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    1. CBBHC Conference Update

      I had no idea Army was listed as a MAC school. Hey, at least it means I'm not last in the conference! Sigh.
    2. Recruiting is starting to wind down (JuCo excepted), and with the long break it makes a person look forward to the promise of next year and next year's croots even though we're not even halfway through the 2021 season. But when has that ever stopped meanyone? In this post I take a look at the 2022 projected rosters for the teams of the East division, and a bit further than that based on their current rosters and recruiting classes to date. Some notes before we begin: +1.0 progression is assumed for all players. An in-position player will ALWAYS be listed ahead of any out-of-position (OOP) players, no matter how much better/worse they are. This is done to show any potential holes. If there is a better OOP option, though, he will be mentioned in the analysis. Defense style (3-4, 4-3) chosen based on best guess of available personnel. LS/KR/PR will not be listed unless the team has specialized players at those positions. Akron Zips Analysis: 2022: Much like this year the 2022 Zips will lean on the defense, especially DT Jeremiah Clarke and MLB Devin Frazier. QB Griffin Donahue and RB Shontrell Driver are a potent one-two punch on offense, but there isn't much else there. Kind of like how Akron is this year, actually. After that: If Akron wants to continue competing for the MAC East title the 2022 recruiting class will be crucial to raise the talent floor. 2021's class has lots of bodies but very little quality (only 9 of 23 commits have potential above 3.0). The WR and OLB positions look to be especially weak with only five 2022 freshmen (true or redshirt) total among these groups, and only one with a potential greater than 3. Bowling Green Falcons Analysis: 2022: Somewhat surprisingly there are still some very good players on this Falcons squad. Bowling Green projects to have the safety duo in the conference in FS Brody Grimes and SS Antonio Jackson, and assuming guard Derrick Briggs doesn't declare he and C Jonas Zambrano still provide significant push up the middle. But the pieces around them.... Yes, that really is only one actual CB in that group. He is currently the only CB on the entire roster, including the 2021 recruiting class. After that: Bowling Green's coaching carousel has cost them over the last few years and is reaching into this year. Coach @Kirby absolutely needs to finish strong in recruiting this year (find some corners!) and sign some quality players next year to halt the Falcons' talent drain. Buffalo Bulls Analysis: 2022: For a primer on why recruiting class quantity matters as much as quality, see the Buffalo Bulls. Back-to-back years of tiny (10-11) classes leaves new coach @Wooden scrambling to find warm bodies, even though they've pulled in the likes of Blair Holcomb and Alexander Moffett during that time. None of the 2021 redshirts should crack the starting lineup, and there isn't anyone in the 2021 recruit class who currently is ready to help now. The big caveat is if the Bulls can hold off Army for blue-chip (2.5 of 5.0) CB Laquon Boston. But those offensive and defensive lines are bad, even if you slot center Julien Milner (projected 3.0 of 3.5 Run Blocker) in for LG Pete Culp. Think of how worse this looks if C D.J. Wilkinson were to declare for the 2022 draft (unlikely). After that: Unless the Bulls land Boston, there really isn't any significant help on the horizon. Even with Boston that's only one hole of many to patch (WR, any line position), so the coaching staff has a LOT of work to do to return the Bulls to their place in the upper half of the division. Kent State Golden Flashes Analysis: 2022: Kent is probably still at least a year away from contending for the division, but @TazerMan's care and attention to the Golden Flashes starts to bear fruit this year. The expected emergence of C.J. Williams means that medically redshirted FB Harrison Mullin can FINALLY play his natural position, and with only nine seniors among the expected starters the offense and defense will have time to develop serious chemistry with each other. DE Geno Mason will give Kent State a pass rush they haven't had in... a really, really, long time. After that: Kent State could actually be the favorites for the MAC East in 2023 and 2024, but after that depends on today. Even with the quality of their 2021 recruits (3 players with 4-4.5 potential) it's still only a 4-man class. It needs bodies, don't starve the class! Miami (OH) Redhawks Analysis: 2022: Probably the 2022 MAC East favorite, the Redhawks should return virtually everybody. With a still-explosive offense and another year of development on the defensive side (especially in the secondary), Best!Miami is ready to set everyone's defenses on fire one more time. After that: The defense will be okay for a bit, but nine of the eleven projected starters on offense are seniors in 2022. Who takes over? The only QB who will definitely be on the roster after Zack Cera graduates is Zac Donald, and as a 2.5-star he would probably struggle to fill one of Cera's shoes. And there's only one WR who will be on the roster after 2022. Without a lot of care and attention the Redhawks could go first-to-worst after 2022. Ohio Bobcats Analysis: 2022: Or maybe you like the look of the Bobcats as 2022 MAC East champions; Ohio and Miami definitely are the favorites in that division. Austin Lowe will have potential 1st-round pick Aaron Thibodeaux to catch passes over the middle while Jeffrey Flowers will find room outside. CB Shawn Tillman really should meet his full potential at this point, but again we're only projecting a 1.0 increase for all players. He will anchor a defense that is transitioning from depending on outstanding linebacker play to one that harasses the QB into bad decisions. That kicking game isn't looking too promising though, and we've seen plenty of times where a shaky placekicker left game-winning points on the field. After that: Perhaps trying to extend Ohio's window new coach @Chad_Michael went with a unique strategy of focusing on players that could contribute immediately, even if it meant their ceilings were capped. But with a small class to show so far (six commits in 2021), the Bobcats will need to expand their scope in order to replenish their two-deeps. While their potential for a drop-off isn't as severe as rival Miami's, there's quite a few spots that will bite them in the rear if they're not paying attention. As things stand there isn't a placekicker or punter on the roster after 2022, for example.... Jieret's first guess at 2022 MAC East order of finish: Hopefully you enjoyed this (very rough and incomplete) look ahead at the MAC East division! The MAC West will follow soon. Until next time!
    3. CBBHC SOS

