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    1. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      Updated April 23 Remember: Conference commissioners have final say in approving coaches to prospective jobs. First come does not guarantee first serve, although it may be a factor. Available jobs: American Athletic Conference Tulane Green Wave Big Ten Conference Nebraska Cornhuskers Conference USA North Texas Mean Green Independents Liberty Flames Mountain West Conference Nevada Wolf Pack UNLV Runnin' Rebels Utah State Aggies Southeastern Conference Ole Miss Rebels Sun Belt Conference Arkansas State Red Wolves
    2. JuCo hasn't been released yet. You'll get your JuCo points/scholarship(s)/visit(s) when that happens, look here for how many you and other schools get: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/21537-2021-juco-recruiting-rules/&tab=comments#comment-241383
    3. CFBHC Pick'em

      Thursday Night (2 Games) Minnesota (2-5) at Nebraska (3-4)* Texas State (2-4) at South Alabama (3-4)* Friday Night (3 Games) Colorado State (4-3) at Boise State (3-4)* Vanderbilt (3-3) at Arizona State (3-4) Georgia State (2-5) at Arkansas State (4-3)* Saturday Morning (4 Games) USF (3-4) at Temple (5-2)* Pittsburgh (3-4) at Virginia (3-4)* Iowa (2-4) at Penn State (4-3)* Western Michigan (6-0) at Ball State (3-4)* Saturday Afternoon (3 Games) Baylor (4-2) at Kansas (4-3)* Kansas State (2-5) at Oklahoma (4-2)* Rutgers (2-4) at Wisconsin (5-2)* Saturday Evening (8 Games) Virginia Tech (5-1) at SMU (5-1) Louisville (5-1) at Boston College (6-1)* Missouri (6-1) at Duke (5-1) Texas Tech (5-2) at Texas (5-2)* Indiana (4-2) at Michigan (7-0)* Illinois (5-2) at Maryland (6-0)* Rice (7-0) at Southern Miss (4-2)* Ohio (4-3) at Toledo (6-1)*
    4. Dear CFBHC Member, Save time, see your account at a glance. Here is your opportunity to submit your voting ballot, and exercise your rights as a proud member of CFBHC-ship. Thank you for your MAC Voting Memberships. RECONFIRMING YOUR FULL THOUGHTS ON MAC RANKINGS. PM your lists to Jieret by 11:59 PM, Wednesday April 25. All coaches, even the non-MAC coaches, are welcome to vote! For your convenience, how the MAC fared overall. MAC Results After Week 9 Rank Team, Result Record (Conf. Record) Streak Next Week 1 #19 Western Michigan BYE 6-0 (4-0) W6 at Ball St. (3-4) 2 #14 Toledo WON vs. FIU 42-14 6-1 (3-0) W3 vs. Ohio (4-3) 3 Miami (OH) WON vs. Troy 45-35 5-2 (3-1) W1 BYE 4 Bowling Green WON vs. Buffalo 31-28 5-2 (2-1) W5 vs. E. Michigan (2-5) 5 Buffalo LOST at Bowling Green 28-31 3-4 (2-2) L1 at N. Illinois (2-4) 6 Akron WON at N. Carolina 30-10 3-4 (1-2) W1 BYE 7 Ohio at MTSU 38-19 4-3 (2-2) W1 at Toledo (6-1) 8 Ball State LOST at Georgia 29-20 3-4 (2-2) L2 vs. W. Michigan (6-0) 9 Central Michigan WON vs. Kent St. 27-14 4-3 (2-2) W2 BYE 10 Northern Illinois BYE 2-4 (1-2) W1 vs. Buffalo (3-4) 11 Eastern Michigan WON vs. Georgia St. 26-23 2-5 (1-3) W2 vs. BGSU (5-2) 12 Kent State LOST at C. Michigan 14-27 0-7 (0-4) L7 at Oregon (6-1)
    5. Yeah, but that won't happen until after recruiting's done. If you signed more than 30 there will be a separate thread put up later to place your cuts. I think the previous EMU coaches tried so hard to get out of the way of bigger schools that they started with recruiting mostly 3.0s.
