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    1. pumph

      [2022] Free Agency Winners and Losers

      Double post, my phone did something funky, sorry.
    2. pumph

      [2022] Free Agency Winners and Losers

      Um, I signed 6 free agents for the offensive side of the ball. How is that not spreading things out? We added a #1 WR, a veteran depth WR, a starting RT, depth at OT, improved our FB position, and got a backup RB. And again, the Cobb contract doesnt hurt me one bit. Unused cap space is a sin. I would rather have a starting WR than sit on a pile of unused cap space. The first two years of the deal, we had so much cap space to burn, so we used it to bring in the top FA that fit a need for us. Yeah, I have other holes, but there weren't 90-rated free agents coming off of a Pro Bowl season at those other positions. I got the guy that was available to me, at a price that does not limit me to make other upcoming moves. "Spending Cobb money on Dess or Abraham" would have been fucking stupid. I don't need an expensive, aging back. I like Austin, and so do several other teams who have tried to get him from me.
    3. pumph

      [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Wide Receivers

      We had four players with 50+ catches last year, but only our TE had 65+. And I knew Cobb wasn't an elite WR. (Unlike another GM, who declared him a Top-5 talent) I just had to pay him like one to improve my offense. He'll be good for us. A much-needed signing for us. And his deal is a lot more team-friendly than you think. We had cap space to burn.
    4. Found another one that didn't jump out at me before: OG Ahmed Greg g 6-2 272 Fr El Dorado (Placerville CA) 1.0 of 3.5 [Run Blocking]
    5. pumph

      [2022] 2023 High School Players

      Feels like he's got to be a relative, to some degree, of Cherokee Parks. cmv
    6. The Los Angeles Chargers are here to announce the signing of an exciting new wide receiver to add to the offense, Seattle Seahawks legend, Jim Umenyiora. On a more serious note, the team, whose struggles have been well-documented, focused their spending efforts on the offensive side of the ball, inking six free agents to deals so far this week. Most notably, Wide Receiver Greg Cobb was an early target for the team, and they gave him a lucrative 4-year deal to give the offense another needed weapon. Cobb is coming off of a monster season in which he grabbed 93 passes for an AFC-best 1436 yards and league-leading 16 touchdowns. Cobb also had the fewest drops and highest yards per catch among any player with 80 or more catches last year. The team does not expect Cobb to reach such lofty numbers without Brian Brown throwing to him, but Cobb will certainly be a factor for defenses to deal with, and open up even more space underneath for Scott Howard and M.L. Kriewaldt. Cobb's contract raised some eyebrows around the league, but the team was thrilled to bring him in at what they felt was a reasonable price. "Leftover cap space is just wasted money as far as I am concerned", remarked Owner and General Manager, Pumph, "I petitioned the league several times to send me the check for our unspent cap money the last few seasons, and have yet to receive anything. We get a game-changing type of player, and by the time his contract is over here, I think people will look back at what we paid him as a bargain - to help resurrect a moribund franchise, and give our offense some life? It's worth it. I won't call Greg Cobb the Reggie White of the Chargers, because I've never heard of that guy, but I guess I've heard that as a saying before - not sure what it means. Who is Reggie White, a pop star or something? I've been around the NFLHC a long time, and I have never heard of anyone with that name." The aforementioned Umenyiora was brought in on a one-year, minimum offer to challenge youngster Gerald Morrison for a starting position alongside Cobb, with Kriewaldt firmly entrenched as the team's slot receiver. The team sees Umenyiora as insurance, after losing multiple wide receivers to season-ending injuries last season. Umenyiora also does not have the history of drops that has plagued some other Charger receivers of the past. The team also addressed needs on the offensive line by agreeing to terms with two tackles, Bryan Green and John Marchetti. Green is slated to fill the starting right tackle position that was vacated when Demetrius Jett decided to move on, with Marchetti penciled-in as some inexpensive, added depth. Team leadership also remarked on Marchetti's positive attitude and locker room presence as a factor in his acquisition. Lastly, the team looked to their backfield, upgrading the fullback spot with veteran John Bills, and the much-maligned Frederick Chacon. Bills should help improve the run blocking in the hole for incumbent Brannon Austin. Bills also could be used as a viable short-yardage solution, as his three short touchdown runs last year could attest to. Chacon, who in four pro seasons has rushed for 3,449 yards, 35 touchdowns, and a 4.26 yards per carry average, despite being benched for most of last season, looks like a great complement to Austin. The Chargers dressed just two running backs for games last season, and when Austin got dinged up a bit, the team was left short. After being benched in favor of a declining Chad Dess across town for the Rams, Chacon seems to have a chip on his shoulder, and could even challenge Austin for touches in the Chargers' backfield. Mamadou Heard should continue to see action as the team's third down back, a role in which he has proven to be among the league's elite. While the team acknowledges that their 32nd-ranked defense still has some major, unaddressed holes, they were quick to point out that the draft is still right around the corner and that anything could happen. The Bolts still have some cap flexibility, and have been rumored to be involved in a number of trade talks. With the team currently holding five of the draft's top 66 picks, the dreary cloud that has been hanging over the Chargers' complex is still there, but it may just be the Los Angeles smog now. We can't tell.
    7. Ok. Just making sure there weren't any hidden spacing issues that affect your sim. We don't know how your end of the engine works, only what we see as outputs. Anything I export to excel is for my personal use, not for bringing it back in. No issues there. I can fix those spacing things in my personal data. Thanks for the quick response.
    8. @Soluna I noticed that when I cut and paste my roster into excel, there are ALL kinds of spacing issues (dozens of them) not just the ones you see on screen on the site. Hope that doesn't create some kind of problem because it seems it is extremely widespread. Just wanted to bring this to your attention in case you were not aware.
    9. pumph

