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  1. Vegas weather practically hell

    1. randye4


      I'll be there next week

  2. So close yet so far. This hurts.
  3. Hawaii 3-0 who saw that coming
  4. Holy. Shit. THE CHAOS
  5. I for one have accepted our 76ers overlords

    1. rocksaucesundae


      I, have not, they will beat the bottom of the NBA for the next 5-6 years before they become a league average team. Mark it!


    2. rabidsnowman


      I think the Celtics got the better of that deal.  Fultz is going to be good, but I'm not convinced that he's Kobe good.  Meanwhile, the Celtics can get Fox who has nearly as much upside as Fultz, AND a bonus first rounder in the deal.  

      Plus the 76'ers are going to find a way to screw things up even if Fultz is great.  It's just how they operate.

  6. Feels nice to finally win. Boise 1-2!
  7. Hello darkness my old friend.
  8. New York has no opinion of me? I'm surprised
  9. What
  10. Fuck food poisoning

  11. I will not yield.

    1. lucas95


      We make the terror.

    2. Rome


      Of course not. That's a stop sign, not a yield sign.

  12. Baylor just wants to always have an instant classic don't they
  13. RIP USC
  14. Heading into their week 3 bye week, the Boise State Broncos sit an 0-2. They come off losses to Texas (17-14) and Texas Tech (17-3). They will next play in week 4 against Rutgers "Honestly, we just have to finish games," said Head Coach Believer. "Look, week 1 we were 14-10 heading into the 4th, and we blew it. Week 2, we're tied 3-3 at halftime, but let TTU score 14 unanswered. We have to finish games. We need to put points on the board. Our defense has held two great and talented teams under 20 points. We need to capitalize on that. Special teams needs to step it up as well. When you have the opportunity to put 3 points on the board, you gotta make them, Going 1/4 to start the season doesn't look good." The floor is now open for questions.