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  1. [2020] Week #4 - Saturday Morning

    It happens
  2. [2020] Week #2 - Saturday Morning

    He's the main reason that we have such close games
  3. Wiki Wednesday #3

    Done: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Ball_State_Cardinals_football_navbox
  4. DT Thierno Pearson 6-5 313 (Jr) Rich South (Richton Park, IL) 4.0 of 4.0 [1-Gap] Why you do this to me? Depth charts updated...
  5. [2019] Recruiting Update after Week 15

    My first season was just like that too. Came in near the end of recruiting, with not a lot to show for it. It's so much more fun to do it yourself than have to try and pickup where someone else left off (or in your case where the AI left off)..
  6. FKFMBaP Updates

    good job Tad. Now get off your butt and start working
  7. CFBHC FTL Updates

    Sector 4 (Uncharted Nebula) The Bulwark warps into a nebula that has never been charted before. Captain Lester hopes to slow the pursuing rebel fleet by forcing them to navigate the nebula. However, the Bulwarks own systems will be affected by the gasses as well. Hopefully the gamble will pay off… The crew quickly comes across a pirate ship using the nebula to attempt to stay hidden. The pirates don’t take kindly to being spotted and attack. But they are no match for the Bulwark and are quickly defeated. Lt Commander Campbell was excited to find a working chain burst laser cannon in the debris and quickly fixed it to the Bulwark’s hull. (+39 scrap, +Chain Burst Laser) The crew makes a few uneventful jumps and finally finds a merchant. They refuel and find an interesting piece of equipment. They trade one of their lasers for a mind control system. (-37 Scrap, +4 Fuel, + Mind Control Station) Soon, they stumble upon a rebel patrol and a fight breaks out. The rebels send over a boarding party and starts shelling the Bulwark’s shields. Commander Battles makes his way from the engine room to the new mind control systems and gets to work. The intruders burst into the room, just as he begins the process of controlling one of them. The mind controlled enemy runs out of the room and begins making repairs to some of the damaged systems. Battles and the remaining enemy resort to hand to hand combat, with Battles eventually emerging victorious. As the enemy captain begs for mercy, the Bulwark fires a final volley of lasers, destroying the enemy vessel. (-6 Hull) The crew moves out only to see a fellow Federation ship floating helplessly into the nebula. The crew tries to keep the other ship locked on long enough to teleport over the only survivor. Lt Vincent joins the crew. They move further into the nebula, and almost immediately get an intruder alert. An enemy boarding party teleports into the engine room in an attempt to cripple the Bulwark. Commander Battles, Lt Commander Campbell, and Lt Vincent fight off the intruders, before any damage to the engines can be done. The crew makes a few more jumps with no incidents and warps out of the nebula. Sector Kills: 1 Rebel, 1 Pirate Total Kills: 5 Rebels, 5 Pirates, 2 Local Security Crew Lost: None Crew Gained: Lt Vincent Supplies: 2 Fuel, 11 Missiles, 8 Drone Parts, 30 Scrap
  8. CFBHC FTL Updates

    The game is actually really fun. Extremely hard, but fun. I know. Not going to last much longer without upgrading some systems.
  9. CFBHC FTL Updates

    Congratulations so far Captain Lester. You've not killed any of your crew yet!
  10. CFBHC FTL Updates

    Sector 3 (Engi Territory) The Bulwark warps into Engi Territory in desperate need of repairs. The Engi are known for their mechanical prowess and Captain Lester hopes to get the ship fixed and on it’s way before the rebel fleet catches up. One wrinkle in that plan is the ongoing war between the Engi and the Mantis. Hopefully, the Bulwark won’t get pulled into the fight... Shortly after entering the sector, the crew finds a small merchant station. They are able to make some minor repairs to the hull. It’s not completely fixed, but much better than it had been. (-18 scrap, Hull 17/30) Immediately after leaving the station, the crew picks up a distress call from a fellow Federation ship. They are out of ammunition and are requesting the Bulwark to guide them to their station. Captain Lester agrees and the ships head out. (+1 Fuel) They make it to the station without any trouble and the crew is rewarded with fuel and supplies. (+3 Fuel, +1 Drone Part, +40 scrap) Upon exiting warp, the crew witnesses a local Engi security ship attacking a Mantis ship. Before the Mantis ship is destroyed, a teleporter signal is detected and the intruder alarm signals. A lone Mantis has teleported on deck and begins begging for sanctuary. He offers service onboard the Bulwark if they protect him. The Engi on the other hand are demanding that he be turned over to them to face justice. Captain Lester doesn’t want trouble with the local Engi and does not know what the mantis is accused of, so he sides with the local security and attempts to send the fugitive over. The mantis goes beserk and causes some significant damage to the ship before he can be contained and sent to the Engi. (-5 Hull, +39 Scrap) The crew comes across another merchant and, using their reward scraps, fully repairs the Bulwark. They also top off the fuel and grab an extra missile with what they have left. (+7 Fuel, +1 Missile, +18 Hull, -60 Scrap) After a few uneventful jumps, the Bulwark finds a planet with unusual lifesigns not registered in the computer database. The rebel fleet is still quite a ways behind, so Captain Lester decided to send an away team to investigate further. They find a group of small, brightly colored, six-legged, horse-like creatures. The away team attempts to communicate with the creatures, but only get blank stares in return. The crew makes their final preparations, and departs the sector. Sector Kills: 0 Total Kills: 4 Rebels, 4 Pirates, 2 Local Security Crew Lost: None Crew Gained: None Supplies: 7 Fuel, 17 Missiles, 8 Drone Parts, 0 Scrap
  11. CFBHC FTL Updates

