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    1. Yikes. I guess the Ravens just aren't allowed to have an offensive line.
    2. Wow, outside of Brayden Parks, really nothing to complain about. Love seeing Tredaveon and CBJ make some waves (pls trade me all the 4th round picks). GG Bears, sorry about McCabe.
    3. Jieret


      Sorry, not sorry. Akira Yamaoka - Lion Suki Translated lyrics:
    4. I wish I had words of comfort for you, but that just isn't possible right now. I did what I could for now but if you need anything else from me or anyone else here, you know all you have to do is ask.
    5. The Seattle Seahawks place DE Anthony Tolbert 6-5 258 R Clemson [Contain] [0] 79 on Short-Term Injured Reserve. He suffered a Moderate Wrist Fracture in Training Camp and is out for 6 weeks. He will be eligible to return for Week 4.
    6. Seahawks are ready. #GoHawks
    7. The Seattle Seahawks place WR Alshon Collier 6-3 165 R Nebraska [Speed] [-1] [+] 76 on Long-Term Injured Reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in rookie camp and is out for the Season.
    8. 5% doesn't seem all that bad. What about closing costs, how much would you pay going with the realtor? I assume you've factored them into selling to Zillow or Opendoor when you talk about net.
    9. Don't underestimate what lot size can do for the price. And a culdesac means less traffic, who could be a big deal for a family with young kids. What is the realtor charging you? And do you have a deadline on selling the house?
    10. Pretty sure my ex-wife lives there, so yeah F that state.
    11. In Part 1, we recapped free agency. If you ever wondered how much work could be put in to essentially keep the team status quo, you have your answer there. Now it's on to the fun shiny part of the offseason, the NFL Draft! Round 1, Pick 26 Round 2, Pick 46 Round 2, Pick 58 - DT Sila Tuputala 6-4 333 R UCLA [2-Gap] [0] 80 After the board developed the way it did in the first round, the Seahawks apparently thought the available players they liked could be drafted later. So a trade was swung with Atlanta to drop out of the first round, netting Seattle t
    12. I'm a Twitter newb and even I know this is a terrible hashtag. @SeanDpanos you should be ashamed of yourself. #BarNoneBetterThanBarfield
    13. Gameplan Primary Offensive Formation: Spread Option Secondary Offensive Formation: Option 2RB Primary Defensive Formation: 3-4 Secondary Defensive Formation: Nickel Coaches HC Andy Reid (Age 63) Descended from Mike Holmgren QB Skill Level 4; WR/TE Progression Level 3, O-Line Durability Level 3 OC Mike Munchak (Age 65) Descended from Jeff Fisher O-Line Progression Level 3; O-Line Skill Level 2 DC Hudson McMillan (Age 63) Descended from Andy Reid D-Line Progression Level 2; Secondary Skill Level 2; Secondary
    14. I actually like that our superlatives were three different players. I expect Bradshaw and Tuputala, at least, to be prominent members of our team going forward.
    15. For the 2025 season, the Seattle Seahawks would like to create the following Special Teams Coordinator: Age: 55 years old (30) Kicker Skill Level 1 (10) Punter Skill Level 1 (10) Kicking Unit Chemistry Level 1 (10) Punting Unit Chemistry Level 1 (10) Special Teams Chemistry Level 2 (30) 100 Points total
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