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  1. This is as good a time as any to point out that Vernon Turner is undefeated.

  2. Ball State and South Alabama have committed an act of scorigami, the 761st in CFBHC history.
  3. Another good game for Vernon Muhammad. It only feels right that Wisconsin's relying a lot on their run game.
  4. It's so hard to slow down an offense like the 49ers that's predicated on making the defense guess wrong and making them pay for it when they do--because they have threats no matter what the defense tries to take away. When Lester's on like this, hard to do anything but try to match them score for score.
  5. Offense definitely looking more up to speed now than it did on Monday. Big day for the front seven, too: that group filled up the statsheet. Including the first appearance of JORDAN BUTLER! I like our chances if we continue to allow exactly 17 points every single game. Also happy for Akeel and Noah Hills on performing well. Still love those crazy kids.
  6. Shane Kruse put up a 170.7 passer rating, the highest he has recorded against a Power 5 opponent in his young career and the second-highest overall. His 77.4% completion percentage is a career-high, the highest since Julius Minnow went 27-for-31 against Liberty in 2022, the highest against an opponent that's not Liberty since Rahim Murrell went 22-of-27 against Texas, and the highest on 30+ pass attempts against non-Liberty opponents in school history. Gabriel Vinson's 102 rushing yards are the second-most in a single game in his career (he had 109 against Oklahoma State last year). Zahir Moore's 3 TFL match the school record Jonah Caruso set last year against TCU. It's his second game with multiple TFL; he last did it against Louisiana-Lafayette in 2022.
  7. Last season (12 games): 316 rushing yards, 3 rush TD. This season (2 games): 358 rushing yards, 3 rush TD. Vernon Turner this season (2 games): 298 rushing yards, 2 rush TD. Last season (12 games): 2 wins. This season (2 games): 2 wins. Last season (12 games): 18 team sacks. This season (2 games): 9 team sacks. Overtime games since 2020: 5. Overtime wins since 2020: 5. Cornerbacks whose names I mix up all the time at practice: 2. Cornerbacks whose names I will mix up on the game film of their interceptions: 2. Andre Black 40-yard rushing games, previous 12 statsheets dating back to 2022: 0. Andre Black 40-yard rushing games, this statsheet: 1. Vernon Turner status, last season (12 games): In high school. Vernon Turner status, this season (2 games): TURNIN'.
  8. Ring! That! Bell! Incredible effort by Jeremy Bell (with help from Sean Waller on offense, Anthony Miller on defense, and Ashton Britt on special teams) to help the Colts overcome 12 incompletions and an interception and rally back for one of the great comebacks in NFLHC history! (Seriously, nice win Colts!)
  9. Knew it was gonna be a tough lift but definitely not a great time for MoFo to have the worst game of his career and we didn't get much going on the ground either. Biggest positive is that the defense kept us in it the whole way through against an offense that's probably the least straightforward to plan against, and the second-biggest positive is that we set the team record for single-game OL rating. If we can do a better job of valuing the ball then we'll be ready for Arizona on Sunday.
  10. Double scorigami, even: Texans-Pats was the first-ever 32-13 NFLHC final score
  11. Baltimore tied the all-time league records for points (59 by KC week 15 of last season against LAC) and margin of victory (56 by CLE week 11 of the 2018 season against PIT). Norris Brooksheer took 7 sacks behind an offensive line that rated at 8.1, which was the lowest of the time slot but not by that much. We're either talking an impressive Baltimore pass rush, really poor pocket awareness, or--most likely--both. Most important result of the slate is Pittsburgh starting the Taylor Heiden era with a win over the Jets in New York New Jersey. 21 points of offense is practically a truckload compared to recent years, and the defense is as tough as ever. DNJ looked good in his Giants debut. Not sure they're interested in moral victories like being in the game heading into the fourth quarter, but definitely a clear, identifiable plus. In contrast, Josh Beckett and Zach Lombardi had openers to forget. And the ghost of Pauly D is back! And winning! Who knew?
  12. Counterpoint: UTSA's win was against a team whose point differential this season is only -4.0 points per game, whereas North Texas's came against a team whose point differential is -32.0 points per game. Is beating a team that loses by 4.0 per game by 4 points any worse than beating a team that loses by 32.0 per game by 32 points?
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