    Sector 2 (Zoltan Territory) The Bulwark warps into Zoltan Territory, hoping that the neutral Zoltans would not impede their progress towards headquarters. Immediately after entering the sector, they are set upon by a rebel scout. But it is no match for Lt Commander Campbell’s missile barrage, and is quickly destroyed. Soon they pick up a distress beacon. Captain Lester orders the ship to the origin of the distress signal only to find a fellow Federation ship who had run out of fuel. Captain Lester sends over a small supply of his own fuel. Hopefully this decision will not be the end of his crew… The next jump has a small, legal-ish, shop. One of the items available had Lt Commander Campbell drooling: a repeating laser cannon. With the Captain’s blessing, he sold one of the ships two missile launchers and bought the laser cannon. He positively beamed with excitement as the armament was fitted to the ship. He laughed, almost a little too happily, at the thought of using it soon… It was not long until Lt Com Campbell got his wish. Shortly after leaving the shop, a local patrol noticed the legal-ish upgrade that the Bulwark had just obtained and decided to confiscate it. But Lt Com Campbell was not giving up his toy. A fight broke out and the crew of the Bulwark was victorious, but did suffer some damage to the ship. Shortly after their win, the defeated ship’s backup arrived. Before Captain Lester could shout out any orders, the computer alarmed that the ship had been boarded.Unfortunately for the enemy combatants, they made the horrendous mistake of boarding the ship in the med bay. They were quickly dispatched. However, the Bulwark took a moderate amount of damage, losing sensors and engines. There was even a hull breach. The enemy ship was destroyed and the crew set to making repairs the best that they could. But the ship's hull integrity was very low. After next jump, the crew happens upon a local patrol ship chasing a pirate ship. Captain Lester made the decision to move on and let the locals handle the pirates. The ship needed repairs, and he did not know when they would find a store again. Soon, they found another pirate looting a recent kill. This time a fight was unavoidable. The pirates did not pose much of a threat and were easily defeated. With components from the enemy ship, Lt Com Campbell was able to rig the Bulwark to use both the laser cannon and her missiles. One jump later, another pirate attacked the Bulwark. This time they sent over a boarding drone, who immediately started sabotaging the life support systems. Commander Battles courageously fought off the drone the best that he could while the Bulwark fired on the enemy ship. Soon the Bulwark was victorious, but now with major damage ship wide. A fire had broken out in one of the hallways while a hull breach was still in need of repair in the life support room. After the repairs were made, the crew moved on to the sector jump gate. While waiting for their jump drive to charge, Lt Tach picked up some faint life signs aboard an abandoned space station. With the Bulwark in major need of repairs, Captain Lester decided not to investigate and instead gathered scrap from the abandoned station to trade for repairs later. Total Kills: 4 Rebels, 4 Pirates, 2 Local Security Sector Kills: 1 Rebels, 2 Pirates, 2 Local Security Crew Lost: None Crew Gained: None Supplies: 9 Fuel, 16 Missiles, 7 Drone Parts, 19 Scrap
  12. CFBHC FTL Updates

    Crew: Cpt. Todd Lester Com. Terry Battles LtCom. John Campbell Ship: Beginning (Area 1) With the Rebel Fleet in hot pursuit, Captain Todd Lester and the crew of the Bulwark race towards headquarters. In their possession, are plans that could end the war and restore order to the galaxy. But the crew has a long way to go… Shortly after evading the rebel fleet, Captain Lester directs the crew towards headquarters. They are quickly hailed and offered scrap and fuel in exchange for liberating a trade post from the rebels. Captain Lester agrees and the crew heads out. They easily defeat the rebel ships around the station and are rewarded with scraps, missiles, and hull repairs. After the next jump, the crew stumbles upon a pirate raid in progress. The pirates attempt to bribe Captain Lester, but he refuses and attacks. The pirates, being outmatched, increase their previous bribe, but the captain will hear none of it. The pirates were destroyed. However, a hull breach in the victim's ship depleted the oxygen onboard before the Bulwark could save anyone. The crew salvages what they can and departs. The crew encounters a rebel patrol and quickly dispatches them, while taking only minor damage to both crew and ship. The Bulwark warps in, interrupting another pirate attack. They destroy the pirates after a quick fight. The crew is rewarded by the locals with missiles, scrap, and fuel. Soon, they dock at a local mechart. Commander Battles suggests upgrading the sensors, while Lt Commander Campbell finds an addition to the crew. Tach, an expert with shield systems, joins the Bulwark. When the Bulwark arrived at the sector jumpgate, they find a rebel scout attacking a nearby station. The crew intervenes and destroys the enemy. The inhabitants of the station are very thankful and give fuel and scraps as a reward. With that, the crew departs the sector. Kills: 3 Rebels, 2 Pirates Crew Lost: None Crew Gained: Tach Supplies: 12 Fuel, 15 Missiles, 3 Drone Parts, 25 Scrap
  13. CFBHC plays FTL

    Going to play some run-throughs of FTL with members as the crew, and post about their terrible deaths...I mean, adventures. You all know the drill. Fill out apps. I will put crews together using characters in the order they are made. Crews start with either 3 or 4 characters. All decisions will be based on the acting captain's personality. I will use a randomly selected ship for each runthrough. Good luck! (you'll need it) Application: Crew 1: Captain Todd Lester Commander Terry Battles Lt Commander John Campbell Crew 2 Captain Charlotte Williams Commander Kwendi Nkwenti Lt Commander Gus Bradley Crew 3 Captain Onterrio Smith Commander Paul Davenport Lt CommanderLukas Shea Sign ups are now closed.
  14. Front Office Football 7 BAP

    It's Tad Cooper, please.