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  1. This message contains graphics. This mail may be a surprise to you because you did not give me the permission to do so and neither do you know me but before I tell you about myself I want you to please forgive me for sending this mail without your permission. I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the will of God for you to help me and my family, God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly. I need an honest and trust worthy person like you to entrust this huge transfer POWER RANKING project unto. MAC or Non-MAC, it doesn't matter. Please send in your rankings to me by Tuesday midnight EST. For your convenience, how the fared this week: MAC Results After Week 10 Rank Team, Result Record (Conf. Record) Streak Next Week 1 Western Michigan Broncos WON at Georgia St. 23-20 6-1 (3-0) W5 vs. C. Michigan (2-5) 2 Toledo Rockets LOST at Ohio 38-45 6-2 (3-1) L1 vs. E. Michigan (2-5) 3 Akron BYE 6-1 (3-1) L1 vs. Buffalo (6-2) 4 Ohio Bobcats WON vs. Toledo 45-38 5-2 (4-0) W4 vs. Kent St. (3-4) 5 Buffalo Bulls WON at Miami (OH) 24-13 6-2 (3-2) W3 at Akron (6-1) 6 Miami (OH) Redhawks LOST vs. Buffalo 13-24 5-3 (2-3) L1 BYE 7 Kent State BYE 3-4 (2-2) W1 at Ohio (5-2) 8 Bowling Green Falcons LOST vs. Arizona State 10-21 1-7 (0-5) L5 BYE 9 Ball State Cardinals LOST at E. Michigan 13-20 1-7 (1-4) L4 at Texas A&M (1-7) 10 Eastern Michigan Eagles WON vs. Ball State 20-13 2-5 (2-2) W1 at Toledo (6-2) 11 Central Michigan Chippewas WON vs. N. Illinois 34-10 2-5 (2-1) W2 vs. W. Michigan (6-1) 12 Northern Illinois Huskies at C. Michigan 10-34 1-6 (0-4) L3 at Virginia (8-0)
  2. Updated after Week 10.
  3. RIP Clanga.
  4. Ape was referring to the University of Washington Huskies (they're rivals), not you. But hey, it's gonna take some time for you to get your feet under you. One thing to keep in mind is that changing schemes mid-season (Smashmouth, Pistol, Option, etc.) will result in a scheme change penalty while your players get used to the new philosophy, so that could be why the stats look worse than otherwise expected.
  5. I don't currently see any other teams that are available. The closest to timing out seems to be Rutgers, their coach last logged on 10 days ago.
  6. Bowl eligible! Much closer game than I would have liked though, gg ladykiller.
  7. Huh, NIU went Smashmouth! @Soluna, CMU's listed receivers are actually NIU's.
  8. Unfortunately, the remainder of the show cannot be shown. There was a terrible accident involving a Little League baseball game, trail mix, and our production booth. As such, the insightful and engaging analysis you have come to expect is lost and we must instead give you the bottom line picks for each game this week. Please accept our sincere apologies; we hope to have everything sorted out by next week. (The site ate my words ) Friday Night Northern Illinois (1-5 overall, 0-3 conference) at Central Michigan (1-5, 1-1): 21-14 CMU QB Matt Rowland's last game was the best game of his career, which allowed RB Makai Carr to have his highest rushing total of the year. The Chips may have figured out their offensive identity, while new coach @subsequent will need a couple of weeks to figure out the enigma that is NIU. Ball State (1-6, 1-3) at Eastern Michigan (1-5, 1-2): 27-20 New Cardinal QB Elias Carter starts his first game in two years. If he can play even a smidge better than Marquis Causey, the surrounding talent is there to lead Ball State to a win. EMU's hopes probably rest on the shoulders of QB Giovanni Shaw, as running Jamel Jamison into the Cardinals' twin towers of DT Isamaeli Afamasaga and Rashaad Malcolm doesn't look like it will end well. Saturday Morning Western Michigan (5-1) at Georgia State (3-4): Non-conference 31-17 The Broncos' offense is more balanced than people think, QB Chase Sims has quietly become the 4th-best QB in the MAC by QBR and ANY/A. (Yes, having DeSean Madison in the backfield helps a lot). When the Panthers have the ball, we expect that the Broncos focus on RB Evan Grant and see what the Panthers' mediocre passing game can do against Sean Taylor and company. Saturday Evening Buffalo (5-2, 2-2) at Miami (OH) (5-2, 2-2): 35-31 That pasting the Bulls gave UCLA last week - a passing offense as prolific as Best!Miami's - certainly makes us think that Buffalo has figured out how to help their patchwork secondary out. We still expect the Redhawks to put points on the board, but we're not sure Miami's defense can hold Blair Holcomb and MAMADOU SMASH down. Toledo (6-1, 3-0) at Ohio (4-2, 3-0): 28-24 We know the Bobcats had the Rockets' number last year. But it's really hard to pick against Toledo and their defense, which doesn't get quite as much publicity as their offense does. Ohio will likely need to dirty up this game and keep it low-scoring like last year, and put their faith in Timmy Wilhelm and Owen. Freaking. WALTON. We just don't see it happening this week. BYES: Akron (6-1), Kent State (3-4)
