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  1. Take a look at the remaining available prospects in Illinois and the bordering states. There's not a lot of high end talent remaining. Now take a look at the opposing teams in the BIG West. I am not going to win many, if any, games trotting out a roster of 3/3.5 star players. Will I lose out on Decker? It's very possible, if not probable. Maybe I'll learn my lesson for next year, but I'm not going to not go after a player because a coach declared them their star recruit. I got my star recruit, I have a few other pieces signed. To me, the positives of potentially landing Decker outweigh the positives of adding a 3 or 3.5 star recruit. I would think the other MAC coaches would be happy with this battle. Toledo is one of the top programs in the MAC and is yet to sign a recruit, and may have to actually devote resources that could be used on other players to sign their top priority.
  2. What's the record for fewest points scored in a season? I feel like 69 points through 6 games has to be right up there for lowest total.
  3. Balllllllllssssss.
  4. Not much to argue on my end. Looking back, I'm really wishing I would have redshirted all of my higher rated players, regardless of what year they're in. I may take this approach next season and suffer two awful seasons in a row. Thought I might be better than I looked but didn't realize how tough the division is.
  5. I mean, I know I took over a team that wasn't in great shape and I don't have much talent, but 3 measly points is tough to take.
  6. I think I finally got it done.
  7. Woo! My kicking game is strong. The rest of my team not so much.
  8. I'm still kind of regretting not taking the Central Michigan job when it opened up last off-season. That's my alma mater and the school I would have been most passionate about. However, it sounded like more of a "real-life" emphasis was going to be put on CFBHC and I just felt in the long run that Northwestern provided better options for competing. Not to mention that there's a lot of competition for Michigan talent between UM, MSU, CMU, EMU and WMU. Three games into 2020 and I'm wondering if I will ever be able to get Northwestern to a respectable level.
  9. Mmmmmmm. A stellar 15.3 PPG from the Wildcats. Won't win many games that way.
  10. 3 for 15 on 3rd down... woof.
  11. That was about what I expected... I am beginning to wonder if I have any wins coming my way this season.
  12. Damn. Really wanted to get a "W" week one. Stupid late game interceptions. Good game @TheLiberator
  13. Well, at least my Wildcats aren't alone with zero players selected.
  14. Northwestern depth chart is updated
  15. After the sudden departure of head coach Soluna, Northwestern University announced the hiring of robcarlson77 as their new head football coach. In taking over the Wildcats, robcarlson77 will be making the short trek from DeKalb to Evanston. In his first year coaching, robcarlson77 posted a 4-8 record at Northern Illinois. The Northwestern Athletic Director is hopeful that robcarlson77 will be able to take advantage of the recruiting relationships he has built in the state of Illinois. “I’m very excited, and thankful, to be named the head coach at Northwestern University,” said robcarlson77. “Having the opportunity to coach in the Big 10, and at a prestigious university like Northwestern, was an opportunity I simply could not pass up. It was truly difficult to leave NIU, but in life, you have to jump at certain opportunities. At this time, I will be happy to answer any questions."