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  1. Yikes. Pyrrhic victory for the Texans, maybe. 3 injuries...
  2. Just noticed this game doesn't have top and bottom player grades
  3. Fuuuuuuck... On the other hand...big win again and we're 3-0! GG Rams. Jesus. Mike Miller and Sean Jenkins had a damn field day and nobody could run the ball
  4. season can still be a huge plus if we can get to 10 wins in the regular season and a NY6 bowl. Have to refocus and curb stomp Arkansas
  5. GG bro. You inherited a bit of a tough situation up there, but I'm confident you'll have the Seahawks on an upward trajectory before too long.
  6. Big question will be if our defense holds up without a big lead, since the Rams are more than capable of holding their own in a gunfight
  7. Rams will be a huge test. Team with a lot of talent and you can never count Murpy out. Definitely expecting a nailbiter either way.
  8. Chargers weren't that far from winning this one. Statistically, they made a big improvement over last week. Those numbers are what I thought they would do against us, tbh
  9. GG @stormstopper. May this be the start of a long rivalry that I dominate
  10. last year when Bubada (I think) did this the Saints were one of the 4 oldest teams in the league. Now we're the 6th youngest.
  11. What the hell happened to the RBs in this game?
  12. I always click on these posts before looking at the top and realizing it's just for the MAC
  13. Coach...you're leaving me?
  14. Definitely wish I could sit Ricketts another season before forcing him into action, but oh well. He'll have to learn on the fly. Bit of a tough game today, but led us to the win. Also, what the fuck? he ran 9 times for 39 yards including a 25 yarder? he's a Pocket QB!
  15. @smckenz3 Called it! Knew this would be a close game. Your boys showed up to play for sure. Also, holy crap DeMarcus Cannon played like he was shot out of a cannon pointed towards the backfield.
  16. The draft picks definitely hurt to give up in the trade, but Cotton Lewis wasnt much of a weapon. He was on track to be maybe the 5th or 6th target in the passing game at best. Given that and his 100% guaranteed starter-level contract, we figured we wouldnt be losing much and we could use that money to help re-sign Austin Olson and Wesley Dawkins this offseason
  17. Captain fucking Comeback gloriously strikes again
  18. Same. Wouldn't have been surprised to see Kamau play
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