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  1. @Darman I believe you asked earlier, but yes this is indeed the Duke scoring record. Beats the 56-0 beating that Duke put down on Georgia State all the way back in 2014. Outside of that game, all four of Duke's 50+ games have come in the last four seasons (51-17 at Tulane in 2022, 52-6 vs. App State in 2022, 52-21 at Georgia Tech in 2023, 62-10 vs. Wake Forest today)
  2. I think Duke remembered last year.
  3. Saturday Afternoon Texas (4-4) at Kansas State (4-4) (-8, O/U 50.5)* History could be happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the most pivotal Big XII game in the bowl race. (Aren't you glad Lin-Manuel Miranda didn't ask me to write any lyrics?) The winner of this matchup will be on the doorstep of a bowl bid. For Texas, that's become routine: they've had to scratch and claw their way to 6 wins the last few years, but they've never failed to get there. A loss here, though, would make it an uphill battle to continue the streak. For Kansas State, it's rarefied territory. They have not seen the postseason since 2016. They have come heartbreakingly close once since then, their 2020 season in which they finished 5-7 with a 48-41 shootout loss to Texas. This is their best team probably ever and certainly their best opportunity to earn that postseason bid. The prize of striking distance will belong to whoever can win a quarterback duel. Neither team runs the ball well on a consistent basis, but their passing games are both productive enough to pick up the slack and then some. Freshman Shane Kruse is second in the Big XII with 2275 passing yards, and senior transfer Sam Milner is hot on his heels in third with 2228. Milner's the more efficient of the pair. He has thrown for 19 touchdowns to 3 interceptions on 65.0% passing; Kruse is at 16 touchdowns to 6 interceptions on 59.5% passing. The twist on this one: neither secondary is all that imposing. Kansas State has 5 interceptions, all of them from linebackers and none from defensive backs. Will the Wildcats use their linebackers in coverage or try to flood the pocket so that star slot receiver Shaq Dixon doesn't have time to get deep? Texas has 7 picks, but part-time linebacker Gabe Kraus is the only one with a plural number. Can they keep Jermaine Jordan, Jhonny Palacios, and Joel De La Cruz-Venegas in front of them rather than rely on leading tackler and strong safety Logan Gallegos to clean things up? Who knows? Both of these defenses have had some positive performances against the pass in conference play. Kansas State kept Ian Baldwin in check, bless his heart. Texas limited Taylor Cook, Martin Lake, and Grayson Gillette. But all four were in slumps in the first place, and neither team has slowed down a passing offense that wasn't slumping. By that indicator, I'm inclined to go with Texas just because Milner is coming off of 385 yards and 2 touchdowns against a tough Texas Tech defense whereas Kruse was held to 199 yards with a touchdown and an interception against a tough Oklahoma defense. Predicting a shootout is the surest guarantee of a low-scoring game, so I'll take Texas in a slugfest. Texas 21, Kansas State 16 Saturday Evening West Virginia (4-4) at TCU (6-2) (-17.5, O/U 44)* West Virginia is red-hot, having rallied from an 0-4 start and a one-game benching of starting quarterback Martin Lake to even up their record at 4-4. If the season ended today, they would face Oklahoma for the Big XII title; certainly, they control their own destiny in that race. The last upstart team to reach those heights and face TCU with an inside track on the line was Iowa State, and the Horned Frogs smacked them down thoroughly. When TCU is sticking to the script, they're capable of tearing very good teams to shreds. As young as this team is, as much discontinuity as it's had from last year, it just hasn't come together on a consistent basis. Taylor Cook has had 4 games with a passer rating of 110.4 or worse, 4 games with a passer rating of 163.3 or better, and zero games in-between. All four of his good games have come at home, and three of them have come in his last four games. It's probably not coincidental that Matteo Cates was over 100 yards rushing in those same three games out of the last four. It's certainly not a coincidence that the one exception in that span was a loss. Against West Virginia, hitting either of those