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  1. Part of the reason RBBC is such a big deal in the real NFL is because of how (relatively) easy it is to find contributors at the position. RB seems to be kind of a tough position to evaluate in NFLHC so far, though. If we get to a point at which a lot of teams have good RBs, then sure, maybe.
  2. neovenator250

    Who’s your favorite Superhero?

    Lmao, not sure I agree with you when it comes to all time favorite superhero, but this is my favorite All-Might scene, I think, for those who don't watch the show to get some context. His abilities are somewhat reminiscent of Superman, but he doesn't have a lot of the Mary Sue-ness that makes people not like Superman. Team Rocket's blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn...
  3. neovenator250

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #1 - TNF

    Like what our LBs brought to the table today
  4. neovenator250

    Desperate Montana finally signs new head coach

    Let the storm god rage on
  5. neovenator250

    Which injury has affected a player most?

    I believe it was his second, too. RIP
  6. neovenator250

    Desperate Montana finally signs new head coach

    Nice. Big fan of those genres. Also, Go Grizz!
  7. neovenator250


    Welcome to the site and Go Grizz!
  8. neovenator250

    [2022] Rookie Minicamp Results

    Ah yes, a tradition as old as NFLHC. Tennessee and TCU players not living up to the hype. In fairness, Holmes is probably still going to be really good, as long as he sticks in a 3-4
  9. Happy Birthday, Soluna

  10. To all our users in the Carolinas and Virginia: stay safe this weekend!

  11. neovenator250

    [2018] Week 3 IRL Discussion

    8-4 seems about right for LSU. probably lose to Auburn, Georgia, Alabama and then we lose a toss-up game. Maybe that's @Florida, @A&M, or Miss State
  12. neovenator250

    [2022] Rookie Minicamp Results

    I just KNEW Tyler White sucked. How about Adrian Connor, though? Big time sleeper that may pay off as a starter in a couple seasons
  13. neovenator250

    Account Elevation Requests

    Missouri SEC Please and thank you!
  14. Frank Williams really likes franks, huh?
  15. neovenator250

    New Orleans Saints 2022 Offseason Round Up

    Probably my two favorite picks from the class as well. We're always rooting for y'all over in the AFC!