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  1. Following the initial release of the team depth chart, head coach xkl219 has named his six captains for the upcoming season. Stats provided below are from 2019. Offense QB Sam Sloan (3.5/3.5) Jr 774 Passing Yards for 4 TDs, 36 Rushing Yards for 3 TDs, 58% Completions (across 5 games) RB Preston Tolliver (4.0/4.0) Sr 1234 Rushing Yards for 12 TDs, 5.1 Per Carry TE Frederick McCarthy (3.0/3.0) RS Jr 36 Catches for 461 Yards and 4 TDs, 12.8 per catch Defense FS Andre Buckner (4.0/4.0) Jr 17 Tackles, 4 INTs, 3 TDs SS Brian Blackwell (4.0/4.0) Sr 12 Tackles, 2 INTs MLB Noel Melvin (3.5/4.0) Jr Led defense with 42 tackles The floor is open for any questions!
  2. Hey guys. It has been almost two months since my dad had a stroke and he's making slow but steady progress in terms of speech! I have been away from football to take care of my dad, and haven't been attending off-season workouts with the team. My diet is pretty clean, but I really want to be in shape for spring ball in April, so I'd love any tips or workout plans you might recommend! For reference, I am a 5'10" 260 nose tackle.

    1. SageBow


      Really hope your coach is onboard with you being away from off-season workouts. Normal human beings usually are in circumstances like this, but some people take the game much more seriously than life.


      Ask your coach for sure what he'd like you to be doing since you can't make workouts right now. He knows your playstyle better than any of us here. Besides that, just keep working hard, especially at school. Can't go to college if you don't got the grades for it! Best of luck! Hope your dad keeps improving!

    2. Weeze56m


      Its good that your father is making a good recovery! Strokes are rough, but prayers for you and your family.

      As for your work out, Sagebow hit it right on the nose, talk to your coach first. They can usually tell you basic things, what to work on, how often, safety information, etc. One thing from personal experience i can tell you, people along the line seem to really work their upper body and core,  but forget to work out their lower half as often. Work the motor, work the leg strength, work on the mechanics. if you have game film on yourself, compare it with those in the pros and compare and see how they do things that you might struggle with. Studying your game is also just as important as your physical attributes.

  3. II felt like it was about time to let you guys know what's been going on. On February 6th, the day after the Super Bowl, my father was sent to the emergency room for symptoms of a stroke. He had already been pretty stressed out, and after the Falcons lost, (I'm an Atlanta native) I think his body finally gave in to stress. He was actually doing fine when I visited him, but when they gave him medicine for his blood pressure, it worked TOO well, limiting blood flow to his brain and distorting his ability to speak and comprehend other people's speech. My dad has been my best friend for as long as I remember, so not being able to communicate with him fully was pretty tough; I definitely shed a few tears that first night he was in the hospital. About a month later, he's making progress and we can have full conversions to a certain extent. I know you guys care about me a whole lot, and I thank you all for that. With that being said, can't wait for 2020!

    1. ImposterCauster


      Sorry to see you going through such a tough time, man. I understand your pain to an extent (my uncle is currently recovering from a stroke right now), and I do wish your father a full recovery. Things will get better in due time, and I'm glad you could share this with us. If you ever need anyone to talk to, you know a bunch of us are going to be all ears for you. :)

    2. neovenator250


      Oh wow, that's awful.  I hope he makes a quick and full recovery.  Sorry, man

  4. Congrats to Andre Bucker on making the 1st team and Gavin Otto on 2nd team! #ROLLWAVE
  5. I'm almost 16 years old, and I've been a Falcons fan my whole life. It's time to see if I get my early birthday present tomorrow! :)

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    2. trey_chaffin



    3. lucas95


      I was about to root for Atlanta but then trey commented.

    4. Vxmonarkxv


      i want to fucking kill myself.

  6. Welcome to the AAC! Just FYI, I upset Houston at home in 2019, so you have a lot of work to do
  7. Glad I'm not on this like Yellow_Evan predicted
  8. I want to do the impossible again; do what nobody thinks I can. I went from being predicted to go 0-12 to winning 3 of my last 4 to finish 4-8, and I'm nowhere near satisfied.
  9. After a respectable 4-8 season to start off his head coaching career, xkl219 signs a contract extension through the 2022 CFBHC season. He will receive approximately $1 million annually, not including bonuses. "I'm ready to get to work," said the youngest second youngest coach in CFBHC history. #RollWave
  10. Instagram: king.b0at

    Twitter: xkl219

  11. I already plan on taking AP U.S. History and AP Physics next year, but should I take AP English Language, AP Psychology, or both? This is for junior year, projected to be a varsity starter as well.

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    2. grv413


      @xkl219Just make sure you don't overdo it. You don't want a repeat of this past semester just because you have too much work to do on top of sports.

    3. UBL


      Regardless of which teacher you get APUSH will be a lot

    4. SageBow


      Personally my Junior year I took APUSH and AP Language. My senior year I took AP Physics, AP Literature, and AP Calculus BC.


      APUSH was a blast, but like UBL said very fact heavy. You'll definitely need to study hard. AP Language and AP Lit is just going to depend on your reading and writing ability, but if you can pass those tests it will make your college life much easier. I got a 4 on both and was able to not take any English courses in college. If you're worried about course load, I'd push AP Physics to senior year and take AP Language now.

  12. Anyone need an offensive coordinator?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. xkl219
    3. xkl219
    4. rabidsnowman


      In Tampa, you'd be responsible for finding players with great stats but low ratings for the draft, then we'd want your analysis of our opponent each week during the season.  Other than that, you would be involved in front office discussions and if you wanted, we could make sure you know what we're doing and why, to get you some experience for when you transition to Head Coach or GM somewhere.  

  13. Right now I'm 5'10" and about 255. As a 3-4 NT should I put on a bit more weight or maintain my size to possibly be recruited as a 4-3 DT?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Wonderbread


      i didn't play sports in high school, i was a nerd


    3. neovenator250


      at your height, I wouldn't try to add too much more weight as you may just not have the frame to be a true 3-4 nose.  your best shot is probably as a 4-3 tackle.  try to focus on quick moves if you're athletic enough.  and are you married to playing D-Line?  when I was in high school a guy about your size as a sophomore dropped like 25 pounds and played middle linebacker for us as a junior and a senior.  no idea how athletic you are though, so I haven't a clue if that move would work out for you.  its really hard to judge this without seeing you play

    4. xkl219


      @neovenator250 I would say my body type is more along the lines of a 4-3 DT. However, I don't think I could reach the level of athleticism needed to play linebacker, and we're also pretty stacked there. I love playing in trenches anyway. Here are my highlights from freshman year when we ran a 4-3: http://www.hudl.com/v/18KUgz

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