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  1. It ranks 10th among regular-season games and 11th overall. Highest since Kent State and Western Michigan combined for 108 in week 12 of the 2018 season.
  2. Other conferences have followed the Big XII's lead and begun keeping conference statbooks. Because the nation's most exciting conference prides itself on innovation, the existing Big XII statbook has been augmented with kicking stats and kick/punt return stats dating back to 2013: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rk7kfHNP-WUm6I7s1c-9HvTieVzlhCasfYfXazA6mFk/edit?usp=sharing This means a few additional conference records are now trackable, including: Most field goals made Career: Alejandro Aguirre, Oklahoma (73) Season: Xavier Jernigan, Texas, 2017 season (31) Game: Three occasions (5) Most extra points made Career: Alejandro Aguirre, Oklahoma (185) Season: Alejandro Aguirre, Oklahoma, 2015 season (70) Game: Paul Compton, Boise State, 2013 week 8 at Rice (10) Lowest field goal percentage Career (min. 10 attempts): Robert Hall, Iowa State (61.54%) Career (min. 20 attempts): A.J. Kinney, West Virginia (68.57%) Season (min. 10 attempts): Robert Hall, Iowa State, 2015 season (61.54%) Season (min. 20 attempts): Jose Lopez, Kansas State, 2016 season (72.73%) Game (most FGA without a made FG): Four-way tie (0% on 2 FGA) Highest career field goal percentage (min. 50 attempts): Career: Gino Chiaverini, Texas (98.41%) Most field goals missed Career: A.J. Kinney, West Virginia (11) Season: Jose Lopez, Kansas State, 2016 season AND A.J. Kinney, West Virginia, 2016 season (6) Game: Eleven occasions (2) Most extra points missed Career: Eddie Heredia, Texas Tech AND Felipe Munoz, West Virginia (2) Season: Felipe Munoz, West Virginia, 2019 season (2) Game: Ten occasions (1) Most field goal attempts without a miss Career: Joel Hawley, Kansas (29) Season: Joel Hawley, Kansas, 2019 season (29) Game: Three occasions (5) Most kick return touchdowns Career: Raheem Robinson, Oklahoma State AND Dan Rice, TCU (2) Season: Ten occasions (1) Most punt return touchdowns Career: Mike Mohr, Oklahoma AND Jayden Tinsley, Baylor (3) Season: Mike Mohr, Oklahoma, 2015 season AND Dan Rice, TCU, 2015 season AND Jayden Tinsley, Baylor, 2018 season (2) Most total return touchdowns Career: Raheem Robinson, Oklahoma State AND Dan Rice, TCU (4) Season: Dan Rice, TCU, 2015 season (3)
  3. Big XII: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Big_12_Conference_football_venue_navbox
  4. Gutsy performance from NC State, but that program is obviously cursed against ranked non-FSU opponents even here.
  5. Everything from week 12 of the 2015 season to the end of the 2016 season. We had already beaten Oklahoma in 2015, because we were Kansas and that's what we did. We were on a 5-game win streak in which Oklahoma was the only team to score more than 7 points on us. We would clinch the North just as long as we beat a winless Kansas State--and under 2015 playoff rules, we would qualify if we beat Kansas Stare, Missouri, and then won the CCG against Texas Tech. We choked on all objectives. Lost badly to Kansas State, then lost badly to Missouri. Opened the door for Oklahoma to win the division, conference, and national titles. False hope from beating Oregon in the Alamo Bowl, followed by a nightmare season where everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, plus things that couldn't go wrong also went wrong. Went 0-5 in one-possession games. Offense just stopped working, and my hatred for Paul Gibbs grew because he is the worst. Lost to UNC, Kansas State, Oklahoma (a game we should have won but choked), and Missouri. We finished 2-10, and it was honestly a relief to graduate 16 starters and start fresh.