      what's a win
    4. In part two of two, we look ahead to what the starting lineups of the West could possibly look like in 2022. The MAC East's look-ahead can be found here: http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/21369-a-look-ahead-forecasting-the-2022-mac-east-teams/ And again, the notes: +1.0 progression is assumed for all players. An in-position player will ALWAYS be listed ahead of any out-of-position (OOP) players, no matter how much better/worse they are. This is done to show any potential holes. If there is a better OOP option, though, he will be mentioned in the analysis. Defense style (3-4, 4-3) chosen based on best guess of available personnel. LS/KR/PR will not be listed unless the team has specialized players at those positions. Ball State Cardinals Analysis: 2022: Maybe the most exciting special teams in the conference with actual return specialists. Two of them to boot! Outside of that the Cardinals look to have some serious weapons in Damani Laws and Steven Moya. Unless coach @npklemm chooses to throw either of his true freshman QBs into the fire immediately, Phillip Good will be keeping the seat warm in 2022. He probably will be a game-manager type of QB, being asked to take care of the ball and maximize the chances Laws and Moya can hurt the opposition. The defense should be pretty solid, helped by the fact that nearly every defensive recruit from the 2021 class can step in right away if needed. Having SS DeAndre Simms doesn't hurt either. Add in klemm's coaching pedigree and Ball State is most likely to be the third MAC West bowl participant after Toledo and WMU. After that: The Cardinals have their QB of the future in Erik Parker, now they need to prop up the offense around him. The last couple of recruiting classes slanted to the defensive side of the ball and Parker will likely get just a year to play alongside Laws and Moya, so finding more skill players and talented o-linemen will be crucial in keeping Ball State's upward momentum going. Central Michigan Chippewas Analysis: 2022: With QB Byron Suggs, RB Daveed Huff, TE Jasper Rowley, and ATH/WR Joseph Aikman, Central Michigan has the foundation to be one of the better offenses in the conference. The question will be how the surrounding pieces hold up - the offensive line won't be as concerning as it was in 2021 but it still isn't a comfortable foundation that the Chippewa offense can rely on yet. The defense should STILL has DEs Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough and Rory Bolin for what feels like the 17845th year in a row, and once again the two bookends will be asked to provide enough pressure to compensate for what looks to be an average at best defense. DT Kareem Lindsey will need to step up and make the duo's lives easier. This team can make a bowl, but they won't have much wiggle room. After that: ...it's hard to say, actually. Central feels like a team that created a good talent floor and now needs to start building upon it. If the Chips can do that successfully while leveraging the Byron Suggs Era as long as they can, CMU could seriously threaten the Toledo-WMU hold on the MAC West title. But if they recruit poorly and don't attract enough quality recruits to Mt. Pleasant, several more years of around-.500 ball could await them. Eastern Michigan Chippewas Analysis: 2022: Giovanni Shaw is a good QB that has been asked to do too much on his own for virtually his entire career. In his final year he finally gets some help in the form of stud RB Tyler Pearson. But the same bugaboo that's plagued Eastern's offense over the last few years - the line - is still an issue in 2022. Pearson is much more talented than previous starter Chris Morton, but first contact with defenders may occur at or behind the line of scrimmage much more than he'd like. The Eagle defense is... there. Unfortunately for them two of their best defenders (Julien Rinehart and Mosi Gary) play the same position, and outside of junior SS Ibrahima Griggs there isn't anyone else starting that really scares opposing offenses. After that: As with Akron, EMU has plenty of bodies but not as much quality coming. 2021's class currently has 21 commits but only five with a 3.5 potential (none better than that). The previous class (featuring Pearson, 4-star FB Ned Hansen) will prop the Eagles up for a year of two, but consistent recruiting of 3.5-4 star players are needed to continue filling in the holes. It may be a few years yet before EMU has a solid roster from top-to-bottom. Northern Illinois Huskies Analysis: 2022: Northern Illinois still has some talent. As a combined group their linebackers/secondary could be among the best in the conference. QB Charlie Sanford (or Emmett Mast, depending on the QB competition I expect coach @subsequent to run in spring practice) will probably feel as comfortable as any NIU QB has felt in a while, considering their offensive line will be the best it's been in several seasons. If things fall the right way and the schedule isn't too unforgiving, the Huskies have a chance to compete for a bowl game in 2022. After that: After 2022 is where things could really fall apart for the Huskies. With only two