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    1. [2021] Pre-Season AP Poll

      Interesting, SMU over Temple.
    2. [2021] Audit results

      There was an error. it should be fixed now
    3. i totally wanna redue my interview now lol
    4. Let me fantasize before I have a disappointment of a season
    5. An Inside Look Early Look at the 2021 Pirates While the season is still some weeks away, and a good amount of things can and probably will happen between now and the Pirate's neutral site kickoff with Duke, it is never too early to dive in and take a look at the possible lineup come kick off 2021. The Early Portion of the season is very important for the Pirates. An early match up with instate rival Duke, a team looking to show they're a top dog in the ACC, bodes to be a tough start for the Pirates. Then the Pirates sit for two weeks before they take on another in state rival, NC State. If Duke is looking to say they're top dog, NC State is trying to show they aren't a bottom feeder in the ACC. While they've never lost to the Wolfpack, we expect NC State to come out swinging hard, and showing what they're made of. After those two teams, they follow right up with Temple, the probable favorite at this time to win the Conference in 2021. If ECU can figure their team out, and how best to topple Temple, it could really bode well for them, especially if they have post season hopes. That all being said, it is time to take a look at the projected depth chart for the season. Quarterback (Sr) QB Liam Carver, 685 completions of 1130 attempts, 8,161 yards, 61TD, 22Int, 159att, 864 yards, 9TD There is no question whose team this is. Liam Carver is the face of the franchise. He is the leader, and perhaps the biggest name on the team. If the Pirates expect to be bowl bound come the end of the season, it will require him to really step up his play and make his senior season his best one yet. An uphill battle given who he will have around him this season. With the entire group of runningbacks young and untested, he won't receive much better help from his wideouts. They are just as young, and just as untested. Short of Leon Burris and Tim Michaels, no other receiver was even on the roster last season. With a bunch of young guys, the Pirates will have to rely on Carver's decision making ability. Defense's however will have to remember, he can kill you with his legs just as easily as with his arm. We are all hoping for the best. Running Backs So RB Xavier Stanley Running back is going to be a position group to watch closely. If anyone is praying for a RB transfer, it will be the Pirates. The hole left by Eli Tuitama is huge. He was a solid pass blocker, and could carry the load for them on a reliable basis. Left behind are a couple true freshman and a sophomore who saw virtually no playing time. The Pirates under Coach Weeze haven't been a smash mouth style of a team, but he isn't afraid to run the ball. With the Pirates lacking a true leader in the backfield, their offense could become very problematic. Miles Giordano is someone to keep an eye on during the off season training. A true freshman who the coaching staff were excited to lock down during recruiting, has a promising future and could be the back they need now in a few years. But for now he is raw, and will need time to grow to adapt to the college game. For now expect the Sophomore Xavier Stanley to be named the starter. Wide Receivers So WR Leon Burris 48 receptions, 550 yards, 6 TD | Fr WR Jared Talbert | Fr WR Nathan Rooney Leon Burris is the only returning receiver other than Tim Michaels. However Burris is the only one of the two who received any extensive playing time. In his Freshman season, Burris managed 550 yards receiving and 6 touchdowns. Michaels managed 231 yards on 17 receptions, with just two touchdowns. With a lot of young receivers, this position group is going to be interesting to watch. We would be incredibly surprised if Burris does not end up as the number 1 receiver, but wouldn't be surprised if the W2-W4 positions rotated a lot this season. As of now, they really don't know what they have outside of Burris. They must figure out who their other guys are. While Liam Carver is probably talented, and experinced enough to make up for their youthfulness now, next season when they have a new QB who doesn't have any playing time, they will need their guys to mature, and be accustomed to how the game is played at this level. QB Kyler Wilson will have to rely on their experience to help him out while he grows. Tight Ends Jr TE Omar Stauffer 20 catches, 247 yards, 2TD Omar Stauffer made his first start in 2020 for the Pirates, and had a respectable season. While he didn't have the same statistical season that William Bouchard had in his senior year(2019), Stauffer played his role in the blocking game well. The Pirates offensive line struggled at times, particularly the tackles against the rush. Omar Stepped up toward the end of the season and did help the line play better and help provide the protection everyone needed. The Pirates are also going to need him to become a bigger redzone threat. With only two touchdowns last season, he was nonexistent for the Pirates around the endzone. Look for the offensive staff, and Carver to try and get him more involved in the passing game in general. With only 20 catches last season, he clearly wasn't a threat or a concern for opposing defenses. With such a young receiving corp, if he can step it up receiving, he could really open up the passing game for the Pirates and keep the pressure off the young guys. Offensive Line LT: Quincy Estep LG: Mendy Pace C: Levi Hickey RG: Donald St. John RT: Jonah Lyon The offensive line is probably the strongest, and most talented unit on this