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  1. GK23

    [2024] Week #3 - FNF

    okay I see you LA Tech. Can we like continue this please?
  2. I said it time and time again I was trying to be careful as to who I chose. I don’t want to vote nilly willy
  3. Also why did you get on my case but not on Jared when we both voted you before you gave an explanation? Just out of curiosity.
  4. Unvote time Dont understand why y’all voting for me though. Can’t fault me for thinking that you two are in kahoots, just didn’t know if you were Masons or Wolves
  5. But the fact that you're trying to keep brightfalls alive has me thinking this is a play where both of you are mafia. I could be wrong but that makes what makes sense to me at this time. So FOR NOW I'm going to Vote Time, I could easily change my vote because Qupax is also on edge for me but as of now, you seem like the best lynch currently. If you can convince me otherwise then I can see myself removing my vote for you. I also want to hear others opinions as well.
  6. We can't just vote willy nilly, we actually have to discuss you'know?
  7. We literally just talked to Time about why he voted without explanation so why would you do the exact same thing? Like can you explain at least?
  8. Why did you just randomly lynch fever? I feel like he was a helpful guy for us and you randomly started a lynch train.... do you have an explanation?
  9. Any reason or voting just to vote?
  10. Lynch CadeRich5 Honestly if there was a person who was more sus you'd be good. But the fact that you haven't provided a lot of insight in general and your claim of being townie day 1 just doesn't sit with me all that well. I'd be happy to change my vote if you can prove me otherwise.
  11. @sleuthofbears could you give us a vote update?
  12. Now again, I see the Wahoo and Cade argument for why they should be lynched. Cade has been sus for a while but I’d say he’s a dumb townie. Wahoo I’m unsure of but he’s pretty good for now. I don’t have suspicions of anyone else now and i don’t want to jump the gun because there’s a good chance that I might mess up, like I did with Anon
  13. Like I said, those were my thoughts on it because you wanted me to discuss, like you said discussion is better than anything so that’s what I did, never said that my logic was good, it was something I felt made sense to me
  14. Well because for one you wanted me to discuss and talk about what I was thinking and well I felt like Anon was sus after Dean was killed. Now I admit that I was wrong, but I felt strongly about the Anon lynch compared to Cade or Wahoo. Other people also felt that Anon was the choice though, evident by the fact that he was wrongly lynched.
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