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    1. Yes, but that means that 1 out of every 5 of his incompletions is an interception.
    2. [2021] Audit results

      Correct. Was it ever stated that our offers to 1st Round picks were accepted or declined? I was waiting to see if the offer was accepted before adding it to the cap sheet. I had the important part included, the $6M for each year, which is what he was going to count against the cap, and was just waiting to hear if the breakdown of guaranteed money was accepted or not. I have added in the proposed guaranteed money for each year.
    3. [2021] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

      If there is a bright side to this, we picked off Devy twice. The last two seasons, we were never able to turn anyone over. I mean ever. We had 4 INTs all last season, fewest in the league, and 7 total takeaways, also the fewest in the league. Matty had almost the exact numbers I wrote down as a projection, right down to the 2/2 for TD/INT. What I wrote down: 26/45 280, 2/2. If he threw one more time for a 10-yard loss, I would have nailed it. MLK showed he can produce from the slot and be a matchup issue for people. Matty dropped back 46 times and was only sacked twice. It's just all the other stuff we need to fix now.
    4. [2021] NFLHC Positional Conversions

      Question: If i have a OT/OG athlete that I want play full time at OG, is there a benefit to making an official position change, or is it not necessary because he is already listed with OG as a potential position?
    5. The San Diego State Aztecs, off of a disappointing 2020 campaign that saw them finish 4-8, have concluded their spring practice and announced their depth chart for the 2021 season. David Edmondson will get the nod as the team's starting quarterback, having ended the previous season in that role, struggling as a freshman to find any consistency in the passing game. "We asked a little too much of David in the early going.", stated Coach Pumph, "We just threw him out there to see what he could do. It was not a surprise that he struggled, to be honest. I just wanted him to get his feet wet and see how he handled the pressure and preparation of being the starter. He's got a bright future, and I expect that he will rise to the challenge of leading this team." On a team that is still short on weapons, Pumph has asked Mamadou Bellamy to take snaps at wide receiver, and the senior has responded with grace and maturity. "He's one of our better athletes, so I want to find ways to keep him involved", said Pumph. Bellamy will be asked to join a receiving corps that is waiting for several of Coach Pumph's recruits to come into their own. "We have talent across our roster, but a lot of it is still too young to be expected to contribute just yet. We will find some snaps for a few of the players that I have brought in, but for the most part, even though it feels like I have been here for a long time, most of this roster is not made up of players that I recruited just yet. These things take time." The offensive line would be a notable exception to that notion, as four of the five projected starters are players that have recruited by Pumph. The Aztec coach made a concerted effort to beef up the offensive line when he arrived on campus and that will be apparent when the team lines up in their opener against Kent State. Right tackle Aboubacar Harley is the lone upperclassman among the starting line. On the defensive side of the ball, junior defensive end, Jeremy McKinney, is excited in the team's change of defensive schemes. "When Coach team me what we were doing this year, I was really psyched because in a 3-4, I think I can really show what I can do best. I can set the edge in the run game and get after the quarterback when he drops back." McKinney is expected to be among those considered for preseason all-conference team honors. On special teams, the Aztecs will rely on two solid specialists in senior kicker Nico Hacker and sophomore punter Eric Webster. The pair should be among the top special teams duos in the Mountain West. "Special teams is an important part of the game", Pumph lamented, "especially with such a young team, field position can make all the difference." The team opens up with home games against Kent State and Utah, along with road games at North Texas and FIU before opening their conference slate at Fresno State in Week 6. SDSU students are admitted FREE for all regular season Aztec athletic events with a valid SDSU Student RED ID card. Tickets are distributed on a game-by-game basis in advance at the Viejas Arena Box Office, starting 2 weeks before each home game, Monday-Thursday at 10:00 am - 5:30 pm, Friday at 10:00 am - 4:30 pm. Student football tickets will also be distributed at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Information Booth starting 2 weeks before each home game, Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 10:00 pm, game days until kickoff. For more information, log on to www.goaztecs.com
    6. Not a defense at all. I'm sure I'll still be panned. I don't care. When I have time, I like to put out some media, and today, I had both time, and the inspiration. The work that goes into the draft by Soluna, Alien, the broadcast team, the pro day writers, those that take their time to publish mocks, etc., deserves a response from all of us when we get a chance. This is my way of adding what I can to the site. I hope others join in as well with their draft/offseason stories. I'd love to read them.