      [2022] 2023 High School Players

      QB Nick Stewart 6-4 211 [Jr] St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) XX of 5.0 [Pocket] Looks like the perfect protoge/replacement for Edmondson.
    10. I can't think of anything that I'd like ADDED. But I would like to see Ethnicity REMOVED. It is entirely unnecessary, and mildly offensive to me.
    11. Darman said that Rocketman said that he wouldnt be here for 2 weeks, so if he is gone for just that time don't have him inactive.

    12. pumph

      [2022] Coaching Contract Extensions

      HC FlutieFlakes 1 year // $3.375M Total $3,375,000 per year
    13. pumph

      [2022] Re-signings

      Chargers Posted
    14. For defensive tackles.... If I play a 3-4 and want my 2-gaps to start as the Nose tackle and primary backup, but have a 1-gap that I want to use in nickle and dime situations, would I then list the 1-gap as one of the top 2 DTs and the 2-gaps at nose? Or does a 3-4 team play a 3-3-5/3-2-6 for nickle and dime situations?
    15. Los Angeles Chargers #25 C Martin Terry 6-2 294 3 Nebraska [Run Blocking] [+1/C] 84 - Rejected NA
    16. Just about any worthy offensive lineman. We don't get stats, they don't get glory. Irl, Joe Jacoby blocked three different QB's to SuperBowl titles, and couldn't get in on 15 years on the ballot. Multiple pro bowls, all pros, and his offensive line even had a nickname. Still cant get in. Just proof that linemen are underappreciated and overlooked.
    17. San Diego State: DE Ethan Den son 6-6 245 Fr Sonoma Valley (Sonoma CA) 2.0 of 3.0 [Blitz] FS Jamari Scales 6-0 219 Fr Galileo Academy (San Francisco CA) 1.0 of 4. 0 [Zone Coverage]
    18. What if I told you that there was a story about fictional football universe, that was reported on a website, that became a best-selling novel, that was turned into a movie?
    19. pumph

      [2021] Conditional Trade Results

      I am away this weekend, but will use this thread to update the chart. For trades involving the Chargers, Anthony Miller had 7 or more sacks, so we own the Colts' 2nd round pick.
    20. The San Diego State Aztecs, fresh off of a 9-win season that saw them win the Hawai'i Bowl, have announced their upcoming schedule for the 2022 season: Week 1: @ Bowling Green Week 2: Stanford Week 4: Cincinnati Week 6: Fresno State Week 7: @ Utah Week 8: @ Colorado State Week 10: Utah State Week 11: Wyoming Week 12: @ Hawai'i Week 14: @ UNLV Week 15: Nevada Week 16: @ San Jose State The schedule is highlighted by a Week 2 visit from state rival Stanford, and a trip to Utah in Week 7, though many pundits will point to the matchups in Week 12 and 15 against Hawai'i and Nevada as the key games for the Aztecs. The team will open camp in just a few weeks, with many of the incoming freshmen already enrolling in classes.
    21. pumph

      Liberty Flames Announce 2022 Schedule

      What? You only play NMSU once? I thought we were striving for realism?
    22. pumph

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 4: Cincinnati @ San Diego State @YEEZY
    23. pumph

      [2021] Conference Favorites (CFBHC)

      Utah was picked 11th in the PAC?
    24. Way was to be the first building block in the new O-Line. His injury has really hurt that, as he needed last season to adjust to being a full-time guard. Still love what he brings. Just will be a year behind the curve. For me, Sheppard was the key to this draft. I was so very tempted to move up into the 2nd to take him, but dancing when he was still there at the top of the 3rd. I loved his metrics on perceived coverage stats, and felt he would be an excellent #2 CB for us in the near future. He played the nickle role this year. Mason though, he's just a freak athlete. I could see him having an expanded role with us very soon, and could perhaps even allow us to see what the market is on Scott Howard. We drafted him as a developmental player behind Howard/injury backup, but from what he has shown us, he may be ready sooner than we thought. Austin started 15 games (sat one with injury), so he is the 6th 2021 starter we got from this draft. Of course, It is easy to add starters when your initial roster is weak. As big as last year's draft was, as we changed defenses and retooled just about everything, this year's is actually far more important.
    25. pumph

      [2021] Sophomore Quarterback Update

      Very excited to see where Edmondson can go. He will be better next year. His receivers will be better next year. His running game will be better next year. His offensive line was 4 freshman and a senior in 2021, and should be much better next year. He should have everything he needs to be successful. And the knock on the weak schedule is fair, I guess, but he did beat a playoff team who was undefeated at the time. So there's that.