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  1. Not to mention how that would affect NFLHC
  2. Boy, this takes me back. Jeffrey Ingram from Kenai, Alaska. 3.5/4 as a senior and he played better than I expected him to. Almost 68% completion %, 2966 yards. 23 TDs, and 11 picks. Top 10 in the country in YPA (8th with 8.57). At the time, I pretty much just looked at him as a placeholder while I recruited the rest of the roster to give T-Rod the best chance to win games in 2015-2017, but he really gave me everything he had that year. The rest of the starters weren't great that year, so he didn't have a ton of help, but he got us to a bowl game. Gave me a chance to play around with the offense before T-Rod took control, too. I actually wrote up some article about how I hired him as the Saints QB coach, but I don't know if I ever posted it before my computer was stolen.
  3. him and like the dozens of people that tried signing up in the last few days can fight to the death. someone dig a pit
  4. Just seems like you're putting in a special effort this year
  5. you're in like every MAC depth chart thread and you've got a bunch of posts in here. You trying to win some non-existent award for shit talking?
  6. Five of my boys made it! I'm so proud.
  8. Who Dat! also, you're a Florida fan trying to go to Georgia and you root for Georgia Tech. You need to do some soul searching before you say anything about other people
  9. Meh, in this sim there's not really much of a difference. G5 schools can and have pulled 4 and 5 star players in recruiting. they just started off with a worse roster. by now though, things are starting to equalize based on how good of a recruiter you are.
  10. Syracuse got taken in the last hour or so. Not sure about Army, though
  11. am I reading this right? We forced three fumbles and recovered zero?
  12. Showdown in Motown: Early Fumbles, Slow Start Doom Saints in OT loss Lions RB James Otero celebrates a 1 yard TD in the 1st quarter
  13. Come on, y'all! COMMUNITY MOCK DRAFT! Its now only gonna be the 1st round, so that's even less commitment for you! 12 spots left (Falcons and Rams just got taken);

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