CBs and one WR recruited in 2020 and 2021 to date, Northern Illinois runs the very real risk of starting walk-ons and second-string OOP players on the offensive and defensive boundaries for years to come. They also need to replace a free safety and have a plan for when McNeal and Linn depart. They will also need to rebuild their talent floor in general so QB Emmett Mast then QBOTF Brody Hill aren't playing with a collection of 2.5-star players. A rebuild over 2023-2025 looks to be coming is what I'm saying. Toledo Rockets Analysis: 2022: Toledo is a tough team to forecast. Let's address the big omission first: RB Gabe Ciamo isn't listed because I honestly believe he declares after the 2021 season. He's been a 5.0 of 5.0 in both the 2021 and 2020 seasons and if the 2021 senior RB class is as meh as @Bubada thinks, it makes sense for Ciamo to jump early. The other big question is at QB, where true freshman Mario Pierre (2.0 of 4.5 Scrambling) could start depending on how @deathcpo wants to tailor the offense. Where there is no question is on the lines - both of them actually. It's unreal that the Rockets have four 5-stars on that offensive line, but that's the world we live in and whoever is under center is going to be very well protected. The defensive front four will likely eat almost every offensive line they face, and while there are downgrades at RB and the cornerbacks Toledo still has enough talent to easily be one of the best teams in the MAC in 2022. After that: The 2020 recruiting class was a disaster outside of JuCo. After starting off with a bang by signing 5-star OLB Blake Gauthier, Pierre, and CB DeVante Gilliam the Toledo 2021 class has bogged down with only ten commits, although they currently are leading on 4.5-star WR Atamu Tatupu and 4-star RB Alvin Hines. The bill for these recruiting classes starts to come due in 2023. The offensive line and Pierre will keep the Rockets competitive, but there is a clear drop-off in talent after 2022. Toledo has 11 seniors on their their projected 2022 lineup and while one or two positions will receive talent upgrades after graduation (QB, OLB), most will be downgrades and some positions don't even have a replacement on the current roster. Then the Rockets lose another seven starters to graduation after 2023. There is enough here to build on and deathcpo deserves the benefit of the doubt for his body of work, but the Rockets could fall back to the MAC West pack if they don't find longer-term answers to their upcoming holes. Western Michigan Broncos Analysis: 2022: Another year of DeSean Madison pounding the ball down the defense's throat and Chase Sims throwing it over their heads when they get too close to the line of scrimmage. A simple formula that's worked well over the last couple of years and will probably work just as well this year. Although losing LT Marc Allen to graduation and the NFL is a big loss all in all the Broncos offense should still perform at a high level. The defense is retooling on the fly with three freshmen expected to start in 2022, and fourth slotting in at nickel back. While the linebacking corps still need another year to look ready for prime time and the secondary isn't quite at the lofty standards of the Sean Taylor era, the defensive line will be very good. But make no mistake, it's the Western offense that should have them competing for the 2022 MAC West title. After that: WMU's 2021 recruiting class is currently ranked 26th in the nation, but they're not done - they currently lead for 4-star Texas DT Leonard Landrum. The Broncos are putting their playoff appearance to good use on the recruiting trail, and it seems to be creating a solid foundation that should keep them competitive over the next few years. The bigger questions are these: When Madison leaves, will the WMU tradition of excellent running backs (Emmanuel Fields, Gabriel Shields, DeSean Madison) finally run its course? And with pocket QB Gabe Baker, pass-catching TE William Griggs, and WR Viliamu Vainu'upo all coming to Kalamazoo in 2022, will this signal a shift in the Broncos' offensive philosophy moving forward? Jieret's first guess at 2022 MAC West order of finish: * * *Flip WMU And Toledo if Ciamo does stay for his senior season. I hope you enjoyed the Look-Ahead. While these articles come with huge caveats, hopefully the commentary provided something to chew on for the coaches, fans, and observers of Everyone's Favorite Conference! (Now watch JuCo completely render these articles obsolete.) Soon we will return you to your normal MAC Network ("If it's not MAC, it's wack!") content. But if you have any suggestions, comments, or errors you'd like to discuss I'd love to hear them. Until next time!
    5. Whoops, bad copy/paste. Think he's actually Buffalo's WR. In any case, fixed.
    6. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      Updated March 7. Remember: Conference commissioners have final say in approving coaches to prospective jobs. First come does not guarantee first serve, although it may be a factor. Available jobs: Conference USA Charlotte 49ers Pac-12 Conference Arizona Wildcats Southeastern Conference Tennessee Volunteers
    7. Dr_Novella

