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  1. Jesus Christ Monte. I'd love to see the number of targets he had.
  2. Get those reps Anthony Holmes. I'm sorry Spencer Boland sucked so bad you had to start as a true freshman.
  3. The Seattle Seahawks are proud to announce their sponsorship deal with Spiderhut. Spiderhut Stadium (through 2027): +15 stadium upgrade and +5 medical funds immediately; +5 personal wealth at the beginning of 2025, 2026, 2027. #GoHawks #EnterTheSpiderhut
  4. On a more serious note, this is Seattle's first game with a 100-yard receiver since Curtis Settles (6 for 101) against San Francisco in 2022.
  5. So what I'm getting from this game is: Godson > Yeldonx3
  7. The only question was always going to be the secondary point of concern. /sighs longingly at a picture of Derrick Schwartz
  8. Jieret

    [2024] Week #11 - MNF

    He tried, but six sacks don't give a man much time upright to do wholesome revenging.
  9. Andy Reid and Tucker Dowden go together like PB&J.
  10. Wonder which Chamblin XP got missed then.
  11. DET Coach, you're down four points with two seconds to go. You're on the CHI 33, what do? Option A: Kick and intentionally miss a 60-yarder, hoping for a return. Force fumble by returner. Recover fumble. Return fumble for GW TD. Option B: Have LeCount throw a Hail Mary. It's pretty obvious why Slinky made the decision he did when you line up the choices like this, really.
  12. Nice to see Tucker shake off that rough game against Detroit! His performance today won't turn heads, but down two WRs this is a performance I'll happily take. Marcus's streak of games with a TD begins anew. GG Saints. Guess Zion was serious about not playing like we had a division lead!
  13. Seattle Seahawks vote yea (1 Influence). @Nmize0
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