    7. We, the Los Angeles Chargers, undertook a bold initiative this weekend to rip the bandage off of the bleeding wound, and start the healing process. After a couple of seasons of taking direction from an owner who often had different team-building thoughts than I did, this offseason was an opportunity to begin building the team in the way I would like to see it, along with advice from the rest of our staff. Our defense, while it had some talent, were 11 mismatched pieces that did not fit into anyone's definition of a cohesive defensive unit. The offense, while still very much a work in progress, now has a few players that we can build with, and around. There was much speculation and anticipation of what would become of our #1 pick. While we searched for a trade to provide us with additional assets to help rebuild the franchise, all the while we knew that there was a prized, game-changing linebacker available to us should we not find the right partner. A few offers came in, but there was nothing that was enough to make us want to walk away from adding Shane Easley to this team. Keeping the pick and drafting Easley was not the plan. We wanted to trade down, multiple times even, and then select an offensive lineman, while collecting additional picks to help us reshape the roster. But in football, as in life, things do not always go according to the plans that you lay out, and you need to adjust on the fly. Drafting Shane set into motion a series of events for us that will shape the future of our franchise. Our second round selection, Justin Way, was always our target. He would have been one of a few primary targets had we traded down in the first round. Our interior offensive line was the worst in the league in 2020, and Justin's agility and strength will make him an excellent left guard for us, immediately improving things up front. The addition of Justin allowed us to trade away Charles Thompson, a veteran guard who started 16 games for us last season and recoup some other assets, including a linebacker that may start for us. In the third round, we added a corner that I coveted. Austin Sheppard has started for two national championship teams, and this past season, along with his fellow Nittany Lion, Easley, held opposing #1 Wide outs to 3.75 receptions and 45.9 yards per game, while surrendering just 3 TDs to them. He did this while pilfering 7 interceptions. Those numbers were 1st (receptions, TDs, and INTs) or 2nd (yards) out of all of the top 8 corners in the draft. Sheppard will likely be given a chance to develop this season, playing in the nickel and dime packages. After the first two days of the draft, where the team sat and patiently waited to select the players that (fortunately) fell to them, it was Sunday that provided the fireworks. The team traded up to the second selection of the round (after trying to get the top one unsuccessfully), and took 6'7" freak, Damien Mason, out of Butler. This tight end is unlike any the league has seen, with a 39" vertical and a faster 3-cone drill than several of the top wide receivers taken in the draft. The team selected him to give Matty Swift another red zone target and someone that could study under Scott Howard, as the veteran enters his 7th season in the league. While the Chargers' faithful waited patiently for their next pick to approach, management was feverishly working on a deal that would change the future of the league. The Colts had inquired about the Chargers' defensive ends and were coming on strong. I did not want to give up on Anthony Miller. I think he will be a star in this league. But when you make a frittata, you need to break some eggs. Miller would not be a fit for us, and even though he had played well in two games in a 3-4 defense last season (1.5 sacks), long term, it would not work out. We went back and forth with the Colts several times before finally cementing a deal that would grant us two valuable picks in 2022, another 4th round pick that was coming up soon, and two players that we could slot into needs. Joey Green and Mamadou Heard may not be valuable players, but they plugged nicely into gaping holes for us and will hopefully slide into backup roles once we graduate into the next phase of our rebuilding. With now two more fourth round picks to make, the Chargers panicked with the first one, partially because I was distracted with all the Miller trade talks, but mostly because the Titans took a player I really coveted in Terrance Plummer from Chattanooga, and there was only one more highly rated (but much maligned) OLB available in the draft. John Kearns will be able to sit and develop behind newly acquired Jason Bryant (44 tackles, 7 sacks, 2 INTs, 2 FF in 2020) while he plays a special teams role, but the team was hoping for a player with a higher ceiling. With the newly acquired 4th round pick from the Colts, we grabbed Zachary Trotter, a strong safety from one of the best college defenses in the country, Illinois. He slots into the backup strong safety role for us and will be asked to help the special teams unit. The last few rounds are not worth mentioning though with the possible exception of running back, Brannon Austin, from FIU. With the team without a full-time starter at the position, and Mamadou Heard not exactly the every down back we were looking for, Austin will get an opportunity to show what he can do. Austin led the nation in a metric we used to track running back performance in relation to his offensive line and opponent. I am not saying that means a whole lot and you should expect him to be the Rookie of the Year. But if you're desperate for a running back and throwing a blind dart, it's at least a peek at the dart board before they blindfold you. He will get a chance to see if he can produce. Not to be lost in the weekend's moves was the trade of wide receiver, Tom Oldham. Oldham was a player that I never would have drafted, and was not even on my board, yet because I had to miss Day 2 of the draft last year, our owner took him at the top of the second round. (We would have wound up with Blacknall with the pick before Denver, but that's another story) Oldham's injury flag, bad hands (39 catches, 7 drops in 2020), and that we already had so many receivers that I would consider best built for the slot meant that I just did not see him in our plans. We had traded for Tommy Pottios earlier this offseason to add to the receiving group, and Oldham was never going to play here again because I want Pottios (huge rookie season before being replaced by Gary Faneca) and Morrison (impressive size and college production) to have the chance to get the playing time I was hoping for to see what they can do. We now head into 2021 with a revamped, but still admittedly weak, roster. I know there are holes. I know there are still non-fitting players. But there are far fewer than there were before, and we are buoyed by the fact that we have six picks in the first three rounds next season and a mountain of salary cap space. We also see that other, much older teams, will start to see their player declines in the near future as this young core we are assembling starts to develop, giving us some hope for a brighter future than we had not so long ago.
    8. [2021] Pre-Season Sign Ups [OWNERS]