offense. Certainly the best unit assembled since Coach Weeze has been here. The Addition of the JuCo transfer of Quincy Estep is a huge bonus for this team. He has already shown to be a huge brawler who can man handle defenders off the line. Former left tackle Jonah Lyon will more than likely be moved to the Right Tackle where they hope he will have more success. Mendy Pace and Donald St. John will resume their spots at Left and Right Guards. Levi Hickey, ECU's 4.5* Center looks to finally make his start this season. Standing 6-3, almost 300 pounds, Hickey should help really round out the offensive line, and hopefully provide that much needed push for whatever they decide to do with the runningback situation. Defensive End Sr DE Isiah Townsend 29 Tackles, 7.5 Sacks, 1 FF, 1FR Last year, Junior Defensive End Isiah Townsend set an ECU record for 7.5 sacks in a season. His patience paid off after sitting for two years on the bench as he quickly became a dominant figure on the defense. Coming back for his senior campaign, he now looks to set the career sacking record. Opposite of him, many expected to see Theo Gunn, the freshman recruited last season. However, word has leaked out that we might see him sidelined this year. A shame considering if he is as good as advertised, he and Townsend would have made a crazy duo. Instead, true freshman Aiden Daniels looks to be taking the starting nod. While he might not have the ceiling of Gunn, he has the raw skill and ability that should lead him to making an impact early this season, and help Theo really adapt to the game next season. Defensive Tackle Jr DT Liam Childers 28 Tackles, 1 FF, | Sr DT Mateo Graf-Hart 53 Tackles, 7.5 Sacks Other than Quarterback, it looks that the only spot that will not change will be Defensive Tackle. Both Liam Childers and Mateo Graf-Hart will make their return. Childers was great stopping the run last season. A few seasons ago, Graf-Hart was fantastic at both the pass rush and run stopping. The Pirates need both of them to figure it out and bring it back this season. With a young end, young corners, and inexperienced safeties in the backfield, we are gonna need them to step up. Particularly Graf-Hart who had a very disappointing 2020 season. After a great 2019 season, he failed to make the stat sheet at all last season. We need the duo to step up and disrupt the run game, as well as get after the quarterback. They will have an early test against several rival schools, as well as a big time conference opponent. Linebackers Jr OLB Arthur Rossi 35Tkles, 1 Scks, 1Int | Sr ILB Kaden Richmond 27 Tackles, 1Sks, 1FF | So OLB Maurice Blake With Departure of Tristan Stephens, an OLB who played very well, we see the promotion of Maurice Black to replace him. Richard Jack, the Star OLB recruited last season will get red shirted this year while he learns the system. With another year left for Arthur Rossi after this season, we expect the two to start opposite of each other next season. For now, we see what Blake offers. Similar in play style, he with Rossi should offer some great run stopping at the second level. As for the middle, we expect Richmond to get the nod for the Inside linebacker role over Freshman Logan Bird. We had hoped for better play out of Richmond last season. After watching Sebastian Chaney run wild in 2019, Kaden Richmond's 27 tackle season was a little lack luster. As the signal caller for this defense, we really need him to get more involved. Breaking up passes, stopping the run, causing a few fumbles. If this defense is gonna be successful, we need to see all this and more. The Defense is only ever Successful when they have a tough Inside Linebacker. Cornerbacks So CB Jonah Epps | Jr CB Mathew Newby | So CB Paul Fountain The Cornerback position right now for the Pirates is not a pretty one. Like several positions at ECU, the cornerback spot was hit hard by poor recruiting at the end of Coach Lax's tenure, and at the start of Coach Weeze's. A Transfer here or in the Safety spot might be high up on their list of wishful thinking if we are going to be honest. Even if they won't say it out loud, a short look will tell you this is not going to be an area of strength like in seasons past. Both Jonah Epps and Paul Fountain came in the same recruiting class at the end of the 2019 season. Both saw extremely limited playing time last season. Fountain was played almost exclusively special teams, and Epps got bumped down to third string after the first two games. Junior Mathew Newby has been a long term special teams player since arriving at ECU, though will probably make his first start this season. Pirates coaching staff have mentioned Javier Landry as a person of interest on several occasions, but the true freshman Probably won't see much playing time, if any over his veteran teammates. It's gonna be rough for this group over the first couple games, especially when they meet Temple's Jordan North. But if they can figure out how to shut down these receivers early, they should only get stronger. Safetys So FS Andrew Oliver | Sr SS Jayden Woods Much like the rest of the secondary, ECU has young talent. They have guys in a couple of seasons who can potentially be big impact players. But just like the Corners, they need time to grow and get custom to the game. And you guessed it, just like the corners, the guys that they have now have no real game experience outside of special teams. Yet these are the guys they have in place who can probably be the most effective at stopping the other team. Senior Jayden Woods will take over for graduated Safety Dillion Gilliam. Woods is the only senior for the Pirates in the secondary. Andrew Oliver, sophomore Free Safety, is likely to start, replacing long time starter, and now Hall of Famer, Devin Lloyd.