milestones would go a long way even if they don't hit both. TCU's got depth at receiver; you can count on Finn Nielsen and tight end Miguel Aguilera to be productive more often than not, Griffin McHanna makes plays wherever he is on the field, and Julio Robledo has come on strong in the last few games as a potential deep threat. West Virginia's secondary will have its hands full. Cook has the luxury of identifying where Harry Conner (3 INT) and strong safety Bucky Richardson (2 INT) are and finding a better matchup--but only as long as he has time to go through his progressions, and shortening that clock is what West Virginia's defense has relied on. Riley Reardon has 2.5 sacks and 5 TFL from the defensive tackle spot, Elvis Cornejo has 4.5 sacks, 3 TFL, and a forced fumble from the edge, and Dominic Acuna's had a dominant season with 7.5 sacks, 8 TFL, and 2 forced fumbles from the other edge. If there's any offensive line in the conference that can handle them and extend Cook's time in the backfield, it's TCU's. Keep a clean backfield, win the game. If they don't, they'll need to rely on their defense. West Virginia's offense went from nonfunctional to unstoppable on the strength of explosive plays. Mike Freeman's three highest yards-per-carry performances have come during this win streak, and they've included runs of 26, 40, and 92 yards. He had 67 carries for 283 yards in the first four games and has had 91 carries for 528 yards during the streak so far. Martin Lake is connecting deep with Corey Easley and sometimes Etena Catingub. He's averaged more than 11 yards per attempt three times in three last four games with 6 touchdowns to 2 interceptions. For TCU, neutralizing the offense starts with neutralizing Easley. That's where Patrick Ross comes in. He's already picked three passes and batted down four more. But when Easley's lined up away from him, William Cooper is plenty capable. The question is what the front will look like. Since going to a 3-4 they've been able to get pressure from everywhere. Richard Farrell and Lardarius Pendleton are crashing the pocket from the linebacker level with reckless abandon. Jefferson Cruz, Kwon Shaw, and Hooker Jackson make it 5 guys who have to be accounted for on every play. Blake Burns and Guillermo Luna can go into coverage, which makes it really hard to find an open receiver. That's the script, anyway, and the whole issue is that TCU has had trouble staying on it. But just as West Virginia has been hot lately, TCU has been on-script more lately. The script calls for another TCU win. TCU 27, West Virginia 20 Byes: Oklahoma (8-1), Baylor (4-5), Oklahoma State (7-2), Texas Tech (6-3)
  4. table { width: 100%; border-spacing: 0; } table td { padding: 3px; } tr { background-color: #FFF; } tr:nth-child(even){ background-color: #EAEAEA; } table.boxscore tr { background-color: #fff; } table.boxscore td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 90%; text-align: center; border: 1px solid #D3D3D3; border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; } table.boxscore td:first-of-type { border-left: 0px; } table.boxscore tr:first-of-type td, table.boxscore tr:last-of-type td { border-bottom: 0px; } table.compare td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: center; } table td.block { height: 35px; text-align: center; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 100%; background-color: #00004c; color: #fff; font-weight: bold; } table td.teamspecific { width: 49%; min-width: 400px; display:inline-block; } table td.teamspecific td.stat{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.name{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.stat.name{ width: 11%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight:bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; } table td.teamspecific td.label { width: 35%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight: bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: left; } @media (max-width: 840px) { table td.teamspecific{ width: 100%; } } AP POLL Week #11 - 2023 Rank Trend Team Record Points 1 -- Oregon Ducks (4) 8-0 124 2 -- SMU Mustangs (1) 8-0 118 3 -- Florida Gators 8-1 116 4 ↑1 Oklahoma Sooners 8-1 105 5 ↓1 LSU Tigers 7-1 104 6 ↑3 Michigan Wolverines 7-1 94 7 ↓1 Tennessee Volunteers 7-1 93 8 -- Duke Blue Devils 7-1 91 9 ↑2 Illinois Fighting Illini 7-1 87 10 ↑2 Clemson Tigers 8-1 83 11 ↑2 TCU