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    1. Los Angeles Times (Chargers)

      Bolts Powerless to Stop 'Skins, Lose 40-13 Swift Harassed by Skins, Sacked Five Times
    2. FINALLY!!! Chargers Break Through with First Win, Breaking 25-Game Winless Streak Reggie Sayers Scores First Career Return TD to Stake Team to Early Lead
    3. [2018] Stanley Cup Final

      Should be at Game 4, Rocking the Red Unfortunately, I can't go to Game 3 or 6. And during 6, I will be on a plane back from Phoenix, so that is totally going to suck for me.
    4. [2021] Week #13 - MNF

      We've seen plenty of Coles on the field. Just usually, he's laying motionless, or in the fetal position, holding the sides of his helmet.
    5. Average Age of NFLHC Teams

      We're finally first in something besides "Draft Order" and "Longest Losing Streak"! Though our youth has a lot to do with each of those other lists. I am actually surprised that there isn't even more deviation in that list. For the 32 teams to really only be separated by 1 year (with the Patriots being a bit of an outlier) seems slightly odd. I guess because the league is still in its infancy, with the first generation of players still mostly playing, it will tend to keep everyone tighter, perhaps. Would be interesting to see what this list would look like another 5-7 seasons from now.
    6. [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

      Hey - We've only lost ONE game in a row. No need to panic now.
    7. Champ Kind, KVWN, Channel 4 Any truth to the rumors that you're going to let the Chargers win this week because you want to make sure that they don't get the #1 pick?
    8. There is nothing like the feeling of getting hired to lead your favorite team. Congrats, Jieret. Your work is cut out for you, but you are the right man for the job.
    9. [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Afternoon

      Yes, GG. Was really expecting a big letdown after last week, but my boys did me proud. Huge win for me. Probably bigger than last week's, in that it puts me ahead of you and into a solid 4th in the conference, overall this year.
    10. Sounds familiar to me. I was a baseball player in high school. Turned down the offer by two different teams to get drafted and enter the minors, and turned down a scholarship to play for Maryland because I wanted to stay closer to home because of my girlfriend. Mind you, College Park was only about an hour away. I went to UMBC instead, which was about 25 minutes away. In my defense, she did look like and often get mistaken for Jennifer Love Hewitt, and we dated for 5 years.
    11. Currently, view-only, until I get feedback on it. I could open it up for everyone's use to be user-maintained, be the sole "keeper of the chart", or pass it on to someone else for them maintain. Whatever you all (or just Soluna and Alien) think is best. With the deadline approaching, I thought this would at least be useful for everyone. Please review, check for errors, and let me know if and how you'd like to see it tweaked. I think spelling out the conditional picks would be wise, but I didn't feel like doing that right now, and some of them are rather complicated. For now, all potential picks involved in conditional deals are listed and marked with an asterisk. Let me know if there is a more clear way to show perhaps the most-likely option, or what you want to see from it. I picked through the trade block as best I could, but if a deal wasn't titled "2022 draft pick" for example, I didn't include it. PM me any omitted deals, linking the deals would be appreciated. I could also color-code who owns the picks instead of just using black text, if you think that helps you see all of a team's picks more easily. I know for some of you, the colors do not show up as intended (especially purple, for some reason). On my screen, they are perfect, and I like it that way. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15sl5DDMkYR8wAqAlkWC9qCssXSoP4CRJRemzJjMnd6w/edit?usp=sharing
    12. When will women learn...When a man says he's going to do something, there's no need to remind him every six months!


      1. Rome


        No means No, pumph.

      2. deandean1998


        Or maybe take less than 6 months to do something.

      3. SlinkyJr


        I’ve stumbled into oldpeopleFacebook

    13. Just monitoring this thread to see who has the highest degree of CTE, so I can more carefully pick my trade partners.
    14. Signing Days: Cody Sharpe, WR (SDSU)

