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  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn on its way toward joining The Witcher 3 near the top of my all-time favorite games list

  2. From last in the Power rankings to 20th. Not bad
  4. He is honestly performing much more adeptly than I expected
  5. PLUCKED! Defense Takes the Lead as Saints Stun Playoff-Contending Seattle for a Third Consecutive Win! DE John Peterson and LB Rabih Delaney take down Seattle RB Marcus Williams.
  6. So fucking NOW we can't stop winning? Wtf is going on? We're 2-7 And we just casually upset a fucking 7-2 team to win three in a row? Really? REALLY?
  8. Geaux Tigers!
  9. Wild West Comes To The Big Easy Black and Gold Win Shootout Over Chicago With a Balanced Offensive Attack RB Sterling Brown steamrolls Bears DB Samuel Shaw on the way to the first of his two rushing touchdowns. Brown's performance, despite spotty play from an O-Line missing multiple starters, (21 carries for 118 yards and two TDs) led to his being named co-MVP of the game with QB Aaron Devereaux (24/32, 295 yards, 4 TD, 0 INT)
  10. GOAT. I would also support renaming the Doak. or at least hypenating. #Geaux Tigers
  11. I've been trying to keep it that way. first tctykilla, now you
  12. If I were inclined to participate in the college sim again...LSU would be first and foremost where I would go. If they weren't available, I would then pursue Washington, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, and Florida (in that order)