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    Status Updates posted by stormstopper

    1. Not sure what my writing schedule will be this week. Possibly weeknight preview before week in review. Hoping to catch up on a lot tomorrow, but we'll see. 

      1. smckenz3


        Let me know if you need help. 

    2. Probably not going to have time to do Five by Five this week. Next week is a coin toss. But the Chicago Tribune's most popular feature will definitely return as soon as possible.

    3. The Chicago Blackhawks are seeking a head coach. Please PM me if you're interested.

    4. Dear Gonzaga: For the love of Naismith, box out on Monday and save us all. Love, stormstopper

      1. believer



      2. neovenator250


        Jesuit school FTW


    5. Happy GTHC Day Part II!

    6. Today we commemorate the greatest late night shoutbox in the history of late night shoutbox

      1. TuscanSota
      2. Isaac829


        Truly the greatest.

      3. stormstopper


        @TuscanSota It started with threesomes and somehow only got weirder. 

    7. Any Big XII folks who want to update their wiki pages, you can find your all-time records, points for, and points against for each opponent here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10FSkQlQgPGsn4ZQRx4DHIDVzs6NwZNgotjfSVFCzPhc/edit#gid=1175386109

    8. Ryan "Sweet" Childs is going to be a star one day. Mark my words.

    9. We'll always have 1906

    10. Life is Strange episode 1 is now free, if anyone's been looking to demo it. Wonderful characters, but prepare for a feels trip.

      1. Show previous comments  1 more
      2. npklemm


        Oh man, I need to finish that game

      3. UBL


        Oh yeah I was waiting for it go on sale, I know what I'm doing tonight

      4. TuscanSota


        I'm still on my feels trip

    11. See him as he stands in the cabin of a plane headed for a new land / In New York, you can be a new man

      1. stormstopper


        (This is my Hamilton way of saying I'm about to fly up to NYC)

      2. Vxmonarkxv


        what is hamilton

      3. inspiral


        Hamilton is a city.

    12. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I'll be taking the newly vacant UNC job.

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      2. smckenz3


        I didn't realize I caused so much fear joining the Big 12

      3. smokingcricket


        Sick reference bro

      4. stormstopper


        @smokingcricket I could give a flip about North Carolina.

    13. Millen, Reed, Mills, Mosley, Holleyman, Fazande, and now MEDLEY #MonstersOfTheMidway

    14. The Chicago Bears are seeking a head scout to join the organization. Priority on active members who know the college game well. Please PM me if you're interested.

    15. Pollsters, make sure to get your ballots in on time this week.

    16. Big 12 week in review may take a while this week.

    17. This is your annual reminder that the Great Plains is mine, and I shall defend it with fire and fury. Enter and be destroyed.

    18. Big 12 Season Preview ought to be up at some point tonight.

      1. Nmize0


        I already miss your media, stormie :(

      2. Nmize0


        But it won't be about me :,( ITS DIFFERENT

      3. Taborfan20


        Same :/, but Isaac is pretty damn determined and excited about the C-USA media so thankfully I still have good commish

    19. PSA: If you are in SHC, sign up on soccerheadcoach.net or you'll be in danger of being removed.

    20. Happy Election Day! Make sure you check to see if you have any local or state elections today.

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      2. trey_chaffin


        Nah I just don't give a shit about the state of Alabama if I still lived in Georgia I'd be voting. Plus after I register for the presidential election I'll actually start voting in local elections to

      3. stormstopper


        Trey, it's still a good idea to be registered even if you don't plan on voting. Perhaps some issue or candidate will come up that you really want to vote on, but you don't realize it until after the state registration deadline.

      4. trey_chaffin


        I mean I wish I had registered I'm just such a procrastinators.

    21. Bears have the #90 pick, would like to trade for a 4th and a late-round pick. PM me if you're interested. Looking to get deal done sooner rather than later because I'll be out for most of the day tomorrow.

    22. I am totally using this coaching carousel to negotiate a raise.