    6. [2021] Rookie Minicamps

      Tampa Bay Bucs send: RB DeNorris Jackson 6-0 235 R UCF [Power] 80 WR Randall Johnson 6-1 180 R Southern Miss [Target] 74 P Giuseppe Bernstein 6-1 194 R USC [Power] 80 OG Ethan Champion 6-7 259 R USC [Pass Blocking] 77 ILB Christopher Clayton 6-0 240 R Penn State [Mike] 80 OLB Caleb Whitmore 6-4 238 R Kansas [Coverage] 71 OLB Micah Singletary 6-2 229 R Tennessee [Blitz] 75 FS Micquel Carter 6-2 216 R Marist [Zon Coverage] 75
    7. Tampa Bay Selects...Day 1

      Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select... Day 1 It is that wonderful time of year again. Teams are betting, and trading, fighting with each other to grab the best players they can. They do this all just to increase their chance at the ultimate prize. As the day of the draft crept ever closer, the NFL hopefuls did everything they could to improve their stock. Some went to the Combine, Others tried as hard as they could to ball out at their proday. Others..others hoped they had done enough during the last few years in school to really attract the attention of NFL GMs, Coaches and Scouts. For some, this will be the highlight of their careers. While some this is where their hall of fame careers start. Each team is hoping they can pick the latter. With the tenth, over all pick, the Buccaneers improved marginally over last years disappointing season. Near the end of the 2020 campaign, the team seem to figure out their identity. They managed to even beat the Packers in a real shocker. This showed they have talent, and can win. Ball control is key. Fumbles killed this team last season offensively. When you have a poor run game, and then you fumble it on top of that, you are gonna be hard pressed to win. The Poor run game in itself has been an issue. The Buccaneers have struggled to run the ball with any sort of success since 2019 when their former star running back went down early in the season. With that in mind, when it came time for them to pick, it was probably an easy decision to take running back DeNorris Jackson at number 10 over all. Easily the strongest back in the draft, DNJ was a star at UCF. He helped lead UCF to a Cinderella season. UCF was the first team in the AAC, as well as the first G5 team to make it all the way to the National Championship game. Jackson had an outstanding season at UCF rushing over 1600 yards in the regular season (6500 rushing yards in his career), 26 touchdowns, and averaged 136 yards per game. When he wasn't carrying the load, he was blocking for Dwayne Bennett. A solid pass blocker, the Buccaneers gained a gifted blocker as well as a talented runner. They hope this can allow their passing game to open up as well as their running game. After a year and a half of struggling to find someone to run the rock, perhaps they finally found that long term answer. Christopher Clayton may not be a name a lot of Bucs fans are familiar with, but the 10th overall pick is familiar enough with him. After all, Christopher Clayton was lining up across from him in the National Championship Game. The Big man probably laid a nasty hit or two on him. Many analysis projected Inside linebacker Holliday to the Bucs at ten to replace the hole they had. But when he fell off the board before their pick, they obviously went in another direction. What was unexpected was the Buccaneers making a trade back into the first round. Trading away their 2nd(41), 3rd(71) and a fifth next year to Baltimore, they took who they felt was the second best Inside Linebacker on the Board. The fastest 40 at the combine among other ILB, he was also graded as having the highest Wonderlic. A solid back in his own right, he will have a lot of opportunity to learn from Thomas Berry and Derrick Martin, two of the best linebackers in the game, as to how to prepare for a game. All in all, the Buccaneers improved in the run game, as well as run defense. These two should make excellent story lines going into training camp. The offense as a whole should be drastically improved, and the defense should be much better as well. Hopefully if last years number one improves, the defense should rebound and play better. With a lot of draft left, we look to see what the Buccaneers do next.
