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    1. CBBHC Conference Update

      don't count on it. my team is so terrible i'd be lucky to be close
    2. Most underachieving college bball coach

      Sean Miller, easy. has talent every year, still can't make the Final Four
    3. Rocksaucesundae new application

      After discussing with Notorious, he is open to giving up SJSU. So, I will give back SJSU to rocksaucesundae. Go ahead and request the team on interface and create your depth chart! Welcome back!
    4. [AU] Coach your least favorite school

      UNR. Fuck Reno.
    5. Welcome to the week 6 edition of the NFLHC Key Injury Report! At this point the league has pretty much turned into Game of Thrones or the Purge. Literally everyone is dying out here. I recommend that you keep your players in safe houses, or bubble wrap. The pipe is on a rampage. David Hughes, OT, Green Bay Packers, Severe ACL Rupture Another week, another player suffering an ACL rupture. This week David Hughes of the Green Bay Packers goes down, and is out of the season. Hughes is one their top offensive tackles. Expect Maxwell Carmichael to step up in his place. The talent gap between the two is huge. So even though Carmichael will be protecting Johnson’s strong side, just be ready to see Johnson to be scrambling more often. Thomas Barry, OLB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Severe Back Disc Fracture The Buccaneers lose their starting Left Outside Linebacker for the season. Thomas Barry suffered a severe back disc fracture. Look for rookie Micah Singletary to step up in his spot. Though Singletary can bring the pass rush, he will not be able to display the coverage prowess that Barry has. Reggie Beasley, FS, Arizona Cardinals, Severe Achilles Rupture Another season ending injury for the league. The Arizona Cardinals lost free safety Reggie Beasley for the rest of the season after he suffered a severe achilles rupture. Rookie Damani Crump-Jackson will be stepping up in his place. Crump-Jackson had a solid career at Colorado State, so it will be interesting to see if he can translate that to the pros. Look for the lockdown cornerbacks the Cardinals have be able to ease the job of Crump-Jackson August Gilliland, OT, Los Angeles RamsR, Severe Hamstring Rupture The Rams must love showing up on this weekly key injury report. This week, the Rams lose offensive August Gilliland for the rest of the season, who suffered a severe hamstring rupture. The Rams already lost their top offensive tackle until week 10, now the Rams lose their second best offensive tackle. Look for Connor Crane to step up in his place.However, Murphy is going to have to get rid of the ball quickly or start using his legs more often because the state of this offensive line is not good. Brian Vardell, QB, Minnesota Vikings, Severe Shoulder Dislocation One week after losing Cobb, the Vikings lose their franchise quarterback. The Vikings will be without Vardell for 3 weeks, as he is expected to return week 10. To start in his place is Cody Albright. After his performance versus the Rams, Vikings fans should not have a lot of hope these 3 weeks. Albright went 16/32 for 132 yards and two interceptions. Now sitting at 1-5, they need Albright to get it together versus Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Seattle. Though they are very winnable games, Albright probably won’t lead them to victory in those three games. The Vikings are very well looking at 1-8 when Vardell returns.
    6. tprochnow

      tfw when copy paste fucks up
    7. tprochnow

      Congratulations, You're approved for UNLV! The 2021 Season is underway! Go here to see your team and roster. Go here and make your depth chart for the upcoming 2021 season. Next, make an account on the Interface. Click "Need a team?". Next, click "Click here to request a new team". Request for UNLV. Interface is where you will be in charge of gameplanning, and recruiting. Next, politely request for the UNLV avatar in this thread If you have any more questions, feel free to refer back to the coaching course, PMing me, or asking for help in the shoutbox Welcome to UNLV and to the Mountain West! Good luck and enjoy your time!
    8. tprochnow

      Huh how'd you know? Also I will be sending you application questions shortly!
    9. [2021] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

      This life is a dark one
    10. [2021] Week #6 - Saturday Evening

      Utah and Oregon State are the top teams in the PAC-12... Is this real life?
    11. Welcome to the Week 5 edition of the NFLHC Injury Report! This week, nearly everything is severe, and the pipe is merciless, as we have 3 more season ending injuries to report. Please nerf pipe, for the love of all that is good in NFLHC. Sebastian Vaughn, SS, New York Jets, Severe Concussion This is the third player on the Jets that has suffered a concussion. This week the Jets stout secondary takes a blow as starting SS Sebastian Vaughn is out with a severe concussion. Vaughn will be out for at least three weeks, with a possible return in week nine. In his place, second-year Jesse Hutchins will start. Expect the Jets secondary to not miss a beat and continue to have a no-fly zone in spite of Vaughn not being on the field. Jason Osorio, OG, Houston Texans, Moderate Shoulder Rotator Cuff The Texans lose one of their top offensive lineman for at least nine weeks. Jason Osorio is out until week 15 with a moderate shoulder rotator cuff injury. Overall, Houston’s offensive line should be fine moving forward. However, it will be interesting to watch the interior. With Stan Flutie stepping up in Osorio’s place, will he be reliable or a liability when it comes to protecting Leshoure for a majority of the season? Jarius Shaw-Dodd, WR, San Francisco 49ers, Severe Hamstring Rupture There is trouble in the Bay Area. the 49ers lose one of their top wideouts for the rest of the season. Jarius Shaw-Dodd ruptured his hamstring this past week. The WR position loses top talent, and Todd Lester loses a security blanket. Look for Todd Lester to keep feeding WR Kevin Branch and TE Ben Thomas. Outside of those two players, the 49ers have to hope that one of their depth players can step up in Shaw-Dodd’s place. Luke Cobb, WR, Minnesota Vikings, Severe ACL Rupture A promising start to a career comes to a tragic end. Luke Cobb’s rookie season is done after he tore his ACL in week 5. Cobb had 18 catches for 296 yards and 2 touchdowns before his injury. Cobb’s injury is a huge hit to the Vikings offense. The duo to look out for now in Minnesota is Vardell-Charles. If that duo can’t get going, Minnesota’s offense will go nowhere. However, do look for TE Eugene Jackson to be a dark horse contributor. Justin Way, OT, Los Angeles Chargers, Severe ACL Rupture Things aren’t so dreamy in Los Angeles. The Chargers are 0-4, and lose one of their top offensive tackles for the season. Way ruptured his ACL in week 5. An already weak offensive line is going to struggle even more, especially without any solid talent to fill in the interior line, as Robert Grant is expected to step up. What we can expect to see is Matty Swift lying on the grass more often.
    12. at least one person believes in me
    13. [2021] Week 5 Headlines

      New Changes, Same Results New starting quarterback David Breznia struggles, going 9/19 for 75 yards in 20-10 loss to Atlanta Falcons
    14. [2021] Week 5 Power Rankings

      By the looks of these predictions, the Chargers and Giants are going 0-15-1
    15. [2021] Week #5 - 1 PM

      At least we arn't getting blown out.