      Cody Sharpe brings an athletic frame and good work ethic with him to San Diego. At 6'1" 212 pounds, he is a physical receiver. The coaching staff at San Diego State is delighted to add him to the team. With a developing passing attack, led by David Edmondson, it is anticipated that Cody will slot into the #2 receiver role early in his career, alongside Zion Payton, and eventually grow into the primary role. Cody is someone that the Aztec staff has followed since he burst onto the scene as a high school sophomore with a 14-catch, 4-touchdown performance in the California state quarterfinals. He has shown a propensity for route running and use of his well-developed body to shield defenders from the incoming ball. He is a willing blocker in the run game and has reasonably sound hands. Hailing from Napa, one would have thought that teams like Stanford or Cal would have been hot after Sharpe's services, but it was the Aztecs who targeted him from the start of the process and got an early commitment from the prospect. While it may seem rare for a pro hopeful to shun larger programs and sign with the Aztecs, a major selling point for Sharpe and his family was knowing that Coach Pumph is dedicated to staying with the team long-term, and has been steadily bringing in quality talent to the program. With so many other coaches changing seats so often, the stability at San Diego State has been more than inviting to recruits and their families. Sharpe will not be the only blue chip recruit to choose the Aztecs for this reason. Another factor that Sharpe admitted was part of his decision-making process was the opportunity to catch passes from Edmondson. The Sophomore quarterback has been proving that he could one day be a first day draft pick in the NFLHC, and the chance to work together appealed to the 17-year old Sharpe. "Growing up, my Dad was a big fan of John Elway, and followed his career at Stanford and then the pros", said Sharpe, "He was telling me that Edmondson reminded him of Elway, and that if I had the chance to play with a quarterback like that, that I should take it. When I took my official visit, I knew that San Diego was the place for me. The coaching staff is great, talks to players with respect, and the weather is even better than at home. It's just beautiful here." Sharpe will enroll early next spring so that he may practice with the team. He plans on studying Criminal Justice, with a Communications minor.
    15. He hasn't been bad with the line we have. He's right at about 4 YPC, which, given the line and his low rating, I'd say is very impressive. Sure, you want more than that, but since a scheme change a few games ago, he's been much better - as has Matty. He's not a Pro Bowler, nor will he ever be, but he's been effective in spurts, which is all you can hope for from a 5th round rookie out of FIU that was given the starting job by default.
    16. Change my View

      Toledo might not win the 2021 National Title.
    17. Change my View

      Because the other QBs don't need to run to be extremely productive. I honestly had not looked at the MWC statbook in a few weeks. I had not realized the overall numbers that Edmondson had produced were actually this good. I've been looking game-to-game and not looking at the bigger picture. I'll take 70+% from him with no good target to throw to. Next year, the weapons will be better. His senior year, watch out!
    18. This is probably me hoping to see Edmondson play like Edmondson can play, yet fall short, instead of him playing like a Sophomore in his first year of playing college football, like he seems to do every 3rd game. If we get THAT Edmondson, yes, it's probably more like a 23-17 game.
    19. Power Rankings #1: Air Force (8-1, 4-1) #2: Nevada (8-1, 4-1) #3: Hawai'i (7-2, 5-0) #4: San Diego State (6-3, 3-2) #5: Boise State (4-5, 3-2) #6: Colorado State (5-4, 2-3) #7: New Mexico (4-5, 2-3) #8: Utah State (5-4, 3-2) #9: Fresno State (3-6, 3-2) #10: Wyoming (4-5, 1-4) #11: UNLV (0-9, 0-5) #12: San Jose State (0-9, 0-6) New Mexico slides down 3 spots as their coaching change has seen a dropoff in performance. The others stand pat, despite some mixed results. The talent disparity from the top two is enough to keep them ahead of Hawai'i (for now), even though the coaching change in Reno has not been kind to that team's performance of late. GAME OF THE WEEK San Diego State @ Boise State Two middleweights square off in what should be a tight contest. Boise has home field, and that makes the difference for them in this one, as Aztecs' Sophomore QB David Edmondson is still learning how to win on the road. Prediction: Boise State 34, San Diego State 28 Air Force @ UNLV Home field advantage will not be enough for the Rebs, as they will struggle to avoid embarrassment in this one. Air Force, fresh off an upset loss last week to San Diego State, will look to make a statement in this one, trying to work their way back into playoff contention. Prediction: Air Force 42, UNLV 7 New Mexico @ Colorado State On paper, this should be a good game. New Mexico quietly has a lot of talent and can play with anyone. But these games aren't played on paper. Another team suffering from a recent coaching change will struggle to keep this one close. Without that change, I felt this would have been a tight one, and it still may be, if the Lobos' talent shines through. Prediction: Colorado State 31, New Mexico 20 Wyoming @ Fresno State Can you talk the Bulldogs without mentioning Ryan Harris? No, you can't. He is going to light up the Wyoming secondary for 400 yards and try to cement his draft stock as a Top 3 pick. Despite having already doubled the most wins ever by a Wyoming team, they just can't stop this potent Bulldogs passing attack. Prediction: Fresno State 33, Wyoming 10 Hawai'i @ San Jose State Hawai'i is looking, no begging, for respect. Unfortunately, you can't get it by playing the Spartans, who might be the worst team in FBS football that didn't just start their program this season. Hawai'i will pad their win total with another tally, but this one will be as empty as the Spartans stadium by halftime. You can only play who is in front of you though, but San Jose State will be in front of no one this year. Prediction: Hawai'i 34, San Jose State 3 Byes: Utah State, Nevada
    20. I am glad I signed up now
    21. All-Time starting 5

      PG: Steve Nash SG: Michael Jordan SF: Elgin Baylor PF: Elvin Hayes C: Hakeem Olajuwon 6th Man: John Havlicek Coach: Jerry Sloan This is not just a collection of great players, but a well-rounded ROSTER that would dominate its opponents, with a coach who always got his players to play hard and overachieve - not that this group would need motivation. Sloan coached 22 years IN UTAH, and had 1 losing season. He deserves so much more respect than he gets. Was very tempted to go with Dennis Johnson or James Worthy as 6th man. I don't know that you could go wrong in either case.
    22. Biggest draft steal?

