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  1. I updated my roster.
  2. 3-15 on third down. GG UAB.
  3. I tried to switch up my gameplan a bit, and I didnt realize how much it was going to cut down Grants carries.
  5. I was really hoping I'd be ranked, I probably wont be ranked unless Evan Grant has an amazing day and D plays lights out against Florida State this week.
  6. Evan Grant 4 hiesman. But really Im scared for playing FSU next week.
  7. Were the best team in Georgia by a fair amount, and Ive only lost once, which was the first week I could gameplan so I had the switching gameplan penalty.
  8. Most Votes in Georgia!
  9. Just like in real football. Evan Grant 4 Heisman.
  10. I got a vote
  11. I accidentally requested the Gerogia State basketball team and I sent a new request for the football team and it hasnt gone through yet. There is a tab called members and when I click it it says you dont have permission for that
  12. when will I get acess to the shoutbox and the members page. I can see the shoutbox but cant post
  13. I won without being able to gameplan. I'm really liking Evan Grant.
  14. My request for an interface still hasn't gone through and I accidentally requested Ackron and Georgia State and the cancel request option crashes the interface. And I'm still not able to get the shoutbox.

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