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    1. randye4

      [2021] PFF All-Time Top CFBHC Coaches

      This is cool to see. While it feels good to have great results, knowing that my process was mostly correct is even better.
    2. randye4

      [2021] Chicago Bears Staffing Announcement

      They are probably right. Personally I’ve never rated myself highly and have been very fortunate to luck into a lot of good situations. Sure I’ve made the most of it and won multiple championships at each level, but anyone could have done that. Hopefully I can bring my good fortune to the Bears and help them become a playoff and championship team also.
    3. randye4

      2010s All-Decade CFBHC Team Nominations

      Alabama: Andrew Fazande, DE Mike Gradishar, CB Lucas Hurd, C Tom Reis, ILB Tunch Richardson, ILB
    4. I am not near a point where I can jump back in full time, but if there is a NFLHC team that would like my assistance as a scout/advisor send me a message. I would be happy to help with team building ideas, trade discussion, draft scouting, etc. I should have enough time to build my draft rankings and give advice on what I would do. I am not interested in a GM or coaching position. 

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      2. alienufo


        come join the raiders.

      3. Jamarquan


        Rejoin the Cardinals

      4. Franz Kafka

        Franz Kafka

        Come join the Broncos

    5. randye4

      All-Time starting 5

      No mention of Kobe yet is surprising. Magic MJ Kobe Lebron Shaq 6th Man: Hakeem Coach: Anyone
    6. randye4

      Sports Video Games

      This may be relevant. New college football game in 2020 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/college-football/2018/4/23/17270476/college-football-video-games-gridiron-champions-imackulate-vision-gaming
    7. randye4

      My Departure (Arizona and OSU Open)

      Thanks Soluna. When/if my life settles back in to a routine I would love to come back.
    8. randye4

      [2021] Week #8 - Saturday Evening

      I walked away from a good team here. No regrets . . . Yet. I hope a good coach coach lands here.
    9. randye4

      My Departure (Arizona and OSU Open)

      Thanks Cade. Roll Tide!
    10. My run at CFBHC.com is complete. I did not want to put together a big announcement, but felt it would be worse to just walk away without saying anything. I hope someone can take the Cardinals and continue on what I feel was building in a positive direction. Also, I feel OSU could be a playoff team very soon. I have enjoyed the short time I coached that team. My time on this site has truly been one of the more enjoyable experiences in my life. Since joining this site, I have changed and grown as a person outside of here (not necessarily because of here). My first child was born 3 years ago and I am fairly sure I was checking for games to be posted while in the hospital with him (Don't tell my wife)! I have changed companies once and received a few promotions all since joining this site. My current position does not leave a lot of free time and what time I do have is occupied by my family (wife and kid), coaching baseball, and trying to get my golf handicap under 10. To the entire community, thank you for the enjoyment. Some put in a lot more work than others to make this site successful and I have always been appreciative of that effort. Soluna, You have built something special here and I wish for nothing but success for this site and, more importantly, you in whatever you do. I have a feeling that you will always be successful. You come off as very driven and focused. Those are qualities I admire in anyone. Thank you sincerely for building this oasis for me to escape to at any moment when needed. I hope to check in from time to time and see how things are around here. Until then, Thank You and Goodbye! Randy
    11. randye4

      Cardinals Search For Front Office

      Ted is back as Cardinals coach. GM search will continue if there are people interested.
    12. I have to keep this brief at the moment. I have a lot of resumes to sort through and start scheduling some interviews quickly. As most of you have picked up on by now, we are without a Head Coach in Arizona. No reason to get into the details as to why, but that has left me searching for a someone to lead this young, rising team onto the field each week. If you are interested, please reach out through PM as soon as possible. I am also now opening up the search for a GM in Arizona. I will continue to own the team and this person will need to be willing to work within the vision I have for Arizona and the track I have started over the past couple of seasons. I am serious about finding the right person for this position, so it may take a little more time. Again, PM me if interested. The same person will not occupy both roles, but you can express interest in both and discuss where you will fit best. Thank you and have a good day.
    13. randye4

      [2021] Week 5 Coaches Poll

      Only room for one Oklahoma team in the top 25. Voters are slowly making space for the Oklahoma (state) team that matters.
    14. randye4

      [2021] Week #5 - Saturday Afternoon

      Another big win that I thought would be closer than it turned out.
    15. randye4

      [2021] Injured Reserve

      Cardinals place WR Eli Austin 6-5 217 1 Tennessee [Target] 83 on injured reserve. Suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in week 3 of the regular season and is out for the season.