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  1. Post 2023 Coaching Skills Update CFBHC Career: Northern Illinois Huskies (2019), Northwestern Wildcats (2020-2022), Central Michigan Chippewas (2023-Present) Achievements: MAC Champion (2023) Offense (+1), Defense (+1), Clock Mgmt (-1), Discipline (-1), Youth Mgmt (+2) Offense: 16 (+1) =17 Defense: 14 (+1) =15 Special Teams: 9 =9 Clock Mgmt: 9 (-1) =8 Discipline: 8 (-1) =7 Youth Mgmt: 10 (+2) =12 Coaching Feat: Local Connections
  2. SUGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Was out of town since Thursday and haven't checked in much. Seeing that he'll be returning is terrific news!
  3. My defense outperformed their ability all season but not today. Gg pumph
  4. MAC getting off to a good start. Congrats BG! Hope I can make it 2-0 tomorrow
  5. Now that recruiting has wrapped up for the season (RIP), we’re back for our final review and to see how things shook out in the Mid-American Conference. There wasn’t much movement in the top or bottom of the conference, but quite a bit of change among the teams in the middle. Bold indicates new commit Western Michigan Class Ranking: MAC - #1, National - #27, Previous National Rank - #24 (-3) Commitments - 21 The Broncos and coach @Pskeate take home the top spot in the Mid-American Conference this year and check in at #27 in the nation. There are quite a few strong pieces in this class and the most recent group of commits are headlined by JuCo tackle, Jesse Tackett, the long rumored silent commit, linebacker Cardarion Ware and guard Antonio Sauer. The Broncos really focused on the offensive line and their efforts paid off as there are three freshman lineman who will be significant contributors during their time in Kalamazoo. It doesn’t appear the Broncos will be giving up their spot as one of the top teams in the MAC anytime soon. Central Michigan Class Ranking: MAC - #2, National - #54, Previous National Rank - #54 (No Change) Commitments - 21 The Chippewas and coach @robcarlson77 finish the season in the #2 spot and hold steady at #54 in the nation. CMU had solidified the majority of their class early on in the season, but was able to add a few more players as the season finished. The staff was thrilled to add 5 star cornerback, Isaiah Jenkins Jr. and 4 star running back, Onaje Coleman. Jenkins will only have one season of eligibility remaining, but will be a great addition to a team looking to repeat as conference champions. Coleman will have the luxury of learning from Daveed Huff and will take advantage of a redshirt season in 2024. Ohio Class Ranking: MAC - #3, National - #57, Previous National Rank - #58 (+1) Commitments - 21 I have given praise to coach @bbates728 and the Bobcats in my past reviews and my feelings haven’t changed. Ohio has a very nice class coming in and has a case to be the #2 class in the MAC despite being ranked a few spots below CMU. Coach BBates landed four future starters on the offensive line, a future starter at receiver, free safety and defensive tackle, and wrapped it all up with a nice shiny bow in the way of a 6’7, 4.5 star JuCo QB, who will be able to redshirt and step right in after Austin Lowe graduates in 2024. I think it’s a safe assumption that Ohio should be a contender in the East for the foreseeable future. Miami Class Ranking: MAC - #4, National - #62, Previous National Rank - #105 (+43) Commitments - 21 Coming from out of nowhere is coach @chawsley and the Miami RedHawks. When we last checked in, Miami only had two commits to their name. Coach chawsley has really done a nice job turning things around after taking over in the middle of the season and is rewarded with the #4 class in the MAC. The RedHawks need help all over the field and there are numerous players that should allow them to be much more competitive next year. Leading the way is JuCo strong safety, Zontavious Pearson. Pearson is rated 4.5 stars and has two years of eligibility remaining. Linebacker Mitch Stallings and defensive tackle John Coffman are two quality players with bright futures. The difficult part for Miami will be to determine if they will be better off to struggle for another season and allow these recruits to redshirt or will they want to be more competitive and risk the freshman mistakes that may come along? There will be some tough decisions heading into 2024. Ball State Class Ranking: MAC - #5, National - #64, Previous National Rank - #74 (+10) Commitments - 21 Coach npklemm and his Cardinals jumped 10 spots to finish #5 in the MAC and #64 in the nation. The Cardinals had done much of their heavy lifting early in the season, but secured commitments from tackle Alex Burroughs, a 4.5 star JuCo recruit with two years of eligibility left. 4 star fullback Sila Faanofonof Atua and 4 star free safety Golden Fountain. Burroughs will be a welcomed addition for QB Erik Parker and RB Damani Laws should he decided to return to Muncie. Buffalo Class Ranking: MAC - #6, National - #84 , Previous National Rank - #99 (+15) Commitments - 21 Coach @Jordan and the Buffalo Bulls hold down the #6 spot in the final rankings. With limited talent available in-state, the Bulls had to look elsewhere to fill this class. Buffalo was able to add the services of three 4 star players since our last review. Leading the way is 4 star JuCo linebacker, Robbie Orlando. Orlando will be a Junior with two years of eligibility and should be able to contribute immediately. 