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  1. Robert Martin:
  2. Minneapolis- With the recent shuffling of the Minnesota Vikings front office positions, there became some new openings. After a lengthy coaching search that saw many candidates apply for positions, the Minnesota Vikings would like to announce that they have decided on a new Head Coach, as well as an assistant to the team. It has been revealed that Minnowsotan will be taking over the Head Coaching responsibilities for the team. Minnowsotan has been the Iowa State Head Coach since 2014, where has had some success. He is also an avid Vikings fan. New General Manager Bellwoodbomb611 said "We're really excited to add Coach Minnow to the team. We believe that he brings a lot to the table, and are excited to add his coaching experience to our staff." In an additional move, the Vikings also held applications for a new assistant. The Vikings selected Jamzz to be the teams new head assistant. Jamzz is a newer member to the site, but the Vikings believe he has a lot of potential. GM Bellwood said "We had a lot of applications for this position, and Jamzz really stood out. I look forward to working with him and helping him grow his career." Owner paperllamasunited, General Manager bellwoodbomb611, Head Coach Minnowsotan, and Head Assistant Jamzz are now open to the press for questions.
  3. Kill me.
  4. Vikings give FS Ashton Britt 6-1 190 1 Georgia Tech [Zone Coverage] 77 RB Chester Henson 5-11 226 6 USC [Speed] 95 Steelers give FS Stephen Elliott 6-3 197 6 Cincinnati [Zone Coverage] 90 2021 3rd round pick(Conditional) 3rd round pick becomes: 2nd round pick if Henson has more than 1500 total yards, and averages more than 4.5 YPC(Playing in 10 or more games) 5th round pick if Henson plays in less than 10 games for Steelers next season. Chester Henson played in all 16 games for the Steelers. He rushed for more than 1500 yards, but averaged only 4.12 YPC. Initial trade remains, Vikings get Steelers 2021 3rd round pick. Minnesota Confirms.
  5. Minnesota confirms.
  6. ...Is it Over? Vikings End Season with Loss to Rival Bears Josh Taylor and Nate Blue Rush Off Field Following Loss
  7. Vikings Confirm.
  8. The Vikings are looking to hire a new Head Coach as well as a scout/assistant.  PM me if interested, all are encouraged to apply regardless of experience level.

  9. I would like to personally recognize and thank Owner paperllamasunited for giving me this opportunity. He's really taken a chance on me as a newcomer in NFLHC and his continued faith in me means a lot. Llamas has done a lot for the organization and I'm excited that I will be continuing to work with him in this next chapter of my career.
  10. Mafia Day 2 is Live!


  11. Definitely some positives for us towards the end of this season. GG Lions.
  12. Mafia will start as soon as Azul clears his inbox.

    1. FlutieFlakes


      So like 2 weeks from now?

  13. Man I don't even know.
  14. A Titan-ed Grip Brian Vardell has Impressive Showing in Win over Titans Vardell Celebrates His 4th Touchdown Pass of the Game
  15. His first season isn't included because the MWC didn't exist at that time.