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    1. robcarlson77

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #7

      Tough end to the season for my Cats, but happy to have improved from 1 win to 6.
    2. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week #16 - Saturday Afternoon

      God my offensive line is poor.
    3. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week #16 - Saturday Morning

      I feel a bit better about losing to MSU a few weeks ago
    4. robcarlson77

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 1 - @ Central Michigan Week 2 - East Carolina Week 3 - Oklahoma State
    5. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week #14 - Saturday Morning

      Oof. This one stings a bit.
    6. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week 12 Coaches Poll

      Woo a top 25 vote!
    7. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week #12 - TNF

      Woooooo! 6 wins! Yet I do not understand my team 9 games through the season.
    8. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week #9 - Saturday Afternoon

      10-7.... ugggggllly. But I’ll take it.
    9. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week #5 - Saturday Morning

      And just like that, the streak is over. GG @vollmagnet I figured it would be close but thought you had the better team overall.
    10. robcarlson77

      [2021] Week 3 B1G Players of the Week

      Thought my man McGuire may take jonr the honors. I did not pay attention to what B1G counterparts accomplished. Stiff competition this week
    11. My apologies if this has been discussed before but I did not see any discussion and don’t recall it being discussed in the year and a half I’ve been on the site. My idea is to award “secondary” pipeline state bonuses to schools who have “X” players from a state. For example, as the coach of Northwestern if I had 5 players from Texas on my roster, Texas would then become a secondary pipeline state where I would receive a percentage bonus on recruits from that state. This percentage bonus would be smaller than my primary pipeline state. My reasoning behind this is that it would hopefully motivate more schools to venture into other states and could give them a better chance to fight in-state schools. Right now, schools from some of the bigger states like Florida, Texas and California are able to sign numerous players by simply offering a scholarship and not really actively recruiting these players. If you’re the coach of a school from a non-pipeline state, it can be difficult to go head-to-head with an in-state school because of the bonuses they are eligible for. To me, sometimes it just seems that too much emphasis is put on recruiting players from your state and pipeline state. I’m not sure if this could even be built into the current recruiting system, but I just think it would add another wrinkle to expand recruiting and make it more competitive. We could potentially make the number of players needed for the bonus a higher number, such as 10, to make it more difficult to achieve this additional pipeline bonus.
    12. robcarlson77

      [2021] B1G Recruiting Recap - 1st Signing Period

      That's my plan! At a minimum I'm looking to do a recap bi-weekly. If my schedule allows, I will try to hammer it out weekly.
    13. robcarlson77

      [2021] Croot Maps 1.0

      Two commits from the same high school (East Peoria) for a total of three. https://www.zeemaps.com/view?group=2814987&x=-87.988956&y=41.931696&z=10
    14. I think the kicker stats for NW vs Utah State are just flipped.