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  1. to add to this, he likes soundcloud rapping more than he likes football. the crowd he hung out with around Baton Rouge also hurt him more than they helped him. Maybe at Kentucky it won't be a big issue.
  2. Was this series scheduled before or after the leaked recording of Coach Danger saying, "My goal is to play anyone that has won a national championship in the modern era as part of our non-conference schedule."
  3. Yikes. Pyrrhic victory for the Texans, maybe. 3 injuries...
  4. Just noticed this game doesn't have top and bottom player grades
  5. Fuuuuuuck... On the other hand...big win again and we're 3-0! GG Rams. Jesus. Mike Miller and Sean Jenkins had a damn field day and nobody could run the ball
  6. season can still be a huge plus if we can get to 10 wins in the regular season and a NY6 bowl. Have to refocus and curb stomp Arkansas
  7. Same, but I'd like to see it for team YPC
  8. GG bro. You inherited a bit of a tough situation up there, but I'm confident you'll have the Seahawks on an upward trajectory before too long.
  9. Big question will be if our defense holds up without a big lead, since the Rams are more than capable of holding their own in a gunfight
  10. Rams will be a huge test. Team with a lot of talent and you can never count Murpy out. Definitely expecting a nailbiter either way.
  11. Chargers weren't that far from winning this one. Statistically, they made a big improvement over last week. Those numbers are what I thought they would do against us, tbh
  12. last year when Bubada (I think) did this the Saints were one of the 4 oldest teams in the league. Now we're the 6th youngest.
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