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  1. For sure. I played SMU, Navy and Tulsa last year and this year. Next two years should be You, Tulane and Memphis. so you’ll get lucky in that I won’t have a star WR. Benson and Burris is leaving this season, and no one behind them has ever done anything to get me excited. One had a good year his freshman season, but kind of ghosted since. But! My defense should mature and be much better than it has been. I have a lot of young guys on that side of the ball and all should take a big step. A lot of future NFL talent on that side of the ball
  2. Special teams comes back to kill us after thinking we finally had it figured out enough not to be a major concern
  3. You played that one close though, that’s a good quality lost
  4. even though they lost, can we talk about how uconn is doing surprisingly well this season? they hung in there and was close to beating BYU. 4-3 is not bad considering they lost the best player they probably ever had last season to the draft.
  5. Weeze56m

    [2023] Week #9 - TNF

    GG @alexfall862 After ten seasons, the longest running matchup in the AAC ends with a 5-5 split. Honestly that is very cool to me. Still one of the most underated games on the site. Another big thing to note about this game, the home team won again. This marks five straight years that the home team has walked away with the W. ECU made it through the toughest part of their schedule with a 2-2 split, becoming 4-3 on the season. Leon Burris showed back up and reminded us why he is the best 3* receiver in the country. While Benson has continued to shine with receiving yards, Burris is keeping pace with touchdown catches. On 6 stat sheet apperances, he matches Bensons 7 touchdowns. Burris is also leading the team with 16 yards per catch(28 catches for 448 yards, 7 TD, 1D). Even though he is no longer the number 1 guy, he is still fighting hard and getting the yards the team needs. Also need to hype up Reshad Lipcomb, the freshman corner leads my team in interceptions. He is also leads corners with tackles. The goal this season was to just find a way to make it to a bowl game, however after this week, winning the east might be a possiblity..
  6. That’s awesome! I’ve been trying to lose weight for the better part of a year, but have leveled Off a bit over the last month, and have been struggling to get badk going. This really kind of helped get me back going and to keep with it. I’ve lost about 80 pounds, and would love to lose 20 more by the end of the year. keep it up! We are behind you
  7. bright side is none of these are former players who we traded?
  8. ECU v UCF is the longest running matchup/rivalry of anyone else in the conference. This will be their 10th all time meeting. The next close is ECU v Cincy and i believe SMU v Houston with both of those being the 8th meeting. Despite their well known success in recent seasons, UCF only leads the series by 1(5-4). the longest win streak in the series is 2 by both teams, with ECU last having the streak during the 18-19 seasons. UCF last win steak was duiring the 16-17 seasons. Going back to 2019, the home team has always won. ECU is hosting UCF this season. The largest win for each team was: UCF 31-3(2020) ECU: 35-17(2021) ECU v UCF might be the conference most underated rivalries, if not the sites most underrated. The rivalry began in 2014 when ucf became the only regular season confrence lost for ecu. The pirates would lose to then #1 ranked Boise State in the CCG.
  9. Good Game @TheTodd15 I was hoping to sneak one out against you. i should have stayed aggresive for you, but was hoping to keep that scary QB off the field. @Soluna Can i find out who the turnover was on? it has one listed but doesnt say who.
  10. way to go @LAX did not expect that upset
  11. That CUSA thing at the bottom looks really cool. great article though. NC has some great QBs. We need an ECU v Charlotte shootout
  12. Weeze56m

    [2023] Week #8 - TNF

    Texas is ass my dudes
  13. so is this literally just a graphics upgrade for CoD4? because if thats all they should have done what skyrim did and give the people who already bought it a free upgrade(for comp players)
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