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    1. [2021] Inactives - Week #2

      New York Giants Inactives RB Josh Shiancoe 6-2 221 2 UCLA [Power] 81 CB Will Hall 5-10 224 3 USC [Zone Coverage] 90 WR Phillip Fuller 5-9 185 R North Dakota State [Speed] 68 SS Abdoul Childs 5-10 198 R Maryland [Zone Coverage] 75 RB Timothy Braxton 5-9 203 R Middle Tennessee [Power] 70 QB Paul Davenport 6-0 198 3 Miami [Hybrid] 85 FS Clyde Rivers 6-0 201 1 Notre Dame [Zone Coverage] 75
    2. [2021] Week #1 - 1 PM

      Well then
    3. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/20764-2021-week-1-saturday-afternoon/ Boise State vs Kent state. Boise QB Roman Green has 1 TD pass but there's 2 wrs who have receiving touchdowns
    4. [2021] Week #1 - Saturday Afternoon

      @TazerMangg bud. I didn't expect the 2nd quarter outburst tbh. But man this oline rating is gonna be a wild one
    5. [2021] Week #1 - TNF

      Hagan totally sold his soul to satan. and RIP UAB. Lost to OSU. and someone check if Isaac is okay
    6. [2021] Inactives - Week #1

      New York Giants Week 1 Inactives WR William Anderson 6-3 207 1 Alabama [Target] 81 - IR RB Josh Shiancoe 6-2 221 2 UCLA [Power] 81 CB Will Hall 5-10 224 3 USC [Zone Coverage] 90 WR Art Baber 5-9 201 6 Auburn [speed] 81 QB Randy Roberts 6-2 231 1 Boston College [Pocket] 79 SS Abdoul Childs 5-10 198 R Maryland [Zone Coverage] 75 RB Timothy Braxton 5-9 203 R Middle Tennessee [Power] 70 WR Evan Medley 6-1 197 1 North Carolina [Target] 75
    7. This edition of the key injury report, we cover the teams most affected by injuries that happened during the preseason and what it means for the regular season. I’ll also talk about new injuries from week four of the preseason that have an impact for their teams. New Orleans Saints Offense Please get Devy some help. With the loss of WR Steve Alexander for the season and Patrick Glass until week twelve, there is essentially nothing left in the Saints offense other than Sean Jenkins. Although seeing Devy and Jenkins put up huge numbers each game would be a spectacle to see, it also hurts them. With the Saints offense being carried by these two players, it makes them completely one dimensional. With no run game, and New Orleans choosing to air it all the time, this makes their offense predictable and defenses will soon catch on and figure out how to stop them. Baltimore Ravens Offense Welcome to tight end hell. With the loss of top tight ends Danny Patrick and Floyd Arnold, the offensive weaponry has become very thin. Couple that with the recent trade of QB Reggie Watkins to New England to begin the Fisher era, and this offense is currently in a hot mess. Losing Patrick and Arnold means Fisher has to completely rely on David Wells to be his one single security blanket. This offense is also going to need to start to rely on RB Moussa Goode even more to help fill the gaps left by the injured tight ends. Emmett Spears, RB, Denver Broncos, Moderate Foot Fracture Sure Spears wasn’t going to start above J.B. Blacknail, but Spears being out for at least the first four weeks of the season is still going to hurt the Broncos. Though it seems that the Broncos are looking to be a more pass-oriented offense, Spears provided solid depth at the running back position for the Broncos, and could have been a great 3rd down option. Spears could’ve been a wildcard for the Broncos this season behind Blacknail, but we have to wait a bit longer to see if that will happen. Colts Offense Wait, what? Why is the Colts offense on here you ask. Yes, the Colts have a high octane passing attack lead by Aaron Shea, but what about the running attack? Elijah Harden is still recovering from his foot fracture, and by the way the Colts have been handling his injury, it seems like he won’t be coming back until week 3. Watching Shea throw the ball a ton is going to be fun to watch, but losing Harden means the Colts run offense is going to stall. Without Harden, the Colts offense becomes completely one dimensional, and all it takes is a solid secondary to clamp down, and things get rough. Team Pipe Sure, “Team Pipe” is not considered as one of the 32 teams in the NFL. However, we’re only at the start of the regular season and the pipe is already feasting. Currently, we stand at 30 players who have season ending injuries. With a long season ahead of us, expect that number to start growing. At this rate we are on pace to lose a grand total of 150 players to season ending injuries.
    8. Man I hate study week