  6. Updated to add Wisconsin to the roundtable.
  7. So...how much longer does Alexander Williams keep his job?
  8. Teams that should be particularly happy with these results: Buffalo, Ole Miss, UNLV Teams that should be very worried right now: Wake Forest, ECU, Texas A&M, Rutgers, and Texas A&M and Rutgers again just for good measure
  9. Welcome to the first edition of Five By Five, a new feature where we spotlight five programs around the country. Every week, five randomly selected coaches will have the opportunity to answer five questions about their team and their players. This week, our panel consists of sleuthofbears from Texas A&M, ajyoungmark from Miami, Monda from Marshall, Isaac829 from Charlotte, and taffyowner from Wisconsin. Each coach will begin by answering the same four questions along with a fifth question unique to their program. Q1: How does your team feel about its opening matchup this season? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: We're confident. Ole Miss is a solid team, but we've been looking at a few matchups that we think we can exploit against them, and I think it'll be enough to get the win on the road in Oxford. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): We think that Minnesota is going to be a tough test for us, but it is a game where we should be able to compete. It will be a great experience for our young team, and we will be able to grow regardless of the outcome. Monda, Marshall: I feel confident. While I don't know particularly how we will fair, I think we'll put up a fight and keep the game close. Isaac829, Charlotte: With an improved offense and defense, I feel a bit more confident about playing USF again. My team and I definitely could close the gap this season. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The team is feeling ready to play, keeping the line and backfield mostly intact is great for chemistry and the kids are all having fun together, theyre a really loose bunch, lead by Trufant and Jarvis. Q2: Outside of the final scoreline, what's the area of the statsheet your team most needs to dominate to succeed this year? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: I feel like it's the turnover battle. Nathan is obviously a young quarterback who has a lot to learn, so if he can keep his INTs down I feel like we have a good shot at contending this year. On the other side of the ball, I feel like if we can force the opposing QB to make mistakes, which I feel like we definitely have the ability to do with out D-Line, our offense should be able to capitalize. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): With the loss of Brett Fisher, our rushing offense will need to take a step up and make up for some of the production lost. We are very confident in Ronnie [Peterson] he had a very successful JUCO career, and he has shown how good of a player he is in camp. But we will be in for a tough year if our run game is not able to carry some of the weight this year. Monda, Marshall: This may be cliche, but turnovers. The defense needs to be as clutch as they were last season and the offense needs to limit their turnovers. Isaac829, Charlotte: Turnover battle. Last season, we had too many turnovers from our offense and not enough turnovers given by the defense. Having Kieron and Chris will improve the difference significantly. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The area we shoud dominate in is the running game, breaking in a whole new WR corps is going to create some growing pains for the unit and we'll need Trufant to carry us early in the season. Q3: What newcomers are you expecting to make an immediate impact on your team? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: Well obviously Nathan and Jarvis are going to be two of our key pieces on offense this year, and both are going to be making their first starts this week. On the defensive side, DaQuan Robinson and Samuel Cunningham. Both are coming off of redshirts and are going to be key in winning the turnover battle like I mentioned in the previous question. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): On offense, Albert Palacios will be a key contributor as a Redshirt Freshman this year, particularly in the run game. Throughout camp, Palacios has shown the ability to create running lanes for our running backs. Defensively, Patrick Everett will be a significant contributor this year. Last season Patrick was turning heads on the scout team defense, and we expect that he will be able to translate to live games. Everett will have to be playing at his highest level for our defense to thrive this year. Monda, Marshall: Devon McCoy. He will be leading our thin receiving corps and will have to impact game significantly after the loss of Trung Vu. Brandon Adler will be leading the offense in his Sophomore season and will need McCoy is the leading wideout. Isaac829, Charlotte: Like I said earlier, Kieron Brooks and Chris Billings will have the most impact on both sides of the ball. Both guys are by far the best in their positions. