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    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

    And if we did, how could I possibly be upset? It won't happen, but if it did, fine.
  2. pumph

    [2022] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

    Not at all the game I was expecting. Thought we'd see a shootout. Instead, the defenses held when they needed to and kept the score low. @gigemags11 Great game. Hawai'i is a very talented team and should not drop in the polls. Hoping to see them avoid a mediocre matchup in the Las Vegas Bowl, and instead getting a New Year's Six nod that they deserve. For SDSU, we are seemingly a year ahead of what I have always seen as the peak for this team, and will try to ride this momentum into a potential playoff nod.
  3. pumph

    [2022] CFBHC's most bleachable skill players

    Perfect, just what I needed to complete my draft board.
  4. pumph

    [2022] Week #11 CFBHC Takeaways

    Looking at the stats, I can't see how TMac isn't the Heisman winner. I don't care that his team lost 3 games. It's not a team award. His team isn't really all that good without him. He makes them a Top 20 team. As a scrambler, he's leading the country in QBR and completion percentage. As a SCRAMBLER. Special Question as we approach the end of the season, who will be in the National Championship Game? It's all about the matchups. How those play out will greatly determine the final 2. Oklahoma, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, TCU should be the 5 teams that the final 2 come from. I'll pick Oklahoma and Clemson as the championship game. Mostly from a standpoint of Clemson having the path of least resistance among these teams and possibly the #1 seed by the time things are done, and me just liking this Oklahoma team.
  5. pumph

    CFBHC General Survey 2019

    It's 2022, why are we taking a survey about the 2019 season?
  6. Also, Edmondson leads the country in TD/carry. He's scored on 100% of his rushes.
  7. MWC will be known as the conference of TEs. That will be our thing.
  8. pumph

    [2022] Week #11 - 4 PM

    4th quarter lead, on the road against Atlanta. We are closing the gap.
  9. pumph

    [2022] Week #11 - 1 PM

    Colts ran it once and said, nah, that shit ain't working.
  10. pumph

    [2022] Week #11 - Saturday Afternoon

    Montana played well, all things considered.
  11. pumph

    [2022] Tanking?

    I hate tanking. HATE it. I'm too competitive to accept that anyone else could possibly accept losing. When people here were/are saying that the Chargers were/are tanking, it bugs me because I know that I was/am not - we just had a huge talent discrepancy that has taken several seasons to start closing. Pro sports, have real people, with real emotions. I don't see how any PLAYER would accept losing, especially in a free agency era, where players can leave. Why would I lose on purpose, or accept my team putting me in a position to lose on purpose so that next year (or three years from now) this roster can be better (possibly replacing ME!) I can see why ownership might choose this path, choosing to try this shortcut at the risk of alienating fans or players, for the payoff of a true franchise talent. But it's just a chance, not a guarantee, and it's a huge risk. The Washington Bullets (Wizards) were stuck in the same pattern for about 15 years (some may say it's really like 40 years) of being good enough to not get a top pick, but not being good enough to be any kind of real contender. The times they picked #1 through lottery luck, were awful years to pick there - there was no clear-cut #1 pick when they took Kwame Brown and 2001 was one of the worst drafts ever, and John Wall is not a player you can build a champion around. Teams in this kind of holding pattern do need to do something drastic to try and shake things up. But if my team did this, I'd leave them and never come back. I don't want to root for someone who isn't trying their hardest to win, and I'd see their success as one that was built by losing on purpose - something I couldn't get behind. Tanking in baseball just doesn't make any sense to me. Sure, the Astros did it to perfection. But scouting and development in baseball is SO fickle. The bust rate on high picks is so much higher than other sports. It's not all tanking that helped build them into a winner. But that is the popular theory. Baseball has a 25-man roster, and is an individual sport (batter vs pitcher), within a team game. One individual in baseball can't effect as much change as a star player in basketball, or even football (star quarterback/running back). Even a great starting pitcher, who seemingly has the biggest impact on a game, only plays one out of five games. The ONLY good I see from tanking, is perhaps MAYBE, the sports seeing teams tank will change their systems to stop people from doing it. Not by penalizing tankers, but by effecting change that will enable other teams to compete. In MLB, on Opening Day, you can eliminate about 25 teams from contention before the 162-game season starts. Only the teams with huge payrolls can really compete. So, some teams are tanking to try and win to beat that system. CHANGE THAT SYSTEM instead. Instead of pointing to the Astros as "see, you don't have to spend $200M to win", point at everyone and say," yeah, this just doesn't work, having only like 6 teams who really have a chance this year", and change the way you govern your league. NBA is even worse. Even with the Pacers, Bucks, and Nuggets having the best records right now, does anyone really think they'll win the NBA finals? Before the NBA season starts, you can eliminate 25 or 26 of those teams too. Change the system. The two major US leagues that have a hard salary cap see parity. The NFL and NHL have different teams rotate through power. The NBA and MLB only tax teams for going over a cap. The huge markets don't care. So yeah, FUCK tanking, and everything it stands for. And those that use it to try and find success, I wish nothing but injury, locker room turmoil, and lost fan revenue on you.
  12. pumph