      No worries, sorry. We're in a bit of a break right now so the Sun Belt's commissioner may not have been on to see your app, but he should be getting in contact with you soon. @rabidsnowman
    8. CBBHC Standings

      Yeah, I haven't figured out my team yet.
    9. Rocksaucesundae new application

    10. Rocksaucesundae new application

      Notorious is inactive in any case, so if you wish to revise your application back to SJSU it shouldn't be an issue.
    11. Fantasy Baseball

    12. A week without too much action has come and went. With only two games involving MAC teams, did that equate to a lot of status quo in the rankings? To the chart! Remember, you should probably vote if you don't like your ranking. And play well. That too. MAC Power Rankings After Week 7 Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 (58) #19* Western Michigan Broncos (3) 5-0 (3-0) W5 - 2 (57) #16* Toledo Rockets (2) 4-1 (3-0) W1 -1 3 (50) Miami (OH) Redhawks 4-1 (3-0) W1 - 4 (41) Akron Zips 2-3 (1-2) L1 - 5 (39) Ball State Cardinals 3-2 (2-1) W3 - 6 (35) Ohio Bobcats 3-2 (2-1) L2 - 7 (30) Bowling Green Falcons 3-2 (0-1) W3 - 8 (28) Buffalo Bulls 2-3 (0-2) L1 - 9 (21) Central Michigan Chippewas 2-3 (1-2) L3 - 10 (16) Northern Illinois Huskies 1-4 (1-1) L1 - 11 (9) Eastern Michigan Eagles 0-5 (0-3) L5 - 12 (6) Kent State Golden Flashes 0-5 (0-2) L5 - Numbers of voters: 5 12 points awarded for first, 11 for second, etc. * Coaches' Poll Ranking, week 7. The only change is at the top, where Toledo (barely) drops to second again. Everyone else? So, there just isn't much to discuss from Week 7. Neither game provided many significant talking points unless you want to re-hash how WMU RB DeSean Madison made a near-300 yard, 3 TD performance from WMU QB Chase Sims a mere footnote. But Week 8 promises to change that. This Week's MAC Slate... is full. And oh my are there some spicy games on tap: Thursday Night Northern Illinois (1-4) at Liberty (0-5) Friday Night Central Michigan (2-3) at NC State (3-2)Eastern Michigan (0-5) at Ball State (3-2)* Saturday Morning Miami (OH) (4-1) at Buffalo (2-3)* Saturday Afternoon Miami (FL) (3-2) at Akron (2-3) Bowling Green (3-2) at Ohio (3-2)*Western Michigan (5-0) at Kent State (0-5)* Saturday Evening Vanderbilt (3-2) at Toledo (4-1) Byes: None The MAC Network's Pick to Click: Vanderbilt Commodores (3-2) at Toledo Rockets (4-1). Lot of important games on the schedule, but this OOC bout is critical for the Rockets. The dream of #Toledo2021 is on life support, so this high-profile game against a second visiting SEC squad is a must-win for Toledo in order to make the playoffs. Bowl Watch! Are we that far into the season already? Guess so, even though 2021's inaugural Bowl Watch only features one team. Bowl Watch is your one-stop shop for seeing which teams from Everyone's Favorite Conference are, could, or won't be making a bowl. Let's take a look! Eligible with win this week: W. Michigan (5-0) "If it's not MAC, it's wack!"
    13. Since we have a bit of extra time, I'd like a few more MAC power rankings in - if you don't mind? Please PM them to me by Thursday, MAC Power Rankings will be published Friday or so.