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The big newcomers we need to make an impact are WRs Afasa Vaaelua and Chance Thurman, if they can step up and play to their potential we will have an unstoppable passing attack Q4: What player of yours has been the most successful off the field? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: I'd really like to give a shoutout to Jarvis here. He was immensely talented coming out of high school, but didn't get any D1 offers because he had a bad drug problem. But he didn't quit. He went to rehab, got himself clean, then tore it up at Baytown and now he's here. Stories like his are ones you don't see enough of in this sport, and I think he deserves credit for turning his life around. ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): Our starting left tackle Walt Moeller has been thriving in the classroom. This past December he graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and was a member of Dean's List each term. Because Walt is a 5th-year senior, he started his Masters in Business and Administration this past semester. He finished the spring semester with a 3.8 GPA, and we are incredibly proud of his off the field achievements as a Miami Hurricane. Monda, Marshall: Defintely safety Riley Goldberg. Goldberg is from the West Virginia area and has always given back to his town of War. His academic efforts are no joke either, currently maintaining an A average. Isaac829, Charlotte: Micah Browning is very close to graduating soon, and I'm very proud of him. taffyowner, Wisconsin: The backup Defensive End, Johan Lorenzo, has just been a perfect player off the field, he volunteers in the community, helps out at local camps, and even has time to lead tours throughout the school, we're glad to have him as an embassador for the school. He's always there to welcome our recruits to the facility and tell them how great the program is and that this is the perfect fit for them. Q5 to sleuthofbears: How are Nathan Singletary and Jarvis Ward handling fans' comparisons to Matty Swift and Adrian Jankowski? sleuthofbears, Texas A&M: They know that A&M has a long history of having an elite QB-WR tandem (namely Swift-Jankowski and Williams-Smith), and they push themselves harder everyday in order to live up to those expectations. Q5 to ajyoungmark: How does a storied program like Miami go about replacing such a unique talent like Brett Fisher? ajyoungmark, Miami (FL): It will be very tough to replace such a transcendent talent like Brett Fisher. He was a great leader and was a guy that many underclassmen looked up to. But if we can have a more balanced attack offensively and some of our upperclassmen step up as leaders we will be able to fill the massive hole that Brett left. Q5 to Monda: Marshall has been king of the C-USA East back-to-back years, but has lost to Rice twice in the conference championship game. Do you expect to make it back to the CCG, and do you expect to make it over the Rice hump? Monda, Marshall: I fully expect that we have the ability to make it back to the CCG, but I don't know if we have the talent to beat Rice yet. The Owls are a really good team, and we lost several key players from last season (where we lost 35-0). I guess we will have to see when we get there. Q5 to Isaac829: Charlotte has quietly been building talent over these last couple of seasons. What else do you think the team needs to do to challenge Marshall and Rice and win the C-USA? Isaac829, Charlotte: There never seems to be enough talent to keep up with Rice at least. By the time I finish improving some positions, another one becomes terrible. At the top of my head right now, offensive and defensive lines could be improved. Q5 to taffyowner: Wisconsin has been year-in and year-out without fail one of the most successful programs in the country. What has been the key to maintaining that kind of consistency? taffyowner, Wisconsin: The biggest key to maintaining consistency is knowing what you have and how to get success out of it. You have to be willing to adjust to the players you have coming into the school, and how they fit into the team. You can't fit a square peg into a round hole, you know?
  10. I believe that with Oregon State's win, Wake Forest now owns the longest active losing streak in CFBHC at 12 games. They last beat NC State to close out the 2018 season and open their 2020 season in Greenville against ECU.
  11. THE STREAK IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE STREAK! Also worth noting: the very first game of Solomon McLaughlin's career, he helped Tech break its school record for single game points scored. And also became Texas Tech's first 150-yard rusher since Shaun Evans all the way back in 2014. Not a bad debut.