  9. Last Week's pick record: 2-3 (eh. conference games, amirite) Overall pick record: 37-9 Welcome back to this week! Along with special silent guest star David Aardsma, I’m your host Bruce Baguen. This week we're going from conference play to not as much conference play! But first, you've been waiting for this: #MACtion Jenny lights our ceremonial torch: Thursday Night Arizona State (4-3) at Bowling Green (1-6) Last Week: Sparky easily handled a slumping Oregon State team (W @ 24-10), while Bowling Green couldn’t hold on to beat Best!Miami (L @ 35-37) The Sun Devils travel to Bowling Green to try their luck against another MAC team. They came up short against Akron last year, can they avoid making it two in a row? Except for the pedestrian showing by RB Noel Mason (21 carries for 89 yards, no TDs) the Sun Devil offense of last week closely resembled what many think of as the typical MAC offense: QB Parker Townsend completed 16 of 23 passes for 189 yards, 2/0 TD/INT ratio and ran 4 times for 8 yards and a TD. At first glance the short pass game looked like a concession to Oregon State’s cornerbacks, but a longer look at the statsheet tells us that Townsend is averaging 173 passing yards a game so this is typical for ASU’s offense. Which since he’s a running QB makes some sense. But he may not be the player to watch here; despite that bad performance against the Beavers Noel Mason has had a good season, averaging 114 YPG and scoring 9 rushing TDs before then. This may be an option-type attack, but Mason is clearly Option A. When they go Option B the ball gets spread pretty evenly between their top two WRs and their TE, all with about 260-300 receiving yards each on the season. So like we said, a MAC offense! At least the Falcons have plenty of experience facing this type of attack. By this time, faithful readers know the BGSU defense has not been playing anywhere near their potential. Getting the defense back up to par has to be one of new coach @Popadom17's highest priorities, whether it’s via scheme change or benching underachievers. Will he take risks from the start and attack the ASU run game, leaving his patchwork secondary to fend for themselves? Bowling Green has been uncharacteristically pass-happy these last few games. Eddie Connelly has over 30 attempts in each of the last three games with mixed results, varying from a 201-yard 2/2 TD/INT game versus Toledo to a 307-yard 3/0 game against a Miami squad that probably wasn’t expecting it. Will they stick with it? We’re not sure. Throwing into the teeth of an experienced and talented Sun Devil secondary (3 seniors and a junior) doesn’t seem like a great idea, but the front seven led by likely first-round pick ILB Garrett Holliday (31 TKL, 2 INT, 1 FF, 1 FR, 1 Def TD) is just as good - the entire ASU defense is pretty hard to take advantage of is what we’re saying. So will BGSU emphasize the run or the pass? The Falcon personnel strength suggests run, recent performance says pass. This will be an interesting debut for Bowling Green’s new coach. Prediction: 27-14 We know the Bowling Green Sack Factory has the ability to take over a game (even if they've rarely done so this year), but we’re not quite sure how the Falcon offense plans to break down that tough Sun Devil defense. Maybe if they played next year after virtually everyone on ASU’s defense graduates…. (Friday and Saturday games to come shortly.)
  10. Sean Taylor: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sean_Taylor Edgewood High School: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Edgewood_High_School
  11. This is incredible. Great work putting all this together, I appreciate the insane work that went into this!
  12. Updated coaches list: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_current_CFBHC_Coaches Available jobs: Marshall Thundering Herd (C-USA)
  13. I missed these. Always love reading them!
  14. Teams in positions 4-16 actually have variability as to where they pick. If any number of them win the lottery, that pushes the rest of them back that many teams as LAC/WSH/BUF must still pick before them no matter what.
  15. Last week: Toledo joins Akron in being bowl eligible! Toledo does not join Akron in losing WTF games to Kent State! Buffalo plays one heck of a game, overcoming pass-happy UCLA! (Now do it again vs. Best!Miami) How did this affect the rankings? Let's find out: To the chart! (Remember, you should probably vote if you don't like your ranking. And play well. That too.) MAC Power Rankings After Week 9 Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 (71) Western Michigan Broncos (5) 5-1 (3-0) W4 - 2 (66) Toledo Rockets (1) 6-1 (3-0) W6 +1 3 (57) Akron Zips 6-1 (3-1) L1 -1 4 (55) Ohio Bobcats 4-2 (3-0) W3 - 5 (46) Buffalo Bulls 5-2 (2-2) W2 +1 6 (45) Miami (OH) Redhawks 5-2 (2-2) W1 -1 7 (38) Kent State Golden Flashes 3-4 (2-2) W1 - 8 (26) Bowling Green Falcons 1-6 (0-5) L4 - 9 (20) Ball State Cardinals 1-6 (1-3) L3 - 10 (19) Eastern Michigan Eagles 1-5 (1-2) L1 - 11 (17) Central Michigan Chippewas 1-5 (1-1) W1 - 12 (8) Northern Illinois Huskies 1-5 (0-3) L3 - Number of voters: 6 12 points awarded for first, 11 for second, etc. The chair-shuffling in the upper half continues. Toledo picks up a first-place vote to break up the Western Michigan stranglehold at the top (that Week 13 game is going to be huge), while Buffalo's impressive win over the Bruins lumps them over a Redhawk squad that barely held off coachless Bowling Green. In the lower half of the rankings, the Golden Flashes maintain the #7 spot by virtue of having more than one win. Bowling Green leads the pick of 1-win teams, probably due to their loss vs. Best!Miami looking better then Ball State's defeat at the hands of Army. The other three didn't play, so out of sight.... The big things to watch besides at for bowl eligibility? and . Now that new coaches have been hired for these teams, can they start playing up to their potential? And because it's that time of year, Bowl Watch! Who's going bowling this season, who's almost there, and who will be watching a lot of ESPN in December and January? Let's take a look! Bowl-Eligible: Akron (6-1), Toledo (6-1) Eligible with win this week: Buffalo (5-2, @ ), Miami (OH) (5-2, vs. ), W. Michigan (5-2, @ ) Definitely watching Bowl Season from the couch: None