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  1. Sorry, could you be more specific about which UT?
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  3. Original conditional terms Brady had two interceptions on the season, so the Chiefs will receive our 4th round pick.
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  8. Aaron Devereaux: 4,559 passing yards (1st in NFL), 41 TDs (t-2nd NFL), 303.93 YPG (2nd in NFL) Sean Jenkins: 1,233 yards receiving (3rd in NFL, 2nd in NFC), 11 TDs (t-1st in NFL among WRs), 88 YPG (4th in NFL among WRs, 3rd in NFC), 0 Fumbles Jeremy Miller: 50 tackles (2nd in NFL among DTs), 6 sacks (4th in NFL among DTs), 2 FF (t-2nd in NFL among DTs), 2 FR (t-1st in NFL among DTs)
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  11. One of my original recruits at Arizona. Dude was a serious playmaker earlier in his career, especially in press
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  13. Offense, offense everywhere.
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