  12. We're back in action, y'all. The start of the eighth season of the nation's most exciting conference is upon us, and we're wasting no time in getting into a juicy set of six Big XII games in week 1. We open up on kickoff day with Texas Tech looking to put on a neutral-site show against North Carolina at the House of the Rising Sun. Then on Saturday, we we'll have you flipping channels from 2 PM CDT well into the evening as Oklahoma State and Texas try to start off on the right foot in should-win games, followed by three matchups involving ranked teams as TCU-Clemson, Auburn-Oklahoma, and UCLA-Baylor light up your sets. With the conference looking as wide-open as its ever been, this could be the beginning of a wild, wild ride. But that's enough hype for now. Let's talk about the games. Thursday Night North Carolina (0-0) vs. Texas Tech (0-0) (Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA) At 8:00 PM on Thursday night in New Orleans, either Leonel Quezada or Eddie Heredia will slam their foot into the ball and propel it into the domed air--and with that, the 2020 season in the nation's most exciting conference will begin. The two former schools of 2015 Big XII South champion LamboThrone square off against each other in neutral ground, and both will be looking to this game as an opportunity for an offensive breakthrough. The Tar Heels had the #75 scoring offense last year, and proceeded to lose their three best playmakers in runningback Logan Pruitt and wide receivers Justin McCain and Evan Medley. That leaves them with an offense that will run through Max Laws (who completed 59.7% of his passes for 2305 yards, 14 TD, and 11 INT last year) and new starting runningback Isaiah Peko. Without any talented playmakers elsewhere, without a strong offensive line, and with a backfield that consists of an unknown quantity and a known bad quantity, things don't look great for the Carolina offense. Matched up against a Texas Tech defense that prides itself on strength up front and speed in the back, and you can expect Texas Tech to make Carolina's life difficult on offense. So the question becomes whether or not Texas Tech's offense can score enough to keep the Tar Heels at bay. Chase Shapiro was even worse than Max Laws last year (58.8%, 2170 yards, 5 TD, 11 INT), the Red Raiders also lost almost all of their receiving depth--but the hope is that true freshman runningback Solomon McLaughlin can make an instant impact. The prized superrecruit out of Southlake will contend with what should be a difficult matchup against the North Carolina defense. Josiah Harden is one of the best defensive ends in the country, and he's partnered with three other defensive linemen (Daniel Simpson on the edge, Mohamed Caldwell and Gabriel Spencer in the middle) who all have pro strength and pro speed. Texas Tech has an interior line that can generate some space for him, but McLaughlin will still have to contend with linebacker Charles Wilkins and strong safety Gabriel Hightower honing in on him. Neither offense matches up well against either defense, but Texas Tech's offense matches up less poorly than Carolina's does. I'll take the Red Raiders to win the opener. Texas Tech 16, North Carolina 10 Saturday Afternoon Western Kentucky (0-0) at Oklahoma State (0-0) Heading over to Saturday, we begin the afternoon shift with the return game of the home-and-home between Oklahoma State and Western Kentucky. The Cowboys had no trouble knocking out the Hilltoppers' lights last season, racing out to an early lead and pulverizing them 41-7 behind 350 yards and 3 touchdowns from Chester Brenner, 169 receiving yards and two touchdowns from Raheem Robinson, a rushing score from Afasa Neru, and a pick-six from Noah Crawley. This will be the first chance to see Oklahoma State in action without those last three players. Oklahoma State's operating on a next-man-up philosophy: the combination of Xavier Gant, Jay Dunn, and true freshman Jeremy Bridges gives them more quantity than ever in the passing game, Khalil Bell should be a serviceable replacement for Neru, and the secondary...well, it should be able to hold up to the level of scrutiny Western Kentucky can provide. The Hilltoppers do bring in a few upgrades. Redshirt freshman Riley West takes over at quarterback as one of the highest-rated signal-callers in the C-USA. Leading receiver Michael Landrum returns. They have an absolutely imposing defensive line with two guys who would be right at home on a Big XII defensive line: Daniel Spivey on the edge and Benjamin Chappell on the interior. True freshman free safety Janoris Callahan was a 4-star recruit to some and a 5-star to others. It's enough talent that I wouldn't quite call this a guarantee game, but Oklahoma State is a heck of a lot deeper. Their offensive line should be able to handle the 'toppers defensive front, their receivers should be able to exploit the secondary, and their own secondary probably won't be thoroughly tested in this one. Cowboys should handle this one with ease. Oklahoma State 34, Western Kentucky 14 Boise