    9. Brisket or Pulled Pork?

      Brisket easy.
    10. [2021] Week #0 - TNF

      Ah Kickoff, it's the most wonderful time of the year.
    11. Welcome back to the NFLHC Key Injury Report! We have a doubleheader edition, as we cover key injuries from weeks two and three of the preseason! Floyd Arnold, TE, Baltimore Ravens, Severe Achilles Tear All tight ends, steer clear of Baltimore. After a week of losing top tight end Danny Patrick, Baltimore loses another. Arnold was next in line to take the brunt of the load left by Patrick. Now, Baltimore is scrambling to figure out who is capable enough to play tight end. Look for wide receiver David Wells plate full plate overload, as he is the only weapon Watkins and the Ravens offense can look to now. Scott Jennings, OT, Cleveland Browns, Severe ACL Rupture A thin position just got a whole lot thinner. The Cleveland Browns are down to just three offensive tackles after the loss of Scott Jennings on the season. The Browns front office needs to sign more depth as soon as possible, or Ryan Clark is going to be his back for many games this season. In an already weak offensive line, the unit is now looking at unproven rookie Kevin Grey to be the strongside blocker. Andrew Boyd, CB, Kansas City Chiefs, Severe Achilles Tendonitis Kansas City loses their number two corner until week 3 of the regular season, as Boyd is eligible to return at around week 4 at the earliest. How the Chiefs adjust to Boyd’s injury is something worth noting, because the talent pool in their cornerback unit drops off after top corners Teddy Walker and Boyd. The Chiefs need to figure it out quickly, especially with the first three teams on their schedule. The Giants, Raiders, and Browns have quarterbacks that are willing to air it out, and with the Chiefs looking to either rookie Bradley Nunn or veteran Will Baker to fill in Boyd’s spot, things can get ugly. Will Hall, CB, New York Giants, Mild Rotator Cuff Shoulder The Giants lose their top cornerback until week 3 of the regular season. Though they are not as talented as Hall, look to Stephen Mitchell-Morrison and Hunter Lawrence to step up. The loss of Hall brings up an even bigger issue for the Giants, and it is how thin the team is. How the team responds to it and tries to fill the roster for the next couple weeks will define their season. Patrick Glass, TE, New Orleans Saints, Severe Foot Fracture What a terrible injury for an up-and-coming player with so much potential. Looking to build off of a solid rookie season where he compiled 29 catches, 337 yards, and 4 touchdowns, Glass was set to be the Saints number one tight end. Now his foot fracture sidelines him until week 12, which is his earliest possible return. Glass also had just come back from a concussion. Aaron Devereaux loses another key weapon, and combined with the loss of Steve Alexander, limits who he targets. Look for Devereaux and Jenkins to be the duo that will carry the Saints offense throughout the season. In terms of the tight end position, look to Will Holly to step up to be the number one tight end in New Orleans.
    12. cultur3

      Congratulations, You're approved for New Mexico! The 2021 season is about to begin! Go here to see your team and roster. Go here and make your depth chart for the 2021 season. Next, make an account on the Interface. Click "Need a team?". Next, click "Click here to request a new team". Request for New Mexico. Interface is where you will be in charge , game planning, and recruiting. Next, politely request for the New Mexico avatar in this thread If you have any more questions, feel free to refer back to the coaching course, PMing me, or asking for help in the shoutbox! Welcome to New Mexico and to the Mountain West! We're glad to have you! Good luck and enjoy your time here!
    13. cultur3

      Hey if you edit your application to New Mexico I will process and accept your application.
    14. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      Nevada and Air Force at 10 and 15? WOO