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  1. Letdown: Saints Drop Home Opener to Browns The Browns' Gabriel Beauchamp brings down Aaron Devereaux for a sack in the 4th quarter
  2. Is the player's guarantee on a 5th year option still 50%, or does it change to reflect the 55% of the "Above Average Starter"?
  3. Holy shit, such a mixed bag of results. Aaron Stiles was ass-tastic again. Dee Harris torn ACL. BUT... Devereaux/Sterling/Jenkins were awesome, run defense held up, and George Brady looked great rookie starter at Guard, here we come.
  4. hot damn, this is one hell of a feature! Nicely done, caesari
  5. Thank you for clearing that up. That is fantastic.
  6. is that chemistry in general or chemistry between just the two of them. because if its the 2nd one, I didn't even realize that two QBs could have chemistry
  7. Foreman being a dirty player isn't a point in his favor
  8. Sean Jenkins GOAT #KneelBeforeZod
  9. Oh, snap.
  10. Bumping to get this back to the first page
  11. more position rankings, pls
  12. Y'all got any more o' them PFF rankings?  *twitch*

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