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  1. Christian Skaggs. That's a franchise QB right there, you can't pass up on that chance at all. Especially when the talent pool in the NFL at that point is worse than it is right now.
  2. Oh man, the memories haha.
  3. Unless something comes up, I'm 100% available that day, so I'm in Email: Leonangel12303@gmail.com
  4. Vladimir is making up for LiAngelo lol
  5. Ha, those kids don't have a chance against Vladimir lol
  6. Vladimir, let's get some national spotlight on you.
  7. Okay, hopefully it doesn't screw Vladimer over like it did LiAngelo.
  8. First Name: Vladimir Last Name: Yurtseven Nickname: The Russian Roulette Date of Birth: 5/30 City of Birth: Moscow, Russia Nationality 1: Russian Nationality 2: Height in inches: 78 Weight: 250 Shoot/Catch Hand: R Position: D ok Attributes will be divided into 5 categories with items in each, pick 10 to be higher, the rest will be average to below average categories are Offensive (Passing) Defensive (Checking, Hitting, Positioning, Shotblocking, Defensive Read) Mental (Aggression, Mental Toughness) Physical Attributes (Stamina, Strength)
  9. I don't know how, but I have two teams, anyway I can delete the Team 10?
  10. Also, reading on the whole Zack situation, looks live the wolves were inactive and then decided to go with a inactive, but why do that? I mean, there's plenty more inactive IIRC, We shouldn't do a stab in the dark and hope that he was the wolf, I feel like we should wait on info that can be given to us right now, for the time being that is.
  11. Why would he vote for him, he has done nothing wrong, unless he has some type of info on bingo, which I doubt, but you never know
  12. Why the move to lynch Zack?
  13. Wait, recap someone please.
  14. Jesus, no info again? Does it mean another no lynch or are we going to do a stab in the dark, I'd go with no lynch, unless someone provides info.