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    1. [2021] Week 5 Power Rankings

      When I made the trade, I was thinking it would be about the 25th-28th pick in the draft. That it could be in the low-to-mid teens is juicy. I know you'll rebound, but playoffs will be tough considering the division you are in. Probably winds up somewhere around 17th-18th for us. I'd say I'm pulling for you, but that wouldn't be entirely genuine. Honestly though, other than this draft pick thing, and my pick at the start of 2020 that the Titans would be the next AFC team to win the Super Bowl, I'm pulling for the Colts.
    2. I wasn't recruiting him. I only put a scholarship on him in Wk0 and have not looked his way since. While you took Louganis, I went ahead and signed 5.0 Chapa at guard this week.
    3. [Shitbox Poll] Favorite Soda

      How 'bout a Fresca?
    4. [2021] Week 5 Headlines

      Attendance Wanes as Bolts Drop Another One, This Time 27-13 to Titans
    5. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Chargers place: OT Justin Way 6-2 294 R Marshall [Pass Blocking] 80 On IR He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Week 5 and is out the remainder of the season
    6. [2021] Week #5 - 4 PM

      FUDGE Justin Way, the first piece to a rebuilt offensive line, is now out for the season. Bright side - with Hall on the field, we finally look like we might have a bit of a pass rush. 2 sacks recorded, and 22 incomplete passes by Wheeler.
    7. [2021] Week #5 - Saturday Morning

      The redshirt freshman with the big-time contribution. Love it. Edmondson had to come back to Earth. Expected it. Just glad we did enough to get that 3rd win. Now, on to conference play.
    8. [2021] Week #5 - FNF

      Evan Grant should have declared. Clearly a guy who has seen his stock drop by staying.
    9. [2021] Week #5 - TNF

      FCS! FCS! FCS! And BYU's running back's numbers don't look too bad (22 carries for 126 yards and a TD) until you realize that 88 of those yards came on 1 carry and the other 38 yards came on the other 21 carries. Damn. Arkansas State giving Florida State a real game, but FSU's kicker bails them out. When was the last time that sentence was said in Tallahassee?
    10. [2021] Week 4 Headlines

      Chargers Take to Community During Bye Week Players On Hand To Open New Community Center
    11. Oregon State and UAB getting votes? Seriously? What, Sun Belt teams aren't on the ballot yet?
    12. [Poll] What will be UCF's final ranking?

      I did. But your preparation is different and not as intense. Even so, one win against Auburn doesn't mean you're one of the top few teams in the country. They beat who was in front of them, sure. And yeah, we will hear the excuse of "no one wants to schedule us". Fine. But they are not one of the Top 10 best college football teams in the country. How "best" is defined is up to interpretation. But schedule every team to play every other team and see what the standings look like. Anything really think that after that fictional exercise, that UCF would be standing there among the best? I certainly don't.
    13. [Poll] What will be UCF's final ranking?

      What should it be? Like 14th. And honestly, that's even a stretch for me. What will it be? Probably 5th. They beat Auburn in a game that Auburn was disappointed to play in. That is a huge thing in bowl games. If you picked bowl games solely on which team was happy to be there and which team had bigger aspirations and had to settle, over history it is not even close. One team is fired up to play and the other is sulking and going through the motions. It's human nature. UCF is not as talented and did not play a difficult schedule. Put them in the SEC, and they are 7-5, maybe.
    14. [2021] Week #4 - 1 PM

      I know the feeling. We are celebrating that we will catch either the Broncos or Raiders by a half game this week.
    15. [2021] Week #4 - 1 PM

      It's a good thing you foresaw this and dealt for Anthony Miller! I think Miller has reached the level of productivity to require having a cool nickname. Discuss.