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  1. Still debating, but my current school situation and such might get in the way. and ofc Horde
  2. At this rate, the Broncos WR corps is just gonna be random fans from the stands. Also Ryan Harris, Solomon looking Godlike rn
  3. What a great win overall! I'm so proud of this team. Love my staff and the fact we worked together to get the right gameplan to win
  4. Eagles should trade AT, clearly they don’t need him. Time for the bridgewater era
  5. Justin Davis DPOY after this game, just hand it to him
  6. Oh my God what a statline.
  7. Oh wow the 49ers look really fuckin good. Also, Eagles lookin just fine with Bridgewater filling in for Taylor
  8. Man what a close loss. I still like where this team is going this year. Took a perennial championship contender to the wire! Deontre Graham and Jamal Norwood looking like a great duo on the edge! And Vontae Powell showing he’s worth it. But man losing Peter Williams for the year hurts. OTTNO.
  9. WOOO KICKOFF! Green Bay is looking real good, but what's new? There's a reason why they're defending champions. Also, Dowden, tough man. It's a long season, and hopefully he can get into a rhythm.
  10. believer

    [2023] Week #0 - TNF

    Great game @Ahven D'Gale! Was a nailbiter! I miss TMAC
  11. I'm excited for this one. Really nervous to see what the future holds for Stanford, but I'm also very hyped for my young defense and Bonner, and hopefully my sophomore WRs take a leap forward. Though @Ahven D'Galemight get his first W against me, that CSU squad is nothing to sleep on aha
  12. Graham and Davenport are gonna make a great defensive duo in the front 7. Also knowing me, you know that I believe we can pull some upsets. Wouldn't have my username if I didn't LOL
  13. Dang the PAC only at 23-24, disrespect of the west coast smh. Wheres Stanford
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