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  1. "So we own the most valuable pick in the draft?" Pumph, Owner and General Manager, Los Angeles Chargers,:2023 Coin Flip Champions
  2. I didn't hear what pick the Giants lost. Otherwise, other than missing info on a couple conditional deals, should be good.
  3. I thought for sure that No. illinois would win that one. I felt the Akron/BYU game was mostly a coin flip, but I really liked the Huskies today. Shows what I know.
  4. Yep, good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to beat a championship contender that has a complete team. I would argue that Oklahoma showed that they are exactly what we expected.
  5. Good game Haff! I have felt all season that this Oklahoma team was one of the most talented in the country, and a title contender. My team will be back next year much stronger. Bringing most everyone back. That we already had a better OL rating than OK did points to good things next year for Garrett and Edmondson. Thanks to those who believed in us, but I always knew this year was a nice story, but next year will be my best team.
  6. Best of luck, Haff. Your team is supremely talented. Hoping I can keep it close enough for Edmondson to work some late magic.
  7. Any conditional picks that hinged on pro bowl status other than the well-publicized Antonio Oliver one, please make sure to PM me so that I can update the draft pick rights chart.
  8. So this is what Texas recruiting looks like.
  9. spoiler alert in the first post below the games? But thanks.
  10. Another 1.5 sacks for McKinney, hopefully cementing him as a 1st round selection. I don't care if they are now 5-8, that Colorado State football team has a lot of talent and just gave us the kind of game you would expect from a team with that much talent, playing for a championship. At 13-0, having beaten two ranked teams, the Nevada team who beat Duke, and a talented Toledo team back when Death still cared, I feel we deserve our shot at the playoffs. Maybe we're one and done, but never forget that the Brooklyn Brawler once won a 20-man battle royale in Madison Square Garden and nearly beat Shawn Michaels for the title afterward. Give us our shot.
  11. Two teams above me lost, but I dropped 1 spot. If I don't make the playoff, I'm declaring myself the undefeated national champion, a la UCF.
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