    6. Welcome back everyone to your weekly roundup on all thing 'Crooting for Everybody's Favorite Conference. This is Trevor Cargill live from the Studios at MAC Headquarters (Sponsored by Marathon Oil™)! This week wasn't quite as exciting overall for the school of the MAC but we still have future footballers coming in, so let's take a closer look at how it all went down last week. Bonus! This week, we have previews. With the regular recruiting cycle starting to wind down, junior college players are ready to make their decisions on where to continue their careers. And it's not just the typical JuCos - a small group of international players have impressed enough to gain the notice of the CFBHC world. Conference Rankings: Last week we expressed our concern for the schools with smaller classes, and they've all responded - some more than others. Kent State stays atop the average-star chart, although their lead shrinks due to signing a 3.5 star (again, never a bad thing) and Western Michigan signing a 4-star. Best!Miami slipping doesn't mean they're doing badly, it means that they've signed more bodies. Which is good! Committed Recruits (by potential) >=2.5 star recruits Tot. Recruits (all *) Team 2.5-Star 3-Star 3.5-Star 4-Star 4.5-Star 5-Star Croot Total Tot. Stars Avg. Stars Avg. Skill 5 Kent State 0 1 1 2 1 0 5 19.0 3.80 1.70 20 Western Michigan 0 4 10 2 1 3 20 74.5 3.73 1.40 14 Ball State 1 3 9 1 0 0 14 47.0 3.36 1.89 25 Akron 0 14 9 2 0 0 25 81.5 3.26 1.24 9 Ohio 0 7 1 0 1 0 9 29.0 3.22 2.44 5 Miami (OH) 0 3 2 0 0 0 5 16.0 3.20 1.30 18 Toledo 8 3 2 3 1 1 18 57.5 3.19 1.61 14 Central Michigan 1 8 4 1 0 0 14 44.5 3.18 1.32 9 Buffalo 4 1 3 0 0 1 9 28.5 3.17 1.22 17 Northern Illinois 2 11 3 1 0 0 17 52.5 3.09 1.53 28 Eastern Michigan 4 18 5 1 0 0 28 85.5 3.05 1.34 14 Bowling Green 3 9 1 1 0 0 14 42.0 3.00 1.25 National Rankings: With only one 4-star signing and a handful of 3.5s, the MAC's overall ranking picture dropped a bit. But after last week's commit haul, it would have been near-impossible to keep up that overall momentum. There are very few high school targets remaining that would allow a MAC school to continue climbing at this rate. But hey, JuCo is coming! Western Michigan (National rank: 26) -2 Toledo (National rank: 52) +0 Kent State (National rank: 79) +0 Akron (National rank: 86) +7 Buffalo (National rank: 87) -2 Ball State (National rank: 88) -2 Ohio (National rank: 89) -2 Eastern Michigan (National rank: 105) +2 Central Michigan (National rank: 106) +0 Northern Illinois (National rank: 108) +1 Bowling Green (National rank: 116) -1 Miami (OH) (National rank: 124) -1 (National average ranking: 89) Weekly/Seasonal Analysis: Western Michigan (National rank: 26) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: Texas continues to be a friendly state to the Broncos. A week after defensive tackle Leonard Landrum signs, 3.5-star DE Khalil Norman follows him north spurning SMU to do so. Looking Forward: With the bulk of the class secured, Western Michigan seems to be casting a wide net out of state for depth. Florida C Marco Bray and Washington ILB Cyrus Hoffman are pursued by not only WMU but other MAC schools, while the Broncos have also contacted Alabama RB Rakeem Bland and Mississippi ILB Javorius Wallace. Toledo (National rank: 52) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: Only depth signings this week for the Rockets as they ratchet up the pursuit on WR Atamu Tatupu. OLB Roach could start in a pinch, but for Toledo that would be disaster if that ever happened. Looking Forward: To borrow a poker term, does Toledo feel pot-committed at this point? Tatupu is currently listed as the 3rd-most popular recruit in the country and Pitt is in the driver's seat for his services. Does Toledo feel they need to stay the course and hope that Pitt slips up? There's also a battle for Georgia tackle Maxim Skaggs they are involved in, where they're neck-and-neck with Wake Forest and Georgia State. Kent State (National rank: 79) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: No signatures, but movement on the Jacob Kellogg front. The Golden Flashes have pulled into the lead for the Alabama 4-star WR over Troy, and that's easily the biggest battle for Kent State right now (#11 most popular recruit). Looking Forward: With NMSU and Texas taking a huge lead on CB Darius Wright, the WR duo of Kellogg and Kai York (who Kent still leads on over Texas State) is among their biggest priorities. Kent State and Texas State are also competing for Texas CB Carlos Tolbert, with the southern Bobcats holding a slim lead. There's also Florida C Marco Bray who they are