    New NFL Coaching Hires

    DJax already demanded a trade and said he would not play for Tampa again.
  13. pumph

    [2022] Mid-Season Re-signings

    Chargers Up
  14. Base starting skills Offense: 14 Defense: 12 Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 12 Discipline: 8 Youth Mgmt: 10 CFBHC Career: San Diego State Aztecs (2018-Present) NFLHC Career: Baltimore Ravens Scout (2018), San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers GM (2019-Present), Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach (2020), Los Angeles Chargers Owner (2020-Present) Achievements: Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2019 Adjustments +4/0/-2/0/0/0 Traits after 2019 14/10/8/10/10/10 2020 Adjustments 0/+2/-2/+2/0/0 Traits after 2020 14/12/6/12/10/10 2021 Adjustments 0/0/+4/0/-2/0 Traits After 2021 14/12/10/12/8/10 *Only coached final 6 games of 2018 SDSU season **Only coached final 2 games of 2020 LAC season
  15. Clemson 38, Alabama 33 Yet, defense will decide this.
  16. Wait just a minute. The Chargers are not in the bad teams category?
  17. We're at the halfway mark, so it's an easy time to look at the stats and project the full-season performances for each key player. Quarterback Matty Swift 201/354 (56.8%) 2356 yards, 15 TD, 12 INT Matty is chucking it all over, and is on pace for career highs in every category, even interceptions. But INTs are up across the league, and he's only 2 ahead of QBs like Nick Hall and Erik Wegert. His numbers project to: 402 completions, 4712 yards, 30 TD, 24 INT Running Back Brannon Austin 89 carries 295 yards, 3.31 YPC, 0 TD, 0 Fumbles Mamadou Heard 25 carries, 109 yards, 4.36 YPC, 0 TD, 0 Fumbles, 11 Rec, 119 Yards, 1 TD Yes, the Chargers still do not have a rushing touchdown. The bright side though, we have not fumbled yet either. Something that I really look for in a back. Fairly obvious that the team is putting more emphasis on the passing game, but at least the running game isn't hurting us with turnovers. Projects to 590 yards for Austin and 218 yards, 22 catches for 238 yards and 2 TD for Heard. Not very exciting, but Heard has proven his worth as a 3rd down back. Wide Receivers M.L. Kriewaldt 47 Rec, 584 Yards, 5 TD, 1 Drop Jarvis Ward 29 Rec, 369 Yards, 0 TD, 6 Drops Greg Cobb 26 Rec, 366 Yards, 3 TD, 6 Drops Gerald Morrison 11 Rec, 120 Yards, 1 TD, 2 Drops We went out this offseason and added Cobb and Ward. And sure, their numbers don't jump out and scream at you. But their additions have clearly had an impact, opening up the middle of the field for Kriewaldt in the slot and Tight End Scott Howard, over the middle. Both are having career years. Troubling are the drops for Cobb and Ward. Neither has ever shown a propensity for dropping balls, but this year, each have struggled in that area for some reason. These numbers project to: MLK: 94 Rec, 1168 Yards, 10 TD Ward: 58 Rec, 738 Yards, 0 TD Cobb 52 Rec, 732 Yards, 6 TD Morrison 22 Rec, 240 Yards, 2 TD Tight Ends Scott Howard 47 Rec, 600 Yards, 4 TD, 0 Drops Damien Mason 5 Rec, 60 Yards, 1 TD, 0 Drops As great as Scott Howard has been throughout his career, this year is tracking to be his best. With teams having to respect the veteran Cobb, and the rookie Ward on the outside, Howard can't be double-teamed as easily as before. Mason continues to grow, and has produced from the TE2 spot a few times for us. Projections: Howard 94 Rec, 1200 Yards, 8 TD Mason 10 Rec, 120 Yards, 2 TD Kicking Rafael Davidson 13/16 FG Entering last season, Davidson was the league's 2nd-most accurate kicker over his career. A preseason injury seemed to linger all year, causing him to have poor form. He seems to have rebounded from that this year, and it once again a reliable weapon for a team that needs the points that he can provide. Defense (Only Top 3 listed for brevity) Shane Easley 37 Tackles, 1 PD, 7 Sacks, 6 TFL, 1 FF (Projects to 74 tackles, 2 PD, 14 sacks, 12 TFL, 2 FF) Tunch Richardson 45 Tackles, 1 Sack, 5 TFL, 1 FF, 1 FR (Projects to 90 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 10 TFL, 2 FF, 2 FR) Isaiah Hall 14 Tackles, 4.5 Sacks, 1 TFL (Projects to 28 Tackles, 9 Sacks, 2 TFL) The defense is starting to show signs of improvement, with 8 takeaways and 14 sacks so far this season. And while being 30th in the league in yards allowed per game and 27th in the league on 3rd down sounds awful, it is better than a distant 32nd in both categories. The team mostly spent their offseason resources on the offense this year, so these improvements are more from improving chemistry and player development than from an injection of new talent. The team also had to face offensive juggernauts New Orleans, Jacksonville, and Las Vegas in the first half (3 of the Top 4 in Offensive Yards per game) so perhaps we can improve on some of our metrics a bit down the stretch. Most importantly: Wins: 2 With half a season to go, we have already equaled the win total from the last two seasons combined and while the occasional blowout is inevitable, we have been far more competitive in most of those losses this year, being tied with the Jags into the 4th, for example. I'd love to see some other teams break down a few stats and give some thoughts in a similar fashion. Thanks for reading. ,
  18. Black isn't as good individually because of Meade, and Meade isn't as good individually because of Black. But together....
  19. So the highest-rated offensive skill player is Madison? Guess he needs some Heisman hype now. Because I don't think he's been getting any.
  20. pumph

