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  1. If anyone has some extra money that they are willing to donate to my fundraiser, I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave your email below or PM it to me. My football dues are $500 and I need all the help I can get. This money will pay for uniforms, workout clothes, warm-ups, paying the coaches, and more. Every little bit counts!

  2. I'll definitely take that. I did what I could to score points but our defense just couldn't hold them back. Really nice to grab a pick though. GG @Yellow_Evan
  3. Houston, We Have a Problem Tulane upsets the Coogs for the second year in a row
  4. My friend @Yellow_Evan obviously has a good group of players and they're having a better season than us so far. I also think that I'm generally good at gameplanning for big matchups like this (save for Duke and UNT of course). They will be heavy favorites, but this isn't the first time I've been the underdog. Our fans are amazing and the home crowd should definitely give us a huge confidence boost from the start. I'm looking forward to an exciting, fast paced game. Do I think we can win? Of course.
  5. I would like to start by apologizing to Green Wave Nation for my horrible coaching decisions against Duke and North Texas. I played around with strategies I had never used before and panicked instead of sticking to what I know. With that, I also apologize to my offensive captain and team leader, Sam Sloan. You gave this team the spark it needed to win, and a leader to have trust in, and I benched you after one bad game against one of the most talented teams in the country. With that out of the way, it's time to celebrate. We upset Houston last season on their turf, and my boys fought to achieve yet another upset, this time with our amazing home crowd behind them, and they have definitely shown that they know what it takes to win. Forget those first three games. This is where everything starts to mean something. This is the American Athletic Conference, and I promise that from now on, me and my boys will fight to the very last second of the regular season to win the Western Division and make it to a bowl game. The floor will now be open for any questions.
  6. Well, I just upset Houston two years in a row.
  7. The offense didn't turn the ball over at all, but our defense got shat on. GG Darman
  8. QB Controversy in NOLA? Coach XKL doesn't seem particularly happy that Sam Sloan turned the ball over 3 times on Saturday, as he announced to the team that junior Blake Norton would take starting reps heading into the bye week. As a scrambler, the coach hopes that Norton can provide the extra explosiveness that Tulane needs on an offense that was very stagnant as they couldn't do any damage to the LSU defense. After seeing the passing game fail so immensely, XKL also wants to convert to a more run-oriented attack that can get the most out of both Norton and star running back Preston Tolliver. With two weeks before the Duke matchup, the Green Wave should have ample time to get some work done in practice.
  9. TULANE IN TROUBLE Preston Tolliver was the only bright spot for the Green Wave on Saturday, rushing for 100 yards and scoring their only touchdown in a 66-13 blowout loss against LSU.
  10. GG buddy. You better win the Natty so this L doesn't look as bad for me
  11. It's bullshit. I was projected to go 0-12 last season, and I gave them 4-8. Now they have me going 2-10. You'd think the pundits would show my boys a little bit more respect after all the work we've put in to be a competitor in this conference.
  12. New Orleans, LA Can the Green Wave upset the #3 ranked LSU Tigers? Coach xkl219 is available to answer any and all questions regarding the Week 1 "Battle for the Rag" rivalry game, as well as the rest of the schedule for the upcoming season. The floor is now OPEN! #ROLLWAVE #BringBackTheRag
  13. You should know better than to doubt the Green Wave two years in a row buddy. I can definitely do better than 2-10
  14. I've obviously asked about this before, but I decided to test the waters yet again. Going into summer workouts, I am pretty much the guy to step up and take the starting nose tackle position on varsity. However, I've always had trouble with stamina, and I feel like my body fat is weighing me down quite a bit. I weigh 260 and I'm 5'10, and I really want to shred a lot of that fat and add some definition to my muscles, while staying in the range of about 245-255 by the start of the season. Please, if you have any tips, leave them below for me to consider. 

    1. pumph


      First thing I'd do is set my star recruit on the interface.



      Cardio burns fat and gives you stamina.  Get at least 40 minutes per day.  It's a great place to start.

    2. Weeze56m


      Cardio. strengthen your heart muscle, the blood pump, and you should see a difference.,

    3. notoriousbigej


      While Cardio is important, diet is probably the best way to lose weight. I lost a lot of weight by eating a low carb, high protein diet. Additionally working legs with compound lifts like dead-lifts and squats can help build explosiveness while also helping to build leg muscles that could help sustain you through a game.

  15. Following the initial release of the team depth chart, head coach xkl219 has named his six captains for the upcoming season. Stats provided below are from 2019. Offense QB Sam Sloan (3.5/3.5) Jr 774 Passing Yards for 4 TDs, 36 Rushing Yards for 3 TDs, 58% Completions (across 5 games) RB Preston Tolliver (4.0/4.0) Sr 1234 Rushing Yards for 12 TDs, 5.1 Per Carry TE Frederick McCarthy (3.0/3.0) RS Jr 36 Catches for 461 Yards and 4 TDs, 12.8 per catch Defense FS Andre Buckner (4.0/4.0) Jr 17 Tackles, 4 INTs, 3 TDs SS Brian Blackwell (4.0/4.0) Sr 12 Tackles, 2 INTs MLB Noel Melvin (3.5/4.0) Jr Led defense with 42 tackles The floor is open for any questions!