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  1. Draft Day Sports: College Basketball vs Fast Break College Basketball?  Or another suggestion?


    I want a college basketball sim game with in-depth management, but also good gameplay, so I'm not just scouting and recruiting, but actually coaching a dynamic game.


    Which is the right game for me?  Thanks!


    1. statsheetstuffer


      I have DDS: CB 2016 and it is by far the best college sim game I've played. DDS:CB 2017 was released about 3 weeks ago.

  2. I like that we lose 44-7 to the team that just was the worst in the league last season, and we're not listed here. Phew!
  3. I always knew his real name was Thompson.
  4. Bowen missing his rushing TD. Patriots missing their pride. That's 0-2 against us, now.
  5. So the worst case scenario for Air Force is that they win the conference title? I can think of something worse than that. I mean, it's not like Nevada is a pushover.
  6. This depth chart shows a kickoff return team and a punt return team, but not coverage teams, which should be starkly different units. (People who can tackle vs people who can block)
  7. My question is this: Which of your coordinators are you going to fire so that you can comply with the stated coaches contract rules that the head coach must always make more than one of the coordinators?
  8. You have another color that is redder than red for the TCU defense prediction?
  9. Depends. Which team did he score a TD for?
  10. I am still at war with SageBow

  11. I think Utah State is about the closest thing to Kenya in this sim. He should apply there.
  12. OPTION C We feel that surgery is the best way to proceed. A torn Achilles is a severe injury, and the only way to make sure that it heals properly is to have surgery and give Will the necessary time to heal. Many times, a surgically repaired tendon is stronger than it was originally, and given Will's determination to succeed, I feel that his best days are still ahead of him. While it would be nice for Will to get some preseason snaps, his experience and work ethic will allow him to excel once he is fully healed.
  13. I mean if he's going to list the wrong city for where our franchise is, who cares about the punter or putting up a picture of a 5'9" WR when Morrison is 6'6"?

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