pretty close on with WMU, and local product Jasiah Muse who they hope to steal away from Ball State. Akron (National rank: 86) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: The Zips are this week's biggest winner with FS Calvin Bernard taking his talent to the Rubber City. The highest-profile MAC commit this week, Bernard figures to be a 4-year starter after he redshirts in 2022. Looking Forward: Akron took the lead on Indiana tackle Charlie Ricci over the in-state Hoosiers. With the Zips' class nearly full the coaching staff will probably focus on this one battle and not fight as hard on some of the other recruits. But if they did choose to look at their other battles, they're in a virtual dead heat with Bowling Green for SS Christian Peppers. Buffalo (National rank: 87) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: Nothing this week for the Bulls, but their battles with Army grow more intense. They've fallen behind on WR Samir Humphrey and OT Ayden Zuniga but kept their lead on OG TeJay Briggs. Looking Forward: The trio of 3.5-stars probably gets the majority of the coaching staff's attention, but they are the other MAC school that extended an offer to Washington ILB Cyrus Hoffman (along with WMU) and took a lead on Prince Tatum, a 3-star WR out of Louisiana. Again, how will Buffalo prioritize these battles? Ball State (National rank: 88) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: Only a depth signing for Ball State. Looking Forward: California OT Giovanni Blank got a late offer from the local Golden Bears and was reportedly blown away by their offer - it shows in Cal's status as Blank's new favorite. Ohio DT Jasiah Muse still likes the Cardinals more than anyone else, but Kent State has entered the picture for him and is breathing down Ball's neck. And some familiar faces reunite at Florida DT Will Sloan's house as the Cards and Ohio both made pitches to the 3-star recruit. Ohio (National rank: 89) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: Another high-floor player for the Bobcats this week as Cali kid William Coates goes east to the Midwest. It's not out of the question he could find playing time next year as a rotational DE. Looking Forward: They still trail Best!Miami for 3-star linebacker Eddie Ybarra on their radar, and they're also behind Ball State on the aforementioned Will Sloan. Eastern Michigan (National rank: 105) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: The biggest class in the MAC continues to get bigger as they sign another five recruits to push their class to a whopping 28 players. None of them look to be starters down the road, although Manning may get a chance in a couple of years. Looking Forward: None of the commits this week plays cornerback, so Florida CB David Jefferson would still be a HUGE get for the Eagles. Fortunately he still favors the Eagles over Cincinnati. SMU took the lead on Texas DE Hugo Delgado, and that would be an uphill battle for EMU if they still want to fight that fight. They have taken the lead on 3-star WR Abraham Adame over UNC, and with no WRs in this class he would be a much needed commit also. P.S. @tsweezy, if you do end up oversigning (more than 30 recruits), you will choose which ones to cut at a later date. Central Michigan (National rank: 106) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: A depth FB signing, nothing special here. Looking Forward: Is CMU using the "croot bomb" technique where they just focus on one recruit exclusively? It seems like it as scouring the recruiting boards didn't show their names in contention for basically anyone right now. Where will they fire their croot laser this week? Northern Illinois (National rank: 108) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: WRs OUT OF NOWHERE. A trio of 3-star wideouts is just what the doctor ordered for the Huskies (including one of our favorite new names in Mojag McIntosh), and one of them is very likely to start next year in the slot. It's not an ideal spot to start a true freshman, but beggars and all that. Still, kudos to NIU for patching a big hole in their roster. Looking Forward: So much for that progress with Kentucky guard Eric Lockwood. They've fallen behind both Ole Miss and UNC. They also trail the Okies on Texas WR Timothy Lara but with 3 WR signees already Lara isn't as crucial as he was a week ago, so going all-out on Lockwood might be the play for the Huskies. Bowling Green (National rank: 116) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: The Falcons bring in their second TE in this class, pulling Tierre Norman away from the Hoosiers. This class still needs