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    1. believer

      [2021] Wild Card Saturday - 1 PM

      The Jets just beat a mobile QB... is the curse lifted?
    2. believer

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #1

      Tucker Dowden went lights out! BGSU decided to become Thanos that fourth quarter my goodness
    3. believer

      The Boston Globe

      Into the Offseason We Go The Patriots narrowly beat the Bills in week 17 as they head into the offseason finishing 7-9.
    4. believer


      Congratulations, You're approved for UTAH STATE! The 2021 Season is in bowl season! Sadly, Utah State hasn't qualified for a bowl. You also know how to find your roster and create a depth chart. Just a friendly reminder you can't change redshirts You know how to request teams on interface and what's going on Lastly, politely request for the Utah State avatar in this thread Welcome to Utah State and to the Mountain West! Good luck and enjoy your time! Missed ya friend
    5. If any team is looking for a scout noodlz2 is looking to learn NFLHC and be a part of 

    6. believer

      [2021] Week #17 - 1 PM

      That game gave me a heart attack, but we finished the season strong, even though we didn't finish .500 at 7-9
    7. believer

      The Boston Globe

      Miami Vice The Patriots can't handle the unstoppable Miami Dolphins, losing 31-17. The Patriots are 6-9 on the season.
    8. believer

      Contract Lookup Thread v2.0

      new, updated version: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11cmNF4Bzn0AQhVcdXQme3jia3rZV6jaZzRQXrHf0QIc/edit?usp=sharing
    9. Hawaii Bowl? The place of my one and only bowl win on site!
    10. believer

      [2021] Week #16 - 1 PM

      6-9. nice...
    11. believer

      Wyoming Goes Bowling

      Wyoming a bowl... we're really living in hell. nah but on the real though, congrats! Good luck bowl season! Represent well!
    12. believer

      [2021] Week #16 - TNF

      Sorry Cleveland
    13. believer

      [2021] Week #16 - TNF

      Congratulations to the UMASS Minutemen, 2021's CFBHC Toilet Bowl Champions!
    14. believer

      [2021] Week #16 - TNF