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  1. aww...figured it out..we swears...
  2. Holy shit someone not with the buccaneers said we had talent. You all saw it. People think we have talent
  3. Vikings Raid Buccaneer Defense Through the Air Vardell Throws Four Touchdowns In Strong Showing Brian Vardell, MIN, 30 of 49, 325 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT celebrates with team after touchdown pass.
  4. Good game vikes. Deffiently didn't expect you to throw it up fifty times.
  5. Week 1 Trouble in the Steel City Buccaneers fail to convert in Sunday's loss to the Steelers Quintavius Pearson catches pass for first down.
  6. i mean i would say young, but if you wanna look at it negatively sure. only one of the five have more than 2 years experience. They're gonna need a little bit more time before they're really god awful.
  7. lol it already looks bad enough. can we just leave it be
  8. total offense: 378 vs their 313 20 yards less in penalties (only 30 yards) 4 sacks and good productivity out of the D-line over 300 yards passing and almost 70% completion with two touchdowns. Still got the shit kicked out of me. Even when they play well they still play shitty.
  9. Hm.
  10. lol i kind of have to repeat what soluna said, it is the backups and players playing positions they would never play, or using players that might not even see special teams..
  11. This win should be allowed to stay with us
  12. Lol we suck but we still managed to score. Pretty sure you were shut out
  13. Fixed this for you.
  14. He doesn't punch babies. He punches women. He spits on babies. Damn.

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