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    1. So let's just say that I am both honored and confused. I entered the week at 5-1, with no votes in the polls. I lose to unranked New Mexico, and now have 5 votes. I feel dirty.
    2. [2021] Week 9 Headlines

      Chargers Lose Again Tempers Rise as Frustration Mounts for Hapless Chargers
    3. CFBHC Mocks the 2018 NFL Draft

      Alex Smith is getting considerably less money than Cousins. They just didn't do anything to spend the savings in free agency, which doesn't make sense. Had they used that money to beef up the DL or secondary, it would have made a lot more sense. Still, the offseason is not over. And my feeling is that they will sign someone prominent that gets cut from somewhere else, like they did with DJax and Norman in the past. Otherwise, I'm not quite sure what they are doing with their saved cap money.
    4. CFBHC Mocks the 2018 NFL Draft

      Haff thinks the Redskins would take a QB? They traded their best defensive back (yes, many metrics and even DJ Swearinger say that Fuller was their best last year) and a 3rd round pick to get Alex SMith and signed him to a long-term deal, only to draft a QB in the 1st round? That will not happen. Less chance of that happening than the Jets passing on one at #3
    5. CFBHC Mocks the 2018 NFL Draft

      Lauletta is actually my favorite QB in this draft. I think he's going to have a long career as a backup and if he gets the chance with the right team, a serviceable starter in a few years. But I'm not drafting him before the 4th round.
    6. [2021] Week #9 - FNF

      I needed that game SO much. Brutal schedule coming up that might leave me at 5-6 going into the finale to get Bowl Eligible. Not often you see this and come out on the losing end: 3rd Down Conversion 6/12 3/10
    7. Can't tell me that the most interesting game on the schedule this past week wasn't Chargers/Giants. Which game had more SB and message board discussion than ours? Waiting......
    8. [2021] Week 8 Headlines

      End of an Era Chargers Cut Ties with Franchise's All-Time Passing Leader as Will Thompson Heads to Detroit
    9. Draft Pick Ownership Chart

      PM me the Link to that deal, please. Just seeing this - and it's been weeks since I did the initial checking and asked everyone to double-check.
    10. [2021] Injured Reserve

      Chargers place FS Andrew Wright 5-9 187 3 TCU [Zone Coverage] 77 on IR He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Week 8 and is out for the season.
    11. ZackTyzwyz

      I can't dislike this enough.
    12. I think it has to be The Pipe. He has been collecting talent, and adds to his roster every week. Even after the trade deadline, he is going to continue to add talent to his ranks. In all seriousness, I have always envied the Rams' receiving group. Peck has been prolific and now Banta is taking up the mantle.
    13. CFBHC Mocks the 2018 NFL Draft Interest Thread

      I'll take the Redskins since Bruno snaked my Chargers. For my second team, for now, I'll take the 49ers, but if someone else is a fan, I will gladly bump to someone else.
    14. The discussion concerning this game from my standpoint is that this feels like a must-win game for the Colts if they want to think about the playoffs this season. Jacksonville has some breathing room, and should be there in January, but the Colts can I'll afford to add another division, and conference loss to their resume. The Colts don't need 125 yards rushing to win, but getting even half that can help make a difference for them. Just enough to take some of the sting out of the Jags' pass rush.
    15. I love this, but does this mean that the Chargers/Giants game isn't getting flexed to Sunday night?