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  1. Washington Football Team is ready
  2. place: OT Gabe Morrison 6-4 278 R Michigan [Pass Blocking] [-1] 82 On injured reserve. He suffered a Severe Achilles Rupture in Week 8 and is out for the season.
  3. Hey all, so I know I’m like 20 years late, but I’ve recently gotten big into Survivor and have been binging it a bunch the last couple weeks. I was wondering if there would be any interest in putting on our own kind of “Survivor” type game here on the site? The rules would be pretty simple. Depending on how many people signed up, we’d have either 2-3 tribes. Those tribes will then compete in some sort of challenge- like an online trivia/quiz sort of thing. Open to other suggestions for challenges. Then, whichever tribe lost would have to vote out one of their tribe members at a “tr
  4. DT Nigel McKinney 6-4 296 4 Georgia [1-Gap] [-1] 79 WFT confirms @smackemz
  5. GM of the Washington Football Team is in
  6. @GK23 Bronx Bomber, Unabomber, Suicide Bomber, atomic bomb, f-bomb, bellwoodbomb, don’t matter, cause we the bomb squad. El Pato in 30 seconds.
  7. Boston College: 185 Syracuse: 65 (+5) Pittsburgh: 5 (-5)
  8. Washington Football Team Places: FS Samir Driver 5-11 198 1 Alabama [Man Coverage] [0] 83 on Injured Reserve. He suffered a Severe Achilles Rupture in Week 3 and is out for the remainder of the season.
  9. This is heartbreaker, lot of good things to be taken from the game though. GG Lions.
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