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  1. Great write up! Reading about Northwestern made me sad, but I can't disagree with your analysis. I really focused on adding a lot of depth during my tenure as I simply didn't have the points to take down other P5 schools. Hopefully @MasonAsher has enough depth to really try and attack some higher end recruits this season. The West is one of the most difficult divisions in all of CFBHC so winning at NW is going to take patience. Adding Wardwell at QB would have made life a bit easier. I'm still salty that he went FCS.
  2. The Chippewas select: ILB Isaiah Fulford 6-3 234 Fr Oasis (Mount Pleasant, MI) 1.5 of 3.5 [Mike]
  3. I probably should have split my teams up more evenly but it’s nice to see Suggs doing work.
  4. Damn! Did my responses not go through? This was the first time I actually knew the answers with the exception of CFBHC question.
  5. Updating per Soluna Offense + 2, Defense +2, Clock Mgt -1, Discipline -1, Youth Management -2 Offense: 14+2=16 Defense: 12+2=14 Special Teams: 9-0=9 Clock Mgmt: 10-1=9 Discipline: 9-1=8 Youth Mgmt: 12-2=10 Coaching Feat: Local Connections
  6. @Soluna are you able to give me access to the private MAC forum? I had access previously, but got switched back to the B1G at some point. Thanks!
  7. deathcpo left????
  8. I've left Northwestern and I'm still salty I wasn't able to get Wardwell to Evanston.
  9. Week 2: vs. Oregon State - confirmed with @bingo415 Week 3: at Michigan State @SlinkyJr Week 8: vs. Appalachian State - confirmed with @rabidsnowman Week 9: at Minnesota @lucas95
  10. I was surprised that BSU kept Neu as the coach. Losing both Neal and Gilbert isn't going to make things much easier, though I don't know if they've brought in any transfers to offset those losses.
  11. I'm assuming most here don't follow, or care, about MAC football, but my bias opinion is that the conference plays some good football. CMU went 1-11 last year barely sneaking out a win over an FCS team. I can't even put into words how truly awful that team was on offense. We were 128 of 130 in scoring offense averaging only 14.8 PPG. 129 of 130 in total offense per game. We scored double digits in the first half only 4 times and we're held to 3 points or fewer in the first half in 7 of 12 games. Our QB's threw 10 TD's and 18 INT's and our leading rusher had 402 yards on the season. It. Was. Bad. On the bright side, the coach was fired and we somehow managed to hire Jim McElwain. I know he got run out of Florida and he has his issues, but for a school like CMU to be able to hire someone with recent success like McElwain, was pretty surprising and has many of us optimistic. He has already brought in 3 new QB's, including a grad transfer and JUCO, and I just pray one of them is at least average. We did not have a D-1 QB on the roster last season. We have several transfers that had to sit out last season that will hopefully be able to make an impact. I think McElwain wants to prove he can still coach and be successful. Ideally, he's able to turn CMU around quickly and will likely land a higher profile gig somewhere like Brian Kelly and Butch Jones did before him. We're so desperate to get back to winning that our fan base will be able to live with him leaving, as long as that means he was successful. Overall, I'm hoping to get to six wins and get back to beating Western Michigan and Eastern Michigan. We haven't beaten Toledo since I was a student there 10 years ago so it would be nice to get a win over them, but they've been ta the top of the MAC for many years now.
  12. Offense + 2, Defense +2, Clock Mgt -1, Discipline -1 Offense: 14+2=16 Defense: 12+2=14 Special Teams: 9-0=9 Clock Mgmt: 10-1=9 Discipline: 9-1=8 Youth Mgmt: 12+0=12 Coaching Feat: Local Connections Edit: Not sure if you want this here, but moved from NW to CMU this off-season. Career info will be NW 2020-22, CMU 2023-Present
  13. Thanks for the input! I would be getting the hockey game instead of baseball, but I know they're created similarly. I'm a big hockey fan, understand the contracts and strategies, unlike baseball. I may send you a message to chat a bit more before I make a purchase. Don't want to derail this thread.
  14. What are your thoughts on OOTP? I've been looking at getting Franchise Hockey Manager 5, which they also develop, but it would be my first time playing a strictly sim game. That's pretty much all I do in EA NHL and 2K, so I know I would enjoy it, just hesitant to pay $40 for it. They have a historic mode where you can start with any year in league history and that's really pulling me in.
  15. I don't have Golf Club 2019 because I still play the original Golf Club. These games are really enjoyable. I wish they didn't change to a yearly release because I loved how active the community was.
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