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    1. I'm starting to think that I should not have drafted Samuel Barfield.
    2. To Tennessee: SS Mario Ruff 6-1 185 6 Cincinnati [Zone Coverage] [0/C] 85 (Player line resets) To Los Angeles: Tennessee's 2027 4th Round Pick Ruff is currently in Year 3 of a 4-year, $16M contract (59.38% G) 2026: $4M (3G) 2027: $4M (1G)
    3. To Detroit: WR Jarvis Ward 5-9 189 4 Texas A&M [Speed] [0] [$] [+] 88 To Los Angeles: FS Marquise Holliday 6-1 198 3 Clemson [Zone Coverage] [0/C] 85 OLB Dean Fagan 6-1 242 2 New Mexico [Blitz] [+2] 83 Ward is in his 5th year option of his rookie contract, paying him $8.0M, fully guaranteed Holliday is in the final year of his original (4 years, 18 million), rookie contract, with the 5th-year option at 4.5M, fully guaranteed in 2027. Fagan is in Year 3 of his 4-year rookie deal. (4 years, 7 million, 50% guaranteed)
    4. Updated 6/5/22 through the bulk of free agency and after our trade.
    5. aww, I wanted to see a bunch of drunken bids and bickering about other teams' bids as people took advantage of the holiday weekend.
    6. We didn’t buy one player. Aight? But I don’t know if we’re going to be able to sustain that in the future, because more and more people are doing it. It’s tough.
    7. Headed to El Paso this week to train football officials at a camp there. Driving my daughter to college in South Carolina in early August and will probably stop and visit family in NC on the way. In between, probably a beach trip or two around summer swim season for the kids, and OTAs/Training Camp with the Ravens. Been asking my wife for 2 months what she wants to do for our 20th anniversary this fall, and she won't commit to even looking at anything. I was thinking something like Punta Cana or a cruise. She'll probably only agree to something low-key like Charleston or something, if anything at all. Daughter wants me to take her out west, and I've been wanting to go to Bryce Canyon and Zion in southwest Utah for ages. I'm just not sure if we'll be able to swing it before she leaves for college.
    8. I didn't think I had an option on Cole Fay, who was released by the Raiders, but just in case, no, I am not picking up his option for a 5th year.
    9. Chargers #6 - ILB Bradley Rainey 5-11 223 3 Penn State [Will] [0/C] [§] 93 - Accepted $7,475,000 Pick #20, Tyrone Rivers, is dead to me
    10. I have my thermostat programmed to keep it at or below 82 in the summer at night, but 73 during the day. And at or above 62 in the winter, but 68 during the day. I normally don't like opening the windows up and shutting off the HVAC because then the little bugs like to come in the house through the screens. My house is decent size (a little over 3500 square feet), but we have ceiling fans in just about every room, and my energy bills are very low compared to the size of my house. (usually only in the $110-$130/month range) You're cold? Go get a blanket or put on a sweatshirt.
    11. Chargers 2026 Cap Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x-3frwbDJLzN9dEDjVY4nBSBcluckeGw-E7DdQZxHlA/edit?usp=sharing
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      Los Angeles Chargers

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