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    1. AvocadoSoup

      Welcome to the site! Fellow MAC alum (CMU) here. Love HustleBelt and thanks for sharing those links.

      Welcome to the site! You guys gave my CMU Chippewas a scare in week 1. It was a clear example of a team not preparing or taking their opponent seriously.
    3. BYU Looking to fill schedule

      So I am just getting caught up on the news about scheduling. I need to fill a spot for week 4. Would you be open to coming to Northwestern? I am fine with visiting BYU in 2022 if you want to do a home and home?
    4. [2020] Week #15 - FNF

      Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet victory.
    5. [2020] Week #14 - Saturday Morning

      Yeeks. One more realistic chance to avoid a dreaded 0-12 season. Perhaps I should have just stayed in the MAC...
    6. [2020] Week #10 - Saturday Morning

      Spanked by 24 points put pleased with the fact we scored 28 points. The offense has been anemic all season. Maybe I'll start see more production moving forward.
    7. MWC Candid Coaches I

      Great topic for a media piece!
    8. [2020] MAC Recruiting Recap Show, Week 8

      Take a look at the remaining available prospects in Illinois and the bordering states. There's not a lot of high end talent remaining. Now take a look at the opposing teams in the BIG West. I am not going to win many, if any, games trotting out a roster of 3/3.5 star players. Will I lose out on Decker? It's very possible, if not probable. Maybe I'll learn my lesson for next year, but I'm not going to not go after a player because a coach declared them their star recruit. I got my star recruit, I have a few other pieces signed. To me, the positives of potentially landing Decker outweigh the positives of adding a 3 or 3.5 star recruit. I would think the other MAC coaches would be happy with this battle. Toledo is one of the top programs in the MAC and is yet to sign a recruit, and may have to actually devote resources that could be used on other players to sign their top priority.
    9. [2020] Week #8 - TNF

      What's the record for fewest points scored in a season? I feel like 69 points through 6 games has to be right up there for lowest total.
    10. [2020] Week #7 - Saturday Morning

    11. [2020] B1G Quarter Season Power Rankings

      Not much to argue on my end. Looking back, I'm really wishing I would have redshirted all of my higher rated players, regardless of what year they're in. I may take this approach next season and suffer two awful seasons in a row. Thought I might be better than I looked but didn't realize how tough the division is.
    12. [2020] Week #5 - Saturday Afternoon

      I mean, I know I took over a team that wasn't in great shape and I don't have much talent, but 3 measly points is tough to take.