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  1. Based on what you posted, stop napping and go to bed early/wake up early. Find a way to start your day fast (workout, homework, etc.) and wind down for 30 min to an hour before bed. Procrastinating is not a problem if you are killing it the rest of the day. A reliable sleep schedule will make a ton of difference and sounds like you need to change “something” not everything. I would guess you would see a quick difference.
  2. Missouri: RB Jamero Turner 5-7 194 Fr Gladstone (Covina CA) 1.0 of 5.0 [Power] OG Felix Staley 6-5 299 (Fr) Schley County (Ellaville GA) 2.5 of 4.5 [Pass Blocking] DE Travanis Ponder 6-4 246 Fr Malvern (Malvern AR) 2.5 of 5.0 [Blitz]
  3. Missouri would like to politely decline our National Exposure Player and use our one mulligan. Thank You.
  4. randye4


    Thought my name was stolen for a minute.
  5. 49ers place: SS Tavian Oliphant 6-2 202 7 Alabama [Man Coverage] [0/C] 88 on injured reserve. He suffered Severe ACL Rupture in week 5 and is out for the season.
  6. randye4

    [2023] Week #4 - MNF

    He’ll get one more week, but may not be around for long if this continues
  7. randye4

    [2023] Week #4 - MNF

    Please stay healthy Garrett Taylor. We need you!
  8. Happy to escape with a win. Did not feel good about the matchup.
  9. Heading to Streamsong Resort (hour south of Tampa) to play 5 rounds of golf Thursday- Sunday. So a quick right would be appreciated.
  10. Hey a first place vote! Thanks to that person. I’ll try to justify it when I actually start playing games.
  11. 49ers down to 53. Team page and cap sheet up to date
  12. We had one starter on offense above 3.5 skill and that was a TE. While we slightly underperformed, no where near most underperforming team. Probably should have been around 6-6. That team was young and developing skill for future success. We won the National Championship the next season mostly because those players were thrown in to develop with playing time rather than sitting.
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