State (0-0) at Texas (0-0) The other matchup in our first course on our first Saturday is another return game--though this one potentially offers more intrigue than the first one. Texas and Boise State have played three times in their history, and surprisingly all three matchups were close. The Longhorns won 28-23 in Boise during the Broncos' one-year stint in the Big XII, the Broncos returned the favor with a 14-10 Pinstripe Bowl victory in 2015, and Texas reclaimed the upper hand at long last with a 19-10 win in Boise last season. Neither team had a ton of offense to speak of; both expect that to change this year. Instead of a true freshman runningback and Dante Fraley at quarterback, Texas has a more experienced Simeon Wells at tailback and newcomer Kyler Tackett under center. Instead of Jabari Sneed at quarterback, Boise State now starts newcomer Roman Green. Expect the Broncos to pound the ground. Between the foot talent of Green, runningback Marquise Allen, blocking back Xavier Pennington, and the loss of receivers Eric Watson and Kevin Garvin to the NFL Draft, the chips are all lining up that way. Texas has a front seven that probably ought to keep that attack contained, and I don't think Boise's going to really try to test the Texas secondary. However, that defense is going to need to do work because the offense faces a legitimate challenge against Boise's defense. Defensive tackle Kaden Oglesby is disruptive up front, linebackers Jake McCann and Phillip Gillis are sure tacklers, and you absolutely don't want to mess with senior safeties Justin Ivy-Sewell or Jonah Parker. Texas is going to need to keep Boise off-balance, and that'll mean strong performances from Tackett, Wells, Abdoul Causey, and Steven Maloney to stretch the defense in every different direction. A bad performance from any of those key four players could get them into hot water. Bottom line, though: Texas still has more weapons than Boise on both sides of the ball. They will have to work for this one, but they're rightfully the favorite here. Texas 21, Boise State 13 Saturday Evening TCU (0-0) at #4 Clemson (0-0) One thing is for sure: with this kind of challenge in their first game, the freshmen who serve as TCU's building blocks aren't going to be fazed by much else after this. After the disaster that was TCU's 2019 season (which included a 42-21 home loss to Clemson), the Horned Frogs now have to begin the 2020 campaign on the road against the 4th-ranked, talent-rich, defending ACC champions and national runners-up at Clemson. Who cares if the Tigers lost Marquise Reed to an unsurprising early declaration? They return two All-Americans in the defensive backfield in Malachi Douglas and Marquise Holliday, an elite defensive front led by defensive tackle Marcus Brown and linebacker Omar Trotter, and one of the best pitch-and-catch combinations in the country in Jamel Armstrong and Josiah McCray. While their coach is quick to downplay expectations to the media, this team is the type that gave TCU nightmares last year. The good news for TCU, though, is that there are a few fundamental differences between this year and last year. One of those is a straight advantage: the Tigers lost three starting offensive linemen to graduation, including left tackle Maxwell Carmichael. TCU's young defensive line struggled to generate pressure last year (just 2.0 sacks by linemen), so this is an area where they absolutely have to figure out how to take advantage. The other fundamental difference is a double-edged sword: TCU graduated the school's all-time leading passer in Nathan Burden and brought in dual-threat redshirt freshman Sam Milner to take the starting spot. Milner will likely not be asked to do as much throwing into the wind as Burden had to, which means the offense will be less predictable. On the other hand, the lack of experience from Milner and top receivers Finn Nielsen and Griffin McHanna (both freshmen) is a disadvantage that Clemson's experienced defense should be able to take advantage of pretty much constantly throughout the game. Give TCU a puncher's chance here, but don't count on an upset. #4 Clemson 35, TCU 17 #8 Auburn (0-0) at #23 Oklahoma (0-0) The marquee game of the week in the nation's most exciting conference takes place in Norman, as the defending Big XII champions take on upstart Auburn. The Sooners have a heck of a task ahead of them. Auburn brings a deep and talented offense to the table, led by sophomore Marcus Black. After taking over for Jacory Kessler midseason, Black posted the second-highest passer rating (143.02) of any freshman quarterback in 2019, throwing for over 2000 yards in 9 games. Auburn loses star runningback Jermaine Lockett, but their pipeline keeps producing rushing talent with the arrival of Sean Meade. In addition, the Tigers return their top two leading receivers in Oscar Marroquin and tight end Jayden Townsend--all while adding junior college transfer Andre Curtis and true freshman slot receiver Jariel Martinez. And finally, left tackle Jackson Gibson and center Dean Strauss anchor