work, but it's looking a lot better than it did three or so weeks ago. Looking Forward: BGSU and Kentucky are really close to signing Illinois CB Reginald Foy, we can't tell who has the advantage there. The Falcons and Akron are still vying for SS Christian Peppers and that's also a virtual tie. Both 3-star players would really help the Falcons in the secondary, with both of them having higher ceilingd than some players already on campus. Miami (OH) (National rank: 124) Commits: This week: Complete: This Week: Nothing this week, sadly. Looking Forward: The fight with Akron over Calvin Bernard may have been the reason they now trail Western Kentucky on 4-star QB DeShaun Jackson. If they want him badly enough they can probably get him still, but how much would that hurt their other recruit battles? They still lead on 3-stars DE Je'Rod Lacey and CB Lavonte Toney, and both are also players they can use. ~~~~~~~ JuCo/International Player Preview: The JuCo list came out the other day, and players who are interested in Everybody's Favorite Conference (shouldn't that be everyone, really?) are listed below. With some schools at a disadvantage point-wise, they'll have to think long and hard about their strategies for this short two-week period. (Family Legacy schools start at 35 points. Primary and National Exposure schools start at 25, secondary schools get 15 to start. Rules! http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/21537-2021-juco-recruiting-rules) QB Akiem Williams III 6-3 235 Sr Hutchinson CC (Spring, TX) 5.0 of 5.0 [Scrambling] Primary favored school: Ohio State. Secondary schools: Ohio, Cincinnati WR Freddie Jackson 6-3 218 (Sr) Arizona Western College (Yuma, AZ) 4.5 of 4.5 [Target] Primary favored school: Indiana. Secondary schools: Purdue, Ball State OT Sawyer Dobbs 6-7 258 Jr Lackawanna (Scranton PA) 4.0 of 5.0 [Pass Blocking] Primary favored school: None. Secondary schools: Buffalo, UMass OG Jonah McCullough 6-2 315 Sr Cincinnati State Technical & Community College (Cincinnati OH) 5.0 of 5.0 [Run Blocking] Primary favored school: Nebraska. Secondary schools: Notre Dame, Michigan State. Family Legacy: Eastern Michigan OG Brayden Coburn 6-1 260 Jr Hudson Valley CC (Troy NY) 3.5 of 4.0 [Run Blocking] Primary favored school: Kent State. Secondary schools: Bowling Green, Toledo. Family Legacy: UConn DT Olivier Ponder 6-5 281 Jr College of the Desert (Palm Desert CA) 4.5 of 5.0 [2-Gap] National Exposure-favored school: Akron. DT Frank Cuadrado 6-4 309 (Jr) Pima Community College (Tucson AZ) 3.5 of 4.0 [1-Gap] Primary favored school: Michigan. Secondary schools: Michigan State, Central Michigan ILB Greg Causey 6-2 242 Jr Columbus State Community College (Columbus OH) 3.5 of 4.0 [Will] Primary favored school: Miami (OH). Secondary schools: Michigan State, Memphis OLB Connor Bradshaw Jr. 6-2 247 (So) College of Central Florida (Ocala FL) 3.5 of 4.5 [Blitz] Primary favored school: Michigan State. Secondary schools: Ball State, Purdue CB Zaire Hooker 5-11 166 Sr Tyler JC (Tyler TX) 4.5 of 4.5 [Man Coverage] Primary favored school: Western Michigan. Secondary schools: Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan CB Ousmane King 5-10 189 Jr College of the Siskiyous (Weed CA) 4.0 of 4.5 [Zone Coverage] Primary favored school: Ohio. Family Legacy: Miami (OH) SS Myles Mathis 5-10 183 Sr Marion Military Institute (Marion AL) 4.0 of 4.0 [Zone Coverage] National Exposure-favored school: Akron. Interestingly enough, you can see that some recruits seem to have chosen favorite schools based on current/prior success with similar players. See DT Olivier Ponder liking Akron (Marlon Bailey) and CB Zaire Hooker favoring WMU (Sean Taylor). The real interesting JuCo to watch is OT Sawyer Dobbs. Although he likes Buffalo (and UMass), he doesn't "like" like them, so they're only Secondary schools. Dobbs could have quite a few sharks trying to steal him away from the Bulls! Those internationals? They don't have that same bias, they're just excited to play American Football. Our personal favorites are Polish OT Slawomir Krychowiak and Australian punter Jack Brown, because MEMES. Full list of JuCo and International recruits found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y95r6uXdRqQ1AjVQgPVejWsX27_YD0-oSSjsqBTqCKQ/edit#gid=0 Thanks for coming by, everyone. For the MAC Network, this is Trevor Cargill giving you the lowdown on the future of Everybody's Favorite Conference. Remember, "If it's not MAC, it's wack!" Until next time!
    7. [2021] Week #9 - Saturday Afternoon

      PAC-12, what are you doing?
    8. [2021] MAC Statsheet

      Updated through Week 9.