Horned Frogs 6-2 74 12 ↑2 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 7-1 71 13 ↑6 Mississippi State Bulldogs 6-2 53 14 ↓4 Washington Huskies 6-2 52 15 ↓8 Oklahoma State Cowboys 7-2 51 16 ↓1 Rice Owls 7-1 47 17 -- Western Michigan Broncos 7-1 46 18 ↑4 USC Trojans 7-2 41 19 ↑4 Virginia Tech Hokies 7-2 40 20 ↑4 Hawaii Rainbow Warriors 6-2 32 21 ⁿ/ₐ Maryland Terrapins 6-2 25 22 ↓2 Louisville Cardinals 6-2 16 23 ↓7 Georgia Bulldogs 5-3 10 24 ⁿ/ₐ Fresno State Bulldogs 8-1 9 25 ⁿ/ₐ Penn State Nittany Lions 5-3 9 Dropped from Rankings #18 Purdue Boilermakers, #20 Missouri Tigers, #25 Indiana Hoosiers Receiving Votes Texas A&M (8), Missouri (6), BYU (6), Purdue (5), Navy (5), Minnesota (93), Iowa State (1) *Fresno State's highest vote is #18 **Penn State's highest vote is #19
  5. Nah, I'll just try and land him on 13579 instead
  6. Congratulations to @Minnowsotan on earning a bowl bid! Losing everybody off of that 2019 team was hard to bounce back from, and being able to build back up into a team that's bowling, knocking off Oklahoma on the road, and just in general giving everybody all the smoke is a huge accomplishment. Also, don't go looking for Evan Shipley, he surely got on the team bus back and I totally didn't kidnap him to make him kick for us. On the bright side, Christian Graham ends this game with 12345 career passing yards (not even kidding) and is the first Big XII player to reach 100 career passing touchdowns.
  7. Friday Night Iowa State (5-3) at Kansas (2-6) (+11, O/U 44.5)* A pivotal week in the Big XII's battles for bowl eligibility begins with Iowa State's visit to a reeling Kansas. An Iowa State win would be their first win over the Jayhawks since 2019--and not coincidentally, it would clinch their first bowl bid since the same year. Wearing white as a visitor will be the Big XII's leader in rushing yards per game, Kofi McCullough. The junior averages 120.0 yards per game on the ground on 5.8 yards per carry and has scored 10 rushing touchdowns this season. Wearing blue as the host will be the Big XII's leader in passing yards per game, Christian Graham. The senior averages 316.0 passing yards per game, but has done so on a 59.3% completion rate, 6.6 yards per attempt, 18 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. His numbers on a per-pass basis are not materially different from Vaughn Sheppard's, and that's a problem for Kansas. McCullough means that Iowa State doesn't need to throw to win. In contrast, Kansas has more pass completions (227) than rushing yards (203) this season. When their entire offense rests on a passing game that's accounted for 3 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in the last three games, it's an offense that's not going to function. Those efforts came against three good pass defenses--but Iowa State's been effective against the pass themselves. They held Sam Milner, Caleb Olmsted, Ian Baldwin, and Nick Brohm to 55.6% passing or worse, 6.4 yards per attempt or worse, and a collective 5 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. That streak ended when Taylor Cook torched the Cyclone secondary for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns on 17-of-23 through the air. Can Graham replicate that? He'll have to stay out of the middle of the field where Paul Bryant, Ian Johnson, and safeties Mark Barbour and Laurent Daniel are waiting. But even the outside has its dangers, as Khalil Howard's picked off a team-high 3 passes this year. Iowa State knows that Kansas wants to throw, and they will be ready. Likewise, Kansas will be looking to stop the run if at all possible--and it hasn't often been possible for them. They're giving up over 120 yards per game on the ground in conference play on 5.1 yards per carry. There's a lot of inexperience up front, though senior Jamari Callahan's started to assert himself with 6 tackles for loss in the last 4 games. If Callahan doesn't make the play in the backfield, though, it's almost always a positive gain and too often a big one. That's what Kofi McCullough lives for, and his offensive line excels at keeping the heat off of him. Callahan will often be right in the face of left tackle D'Neal Norris, and even a draw is a win for Norris. Iowa State can run that way if it's working, run to Eddy Cuevas's side if it's not, and they can set up play-action and test their speedsters as well. Their offense hasn't been the most productive, but it just has more ways to make plays and that will be the difference. Iowa State 24, Kansas 14