    14. So today folks, we're gonna take a bit of the Titanium White and mix it in with some Van Dyke Brown. Add a little dab of Titanium Blue, and we're just gonna paint some happy little MAC Charts of Dubious Value right over here. Remember, you should probably vote if you don't like your ranking. And play well. That too. MAC Power Rankings After Week 6 Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1-tie (46) #15* Toledo Rockets (2) 4-1 (3-0) W1 +1 1-tie (46) #24* Western Michigan Broncos (2) 4-0 (2-0) W4 - 3 (40) Miami (OH) Redhawks 4-1 (3-0) W1 +1 4 (33) Akron Zips 2-3 (1-2) L1 -1 5 (31) Ball State Cardinals 3-2 (2-1) W3 +1 6 (29) Ohio Bobcats 3-2 (2-1) L2 -1 7 (24) Bowling Green Falcons 3-2 (0-1) W3 +1 8 (22) Buffalo Bulls 2-3 (0-2) L1 -2 9 (16) Central Michigan Chippewas 2-3 (1-2) L3 -1 10 (13) Northern Illinois Huskies 1-3 (1-1) W1 +1 11 (8) Eastern Michigan Eagles 0-4 (0-2) L4 -1 12 (4) Kent State Golden Flashes 0-5 (0-2) L5 - Numbers of voters: 4 12 points awarded for first, 11 for second, etc. * Coaches' Poll Ranking for week 5. Another week, another tie as Toledo climbs back atop the poll and shares the summit with Western Michigan once again. It's really starting to look like these two teams will be locked into the top two spots until they meet in week 13, probably for the MAC West. Best!Miami is hovering right below them after holding off Akron, and the Redhawks' week 16 matchup with the Bobcats is likely to decide the MAC East. Continuing their surge up the chart are the Ball State Cardinals and coach @npklemm, who recently set an ambitious goal for his team to be the unofficial winners of the Michigan MAC Trophy. They're one-third of the way there after dispatching Central Michigan, and Eastern Michigan is next for them. Likewise sliding down are a pair of traditional powers in the East, Ohio and Buffalo. Ohio's run into a pair of tough opponents in Akron and Hawaii, while Buffalo's weaknesses on the line and in the kicking game were on display once again. Add to that rumors that their coach is considering leaving.... The NIU Huskies make a small jump up the chart with their first win of the season. Congrats on getting rid of the goose egg! This Week's MAC slate is... not so full this time: Thursday Night Northern Illinois (1-3) at Arizona State (2-2) Saturday Morning Eastern Michigan (0-4) at Western Michigan (4-0)* The Network's Pick to Click: Eastern Michigan (0-4) at Western Michigan (4-0). It's slim pickings, but this is the official first game to decide the Michigan MAC Trophy's home for 2021. "If it's not MAC, it's wack!"
    15. [CFBHC/NFLHC] Available Teams

      Updated February 19. Remember: Conference commissioners have final say in approving coaches to prospective jobs. First come does not guarantee first serve, although it may be a factor. Available jobs: Big Ten Iowa Hawkeyes Conference USA Charlotte 49ers Southeastern Conference Tennessee Volunteers Sun Belt Conference University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns
    16. Fantasy Baseball

      Sure, I'm in
    17. Nu Battles! I always wondered what happened to him after the Flag Football Tournament (that never finished).
    18. [2021] Week #7 - 1 PM

      Never forget those who gave their lives in the service of their teams and community: Jayshawn Watts, CB - Severe Hamstring Rupture Jeremiah Joseph, SS - Severe Hamstring Rupture Stephen Elliott, FS - Severe ACL Rupture Craig Davis, OLB - Severe Achilles Rupture
    19. [2021] Week #7 - Saturday Morning

