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  1. Would prefer to see all rushing in one page instead of splitting FB from RB, since obviously a couple of us are using FB as RB.
  2. Maybe you should have recruited him.
  3. I've had no failures. Only lessons to learn from. The biggest disappointment was my loss in the last CBBHC Tournament. I really thought my team was going to make a much deeper run. We were one of the hottest teams in the country toward the end of the season, being led by a senior guard who was one of the top players in the country, and just didn't play the way we had down the stretch.
  4. Rutgers 10, UNLV 9 And everyone said Soluna would never start a baseball sim.
  5. So the belt changed hands or was this a non-title match?
  6. Really like the idea of incentivizing coaches to stay in one spot. I can't stand that people get a bad recruiting class or graduate some key players, and jump ship. But more importantly, some schools are doormats mainly because no one stays there. There is a revolving door of people who stay just a couple of months and people that go inactive, and those programs have zero chance of being competitive, which skews the competitive balance of the entire college game. Sure, in real life there are some doormat programs, but at least every new coaching hire comes with the promise and stability that this time, things are going to change. In our game, these doormat programs are just short-term placeholders until the coach can either find a better job or goes inactive. And I bet that a lot of them go inactive because they don't see any light at the end of the tunnel, and just decide to quit. Maybe a tiered recruiting point bonus system, giving any returning coach extra points: New Coach: +3 Bonus (the hype of a new coach, brings optimism for the program) 2nd Year: +3 Bonus 3rd Year: +2 Bonus Subsequent Years: +1 Bonus (it caps at 10) Anytime someone changes schools, this resets for them. To make sure this doesn't spread things out too much right now, and actually widen the gap between programs, every team on the day of implementation of this system would be considered a new coach, but receive no immediate bonus, so that long-time coaches would not immediately get an advantage over those who moved around before this was implemented. Also perhaps these "doormat" programs (We'll say any school that went 3-9 or worse) could be allowed to schedule 1 FCS opponent per season to help them get an extra win. FCS wins though should only count as 0.25 wins for the JUCO recruiting points formula. Additionally, I think long-tenured coaches, because their roots tend to spread, should receive a 2nd pipeline state after their 3rd season with the same team. This gives a small bonus for sticking around, yet it's not an overwhelming one. This second pipeline selection would receive the same bonuses as the current system, and would still need to border (or be) the school's home state.
  7. Special teams stats, even if just team stats like average punt and kick returns. That would really help make special teams an actual part of the game. Also bye weeks meaning more than just a week without a game. Scheme changes over bye weeks should have a lesser penalty than changing during a normal week. If this is already happening, that is not the way it was described to me, (sorry). Lastly (things keep popping into my head)... a giant forum cleanup. Navigiating this site is extremely daunting for newer players, and hell, many experienced ones as well. The search function is hit or miss, and usually too much hit, giving you way too many results to really help you find what you want. There has to be a better way of filing away some old stuff, but making the pertinent stuff front and center for everyone.
  8. Interface for NFLHC roster moves instead of forum cutting/pasting. Includes Free agency, where I can submit offers directly on the interface and other teams' offers are automatically loaded so we can see them. Trades completed via interface as well. For the website itself, a front page update box that lists when the next games are expected. Does anyone realize how many times per day the shoutbox is loaded with, "when are games?" Or "when is the recruiting deadline?" As much as I hate to say it, I would prefer that the other sports be put on hold indefinitely. I love NHLHC. Basketball is cool as a distraction. I know others enjoyed SHC. But the driving force of this website is the college game, along with it being a feeder for the NFL game. I'd really like to see the efforts of Soluna and Inspiral not spread too thin with the other stuff. I know there is some enjoyment for them from those, but they do play into the overall time commitment and I know over time that wears on anyone. If their efforts were not stretched to the other games, perhaps there would be more time and energy to pump into the Cfbhc and nflhc games, or just more enjoyment of the site for them. Only they could answer that though.
  9. Well, to be fair, Descreto voted 18 times in this poll.
  10. So FB, C, and CB are the only positions where Air Force does not have a 1st or 2nd team All-MWC player? If we let him get any kind of recruiting class this year.....
  11. @Soluna for all of the hours he puts in to allow us to play this (these) game(s). @inspiral because the interface and its continued enhancements make everything better. @ImposterCauster Even though there are plenty of others who do and contribute to doing broadcasts, it has been his work that stands out to me as entertaining and most memorable. @Rome, @stormstopper @Jumbo @Bubada for their work crunching numbers, doing polls, etc. that add to the realism and information we get. @Sagebow (I'm not sure why the tags stopped working) because he, when thinking of someone who is always contributing something to the site, is the one person who really stands out to me. He's always in the shoutbox, ready and willing to talk about just about anything. He's done plenty of media too and is always a person who steps forward when the site seems to need something. When you ask "Who is the backbone of CFBHC?", I can't imagine this site without Sage. Personal thanks to @Wooden, @LaserCats, and @Jumanji for granting me a GM job with their franchises, because drafting, and all the preparation and strategizing that goes into it, is one of my favorite things in life. @everyone who has ever given me something to laugh or smile at, because this is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. @everyone who has ever laughed or smiled at one of my posts, because you get that at least 90% of what I post is a joke anyway.
  12. I want to be on the inactivity council, but I don't think I'll have time.
  13. Thanks for doing this. Maybe a little bit of research first next time though? Saying SDSU should go after the top CA QB to keep him in-state when I already have a 5.0 (FR) pocket passer? I agree that SJSU should look hard at him, but maybe he doesn't want a scrambler. Or maybe someone else feels that the in-state bonuses are enough to hold off Oregon State's weak point allotment and doesn't want to waste their star player designation on him. Plus, we have 3/7 of the CA schools who have not set the designation yet. I wouldn't say that CA teams are letting him get away - at least not yet. But again, this adds much to the site, even just from a community aspect, so I applaud you guys giving up your time to do it. Thanks.
  14. Interesting! I'm not sure that most people would have assumed this. I like it.
  15. Well, it shows the number we have. But will it go down one if I use one? That's what I mean. Will it show 0 visits if someone has used them all?

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