  8. Friday Night Baylor 35, Kansas 10 On the Board: Baylor's defense has kept them competitive even during a five-game losing streak to start conference play. With the defense holding steady once again and limiting Kansas to 10 points, Baylor's offense was able to seize control early and turn this one into a laugher before halftime. They made an emphasis on running the ball, getting 119 yards and 2 touchdowns on 25 carries from Miles Street along with a rushing touchdown from Caleb Olmsted. Olmsted was efficient on his 19 pass attempts, completing 14 of them for 175 yards and a touchdown to Kofi Moore. When Jamari Callahan (1.0 sack, 3 TFL) wasn't in the backfield, Baylor met little to no resistance. Their 35 points were the most they've scored in a road conference game since a 49-42 loss to West Virginia in 2020. Standstill: And their 10 points allowed were the fewest they've given up in a road conference game since a 27-6 win four weeks prior to that West Virginia game--beating their previous local minimum of 11 points against Texas Tech last week. They went all-in on stopping Christian Graham, naturally, and held him to 30-of-52 passing for 297 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions. One of those came at the hands of the promising Raekwon Sewell, and the other was a pick-six to Elias Ladd. They erased productive tight end Mark Poole from the game, though Cameron Bowers put up 101 yards and a touchdown on his 10 catches. Kansas did not score until the second half, they did not find the endzone until the fourth quarter, and they have now scored 36 points in their last three games combined. The offense is officially at a standstill. Next Up: Kansas falls to 2-6 (1-5) and are almost certain to miss a bowl game for the first time since 2016. They host Iowa State next as the Cyclones try to ice their first bowl bid since 2019. Baylor improves to 4-5 (1-5) and remain alive in the bowl hunt. They will get a bye before their final road game of the season against Oklahoma. Saturday Morning West Virginia 20, #7/#7/#8 Oklahoma State 17 They Did It Again: For the second straight year, West Virginia took on and pulled a big upset over Oklahoma State. And for the fourth straight game after an 0-4 start, West Virginia has come away victorious. The Mountaineers were able to get the job done despite their quietest offensive performance during the winning streak. They still got their fair share of their suddenly trademarked explosive plays. Mike Freeman put up 138 yards and a 40-yard touchdown run on 23 carries. Corey Easley had 96 yards on 5 catches, scoring the only West Virginia receiving touchdown of the game. Martin Lake threw for 222 yards on an efficient 15-of-20 day through the air. But what truly made the difference was their line-of-scrimmage defense. Dominic Acuna had a sack and 3 tackles for loss. Riley Reardon had 3 tackles for loss. Lavonte Jones had 3 tackles for loss. They didn't give the Oklahoma State offense room to breathe, and as a result it suffocated. They Did It Again: For the second straight year, Oklahoma State couldn't get by West Virginia. And for the second straight game after a 7-0 start, the Cowboys came away from a road trip empty-handed. While their 17-point total (their lowest since last year's West Virginia game) stands out, there's fingers to point in all three phases of the game. Amral Brown couldn't get to the line of scrimmage often enough and finished with 97 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries. Ian Baldwin was just 16-of-29 for 185 yards, throwing a touchdown to Misael Farias (who had a team-high 72 yards on 5 catches) and an interception to Luke Lacey. Jeremy Bridges and Albert Wenzel were quiet as mice, though Samuel Barfield at least cracked the half-century mark on his four grabs. The defense had few explosive plays: Amir Pryor had 2 tackles for loss, but West Virginia's offensive line otherwise handled them, and the Pokes were outgained 390-282. But all that could have been survivable if it weren't for a missed 39-yard field goal from James Vogel, the second miss of the redshirt sophomore's career. West Virginia's Zane McRae hit from 38 and 37. Any one play could have been the difference in this game--and whatever play that was, West Virginia made