      GG tsweezy. Between playing Toledo and Western... sorry to give you a baptism by fire in the MAC.
    20. [2021] MAC Statsheet

      Updated through week 7.
    21. [2021] MAC Statsheet

      This may move at some point for consolidation purposes but until then, here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t2TFN-adfGI6DIUEqQzB1pfDnQE_LI-GbB8f88aFejQ/edit?usp=sharing
    22. Urgent AttentionI'm DHL Courier Delivery Agent Dr.James Peter I have been trying to reach youon your Email about couple of days now, just to inform you about my successfularrival in west palm beach International Airport Florida, with your MAC POWER RANKINGS worth almost$5.4Million USD,Which I have been instructed by DHL COURIER DELIVERY COMPANY tobe delivered to your home address.The Airport Authority demanded for all the legal back up papers to prove to themthat the MAC POWER RANKINGS ready delivery,I have presented the papers I handed to themand they are very much pleased with the papers I presented but the only thing thatis still keeping me here is the airport custom yellow tag and International ClearancePermit certificate. Which is not placed on the package,one of the Airport Authority hasadvice that we get the custom yellow tag and International Delivery Permit certificatewhich cost YOUR PM. RECONFIRM YOUR FULL THOUGHTS ON MAC RANKINGS. PM your lists to Jieret by 11:59 PM, Wednesday February 14. All coaches, even the non-MAC coaches, are welcome to vote! For your convenience, how the MAC fared overall. MAC Results After Week 7 Rank Team, Result Record (Conf. Record) Streak Next Week 1-tie #15 Toledo BYE 4-1 (3-0) W1 vs. Vanderbilt (3-2) 1-tie #21 Western Michigan WON vs. E. Michigan 45-17 5-0 (3-0) W5 at Kent State (0-5) 3 Miami (OH) BYE 4-1 (3-0) W1 at Buffalo (2-3) 4 Akron BYE 2-3 (1-2) L1 vs. Miami (FL) (3-2) 5 Ball State BYE 3-2 (2-1) W3 vs. E. Michigan (0-5) 6 Ohio BYE 3-2 (2-1) L2 vs. Bowling Green (3-2) 7 Bowling Green BYE 3-2 (0-1) W3 at Ohio (3-2) 8 Buffalo BYE 2-3 (0-2) l1 vs. Miami (OH) (4-1) 9 Central Michigan BYE 2-3 (1-2) L3 at NC State (3-2) 10 Northern Illinois LOST at Arizona St. 6-24 1-4 (1-2) L1 at Liberty (0-5) 11 Eastern Michigan LOST at W. Michigan 17-45 0-5 (0-3) L5 at Ball State (0-5) 12 Kent State BYE 0-5 (0-2) L5 vs. W. Michigan (5-0)
    23. [2021] Week #7 - TNF

