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  1. lol honestly i didnt even notice it on my first read through. i just happen to look up as i was typing and was like "wait." good article though. i loved it
  2. Just to be fair, i didnt run a pass heavy scheme all season. there were even games were winning big(looking at you tulsa) and he still didn't run much. idk if it was a glitch? but my Oline was pretty awful(aka dog shit), so im sure that did have some to do with it. i expect he wasnt able to get anything on first or second, and kyler WILSON was forced to throw a bunch.
  3. I played some starters. My defense had A couple , but my offense had majority. I was trying a different scheme that I don’t normally play Heiden in. Wanted to see how he’d do. Not terrible I suppose considering he had a D- defense and his starting running back went out early
  4. I will defienetly take that lighting one if you don't want it. I think my first shot glass was given to me by an old boss when he went to vegas(thanks asshole, preferred a raise but i guess this will do). Then i think my cousin gave me one as a birthday gift, my ex gave me a bunch from all the vacations she did with out me(allows me to drink away the sting of your abandonment) and now people give me shot glasses as well becasue they think i collect them haha. Though, i might actually start collecting them since i do have a number of fairly cool ones.
  5. mostly disappointment and bad memories. But i suppose shot glasses..even though ive never bought a single one. usually get them as gifts. I do have some magic the gathering cards as well. i didnt realize we had fellow players here
  6. Our win streak was ruined last season. Watch out, we’re coming for blood
  7. That list of names...five of these players were great..1 was a bust and the other was ok for what was needed. i already miss them all terribly
  8. mm, i could see how you might wanna say that about yourself, however..give yourself a year or two to build, another year to adjust..and maybe you have one underperforming season? One of those years, your were so heavily plagued by the pipe though to right? Its hard, at least for me, to say a team really underperformed when they are playing 2nd and 3rd string guys. Like i know last season, my team was wrecked by injuries, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I don't think my secondary was 100 percent at anypoint during the season. Then the defensive ends couldn't stay healthy either. So i think stuff like that has to come into consideration.
  9. Pretty much anyone who starts for SMU... and i guess most of the important starters for Temple. Imagine the chaos.
  10. I have always wanted to travel to Scotland and visit my ancestral home. Supposedly the castle and everything still stands. But Ive always heard how beautiful it is there, and how great it is to visit (even if you can’t understand the locals lol). But more than that, I would love to travel in general. Rome for example has always been on my list of places to go. I was a huge history buff as a kid and the Roman Empire was a favorite of mine. To see the statues and famous landmarks that still stand would just be amazing for me. Sorry for any weird autocorrecrs, did this on mobile
  11. Our yearly reminder that trading him is what killed this franchise.
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