it. Next Up: Oklahoma State falls to 7-2 (4-2) and is now in a tie for third place in the loss column in the Big XII standings with TCU and Iowa State. That said, they still control their destiny in the title game race, as they own the tiebreaker with both of those schools and still have yet to play Oklahoma. They'll have a bye week before they dig in their heels at home against Texas Tech. West Virginia (4-4, 4-1), however, now finds itself on the right side of the picture. If the season ended today, they would have the right to face Oklahoma in the title game. But before they can get there, they still need to secure bowl-eligibility with two more wins. That path isn't easy; in fact, it mandates a trip to Fort Worth to take on TCU next. Saturday Afternoon Texas 23, Texas Tech 9 Sammy's Super Start: There was a time when Sam Milner had come back down to earth after a red-hot start to the season. That time did not include the first quarter of this game. He set out raining fire on a Texas Tech defense that had held two of its last three opponents to single-digit scoring, blasting through that barrier in the first quarter. He threw touchdown passes to Shaun Lyles and Elias Person to put Texas up 14-3, and that would end up being all the scoring they'd need. That's not to say that's all he'd do for the game. He'd finish with 385 yards on 25-of-38 through the air, but for the rest of the game Texas Tech was able to stiffen up and hold them to field goals. He also distributed the ball well: Shaun Lyles had a career-high 120 yards, his first time topping the century mark on his 43rd statsheet. Shaq Dixon had 85 yards receiving, Elias Person had 81 with his touchdown, and Natrone Benjamin had 64. The latter two were the second-highest marks of their respective careers. Untrodden Grass: In the past two games, the only points Texas Tech has scored in an endzone was a safety against Baylor. Other than that, they've kicked three field goals in each game. That was enough to beat Baylor 11-7, but the offensive struggles they faced against Texas were too much to overcome after Milner's hot start. Grayson Gillette finished with 105 yards and a 77.5 passer rating, both surpassing the season-lows he set against Baylor last week. He finished 11-of-23 and threw an interception. He's a freshman who is playing like a freshman, which puts more of the load on the shoulders of Hayden Dyer. But when a defense can hold Dyer to 93 yards on 20 carries, dare Gillette to beat them, and then see their bet pan out over and over again, it's a tough spiral to climb out of. Texas Tech and Kansas may be looking for similar answers to different questions with their offenses at this point. Next Up: Texas falls to 6-3 (3-3) and the schedule doesn't get much more forgiving from here. They get a bye before they travel to Oklahoma State next. Texas improves to 4-4 (2-4) and inject a spark of life into their bowl hopes. They next have to go to Manhattan to take on a Kansas State team that's traditionally played them well; a win there would put them on the cusp of running their streak to 11 years, but a loss might well spell doom. Saturday Evening #4/#5/#4 Oklahoma 23, Kansas State 17 Perfect Ten: Oklahoma and Kansas State have now met ten times. Seven of them have been blowouts. Two have gone to overtime. One was decided in regulation but not until the fourth quarter. And all ten have gone in favor of the Sooners. This was one of the harder ones, which is less of a surprise after Kansas State's upset of Oklahoma State. The Sooners didn't run the ball as well as they wanted, getting 99 yards on 23 Jaiden Douglas carries and not much of note from Kenyan Chatman. But they did get a vintage, efficient Eric Pope performance: 237 yards on 17-of-22 passing for two touchdowns and an interception. Lucas Dykes (6 for 80 yards, 1 TD) was once again the go-to receiving target, and Elijah Williams (1 INT, 1 PD, 4 tackles) was once again a star on defense. They kicked a pair of field goals from the 10-yard line and closer in the third quarter, which nearly became an issue when Kansas State scored a touchdown to take a 17-16 lead into the fourth. But steady as only a senior can be, Pope found Chase Reardon in the endzone to take the lead back with 12 minutes to play and the defense held strong from there on. Thrice Shy: For the third time in four years, Kansas State came up just short of