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  1. Shh this doesn't fit my narrative!
  2. Jesus Christ. The Pipe just keeps coming for Kansas City. Also, McCready fell down to Earth after what happened last week
  3. Congrats Arizona for winning the Ballard lottery! Enjoy your new franchise quarterback!
  4. Fuck the Jets but gg. That 3rd quarter absolutely killed us.
  5. @fever_ful Hey fam hopefully this works out: Packet 1: 1 PW 2 SU 2 IN 1 PR 0 MD 2 ME Packet 2: 1 PW 1 SU 2 IN 0 PR 1 MD 2 ME
  6. Tmac would’ve dropped 300 and hard carried to probably the same score because the Chiefs are a cheat code #FreeTMac #StartTMac
  7. Someone nerf the Chiefs. They lose Ryan Harris but McCready still drops bombs and they score 52 LMFAO
  8. The Patriots will take packet one! Pleasure doing business with ya bud
  9. What a win! Ron Thomas went OFF! Also Josh Beckett looking like a solid QB! We’re keeping the momentum going! Also our defense did a great job. Great gameplan @GigemAgs gg Ravens
  10. #FreeTroyMcMurray #StartTroyMcMurrayAgain
  11. Also forgot to add that I’m loving how Sharpe and Workman look. Looking like draft steals. Shoutout @Bruno
  12. Well uh, that was an awkward way to win. But ill take it, finally happy to see Beckett looking good. Good job @GigemAgslove you as my coach gg Giants @Hagan @Dean @Sarge
  13. Patriots pick ST Darren Rizzi (Age 54) Descended from Tony Sparano Linebacker Chemistry Level 2; Kicker Progression Level 2; Special Teams Versatility Level 1 Rizzi will be ST COORDINATOR
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