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  1. Pirates Win! Liam Carver Leads Late Fourth Quarter Comeback (Jr) Liam Carver, 20 for 33, 275 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT It wasn't sexy. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't the game the Pirates were looking for. But they started the season on the right side of the win loss column. East Carolina hosted Wake Forest for both teams 2020 season opener. The visiting inner state rival went 0-12 last season, and was looking to start off better this Season. The Pirates on the other hand finished the season 9-4 after beating North Carolina State in the Military Bowl. The way this game started out, the opposite might have been true. Curiously enough, the pirates struggled last season against teams that they easily should have beaten, and played lights out against teams that should have handled them. After playing for a sellout crowd at Dowdy-Ficklen stadium, many fans hoped this is just a trend that is continuing from last season. Under a new head coach Kenndrick Lamar, Wake Forest came out swinging and looked as if they were going to completely embarrass the Pirates at home. Mid way through the third quarter, the Demon Deacons were up 20-6, and looked as if they were going to keep pouring it on. Eventually Pirate's Star Liam Carver found his stride and lead the Pirates to 21 straight points including connecting with senior receiver Patrick Cornett for a touchdown. Eli Tuitama added two more touchdowns to his already School record of 34 rushing touchdowns. The record now at 36, these two touchdowns saved a game that could have been a black mark that followed them all season long. Liam Carver went 20 of 33, 275 yard for a touchdown and 1 interception. Eli Tuitama went 77 yards on 18 attempts for two touchdowns, and the defense had no sacks or interceptions in the season debut. "Bend but never break. We hear those words every day in practice. you know, Undaunted. Coach, he is a tough man, and he preaches toughness. You get hit in the jaw, punch back in the throat." Those words were spoken by star corner, Jasiah Francis. The Senior corner celebrated with his team as they found a way to hang on, and put together a couple of drives that gave them the game. The defense, while on the whole played poorly, their strong stand in the final quarter and a half allowed the offense to click and score points. The secondary last season struggled very early. By the end of the season, they were one of the best parts of this team. This however may not be the case this season. The Pirates lost a lot of their players in the backfield. The Corner position in particular. Francis is a leader on this team in more ways than one. The only upper class man at the position, every other starting corner is a true freshman. It will be interesting to see if the corners can't handle the spot light, if the coaching staff move backup safeties into their spots much like they did last season. The Pirates under head coach Weeze have developed a win now attitude. This attitude has seen a lot of movement on the depth chart last season, and could see it again this season. This movement may be spotted in more places than just the secondary. The O-line played poorly Friday night as well. Despite only giving up only 1 sack, the unit did not look comfortable. The Unit loss a lot of the starters at the end of last season. Losing starting tackles Nathaniel Chatman and Giuseppe Hein, they loss left guard Tyler Spann as well. With three of the five having never played a snap together, fans are hoping tonight's game allowed them to get rid of the rust, and find the all important chemistry that is need for the O-line. Especially since Wake Forest isn't the best D-line they'll see this season. Despite the performance, ECU came out with the win. That is, above all else, the most important thing. They have time to fix a few of the flaws, test some of their gameplan, and move guys around before their Conference opener against Houston. Getting the win here tonight was big. It gave the crowd something to cheer for, and showed the team who they have standing behind them. With their next home game not till Week 6, the young guys need to carry this memory and think about it as they will not play a home game for over a month. They don't have the toughest schedule in the country, but they have precious few home games this season, and need to make each one count. For now, lets enjoy the win Pirate nation.
  2. Pirates Wake 2020 Season Begins With a Win! Sold Out Crowd For Pirates 2020 Season Opener Against Wake Forrest
  3. Honestly, while i do like looking at the play by play for scoring and interception, i'm totally ok with the new report. its straight to the point, tells me what i really need to know, and as multiple people said, it is easier on Soluna. Go new.
  4. this is a huge tease. I wanna know mine.
  5. lol that seems about right
  6. Which part should worry me? The 4 sacks? The 1 passing touchdown? My elite runner barely getting 75 yards on an "easy team"? The lack of interceptions? The fact I was almost blown out? The almost 100yards in penalties? The poor third down conversions? Lol heres hoping my luck continues! i do wish I could find out who got the sacks. Over ten sacks in my game and none of them defensive leaders lol
  7. I Think UCF or maybe even USF beats one of them out. Though they do have to compete with Soluna now.. For as many as us that are active, that should be higher..and really this conference should be kicking out some media more than what we do. I feel like they get stiffed this season because of the Conference. They dominate this year, and next..then maybe next season they do.
  8. At this point cincy and Memphis are too low. I don't think anyone expected Rome to come out swinging like he did. Good stuff already
  9. My heart breaks every time i see his name.
  10. Lol only slightly better
  11. Took a giant shat on my heart
  12. I'm actually kind of touched people think I'll win coty. Votes must be fir the memes
  13. Not to add work to whoever would/could do this, this would be easy i think for someone other than Soluna himself to do. I think all he would have to do would be to give Mods/commishs permission to edit this part of the site. good idea imo. As for the sim, i'm not sure how difficult it would be, but what if we added a weekly practice bonus in our gameplans? We could have an offense Practice and a Defense Practice. It could be as deep or basic as you wanted to make it, for example, a simple version could be at the bottom of the weekly gameplan: Weekly Defense Practice: Run Defense(2%), Balance(1% both), Pass Defense(2%) If you wanted to make it more complex, you could add options like LB coverage options, Secondary Tip drills, RB pass blocking, etc. These would be weekly bonuses that wouldn't last or contribute to progressions. This could add a little bit of depth to game planning against opponents.
  14. to be fair, Newhouse is coming off an injury and wasn't exactly 100% yet. Still...Jankowski didn't take kindly to being traded..

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