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  1. Finally got around to updating my stats, and it turns out this is the largest margin of victory we've ever had as a franchise, surpassing a 41-14 win at Denver in 2019 (the David Medley Game). That Denver team went 10-6 and we went 7-9, so go figure. Nick Rowland was already the first Bear ever to make his franchise debut with a 100-yard rushing game. He now joins Quincys Turner and Honeycutt and Vaughan Abraham as the fourth Bear to have multiple 100-yard rushing games. Honeycutt is the only other Bear to do so twice in his rookie season. However, Owen Walton owes him dinner at th
  2. GG Ravens. Not sure where the heck that came from, but love to see the effort on both lines of scrimmage. And Ezekiel Williams Jr. in particular is picking up right where he left off, which I just love. Gonna need to see if the Sox have any spare sticky stuff for Nick Rowland's gloves but otherwise film session on Monday is gonna be fun.
  3. Early game of the year contender. Bowman leading the clutch drive at the end of regulation to tie it was huge, but maybe the biggest swing was Tre'Davious Dikes coming up with an interception while Dallas was heading into field goal range, which WFT parlayed into a TD the other way. A 10 to 14-point swing potentially. Big time players make big time plays.
  4. Bears place on Long-Term Injured Reserve: DE Matthew McNeil 6-2 255 1 UCF [Contain] [+2/C] 78 He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture week 1 and is out for the season
  5. Bears place DT Spence Donald 6-4 331 2 USF [2-Gap] [-1] 78 on Long-Term Injured Reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Preseason Week 3 and is out for the season.
  6. Chicago Bears place OG Vincent McCabe 6-5 287 R Toledo [Run Blocking] [0] 79 on long-term injured reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture preseason week 1 and is out for the season
  7. I can guarantee no child of mine will ever be named Paul, Gibbs, or any variation thereof!
  8. EJ McGuire with some classic Nick Hall shenanigans. Pretty clear that we're going to have to do some serious investment in our medical facilities. Already 5 players on season-ending IR including three rookies...
  9. The Chicago Bears place on injured reserve: ILB Kameron Reaves 6-3 235 4 Kansas [Mike] [0] 75 He suffered a Severe Achilles Rupture during training camp and is out for the season. CB William Cooper 6-1 170 1 TCU [Zone Coverage] [0] 75 He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture during training camp and is out for the season.
  10. Chicago Bears place the following players on injured reserve: DT Paul Walker 6-1 295 R Portland State [2-Gap] [0] 77 Suffered a Severe ACL Rupture during Rookie Minicamp and is out for the season CB Spencer Dick 5-10 171 R Minnesota [Zone Coverage] [-1] 71 Suffered a Severe Shoulder Rotator Cuff during Rookie Minicamp and is out for the season
  11. I agree. No need for Red Sox fans to continue existing.
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