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    1. I made this change for a couple of reasons. We were short at receiver and McNeil provided some much-needed depth in the slot. I also prefer tough, downhill power backs like Gonzalez in my offense, and the results were definitely promising.
    2. I met personally with each one of the seniors after my hiring to discuss the team's goals as well as their personal goals. Being ineligible for a bowl game, they understand that I need this time to develop my younger players for the next few years so that I can attract recruits to our program and slowly ascend the ladder to a bowl game.
    3. After over half a season filled with blowouts, our team was only one score away from pulling off a historic win. I'm unbelievably proud of these young men for fighting to the very last second. I came in with the goal of winning just one game, and it is still very much in reach with four left to be played. In practice leading up to this game I wanted to give my sophomores and juniors more reps and see who could step up and change the culture of the team, and one in particular stood out on gameday. Timmy Gonzalez completely changed our run game and gave us a shot at the win, and I'm expecting that level of play for many games to come. I will now turn it over to the media for any questions. #GiveMeLiberty
    4. [2021] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

      Despite the lost fumble, I still love how Timmy stepped up and put up numbers. Hopefully more of the same next week.
    5. [2021] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

      4 more chances. This is the closest so far though
    6. [2021] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

      So close, but just not enough to get the win. GG Rabid
    7. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      @Jieret so the recruiting penalty isn't enforced until next season?
    8. Liberty Introduces New HC

      To carry out the work of the lord? BLASPHEMY
    9. Liberty Introduces New HC

      By fooling around I clearly meant reading some powerful verses from the Holy Bible
    10. Liberty Introduces New HC

      These seniors are definitely important to me and the team, but I'm focusing on developing our underclassmen to close out the 2nd half of the season. They understand that and willingly put the team's interests above their own. Our goal is to win 1 game out of 5. Then in the offseason, lifting and conditioning will be key to improving our players' athletic abilities, especially our incoming freshman. We aim to outlast the other team physically first and foremost.
    11. Liberty Introduces New HC

      Yes, also that as well maybe
    12. Liberty Introduces New HC

      If a player wants to fool around with some girl that bad, I'll just buy them a hotel room for the night. A coach has to take care of their players
    13. Liberty Introduces New HC

      While I myself am not of Christian faith, I respect those who follow Christianity and don't see a religious barrier getting in the way of our FBS transition as well as our growth and bonding as a team. It starts and ends with the quarterback. We need someone to be the face of the Liberty Flames and be an outstanding leader amongst his teammates. I hope to have a player of that caliber join the program within the next 2-3 seasons.
    14. Liberty Introduces New HC

      I will recruit anyone who can make this program better. Being agnostic myself, I almost never take religious affiliation into account.
    15. Lynchburg, VA Since transitioning to FBS play for 2021, the Liberty Flames haven't seen much success, currently sitting at 0-7 on the season and ineligible for a bowl game. The fans continue to be loyal, filling the stands for every home game, and after the firing of their first coach, xkl219 hopes to finally bring an FBS win to Lynchburg. Time will tell whether or not he's the man for the job, but here's what he had to say at his inaugural press conference: "I'd first like to sincerely apologize to my fellow college ball coaches for my absence. I wasn't in a good state of mind for a while and there were issues in my family that required me to take an unexpected break from coaching. While these events have hindered my progress, I'm confident that they've also made me a better person in the process. With that being said, I plan to stick around in Lynchburg for a long time and bring success to this football program no matter who stands in our way." The floor is open to any and all questions. #GiveMeLiberty