      Chargers: Wk1: OPEN Wk2: @ Washington WK3: @ New Orleans Wk4: vs Atlanta
    9. OLB Shane Easley 6-4 236 R Penn State [Blitz] 83 4 years // 24.0 million // 75.00% Guaranteed G//6.0//5.0//4.0//3.0//Total:18.0 $//0.0//1.0//2.0//3.0//Total:6.0 Total//6.0//6.0//6.0//6.0//Total:24.0
    10. Wanted to say the door is wide open on talks for #1 overall. I think people are scared that the price is too high, but the truth is only a couple of teams have actually even made offers to this point. Will respond during the day (praying my train's wifi is working).


      I am NOT available AT ALL from about 5:00pm (EST) up until the start of the draft.

    11. 2020 Champions

      Man, the disrespect for Eastern Washington....
    12. I will not be available until the middle of the first round on Friday night (at best) and will not be available at all on Saturday for the middle rounds unless the draft is held in the evening.


      I am trying to adjust my schedule on Friday night, but it is extremely difficult.  Saturday, I have no chance of being available in the afternoon.  FlutieFlakes will draft in my absence, but as HC, is not eligible to trade.  If you are interested in talking potential trading of draft picks or players, you will need to get to me early.


      Thanks for understanding.

    13. [2021] Head Coaching Contracts

      HC FlutieFlakes 1 year / $2.875M $2.875 Total
    14. DC Gregg Williams

    15. DC Gregg Williams

      DC Gregg Williams $2,700,000 per year 3 years