    2019 Best Intentions Thread

    Starting my own business. Been looking into doing it since the summer. But now that the football season is over for me, and our $200k/12 week house renovation is complete, it's time for me to really jump in with one and a half feet. Still holding onto my current job just for the benefits and paycheck until I am ready to take the complete leap of faith, which hopefully will not be too much longer. That really needs to be my only goal for 2019. Because if I try to accomplish other things at the same time, I don't think that I will find success. To do it right, I need my focus on the right things.
  21. pumph

    [2022] Week #9 - Saturday Night

    Jake Davis not looking very elite. I expect more. We never seem to know or understand what we are going to get from Oregon State from week to week, but they seem like a team that I would want no parts of. Byu with 3 INT and 0 were from MK Sharpe. He's off my board now. Wyoming taking a step toward back to back bowls.
  22. Hotter take: Bill Belichick walks away after the season Marvin Lewis SOMEHOW survives yet again. Bowles is fired by the Jets, hired by the Redskins, possibly as HC, but more likely DC.
  23. pumph

    [2022] Week #8 - SNF

    It is funny how one 84-yard TD will change people's perspective on things. Take away that one run, and his stat line is almost identical to Marcus Berry's. 19 carries, 79 yards, 0 TDs. Sure, you can't take away that one run, but if I'm Miami, I'm actually feeling good about the run defense. On paper it looks like almost 200 yards, but it's 1 busted play, and the rest is just a whole lot of mediocre running at 4 YPC. Not like they were repeatedly getting gashed and couldn't stop Durant. This was a close game that was decided by one big play on offense and one big play on defense (the safety).
  24. pumph

    [2022] Week #8 - Saturday Afternoon

    Glad to come out unscathed. That Colorado State defense is loaded with talent, and i figured that they would give me trouble.