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  1. Take Me to Church! Vikings defeat Saints behind Vardell's 3 Touchdowns Shawn Cole picks up a key 1st-Down late in the 4th Quarter
  2. With the CFBHC Season just around the corner, it's time to announce the initial MWC Power Rankings. Thank you to all who contributed. MWC Power Rankings Rk Team Rec Pts Trend 1 Air Force 0-0 93 - 2 Nevada 0-0 86 - 3 Boise State 0-0 72 - 4 San Diego State 0-0 69 - 5 Hawaii 0-0 65 - 6 Fresno State 0-0 54 - 7 Colorado State 0-0 52 - 8 New Mexico 0-0 46 - 9 Wyoming 0-0 29 - 10 UNLV 0-0 26 - 11 Utah State 0-0 19 - 12 San Jose State 0-0 13 -
  3. Done for spring game (which I forgot to post )
  4. Offended Line Vikings line allows 4 sacks in loss to Early Davis and Co. Coach Bellwood after a 3rd-down sack
  5. Colorado State has updated their depth chart.
  6. It appears as though my players have the old player lines... any chance I could get them updated? Thanks.
  7. Bmlig is the head coach of Oregon State. After talking to him, we decided that we like bmlig's ideas and think he has a lot of potential. As an assistant, this hiring is designed to be a learning experience for bmlig.
  8. Vikings team page fixed
  9. Chester Henson is no longer on Minnesota :/
  10. Ayyy Brian Vardell Sounds like a Vardy Party...
  11. Can I get the Vikings password?
  12. Bellwood, HC of the Minnesota Vikings C ) With your GM in the war room at your facility. One interview after your pick(s) has/have been announced.
  13. Another season has come and gone for the Mountain West Conference, and this season happened to be a good one for the MWC. 2019 saw the Nevada Wolf Pack make a playoff appearance and a total of 5 teams from the conference qualified for bowls. In addition to these teams success, 2019 was a debut season for several new coaches in the conference. Things are trending up in the West, and to celebrate we will now look at the conference's award winners... Offensive Player of the Year: Sam Hiller-Weeden, Fresno State Defensive Player of the Year: Prince Williams, Air Force Offensive Rookie of the Year: Jordan Godwin, Nevada Defensive Rookie of the Year: Isaac Watkins, Nevada Coach of the Year: Nephewjack, Nevada All-MWC First Team QB: Devin Conroy, Colorado State RB: Noel Minor, UNLV FB: Andrew Lilly, San Diego State WR: Sam Hiller-Weeden, Fresno State WR: Vincent Ortiz, New Mexico TE: Floyd Arnold, Colorado State G: Nick Ramos, Colorado State G: Toma Tumaalii, Hawaii T: Rafael O’Donnell, Colorado State T: Walter Alley, Hawaii C: Enele Malifa, Colorado State DE: Omar McManus, Fresno State DE: James Carter, Air Force DT: Sila Lotomau, Hawaii DT: Omeri Tonumaipe’a, San Diego State ILB: Akeel Morris, Nevada ILB: Jordan Meier, Fresno State OLB: Angel Palmer, San Diego State OLB: Evan Walsh, Nevada CB: Prince Williams, Air Force CB: Shamar Knox, Nevada SS: Matthew Nelson, San Diego State FS: Isaac Watkins, Nevada K: Lorenzo Rodgers, Air Force P: Thomas Purcell, Air Force All-MWC Second Team QB: Ryan Harris, Fresno State RB: Xavier Valentine, Air Force FB: Ethan Guthrie, New Mexico WR: Rodrigo Hulsey, Colorado State WR: Darius Goode, Nevada TE: Mason Parks, Nevada G: Hunter Herndon, Air Force G: William Vela, Air Force T: Julian Jarrell, Wyoming T: Sebastian Parra, Boise State C: David Greene, Hawaii DE: Joe Flores, UNLV DE: Declan Culver, Boise State DT: Alex Gallo, Wyoming DT: Kahau Posala, New Mexico ILB: Douglas Wolfe, San Jose State ILB: Joshua Olson, Air Force OLB: Jake McCann, Boise State OLB: Levi Oakley, Colorado State CB: Bryan Parry, UNLV CB: Terrell Coates, Fresno State SS: Jesse Hutchins, Air Force FS: Damani Crump-Jackson, Colorado State K: Phillip Crow, Nevada P: Zachary Murphy, Utah State Congratulations to all award winners and thank you for a great season!
  14. My son.
  15. Floyd! Clean sweep for the tight end position. How much does this help his draft stock?

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