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    1. 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Thread

      canceled plans to visit central Florida this weekend because of this storm. Hopefully its a low-impact one
    2. Thoughts on New Anthem Rule

      This. This rule and and the NFL are full of shit. It's a goddamn peaceful protest and there isn't a damn thing wrong with it. Edit: to be clear, by "it" here, I mean peaceful protesting.
    3. [2021] Akiem Williams III: The Showdown

      It's definitely debatable at WR, at least.
    4. Roast Me (CFBHC Edition)

      How the fuck did you lose to USC?
    5. The fact this kid isn't in Tucson is criminal. Whoever was recruiting for the Wildcats should be thrown in prison
    6. If I had to pick one...has to be Cameron Jones, the pride of Moriarty, New Mexico. Long, athletic Blitz OLB that did well for me at Arizona in both the 4-3 and the 3-4. Arguably the best player from my original recruiting class on the site. He's kicking ass and taking names for the Detroit Lions. He racks up tackles, sacks QBs, forces fumbles, and defends passes. Dude is the complete package at OLB.
    7. Jenkins! also, I still can't fucking believe I didn't trade for Matt Thomas
    8. The New Orleans Times-Picayune

      Gunfight: Offensive Explosion Lets Saints Top Sowell-less Jags WR Cotton Lewis gets behind the Jaguars secondary. Lewis, who had been hurt after coming to New Orleans via trade, enjoyed a breakout performance in Black and Gold. His 7 catches for 89 yards and a touchdown led the team
    9. [2021] Week #13 - 4 PM

      Scheme change penalty for KC? not sure
    10. [2021] Week #13 - 4 PM

      Was expecting a shootout, but I expected to lose, honestly. Faneca tore us a new asshole anyway. GG Soluna
    11. [2021] Week #13 - 1 PM

      Giants RBs may have fumbled a win away
    12. RIP to a college football legend.  Billy Cannon died today at age 80

    13. [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Afternoon

      Was expecting to give up a lot more than that. Glad it's out of the way and I can go back to gameplanning for something that isn't pointless
    14. [2021] Headline Violations

      Derp. Guess I'll just have to ensure we don't miss another one