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    1. The Seattle Seahawks extend an offer to Wisconsin head coach Pete Holmes to be their offensive coordinator. Seattle will pay 4 PW. OC Pete Holmes (Age 55) No Descent, College Football Origin RB/FB Skill Level 2; O-Line Progression Level 2; O-Line Skill Level 2 (Note: 2025 coach line shown, Wisconsin has not yet been progressed for 2026)
    2. #17 OT Alex Vasili 6-5 310 3 Penn State [Pass Blocking] [+1] 88 - Accepted $5.5 million #29 CB Blaine Lewis-Thompson 5-11 193 3 California [Man Coverage] [+2] [$] 84 - Declined
    3. Seahawks vote Yea (0 influence) @joedchi
    4. Seahawks are ready. #GoHawks
    5. Updated with Early Declarations.
    6. I've been to Kapolei. Lovely, growing area that doesn't have too much traffic (yet). Wonderful visit with Kilohana.
    7. Seahawks Team Page updated with 2026 coach information. Miss you already, Munchak.
    8. Jieret

      Seattle Seahawks

      Seattle Seahawks 2026 roster Coaches (3/4) Active Roster (-/-)
    9. Kingsley Jackson immediately comes to mind, but that should be for @cmcgill to talk about. I had Kevin Faulkner in a backup OLB/Bandit role, but nothing significant came of it.
    10. If I don't need the game to play along, I'll take Seattle. Also, did you see this sequence from a couple of nights back?
    11. Man, all that moving around didn't help Clay any.
    12. Jieret

      [2025] All Pro Team

      I believe this is John Eaton's first-ever All-Pro nod, and it's damn well-deserved (and a shout-out to @llamas for being prescient).
    13. Damn, our OL just couldn't hold up today. GG Washington, you and Chicago will be a fun game to watch.
    14. Now THAT'S more like it. Also please for @SlinkyJr's sake, please no one tag @SlinkyJr in this thread. For @SlinkyJr's sake. Please.
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