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  1. Yeah I'm going to hold off on lynching Wahoo right now and give him a chance to explain. I don't want to jump the gun and possibly lynch another villager since we're already down 3 and presumably both of our baners are dead.
  2. Been busy so sorry y'all. I've been following along, I just don't have much to say in terms of lynching or anything. We legit have no info and it's day 2 so I'm not trying to jump the gun on anything tbh
  3. Lol nemo is so dumb, how the hell you out yourself DAY 1 smh
  4. Lynch nemolee.exe Honestly from what I read, there's no other option to be honest. We need to lynch someone and with your suspicious comments, it's pretty clear who we got to lynch here.
  5. There's the defensive line help I needed
  6. One more vote seals it, so you'd kinda have to say your role now because none of what you've said makes us believe you.
  7. And that's what everyone would say.... That doesn't help your case soooooo ##Unvote Hagan ##Vote nemolee.exe
  8. Just reading but why wouldn't he vote for Dacder instead if his issue is with him
  9. I voted for him after he mentioned the 3 guards thing, so it’s not like it was a weird move or anything
  10. No I'm saying because now mafia knows what they could do they'd kill them to eliminate their biggest threats
  11. Also with jacobs's plan, wouldn't Hagan and Haff be the 1st 2 targets of the mafia? So it'd be smarter not to lynch inactives, seeing that they might have info that they don't want to reveal?
  12. But honestly you could see why he would jump to a lynch train. We have about 5 hours left and we NEED someone. It's not out of the realm of him following the group tbh.
  13. So why would you that specific sentence to explain your vote for Kyt?
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