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    1. Weeze56m

      UCF Introduces New Head Coach

      Pirate Morgan, Parot Caw Weekly You will be playing in the AAC East. Arguably, they had a down season in 2021, but historically has shown to be the tougher of the two divisions. What is your plan going into 2022 to keep UCF competitive, and try to get them back to the national spot light they were in in 2020?
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      Tampa Bay Times

      Playoff Bound! Buccaneers Topple Saints To Become NFCS Champions One Handed Snag for a Touchdown
    3. Weeze56m

      [2021] Week #17 - 4 PM

      Buccaneers, NFCS Champs! GG NO and the rest of the nfcs. it was a fun and exciting year.
    4. Weeze56m

      [2021] Conference Championship Games - Day #2

      Congrats @TheTodd15 for his big win today! A great job building the program up. and of course congrats to alien as well for getting there again and his continued dominance of the east
    5. Weeze56m

      [2021] Kafka's CCG Previews: AAC

      Idc what anyone else says, this is the biggest game today
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      Steam Keys

      beat me to that one, i got excited when i saw that lol
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      Steam Keys

      Could i please get Ultimate General: Gettysburg sanctum 2
    8. Weeze56m


      rip Wyoming
    9. What ever player wish they could do without getting in trouble
    10. Weeze56m

      NFL Draft Timing Poll

      I know for me personally, i think times might change my vote. I think we usually start around 8 on Friday? if that got bumped up earlier in the day, i would be more open to having multiple rounds on Friday(or Thursday). I know we have people in Europe and on the west coast, so that makes it hard for them.
    11. 2021 Regular Season Ends Pirates Close Out Season With Big Home Win QB Liam Carver Hands-off to RB Xavier Stanley The UCONN Huskies gave the Pirates one hell of a fight in a packed ECU house. Fans came out in force to help celebrate Senior Day, and were rewarded with a great match with a team that has shown to be tricky for the Pirates in recent seasons. Saturday proved to be no exception as UCONN came out airing the ball out on a young Defensive backfield. Two of Connecticut's receivers ended the day with over a hundred yards receiving. UCONN's QB Makai Stewart is the first QB to throw for 200 yards or more against ECU in over 6 Weeks. This was the first Game ECU has won where the opponent has thrown more than 200 yards. What is even more amazing is that ECU allowed only 19 yards of rushing on the ground. The Pirates, who have almost given up as many rushing yards as they have passing yards this season, have looked awful when it comes to the run. For that stat alone, this game was a victory. Without it, this game probably would have ended in UCONNs favor. Among the many seniors who played their last home game, there is one in particular we are interested in. Before we talk about our seniors, lets take a look back at the season as a whole: Duke 45-6 L NC State 24-13 L @Temple 27-20 L Houston 45-14 L @Tulane 23-10 W Memphis 62-41 L UCF 35-17 W Appalachian State 27-10 W @USF 31-20 W @Cincinnati 30-20 W @Texas State 35-9 W UCONN 20-17 W Final Record: 7-5(5-3). Home: 3-3 Away: 4-1 Neutral: 0-1 The Pirates had a miserable start to the season. Half way through the year, they were 1-5, and you were foolish to even think that a bowl bid was possible. 1-3 in conference, 0-2 out of conference, the offense look stagnant, the defense had holes all over the field. The Pirates were giving up penalties left and right. Reported fighting from the sidelines and practice fields were leaking out. Had the Season continued this way, we are pretty sure we would have been writing about the firing of the head coach. However..the great turn around of the 2021 season came at the half way point. Between the Loss to temple, and the win over UCF, the Pirates had a Bye-week. Those close to the team tell us that a lot happened during that week. The Players had several team meetings in which they called themselves out. The coaching staff completely redid the offensive playbook. According to Carver, the offense had to study day and night to figure out the new playbook before the UCF matchup. The work and meetings seem to pay off as the Pirates finished the season on a 6 game win streak. "We made a lot of mistakes this season. But we learn, and we grow, and we try to overcome those mistakes. That is what I teach and that is what I try to tell these guys about life. This season showed just what can happen if you never quit. It would have been easy for the team to just give up at the half way point. To just check out. But they didn't. They took those mistakes and let it fuel them. Because of that..these guys are headed to another bowl game. I couldn't be more proud" Those were the words of their headcoach following the win over uconn. Coach Weeze will be taking the Pirates to their 4th straight Bowl, his 3rd, and ECU's 6th all time. Coach Weeze tied former Headcoach Lax for bowl game appearances, but already has the record for bowl wins. Sr QB Liam Carver 933 comp of 1551 attempts for 11,076 yards, 84 TD, 31 INT 134.02 QBR 187 Rushing attempts for 1005 yards, 11 TD, 50 Games(48 Starts) Liam Carver was always the key to a successful Pirate Season. ECU came into the season with all true freshmen receivers minus Leon Burris who is a true sophomore. Carver wasn't going to have Eli Tuitama to bail him out this year either. This was going to be the season for him to prove just how vital, and just how good he could be. The first half of the season looked as if he was going to flop. But when the coaches threw out the playbook in favor of something else, Carver had a fantastic bounce back. In the final six games of the