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  1. I feel like I'm missing the part where he became a Tik Tok star
  2. Love everything he's brought to the table this year. He makes an impact in every element of the defense: sure tackling, stops in the backfield, QB pressures, coverage, even a couple Peanut punches, and it's only a matter of time until he scores some points himself.
  3. :bears: We have placed Mohammed Foster on injured reserve and signed quarterback Nathan Singletary from the Denver Broncos' practice squad.

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    2. stormstopper


      If I replaced a West Virginia player with a Pitt player I'm pretty sure @smackemz would give me a disappointed face. I'd have to retire out of shame.

    3. smackemz


      I recruited Nathan Singletary to Texas A&M, so he gets the smackemz seal of approval

    4. nemolee.exe


      Welp, there go our playoff chances.

  4. Worst-case scenario on every front imaginable. Even without Foster getting hurt, we failed to execute in any of the three phases of the game. Biggest margin of defeat in three years, and it wasn't even really as close as the scoreboard made it seem. We didn't have a great gameplan and for once we didn't have an answer for getting punched in the mouth. But to lose MoFo for the year on top of that...that's the biggest punch to the gut we've had as a franchise since the Packers game in 2018, and about as ill-timed too. I can only hope this doesn't derail him long-term; that's even more important
  5. The Chicago Bears place: QB Mohammed Foster 6-0 194 3 West Virginia [Scrambling] [-1] 88 on injured reserve. He suffered a Severe PCL Rupture week 12 and is out for the remainder of the season.
  6. This breaks the Colts' 11-day-old record for largest road shutout win in NFLHC history. Like the Colts, the Seahawks had to overcome suspect quarterback play but a combination of stout defense, field position from turnovers, and fantastic runningbacks got the job done.
  7. Oh absolutely the latter. I'd get run out of town (and I'd light the torches and pitchforks myself) if we changed the name of the stadium, particularly since 2025 will be the 100th that it's borne that name.
  8. Chicago Bears select: Soldier Field (through 2027): +20 influence immediately; +5 media funds at the beginning of 2025, 2026, 2027.
  9. The Lions have been held to 20 points or fewer 7 times this season (and are 4-3 when that happens). They've scored 30+ points 4 times (4-0), including three times in the past five games. They have yet to land anywhere in between 20 and 30.
  10. Niners are better than their record. Which is unfortunate for certain reasons...
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