    9. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      Updated April 20 Remember: Conference commissioners have final say in approving coaches to prospective jobs. First come does not guarantee first serve, although it may be a factor. Available jobs: American Athletic Conference Tulane Green Wave Big XII Conference Baylor Bears Independents Liberty Flames Mountain West Conference Utah State Aggies Pacific-12 Conference Colorado Buffaloes Southeastern Conference Ole Miss Rebels Sun Belt Conference Arkansas State Red Wolves Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
    10. [2021] Week #9 - TNF

      ...Oregon State does have a coach, Joopear.
    11. [2021] Midseason C-USA QB Rankings

      Charlotts has to start an actual FB at RT. I'm kinda surprised he isn't doing worse or injured.
    12. When every team is on the gridiron, you should expect some movement in the MAC Chart of Dubious Value. And sure enough, the results resulted in some interesting results! Let's take a look at it: Remember: If you don't like where you are, play better. And vote. That too. MAC Power Rankings After Week 8 Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 (47) #19* Western Michigan Broncos (3) 6-0 (4-0) W6 - 2 (45) #14* Toledo Rockets (1) 5-1 (3-0) W2 - 3 (37) Miami (OH) Redhawks 4-2 (3-1) L1 - 4 (33) Bowling Green Falcons 4-2 (1-1) W4 +3 5 (31) Buffalo Bulls 3-3 (1-2) W1 +3 6 (26) Akron Zips 2-4 (1-2) L2 -2 7 (24) Ohio Bobcats 3-3 (2-2) L3 -1 8 (22) Ball State Cardinals 3-3 (2-2) L1 -3 9 (19) Central Michigan Chippewas 3-3 (1-2) W1 - 10 (15) Northern Illinois Huskies 2-4 (1-1) W1 - 11 (9) Eastern Michigan Eagles 1-5 (1-3) W1 - 12 (4) Kent State Golden Flashes 0-6 (0-3) L6 - Numbers of voters: 4 12 points awarded for first, 11 for second, etc. * Coaches' Poll Ranking, week 8. Interestingly enough, all the movement is in the middle of the chart. It certainly looks like WMU and Toledo are separating themselves from everybody else again, but that second tier got pretty muddled with last week's results. Buffalo and Bowling Green made big jumps up with victories over Best!Miami and Ohio respectively, but only Ohio dropped due to it - enough voters believed in the Redhawks pedigree and record to still place them behind the WMU/Toledo duo. The other fallers are an Akron squad that may have a defense tiring out from supporting a constantly injured offense, and Ball State who graciously gave Eastern Michigan their first win of the season. Despite CMU, NIU, and EMU all winning, they couldn't make progress up the chart although they did get closer. Week 9 sees the MAC primarily defending its honor against those rapscallion schools from other conferences: Thursday Night Ohio (3-3) at Middle Tennessee (2-4) Buffalo (3-3) at Bowling Green (4-2) Georgia State (2-4) at Eastern Michigan (1-5) Friday Night Kent State (0-6) at Central Michigan (3-3) Saturday Morning (10 Games) Akron (2-4) at North Carolina (0-6) Florida International (3-3) at Toledo (5-1) Troy (2-4) at Miami (OH) (4-2) Georgia (4-2) at Ball State (3-3) Byes: Northern Illinois (2-4), Western Michigan (6-0) The MAC Network's Pick to Click: Buffalo Bulls (3-3) at Bowling Green (4-2). While the Georgia-Ball State tilt is bigger from a name perspective, this game features two teams experiencing a turnaround due to recent coaching hires and suddenly became a LOT more relevant in the MAC East race. Buffalo currently has a losing conference record, but their one win is against division leader Miami - a big feather in the cap for coach @Wooden. Meanwhile don't look now, but coach @Kirby has the Falcons playing well and owning the conference's second longest winning streak. Bowl Watch! Bowl Watch is your one-stop shop for seeing which teams from Everyone's Favorite Conference are, could, or won't be making a bowl. Let's take a look! Bowl-Eligible: W. Michigan (6-0) Eligible with win this week: Toledo Rockets (5-1) Misses out on a bowl with loss this week: Kent State (0-6) "If it's not MAC, it's wack!"
    13. Friendly reminder, we need your power rankings. Please to send to Jieret? (pls)
    14. CFBHC Mocks the 2018 NFL Draft Interest Thread

      I guess I'll take the Falcons and mock them a DT.
    15. [2021] The Kent Stater, Week 8

      Great way to introduce yourself to the conference coach! You really had my Broncos on the ropes there for a while. I'm glad we were able to pull it out, but it was a lot closer than it looked. Hope to read more of The Kent Stater!