what should be one of the better offensive lines in college football. This is the type of offense that Oklahoma doesn't want to see: they will thrive if they can dominate the line of scrimmage, and Oklahoma's defense isn't built to win the line of scrimmage. They start a pair of transfers at defensive end, freshmen at two of three linebacker spots, and the only proven guy the team can count on in the front seven is sophomore Jeremy Green. Oklahoma should be able to keep Auburn from spreading them out vertically, but they will need to find a way to get pressure on Black to keep him from taking off. The good news is that Auburn's defense is built the same way: a rear that Sir Mix-a-Lot would appreciate, and a front that leaves something to be desired. Make no mistake: you won't find a lot of inside linebacker pairs better than Tyrese Thompson and Amadou Christian, but Auburn isn't going to burn a lot of teams on the edges. That's a relief for true freshman quarterback Eric Pope, and it's an opportunity for sophomore runningback Maurice White. If Jason Dotson, Rory McKay, and Rory Early can open up some holes for White, that's all the more leeway Pope will have when it comes to passing downs. He has a quality trio of receivers in Ty Royal, Rangi Salanoa, and Aiden Caldwell. But Auburn's secondary is one of the finest in the country: Kenyon Justice is a lockdown corner, Thomas Mims isn't half-bad himself, and strong safety Eddie Burks makes going deep a liability. Being at home means Oklahoma will have more than a reasonable shot, but I'll take the Tigers to claw their way to 1-0. #8 Auburn 23, #23 Oklahoma 16 UCLA (0-0) at #15 Baylor (0-0) Rounding out our first set of games of the year, the Big XII's highest-ranked team takes on a UCLA that's been up-and-down over the past few years. They went 12-1 in 2016, dropped to 2-10 in 2017, bounced back to 11-2 in 2018, and fell back to 4-8 last year (including a 31-7 home shellacking at the hands of Baylor). Under their third coach in as many years, UCLA will hope to continue the harmonic pattern. Their chances of doing so depend in large part on the performance of Steven Gore. After a stellar freshman season in which he averaged an incredible 10.4 yards per attempt with 18 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in the Josh Shiancoe-led offense, Gore regressed stunningly in his sophomore campaign. He managed to throw for 237 fewer yards despite an extra 143 attempts, completed just 55.9% of his passes, and tossed 14 touchdowns against 16 picks. With once again very little to speak of at runningback, UCLA will rely on him heavily once again. UCLA won't lack for targets as their top four receivers from last year all returned: two-way athlete Darius Waters comes back to play wide receiver and strong safety; he's joined by Jay Arreola, Ronan Humphreys, and tight end Miles Burnette. Their offensive line is strong enough to keep Baylor at bay, but the receivers didn't really show much of an ability to shake good coverage. For all the physical gifts Waters had, he didn't have a strong year in the #1 role and wound up with just 657 yards and 4 touchdowns. Furthermore, Baylor will have phenom Kyle Cunningham to primarily keep tabs on Waters while redshirt freshman William Travis will be in charge of keeping abreast of Jay Arreola. While UCLA's offensive performance will probably be the more important side of this matchup, the way Baylor chooses to attack the UCLA defense may provide some clarity for the season ahead. UCLA's defense isn't particularly strong or weak anywhere. It's a blank canvas, and Baylor can draw on it however they want post-Sean Bell. There's one huge and obvious red flag, though: UCLA's best defensive player, Blake Tipton, is slated to line up at right end. Joshua Hyde, a true freshman and a three-star recruit, is slated to start at left tackle. Marcus Swartz will have to deal with pressure from his blind side, and that's worth keeping an eye on. But when he does have a clear backfield, the next-most talented players on the field will be Lamont Wilder and Hastin Rider, and that's a tough tandem for a defense to deal with. UCLA has more talent than last year's record indicated. I think this is going to be a much closer game than expected. I expect Baylor to pull it out, but not without a fight. #15 Baylor 20, UCLA 17 Byes: Iowa State (0-0), #20 Kansas (0-0), Kansas State (0-0), West Virginia (0-0)
  13. Another fun fact about Norris Brooksheer: his three losses were to Kansas, Notre Dame, and Texas. He had previously beaten Notre Dame and Texas, and would go on to beat Kansas the next year. In other words, Norris Brooksheer defeated every single team he played against in college.
  14. Petition to rename the conference Air Force and the Mounties
  15. You're still the Texas coach and as far as I'm concerned you never lost your team; you just got detached from them on the interface. Make sure you request it there, and one of the commissioners with access will re-assign you to it.

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