      I was wondering the same thing.
    24. Last Week's Picks: 7-0 Season to Date: 32-10 Welcome back to a restful week for Everyone's Favorite Conference! There are only two games on the docket, but coaches and fans across the conference will surely keep an eye on the results while they focus on their own practices and recruiting battles. Along with this week's silent special guest Owen Schmitt, I'm Bruce Baguen. Let's get to the games! Thursday Night Northern Illinois (1-3) atArizona State (2-2) Last Week: Northern got that elusive first win (W at 28-16), while Arizona State celebrated a win of their own - their first commit! (BYE) Injuries:FS Ibrahim Marshall - OUT (Severe ACL Rupture) Charlie Sanford (17 of 32 for 209 yards, 2 TDs) had his best game of the season against Kent, but Arizona State is a bit stouter than the Golden Flashes. Defensively the Sun Devils get their push up front from the inside, courtesy of redshirt freshman Alpha Goldman (9 TKL, 1 TFL, 2.0 Sacks). The 300-pounder anchors their young defensive line - no one on it is older than a sophomore. But with that youth comes some struggle; as a team they only have about five sacks on the season. The good news for ASU is that the Huskies are likely to have one of the weaker offensive lines they've faced. The bad news is that NIU still has some capable players there, especially C Cooper O'Neill who will take on Goldman. It's very important for Northern that O'Neill and tackles Lorenzo Bales and Jermon McCullough control the line of scrimmage, not only to help Sanford out but also to help RB Julian Holcomb try and replicate his two-TD performance from last week. But ASU's best defensive player, OLB Timothy Greer (12 TKL, 1 TFL, 0.5 Sacks), is incredibly active and will throw a wrench in those plans. Greer will likely be key to the Sun Devils' ability to disrupt the Northern passing game, although CB Jeremy Tolliver will look to punish the Huskies if they throw in his direction. We don't like WR Nathaniel Alford's chances against him. Arizona State’s offense runs through Israel Carlson. The 5-star recruit is already living up to the billing as a redshirt freshman, averaging 136.75 rushing yards per game and scoring 6 rushing touchdowns this season. QB Parker Townsend (60 of 94 for 761 yards, 5/3 TD/INT, 19 rushes for 152 yards, 2 rush TDs, 1 Fum Lost) is capable in his own right, but his primary role in this offense seems to be to take advantage of the defense when they over-commit to stopping Carlson. Northern Illinois will likely load up to stop the run and try to make Parker Townsend win the game with his arm. Hopefully this attempt works better than the last time they played a similar team; against Western Michigan in week 5 they gave up 136 yards and 3 TDs to DeSean Madison and 299 passing with 2 passing TDs to Chase Sims. Perhaps a scheme change is the tonic - we've heard whispers from Huskie insiders that they are strongly considering moving to a 3-4. This lets ILBs Kieran Linn (13 TKL, 1 INT) and Oliver McNeal (16 TKL, 1 TFL) play in their natural positions, but talented DT Thierno Thomas (5 TKL, 1 TFL, 2.0 Sacks) may be miscast as a nose tackle. Prediction: 30-21 Whether or not Northern is moving to a 3-4, it's hard to see the Huskies bottling Carlson up. We expect him to have a big day, and while there are holes in the Sun Devil defense we don't think NIU will be able to consistently take advantage of them. Not with Greer and ILB Omar Gore controlling the middle of the field. Saturday Morning Eastern Michigan (0-4, 0-2) at Western Michigan (4-0, 2-0) Last Week: Eastern felt Toledo’s frustrations firsthand (L vs. 6-42), while Western won thanks to DeSean Madison and their… defense? (W vs. 20-10) Injuries: None We’re truly blessed. A week after the Ball State Daily published an excellent preview of their game against Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan has a very comprehensive preview of their game against Western Michigan. Check it out! Eastern’s preview covered the majority of what we would talk about, but we’ll add a couple of things. Defensively, we’re not sure why the Eagles are the conference’s worst in several metrics: Points allowed/game, Yards allowed/game, and Opponent’s 3rd down conversion percentage. It’s a bit puzzling because although Eastern is not an elite defense, they aren’t the MAC’s worst on paper - yet here we are. The fine folks in Ypsilanti hope that new coach @tsweezy brings a fire to light under an underperforming group. They’ll need it - RB DeSean Madison leads the conference in rushing touchdowns (10) and rushing yards per game (143.7). They would also love it if tsweezy could do the same with the offense. The Eagles have struggled there as well although not to the same extent. However, averaging only 1.75 offensive touchdowns per game is very much no bueno and won’t cut it against a Bronco team averaging over 30 points a contest. EMU is seemingly built to run the ball, but Chris Morton (2 TDs, 41.75 rypg) simply has not been up to the task. Will the Eagles just disavow the running game until redshirted stud Tyler Pearson is ready next year? We expect Eastern will try to attack the middle of the field against the Broncos’ linebacking corps but that's not an area they've seemingly gone to often; TE Amir Nixon only has nine catches on the season for 108 yards. Prediction: 27-14 Expect EMU ILBs Julien Rinehart and Mosi Gary to rack up a lot of tackles on Madison at the second level. If Eastern sells out on the run like we expect, Sims will probably continue his incredibly efficient passing versus an Eagle secondary that’s going to be left on islands. On top of that we just don’t think that Giovanni Shaw and company have the horses to keep pace offensively. Byes: Akron (2-3), Ball State (3-2), Bowling Green (3-2), Buffalo (2-3), Central Michigan (2-3), Kent State (0-5), Miami (OH) (4-1), Ohio (3-2), Toledo (4-1) On behalf of silent special guest star Owen Schmitt and #MACtion Jenny (in absentia), this is Bruce Baguen for the MAC Network ("If it's not MAC, it's wack"). Until next time!
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