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  1. Where did Rankings for all Fullbacks go as a possible topic? That's something I really want to see, especially since nearly every fullback in the league is barely separated in the OV category. We need PFF to help us sort it out. #fullbacksarepeopletoo
  2. Chargers and Rams have agreed on Globe Airlines Stadium. Taffy will confirm.
  3. 5 TD drives 5/15 on 3rd downs 0/0 on 4th downs 2 turnovers so we had at least 17 drives in this game, not including possible end of half ones? I know we ran up-tempo, but damn! Was hoping Matty would be back for this one, but he sat it out and we didn't have the right plan in for that. Still, we fought to the end, literally. gg Texans! This has been a very disappointing season, when it had so much promise.
  4. Davey Jones with that sexy 5.0 YPC.
  5. As much as the Bengals throw, and they are pressured that much, I am surprised that they aren't on their 5th or 6th QB this year already.
  6. Chargers place: CB Terrell Coates 5-9 190 3 Fresno State [Zone Coverage] [0] 75 on Injured Reserve. He suffered a severe ACL Rupture in Week 10 and is out for the season.
  7. Cole can die as a Football Teamer, but you're still going to let me borrow him for 4 or 5 of his prime playing years, right?
  8. Interesting to see this. Duckworth is rated the 6th-worst OL in the league. But in his 4 starts, we have our 3 highest rushing totals of the season, including games of 286 and 224 yards on the ground. And Noah Barney, easily our top blocker, missed this past week's game (224).
  9. pumph

    [2024] Week #9 - MNF

    Yes, congrats on the win. Always good to come away with a good battle and no serious injuries.
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