season, he threw only 1 interception. He proved himself to be a leader and kept the offense moving. Look for Carver to break 3000 yards for the third consecutive season following the bowl game. The First Pirate Quarterback in history to achieve such a task. Xavier Stanley entered the training camp expecting to be the starter. But after a rough spring game, an even rougher camp, he was eventually placed on the bench in favor of Damian Calderon. After a few games where he failed to get anything moving, Stanley was once again placed as the starter. The redshirt freshmen continued to work in practice and earned the starting role. The First handful of games didn't do much to impress the fans. But he was doing slightly better than the alternative. As the team revamped their offense, they looked for way they could improve running the ball. The Improvement was almost instantaneous as he went from averaging roughly 55 yards a game, to about 90 yards a game. His production in scoring also began to improve as well. While it was still far from what they hoped to get in the run game, the Pirates were able to make up for it was a decent pass game. Stanley finished the season with 154 attempts, 691 yards, and 9 touchdowns. Decent for a freshmen who didn't start every game this season. With a huge improvement incoming next season, Xavier could be a very solid back up option for the pirates. (Left)So WR Leon Burris 61 Receptions, 914 Yards, 8 Touchdowns; (Right)Fr WR Jared Talbert 55 Receptions, 865 Yards, 11 Touchdowns The receiving group on this team was considered at the start of the season a huge weakness. However, with a game left in the season, Leon Burris and true Freshman Jared Talbert have already proven to be the best starting duo, at least statistically, in team history. They have combined for 19 touchdowns. Burris is 86 yards short of reaching a thousand yards receiving. He would be the first receiver at ECU to ever reach that bench mark in a single season. After only 2 seasons, Burris is already the 3rd all time in receiving yards. At his current rate, he could easily Surpass Patrick Cornett as the all time receiving yards leader. Jared Talbert, with 11 touchdowns has tied Patrick Cornett's record for touchdowns in a single season. Not to mention his freshmen campaign of 865 yards during the regular season has blown the previous freshmen receiving record out of the water. A record set by Leon Burris. The two have shown they are competitive not only against their opponents, but with each other. They fight hard and both want to be given the ball at every opportunity. With Wilson getting ready to take over this team, these two young men have already shown they can be dangerous reliable targets next season. Sr DE Isiah Townsend, 29 tackles, 3 TFL, 7.5 Sacks, 2 FF It was already pointed out how terrible the Pirates run game was. Near the bottom in the conference, they're ability to get after the quarterback wasn't much to brag about either with only 18 registered sacks. With a freshmen DE on one side of the line, and two run stopping defensive tackles, the line wasn't expected to have a big year. However, the front seven as a whole was expected to be the strength of the defense, a statement you could probably argue at this point. With the inability to stop the run, and not being able to get after the quarterback on a regular basis, the backfield, the area on defense composed mostly underclassmen and career special teams players, played almost as well if not better. They recorded only 8 interceptions, but on the whole, they didn't give up huge chunks of yards most games. Six of the seven games they won, the backfield didn't allow over 170 yards passing. A very respectable stat when you consider who they had playing in the backfield, and some of the teams they faced. "They played well. They communicated and helped each other get into the position they needed to be. We are all one team out here, and they helped us get some of those wins this season. I'm proud of them, and im gonna miss those boys back there." Senior Defensive End, Isiah Townsend the vocal and team captain on defense, praised his team mates following their victory over Uconn. Townsend was one of the few bright spots on the D-line as he registered almost 30 tackles, lead the team in TFL, sacks(as well as create a new career record and tie his own single season record.) as well as force fumbles. As an interesting side note, his stat line for this season, even down to the stat sheet appearances, were the exact same as his 2020 season stat line. All except a fumble recovery. A vocal leader, and a productive player leaves a hole in this defense that some of these young defensive players ECU has been bring in are eager to replace. While he only started for two seasons, in those two seasons he has been the most productive sack leader the Pirates have seen in years. While he will always be remembered to the die hard fans, it is sad to say his stats probably won't remain on top for long as this coaching staff has been working hard to improve the D-line, and they have brought in some serious talent. The regular season is over, and conference championship games are being scheduled for next week, and soon we will know more about bowl games. The pirates have been an early prediction to the Bahama Bowl.
    12. Weeze56m

      Tampa Bay Times

      Buccaneers Fall Apart in Washington Buccaneers Limp Home For Final Showdown With Saints DeNorris Jackson Fumbles at Critical moment
    13. Weeze56m

      CFBHC v1.5c

      ayyyyy +3. I've always liked playing some of my instate rivals and hopefully they'll be more encouraged now to want to play me. And thank you Duke and Texas State for saving my average
    14. i really like him. I think he was a great pick up in the draft who one day can replace the older more expensive guys we have at guard. Hopefully he can keep it up