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    1. Historical across time, offense: a backfield of Mohammed Foster and James Otero with Raheem Robinson at wide receiver, each in their final year in college Historical across time, defense: Peak Morris Millen and peak Kenyatta Henderson just murdering opposing backfields. Historical in real time, offense: College Aaron Kotar with Marcus Barry in the backfield, throwing to Mike Triplett, Marvin White, Ryan Mitchell, and Marcus Banks--AKA the actual 2014 Ohio State offense. Historical in real time, defense: College Anthony Ortiz, Earl Jackson, Louis Peterson, and Dewey Tomlinson all in the front seven--AKA the actual 2014 Oklahoma State defense. Current, offense: Sean Jenkins, JC Weldon, and Donnie Allen all catching passes for the same team. Doesn't even matter who's quarterback, they could probably make Nu Battles look good. Current, defense: Older Morris Millen and older Kenyatta Henderson still just murdering opposing backfields.
    2. BEARS MAKE WAVES IN FREE AGENCY Abraham bursts downfield during a game in his final season with the Cowboys CHICAGO - Former Dallas Cowboys star runningback Vaughan Abraham, All-Pro slot defender Jaylen Harris, and standout former Steelers and Jets receiver Charlie Paul are among the five free agents to agree to terms with the Chicago Bears since free agency officially opened on Monday. In addition, the Bears' roster moves have included the signing of tight end James Ware, veteran offensive guard Jamie Shank, and a trade of cornerback Samuel Shaw to the New York Jets in exchange for strong safety Jesse Hutchins and a swap of picks. "We've added a wealth of talent and a whole new dimension of experience this offseason," said general manager stormstopper. "We are always going to put the best team we can on the field every game, and this team just got a whole lot better." The first domino was the Shaw-for-Hutchins trade on Monday morning. The Bears' defense ranked 24th in the league in passing yards allowed per attempt and per game, though the trade essentially just shifted strength from the corners to the safeties. However, it also opened up room for Jaylen Harris to become the first signee on Tuesday evening. He will reportedly make up to $22 million over the next four years; $14.5 million is guaranteed. Mere minutes later, veteran tight end James Ware inked his contract, which was effectively a one-year deal with a team option for a second season. Ware will join Donnie Allen and Paul Carter-Williams in the tight end corps as a depth option who will likely see most of his time in two-TE, block-heavy sets. On Wednesday, the cavalcade continued when Charlie Paul chose the Bears over reported offers from the Giants and Jaguars. He will essentially step in to fill the hole left by Brandon Snead's unexpected retirement. David Gaines will still be the star of the show, but Charlie Paul will be brought on to do damage in the slot or from a flanker role; he and Aaron Paglieli will in some fashion be expected to cover both duties. He also adds an extra pair of hands for second-year quarterback Mohammed Foster, who is effectively the preordained starter with Norris Brooksheer's departure to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The big name didn't pop up until Thursday. The Bears were linked to Vaughan Abraham from the beginning of free agency, but interest from the Titans, Vikings, and most prominently the Arizona Cardinals popped up over the succeeding three days. Ultimately, though, $42.5 million ($33 million guaranteed) over three years would convince the former Dallas superstar to take his talents up to the shores of Lake Michigan. "It's an exciting opportunity, coming up to a new city, getting to work with an exciting young quarterback like Mo," said Abraham at the team's introductory press conference. "I want to thank all the fans in Dallas and the entire Cowboys organization for eight amazing years, but today is the start of my next chapter." Next up for the Bears, barring any more signings, will be the draft. After a 7-9 season, the Bears are slotted for the 11th overall pick.
    3. I'm excited to see how junior-year Christian Graham performs, with hopefully a better OL to make up for his lack of good WR targets. And I'm definitely excited to see how the best defensive line I've ever had performs.
    4. stormstopper

      [2021] PFF Draft Evaluation: Los Angeles (Rams) & Miami

      He seems to be flying a bit under the radar, but I'm starting to think that J.C. Weldon kid might be kinda good. Not really sure what to make of the Rams' grades. Still an organization that has a strong drafting track record, so maybe patience is the key word.
    5. stormstopper

      What do you look like?

