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  1. Woo! Good to see you doing good things son! Also finally reading the Patriots minicamp after a busy couple of weeks, but though it's not awe inspiring, I have hope in these players to develop into the players we need them to be. The future is bright!
  2. New England Patriots schedule Vs Indianapolis Colts Vs Denver Broncos @ New York Giants @ Washington Redskins
  3. Love this draft class. I love the work that the organization did to be able to assemble a solid draft class like this. Great job team!
  4. What an amazing read, honestly really helps with our draft planning
  5. Woo 4 star coach! And rank 37!!!
  6. Tmac, my son, my Heisman winner, what has happened
  7. Offense: 14 --> 16 Defense: 13 --> 15 Special Teams: 8 --> 7 Clock Management: 11 Discipline: 9 --> 8 Youth Management: 11 Coaching Feat: We Will Bury Them Also please add 2022 Heisman Award winner to my coaching achievements please!
  8. damn the greatest quarterback of all time is a free agent??
  9. Great writeup! Got alot of youth all across the board. Hopefully my receivers with their experience help Downing out alot, to help take some of the load off Bonner. Defensively, my top two CBs in Powell and Driver are gonna have to lead this defense. Solid young talent. We may not be at the level we were at with TMac, but I believe (namesake intended) in the team, and we can make another push at bowl eligibility!
  10. believer

    BOFA Awards

    One last time my son :') See you in the NFL
  11. Wow what a dominant performance by the Packers. Congrats! @inspiral
  12. Wow, what a dominant victory for Auburn to win the title. Congrats @Rome, well deserved! Time to celebrate!
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