      This will get memed, but I'm going to say it anyway: Matty Swift, #47 pick in 2019 draft Sure, he's struggled mightily with no talent around him, after being thrust into the starting role in both 2019 and 2020 after Will Thompson injuries. He's really just not been good (except the last three games - check the numbers). But here is why he was a steal. He was widely considered the #1 QB in the draft. 7 mock drafts were published. He was listed as the #1 QB in 5 of them, the #2 QB in 1 of them, and the #3 QB in 1 of them. Of those seven mocks, he was actually mocked as the #1 overall pick in one of them and a Top-5 pick in five of them. He was the CFBHC All-Time leading passer and though some didn't like his height or others questioned if it was him or the system, he was still a consensus early pick. And then, a funny thing happened. He started to fall. And fall. And fall. Sitting at #47, needing a backup QB, and QB of the future, and having already picked earlier in the 2nd round, I just couldn't pass up the value of getting him this late. The next-highest player I had on my board was DT Jeffrey King, and I had already taken a DT at the top of the 2nd round, so I wasn't going to double-dip. Swift made so much sense at 47. It was just incredible value. You can talk about his performance on a team with no weapons and no line, but from a value standpoint, I cant imagine another player (a consensus high pick) dropping into the middle of the 2nd round like this. I believe that if someone else had taken him, someone that could surround him with better talent, you would have seen a much better start to his career than the one we were able to supply him with. He's still just in his first season as a full-time starter. We'll see how he finishes up and what options avail themselves to us. He certainly has turned a bit of a corner the last three weeks after a scheme change for us.
    23. Yeah, Draz was a Wooden guy. He didn't even start for us until we had an injury. He wanted him, so I went and got him, to our detriment.
    24. Since I didn't make the pick, Tom Oldham doesn't count. For picks that I actually made, let's take a look: It would be easy for someone to look at the Chargers and say Anthony Miller or Jeffrey Chung. I took DEs in consecutive years in the first round, and neither is playing for me. But the book is not closed on drafting Miller. Instead of me having the #3 pick in the 2020 draft, I basically dealt it for a (likely) Top 10 pick in 2022, a high 2nd in 2022, a 4th last year who is starting for me now, and two role players, who are playing fairly well for us. So no regrets on taking Miller. Chung, I feel was a bust, having gone a total of +1 in his first two offseasons and few stats to show for it, but I was able to move him along with an extra 3rd round pick I had to get Hall, who is younger, cheaper, and already progressed +2 after his rookie season. So while the pick, if it wasn't Chung would have been Aaron Hammond, I like the way this defensive roster is looking now, and having Hammond would have made an Easley pick this past draft even that much more awkward for us. I don't regret the Chung pick. I really wanted to trade up to get the OT, Woods, who I saw as the best player in the draft, but I didn't have enough capital to get a deal done with Buffalo. When he was off the board, DE was the biggest hole to fill and Chung had been consistently mocked as a Top 5-10 pick. The real most regrettable draft pick I have made is actually a recent one. In the 4th round last year, I was sitting with two early picks. #102 and #103. Even though Easley was the #1 overall pick at OLB, I needed to pick up another outside backer for depth and an eventual starter on the other side, and loved Terrence Plummer's potential. In the overnight between Day 2 and Day 3, I talked to Tennessee about moving up to the first pick of the day, #97. They declined. Instead, I moved up right behind them, hoping to land Plummer. When they took him, I then took the next player on my board, a prospect I love, in TE Damian Mason. I see him as the eventual replacement for Scott Howard, and perhaps hoping that 2 TE sets really becomes a thing. But almost as soon as I made this pick, talks with the Colts got hot and heavy over an Anthony Miller trade. Really, they came out of the blue, but I needed to put my full attention to them immediately. I knew I wanted to draft an OLB for depth, had a few other needs, but my full attention was turned to the Miller talks. Suddenly, I am on the clock. Without having scouted him fully, because I really thought Plummer would be a Charger, and because it was too early to take one of the other players I wanted at positions of need, I panicked and took OLB John Kearns., and regretted the pick even as I was submitting it. I do so much research, and never take a player that I have not scouted. But this panic pick of wanting to get an OLB, there being a ratings dropoff to the next OLBs, and my focus being on the Miller deal (where we picked up yet another 4th rounder later in the round and hit what I think is a home run for a 4th rounder, in getting starting ILB Kareem Boykin) was just a situation that I did not see coming. Maybe Kearns, with some development behind Pro Bowler Jason Bryant, can become a decent player. He was not drafted to come in and start. But I definitely wish that I felt better about this pick. It was the one regrettable pick from a draft where I came away very happy with the new additions to the team. I drafted a couple of starters after this pick (Boykin at #119 and RB Brannon Austin at #130) So it certainly feels right now like a bad pick, but we'll give him time to see if he can develop.
    25. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PXR_gSh2CK7ICKoU8eojJB2f3sjPaED4IW-zfPAgUrw/edit?usp=sharing