with games against Clemson, at Florida State, and at Boston College, who are all ranked in the top six. Despite this, I think we've shown so far that Dylan Bishop and our offense are among the best, and we definitely believe that we have a chance to win any of our games. Our only two losses have come in overtime against a great Georgia defense, and an extremely close 2OT game at Virginia Tech. Overall, these guys have exceeded any expectations coming into the season, and if we can keep step our game up against Clemson next week, I truly believe we can contend in the ACC. Now taking any questions related to the team.
  5. holy shit that was a great game. both our offenses were on fire, but your oline was definitely outplaying ours, and you guys ended up clutching it out with the pick at the end.super proud of how we played though, gg man : )
  6. two more wins for a bowl I fully expect those wins to be against Clemson and FSU
  7. who are the 5 greatest quarterbacks in the world dylan dylan dylan dylan dylan
  8. Proud that we got to OT against a really great georgia defense, gg LaserCats!
  9. boys dont cry

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      Yeah only men and angsty teenage girls cry

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      i cry evry tiem wes virginya lose

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      I cry when Frank drop album tho

  10. One thing I'll mention is that 3 of Yeldon's 4 TDs were from five yards or less, whereas: Dylan Bishop, 29 yd TD run - 8:44 (0-14) (SYR) Dylan Bishop, 78 yd TD run - 2:29 (0-21) (SYR) Dylan Bishop, 29 yd TD run - 6:50 (0-45) (SYR) Yeldon had an great game, but I'd say Bishop's 5 TDs are more impressive than Yeldon's when you look at them individually, considering Bishop also scored two through the air