knocking down Oklahoma. Consecutive 29-26 overtime losses in 2020 (a year where they finished 5-7) and 2021 will haunt them. While this won't go down as a consequential loss unless the Wildcats finish 5-7 again, it could have been a second straight signature win. But when Gabriel Vinson was held to 78 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries, when Shane Kruse threw for 199 yards, a touchdown, and an interception on 16-of-28 passing, when the offense was held to 17 points for the game, it would take a herculean effort on defense to get out of Norman with a win. They still nearly pulled it off: Brendan Scherer keyed the run defense that kept Douglas in check, and Mario Hamilton continued his stellar season with an interception and a tackle for loss. They held strong in the red zone and forced those two chip-shot field goals. They put themselves in a position where a bounce or two going their way (other than Jeremiah Melvin's strip-sack that bounced right to P.K. Lovelace) could have been the difference. But it wasn't meant to be. Next Up: Kansas State falls to 4-4 (2-3) and takes on Texas in a crucial matchup for bowl-eligibility. The winner should be favored to make it to 6 wins, and the loser should be favored to make it to 7 losses. Oklahoma (8-1, 5-1) is back to looking like the best team in the Big XII for the moment--and it never seems to last more than a moment this year. For now, though, they'll get a bye before Senior Night against Baylor. Byes: Iowa State (5-3), #12/#13/#11 TCU (6-2)
  9. Top 5 Artists: 1. Cellar Darling 2. Karnataka 3. Ancient Bards 4. Temperance 5. Within Temptation Only real surprise is Temperance at #4. I knew I'd listened to them a lot, but I'm surprised I put in more time listening to them than Within Temptation, Unleash the Archers, Nightwish, or Dream Theater. But the rest of the top five...yeah, definitely. Top 10 Songs: 1. Death (Cellar Darling) 2. Secrets of Angels (Karnataka) 3. The Spell (Cellar Darling) 4. Drown (Cellar Darling) 5. Trophy Hunter (Within Temptation) 6. Love (Cellar Darling) 7. Redemption (Cellar Darling) 8. Under the Oak Tree... (Cellar Darling) (which is meant to be followed up with ...High Above These Crowns) 9. Heart of Stone (Karnataka) 10. Pain (Cellar Darling) ...look, it's not my fault Cellar Darling is amazing. Top five genres: 1. Symphonic power metal 2. Progressive metal 3. Gothic symphonic metal 4. Video game music 5. Show tunes Career-high 44,849 minutes listened, including 50 hours of Cellar Darling.
  10. Kansas Jayhawks 2nd Half Late PG Daronte Paul 6-3 223 Jr Maize South (Wichita KS) [Aggressive] SG Clevon McGee 6-4 218 So Piper (Kansas City KS) [6th Man] SF Keon Simms 6-6 241 Sr Hanover (Hanover KS) [Fatigued**] PF Tremon Davis 6-8 259 So Piper (Kansas City KS) [Talent*] C Ricky Weaver 7-1 288 (Sr) Olathe North (Olathe KS) Paul uses Aggressive on the small forward position Paul: 0 (Aggressive) McGee: 0 (roll) + 3 (Sixth Man) = 3 Simms: 0 (roll) Davis: 4 (roll) + 2 (talent) + 1 (star) = 7 Weaver: 0 (roll) Total = 10
  11. The Baltimore Ravens' magic number to clinch the AFC North over Cincinnati and Pittsburgh is down to 0.5--a win or tie, or a loss/tie by both Pittsburgh and Cincinnati seal the division formally. They're one game back of the top two in the AFC but lost to both head-to-head, so a lot of work to do to get a bye. But they can start making their playoff plans now because it would take the greatest collapse and comeback in football history to knock them out at this point. Bengals may have started awfully, but they've shown a ton of resolve. Games like these show that they can win once a few bounces go their way.
  12. Re-rolls for Bradley and Hines Bradley: 1 (roll) + 0 (re-roll) + 2 (motivation) + 1 (star) = 4 Hines: 1 (roll) + 0 (re-roll) = 1 Simms: 2 (roll) + 2 (stars) = 4 Washington: 3 (roll) + 2 (talent) + 2 (stars) = 7 Rubio: 2 (roll) + X (number of Duke zeroes) = 2 + X Total: 18 + number of Duke zeroes
  13. Kansas Jayhawks 2nd Half Early PG Trevor Bradley 6-3 214 (Jr) Maize (Maize KS) [Motivation*] SG Jordan Hines 6-5 234 (Fr) Basehor-Linwood (Basehor KS) [Press] SF Keon Simms 6-6 241 Sr Hanover (Hanover KS) [Fatigued**] PF Dashaud Washington 6-8 261 (Jr) St. John (St. John KS) [Talent **] C Dante Rubio 6-9 268 Fr Central (Salina KS) [Rebounder] Hines uses Press on the SF position
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