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  1. neovenator250

    [2022] Start of the Season Power Rankings - Pt. 2

    The draft picks definitely hurt to give up in the trade, but Cotton Lewis wasnt much of a weapon. He was on track to be maybe the 5th or 6th target in the passing game at best. Given that and his 100% guaranteed starter-level contract, we figured we wouldnt be losing much and we could use that money to help re-sign Austin Olson and Wesley Dawkins this offseason
  2. neovenator250

    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    Captain fucking Comeback gloriously strikes again
  3. neovenator250

    [2022] Buffalo Bills Announce Week #1 Starter

    Same. Wouldn't have been surprised to see Kamau play
  4. Division with the most personality
  5. neovenator250

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #4 - 4 PM

    F On the plus side, though, Smallwood and Evan Grant were beasting and feasting
  6. From Grand Theft Devereateaux to Stanky Franky
  7. storylines write themselves in this one. Legendary RB goes up against his old team in his first game for his new team. Mohamed Foster's NFL story begins here. What will the new-look Cowboys offense turn into? Adrian Robinson going up against his old backfield mate to try to prove he can get it done too. What the hell is the Bears offense going to look like and how much will they try to run Foster?
  8. I feel like Carolina got better about using him partway through last year and that balance will serve them well. Not sure it'll be enough to get the win today, but it makes them a damn sight tougher to gameplan against on defense.
  9. should be a great game. potential for an EPIC duel between two of the best 3 QBs in the league. The Raiders defense being better than what the Panthers trot out on that side of the ball is probably the difference in the end.
  10. neovenator250

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #4 - 1 PM

  11. neovenator250

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Evening

    I'm sorry, Coach...I did my best
  12. neovenator250

    Who commits where?

    only in your dreams
  13. neovenator250

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - MNF

    getting revenge like a savage
  14. neovenator250

    [2022] Preseason Coaches Poll

    no way in hell do I end the season near that