4 star tight end, Daronte McClain figures to be an immediate starter due to the lack of depth at that position. A blocking tight end, McClain should be a nice addition to the run game which has been the Bulls bread and butter behind talented back Alec Self. Rounding out the trio of 4 star recruits is cornerback, Nathan Anthony. Anthony could be another player to keep an eye on as there is limited depth in the secondary. Kent State Class Ranking: MAC - #7, National - #87, Previous National Rank - #67 (-20) Commitments - 21 Coach @Traith and the Golden Flashes had filled up all but one spot early on in recruiting. As a result, they were surpassed by several schools before finally landing at #87 in the country. Since our last review, the Flashes were able to fill their final spot with 3.5 star safety Shiloh Buckner. Overall, this class is short on true difference makers, with only 4 players rated 4 stars. However, Kent State leads the conference in average star rating with a score of 3.52. So while there’s not a ton of top end talent, this is a solid group with a lot of players who can contribute as coach traith continues to build the team up. Bowling Green Class Ranking: MAC - #8, National - #92, Previous National Rank - #102 (+10) Commitments - 21 Similar to Miami, coach @PoopyRhinoPickle and the Bowling Green Falcons were a team with only a handful of commits just a few weeks ago. Since then, the staff has been working hard to improve their class. Overall, this class has numerous players that may be able to contribute down the road, but it’s a little short on difference makers. Bowling Green was able to secure two 4 star players on the offensive side of the ball, both of whom will be starters next season. JuCo receiver, Uterius Randolph, immediately becomes the Falcons most talented receiver and will be a great weapon for talented QB A.J. Coyne. Randolph will have two years of eligibility remaining. Offensive guard, Jonathan Eastman will be another nice addition to the offense and a welcome sight for Coyne, who was sacked 26 times this season. Akron Class Ranking: MAC - #9, National - #94, Previous National Rank #84 (-10) Commitments - 21 The Akron Zips and coach @Garappogoat had a quiet end to the recruitment season adding mostly depth players over the last few weeks. However, the Zips were able to add 4 star JuCo defensive tackle, Kwanzaa Frazier. Defensive tackle was an area of great need for Akron as both starters will be graduating. There’s not a player of similar ability to accommodate what is leaving, but Frazier will be a huge help and will also allow for the Zips to redshirt one, or both, of their incoming freshman tackles. Northern Illinois Class Ranking: MAC - #10, National - #132, Previous National Rank - #122 (-10) Commitments - 21 The Huskies had already completed their class at the time of our last review so nothing new to report here. It’s not a good class, but can be attributed to the uncertainty at NIU. Newly appointed coach @13ad, will look to rebound next season and get the Huskies back on the right track. Toledo Class Ranking: MAC - #11, National - #135, Previous National Rank - #124 (-11) Commitments - 21 Coach @Megman is the new man in charge and will be tasked with turning around a Toledo program that has struggled with turnover. There is some talent on the Rockets roster, but the new coach will need to significantly improve next years recruiting class in an effort to stop the bleeding. Eastern Michigan Class Ranking: MAC - #12, National - #142, Previous National Rank - #136 (-6) Commitments - 21 The third of three new coaches in the MAC West is coach @wisconsinfan at Eastern Michigan. Like NIU and Toledo, the new coach was not able to put much into this recruiting class and will be looking to rebound next season. EMU will likely be the only Michigan school eligible for G5 recruiting and could potentially use that to their advantage.
  6. Most surprising would be CB DeSean Mathis. Only rated a 3.5 of 3.5, he has 8 interceptions and 3 pass defenses on the season. Those 8 interceptions account for half of the 16 turnovers the team forced. Most disappointing I'll go with RB Daveed Huff. Hard to to be too upset with 1,014 yards rushing and 15 TD's, but I chose him because he always left me wanting more. He had a nice stretch where he rushed for 100 yards in 4 of 5 games, but those were the only 100 yard games of the season.
  7. If I’m not mistaken, you were already at 21 commits and were unable to sign any additional players.
  8. Same to you. I have a feeling we may have more battles down the road. Hoping you stick around
  9. You shouldn’t sell your team short. The basis of my fear is my defense. They have far outperformed their level of talent and every game I’m afraid they will play at their actual skill level or below.
  10. And how would one pronounce this name?
  11. This is the same for me. I’d like to run straight air raid with Suggs if he comes back, but I likely won’t because the current set up is working.
  12. I was nervous in our first matchup and more nervous this time around. The moral of my season is if I can score 30 points I’m in good shape. I’ve won all but one game when scoring 30 points. I'm just glad it’s an indoor game because Suggs has struggled in the elements.
  13. Ohhhh 10 votes! I think I've only ever received votes 1 other time when I was at Northwestern
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