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  1. Are you typing in your username exactly as is? I believe the username is also case-sensitive. I do see you listed as the coach on the interface still.
  2. Oof, changed my answer on the Buttgers question. Tried to apply "logic," ended with up an answer that was WAY off. At least I was fairly confident in Miami(FL). Viva Steve Walsh!
  3. Pretty cool, this must have taken a while to make! For whatever reason it doesn't seem to be saving plays, though.
  4. Jieret


    Welcome! The commissioner should be along soon to process your application. @npklemm
  5. @npklemm, you did a hell of a job putting this together. I'm happy I was able to be a small part of this! If anyone is interested, here are blurbs I wrote for my mock in the guide.
  6. Great schedule writeup! But still: This coming from Uncle Phil's House O' NikeBuck$$$$$$$$... pot and kettle much?
  7. These players were already at 79 and 78 respectively as of their Pro Days. Do they both go down another rating point to 78 and 77?
  8. I just did leg work, but I believe the reason it broke out that way was to track recruiting classes to the coach as best as possible. It isn't a perfect system, but it's near-impossible to segregate the coaches by partial recruiting jobs. Also coaches should notice that only wins were tracked for the year, not win%.
  9. smh why would he go somewhere that can't get his name right. So the Huskies have a need for a QB to succeed Jake Davis.
  10. Seahawks DC Jeff Fisher 2 years $3,100,000 per year
  11. It really is a satisfying feeling to see a croot from your first-ever class - my first 5.0, actually - achieve these heights. Congrats Kualii, and thanks to @Pskeate for helping him grow! He'll make a wonderful Seahawk in two years.
  12. Skills: +1 Offense, +2 Special Teams, +1 Clock Management, -1 Defense, -1 Youth Management. Feat: Ozymandias, please. EDIT: for @Rome: Offense: 12 > 13 Defense: 13 > 12 Special Teams: 10 > 12 Clock Mgmt: 8 > 9 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 13 > 12
  13. Ellie Lindgren, Vancouver Sun Have you yet talked with rocksaucesundae about the General Manager position?
  14. Jieret


    Welcome! The C-USA Conference Commissioner should get in contact with you soon regarding your application. @Bubada
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