      We'll have to rectify that while the season is still going on!
    6. BROOKSHEER TO BECOME FREE AGENT CHICAGO - Per multiple league sources, the Chicago Bears and former #1 overall draft pick Norris Brooksheer have agreed to part ways once his rookie contract officially expires at the end of the league year. A move that was widely expected given the selection of West Virginia quarterback Mohammed Foster in last year's draft, this closes what has been a turbulent, occasionally joyful, and ultimately frustrating chapter of the history of the Chicago Bears. Over his five-year tenure, the Bears failed to make the playoffs but only twice finished with a record worse than 7-9--one of those times being his rookie season on an expansion roster. "We will be forever grateful to Norris and his family for everything they've done for this team and this community," said a Bears official. "He's always been a leader in the locker room and in the Greater Chicagoland area, and wherever he goes next will be a better place for having him." Those words speak little to the tension that developed between the organization and Brooksheer's camp over the final two years of his contract. Brooksheer's statistical progress seemingly stalled after his second season: his passer rating jumped from 84.8 as a rookie to 89.1 as a sophomore, and from there it never rose above his fifth-year mark of 91.6. He finished his Bears tenure with 20,404 yards, 131 touchdown passes, 68 interceptions, and an 88.2 career passer rating. Brooksheer's camp strikes an equally optimistic tone as his free agency begins, also belying behind-the-scenes frustration. "Norris wants to thank the fans and the Chicago Bears organization for five wonderful years in Chicago," said a source close to Brooksheer. "He looks forward to the next chapter of his career." Those close to the Heisman winner and 2015 national champion at Oklahoma paint a picture suggesting that Brooksheer never felt like he was given the tools to succeed. The Bears selected Brandon Snead in the expansion draft, traded for David Gaines, drafted tight end Donnie Allen, and eventually signed former Lions wide receiver Aaron Paglieli--but he was often under pressure due to poor offensive line play. The Bears gave up 50 sacks in the 2021 season alone, more than anyone not named the Chargers. It's the third time the Bears' offense has been among the worst 7 in the league in sacks allowed; they've never been better than the median. Combined with the retirements of Brandon Snead, Wayne Gelbaugh, and Josh Hall, Brooksheer's departure will likely require the Bears to retool significantly. That'll be particularly true if legendary linebacker Morris Millen, fellow LB starter Kevin Harris, or offensive guard Matthew Brewer joins that trio in retirement--and painfully true if Mohammed Foster struggles in his first year as a full-time starter. At the same time, it gives Chicago more room to maneuver: Brooksheer made $14.5 million in 2021, and Snead and Gelbaugh's retirements cleared up another $10 million a year. The Bears have more freedom to make moves in free agency, absorb cap hits or picks, and secure the long-term futures of Donnie Allen, Ivory Hull, and David Medley. They also have the #11 pick in the draft. Where Norris Brooksheer goes and whether or not he becomes a starter when he gets there is an open question. There will be multiple quarterback-needy teams and multiple quarterback-wanting teams. New England quarterback Reggie Watkins will reportedly become a free agent, both New York teams are in uncertain contract negotiations, Seattle and Arizona may be looking for a fresh start, and any team looking to draft a quarterback may prefer to have a five-year veteran mentor him. With that, the reins are officially handed to Mohammed Foster. And a new era of football in Chicago tentatively begins.
    7. stormstopper

      [2022] Re-signings

      Bears are ready.
    8. stormstopper

      OC Ben McAdoo

    9. stormstopper

      OC Ben McAdoo

      OC Ben McAdoo $2,695,000 per year 2 years
    10. stormstopper

      Update your team wiki pages for a reward!

      Kansas is updated: http://www.cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kansas_Jayhawks
    11. stormstopper

      [2022] Re-signings

      @alienufo We still need to make sure to include the list of players who are not being re-offered and are going into free agency, correct? I want to make sure that doesn't slip by any new GMs who might not have done this before.
    12. #12 DT David Medley 6-7 310 3 Colorado [2-Gap] [-1] 88 - Accepted $6.75 million
    13. stormstopper

      [2021] Final Coaches Poll

      First time Kansas has finished ranked since 2015, and our second-highest year-end ranking ever. Not at all what I was expecting from this season, but this team had that It Factor. Hopefully we'll keep the It Factor next year.
    14. stormstopper

      Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

      Chicago Bears: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lrbf0ni9UUYGkF208P6r9-Ho_Y4iAnFEO1D--m3yhkE/edit#gid=1620317207
    15. stormstopper

      [2022] Scout Contracts

      Chicago Bears randye4 1 year
    16. stormstopper

      Super Bowl VIII

      Congratulations to alien, to Malcolm Davis, and to the legendary QTrain!
    17. stormstopper

      Who are the 2022 Heisman favorites?

      He's as well situated as any RB. He's already shown he can handle massive volume to a large degree and ace has been willing to use him that way. He needs even more efficiency and needs to avoid a late slump like this year, but the counterpoint to that is that he hasn't been a 5.0/5.0 yet. I think he was at 1000 yards through six games this year. It would take a non-trivial leap to be able to, say, rush for 2000 yards which would put him in great position. But less of a leap than most elite RBs.
    18. stormstopper

      Who are the 2022 Heisman favorites?

      Marcus Black and Bryce Thompson have to be up there. Returning starting QBs from playoff teams who both have coaches who are willing and able to hype them up. Solomon McLaughlin still has more room to grow and could be a 2000-yard back next year.
    19. stormstopper

      [2021] Sophomore Quarterback Update

      Tier 2 makes perfect sense for CG3. I hope he'll be able to shine a little brighter his junior year with a somewhat better line and more warm bodies at WR (though Burgos leaving early hurts). He's set an array of conference underclassman records already but I want to see him develop that upperclassman consistency.
    20. stormstopper

      [2021] CFBHC National Championship Game

      I am pleased to report that this National Championship Game was an act of scorigami.
    21. stormstopper

      [2021] CFBHC National Championship Game

      Congratulations to both of you on a pair of incredible runs. Neither one of these teams was built in a day, or in a single season, or really even in a year of real time, and the ease with which you both powered through to the title game reflects that. Vt, rivalry aside, I'm proud of you. We talk a lot of smack at each other, and that's fun and I never expect it to change, but I wouldn't be talking it if I didn't respect you on every level as a coach. And after seeing what your team's done this year I'd have to be an idiot not to. And inspiral, you're putting together one of the greatest runs in site history. I could say a lot about everything you've done for the site as a whole off the proverbial field, but I hope people recognize that you're going places nobody's gone before.
    22. A phenomenal oral history, and it's impossible to come away from this without thinking that this was the greatest game we've ever had.
    23. stormstopper

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #14

      Ohio State and Oklahoma State were both favored in the pick 'em, though LSU covered the spread and Ohio State wasn't favored by *that* much.
    24. stormstopper

      Buccaneers RB Jackson suspended

      First two games are @Denver and at home against Atlanta. Taylor Heiden will have to put 'em on his back.
    25. stormstopper

      2022 NFL Draft early entries

      Go make us proud, Chris. Wish we could've given you more time to shine.