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  1. Somehow letting my kicker kick a FG against UNR, causing us to fail at an upset.
  2. Edit your team preferences. There are available teams that you can choose from.
  3. way to say "Fuck You" to your old team LOL
  4. Same I wanna know too
  5. OREGON STATE WON! THE STREAK IS OVER But holy shit Texas Tech
  6. nice got 5 Boise players in the All-MWC teams. but holy shit Air Force.
  7. Going to sneak this in before midnight on the west coast, sorry if I don't @ you, specifically! @Soluna @alienufo @SageBow @stormstopper @Jieret @Yellow_Evan @Isaac829 @Quasar @jmjacobs @inspiral = mod team and its been a great experience working with you guys, as well as mentors to me in shoutbox/PMs. Shoutout to Soluna and Inspiral for really keeping the site together. @Notoriousbigej = Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity for coaching in NFLHC and letting me become the Giants HC. You've been extremely helpful, and I've enjoyed working with you every step of the way, even with how rough the season is. @Darman = A very enjoyable person to talk to on shoutbox @bellwoodbomb611= You're seriously my right hand man in the MWC even if I don't tell you explicitly, thanks a ton for your help. @constapatedape =great conversationalist and mentor. @jumbo, @rome, @npklemm = you guys are great shoutbox presences that when yall are in there, I know its going to be lit For the rest of you that I always see on shoutbox, thanks for giving me enjoyable memories and fun times, even if I haven't met yall in person. You guys have given me a place to hangout and never be dissapointed, thank you all, much love!
  8. Paramore's After Laughter is great

    1. npklemm


      Is it? I'll have to check it out soon.

    2. believer


      @npklemm It's sounds different, got more of an 80s/indies vibe, but the vocals are amazing.

  9. Thanks for the updates and all the work you've put in Soluna! Crooting is gonna be brazy!
  10. Must be nice being ranked

    1. Darman


      And the living is eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy

    2. lucas95



    3. Monda



  12. You gotta be kidding me man.
  13. top 3? nice.
  14. Is it time for upset week?
  15. Huh, lose 35-17 to the Jets and are 1-4, still move up 1 spot. Not bad

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