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  1. Los Angeles Chargers sadly place: WR M.L. Kriewaldt 5-8 170 8 Louisville [Speed] [+2/C] 87 on injured reserve He was injured in Week 4 of the 2023 regular season with a Severe ACL Rupture, and is out for season.
  2. Cowboys so afraid of Malik Dawson, they decided not to run the ball
  3. Holy Crap. That Philadelphia offense with a backup QB at the helm.
  4. For me, it's Soldier Brooks. He was the most-hyped recruit in my early career. I did not recruit him. I will not be drafting him. I never faced him. But I'm just interested in seeing how he turns out.
  5. I accept each and every MLK trade offer I have received so far this season. Post and I will confirm. [Insert crying Jordan meme]
  6. What do you mean? He made a stat sheet! Not with actual stats, but his name is on there.
  7. QB Matty Swift (8.94) Don't. Ever. Question. Him. Again. Until the next 15/32 165 yard 1 TD 2 INT game.
  8. 69-8 Got to be scorigami. @stormstopper ???
  9. pumph

    [2023] Week #3 - TNF

    Tulane and UNC both won. How many weeks has that combination happened before? I'm guessing not very many. I wouldn't want to face UCONN this weekend.
  10. Beat Wisconsin on the road and drop even farther.
  11. I tried watching, but NBC cut in with "Heidi".
  12. Chargers the biggest movers? That can't be right. It's all downhill from here.
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