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      1. Foxborough, MA - With the longtime absence of GM Bruno, the New England Patriots have found a new GM to run the team. Head Scout @Piercewise1 has been promoted to be the GM and Executive on Player Personnel effective immediately. "We are excited as an organization to promote Pierce. He has high potential and has impressed the current staff with his knowledge and outside-the-box thinking when it comes to building the team and approaching how we scout and analyze players. We have complete trust in Pierce and will guide him every step of the way." Owner Believer said. Owne
      2. New England Patriots are good to go
      3. Active Roster (55/55) Practice Squad (0/12) IR (3)
      4. Shit’s tough out here. The record doesnt show it, but I know the Patriots are so close to breaking through and being a legit team and playoff contender. We’ll figure it out @GigemAgs @Piercewise1 gg though! Good luck the rest of the way @smackemz
      5. Gg family, it was a fun shootout! Wish the result worked in our favor, but it is what it is. Good luck to the rest of your season!
      6. Foxborough, MA - The New England Patriots have announced the new hiring of the Director of Scouting position in the front office. @Piercewise1 will serve as the Director of Scouting for the Patriots. His duties will involve a wide range, from assisting to gameplanning, roster moves, and draft prospects. "We are happy to welcome Piercewise to the Patriots family. We know he will do a good job, and his role will help continue to build the Patriots into a contending team for years to come," Owner Believer said. Owner Believer, Head Coach @GigemAgs and Scout @Piercewise1 a
      7. God damn it Beckett, 2 steps back after that huge performance.
      8. Damn, thought we could steal a win vs Miami and gain some ground in the playoff race. That scheme change threw us off forsure. Didn't expect it. GG though @smackemz At least Beckett had another solid game, and our defense is gonna be back and healthy next week. Onto the next one
      9. Packet 1: 1 PW, 0 SU, 2 IN, 3 PR, 0 MD, 1 ME Packet 2: 0 PW, 1 SU, 2 IN, 3 PR, 1 MD, 1 ME @Jumbo
      10. New England Patriots select: Freedom Mutual Field (through 2027)
      11. I have access to the current sheet. I’ll fix it when I get home from work @jmjacobs
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