    8. Patrick Cornet WR 3.0 ECU. Broke every receiving record at ECU this year. Both single season and career. Had four or five games with over 100 yards receiving. 11 touchdown season, 940+ yards this season. This dude was really the saving grace for ECU offensively and deserves some recognition.
    9. [2020] CFBHC National Championship Game

      Congrats to Grvy, and super grats to Ubl! AAC!
    10. ECU Says Final Farewell Class of 2020 Goes Out With a Bang in Boca Seniors Charge the Football Field for the Final Time as Pirates Boca Raton Florida was the site of an historical game for ECU, as the program won its first back to back bowl game since coming into the CFBHC FBS League in 2014. They took a trip to south Florida to play the 6-6 Old Dominion Monarchs. While bowl games are important for coaches and the programs they represent, for the seniors across the country, it is the last time they get to take the field wearing their school colors. For Some it is the last shot they have to show off what they can do for NFL Scouts. For others, it is the last time they will play football. The same can be said for some of the seniors playing for the Pirates. Players like Center Ricardo Douglas, and Fullback Eli Tuitama prepare for their NFL Careers. Others like Patrick Cornett, despite his amazing season, do not plan on playing football again. "Today was an emotional day. For a good number of us, this was it. This was the last time we will suit up. We wanted to win so bad. Everything is better when you go out on top." Tristan Stephens commented after the game today. And go out on top they did. The 37-21 victory was assured by a dominate defense performance, coming away with three sacks, and two interceptions. The O-Line came out strong as well, looking its best all season. They allowed quality protection giving Liam Carver Plenty of time to throw the ball, and provided Eli Tuitama a nice hole which lead to a 45 yard touchdown run. A good sign as the Pirates should improve next season on the line with incoming Tackle Quincy Estep. and current redshirt freshman Levi Hickey starting at Center. The Line coach has been raving about Hickey, so we hope he is ready to step into the starting role next season. The Defense also only allowed 230 yards of offense, and shut out the monarchs entirely in the fourth quarter. The offense however continued to pour it on. It was a good game for the pirates as the finished the year 8-5, better than what many people thought they would do. Coach Weeze, now 17-7, has really shown he is committed to the program as he has begun turning around recruiting, bringing in the best ranked class since 2016. It is also reported that he has signed a two year extension with ECU, keeping him here until 2024. ECU Introduces Athletic Hall of Fame Inaugural Football Ring of Honor Announced Entrance view of new Athletic Hall of Fame Saturday following the excitement in Boca Raton, Fans, Alumni and Players were invited to see the opening, and unveiling of the new ECU Athletic Hall of Fame. The building has multiple floors and wings dedicated to the various sports, and historic athletic figures from East Carolina University. After giving a tour, and showing off the new building, guest were invited to observe an opening day ceremony. ECU Athletics announced they were going to introduce several historic figures, and several current players into the Football Ring of Honor. "Place of Honor isn't only for statistical significance. But it is also for those who truly represent what this school, and university stands for on and off the field. Some you will notice were not four year starters. Someone only attended this fine University for one year. We carefully, and meticulously selected our first inductees. Since this is a special occasion, we decided to induct six players, three former, and three graduating seniors. The Following Players were inducted: Robert Barraza OT 2014 14 Games 1st Player Drafted, Oakland 5th RD, 118th Overall 2014 All AAC 2014 was an amazing year for the Pirates. The Newly introduced team manage to fight, and grind their way to their first Conference Championship game. Part of that was indeed due to the great coaching from ObliviousLax. But when you have great line play, so many things from from passing, to running become easy. Robert Barraza was the corner stone of that first line. Barraza was a mauling, nasty man among boys. He was indeed impressive enough, that after only one year in the FBS, he was drafted in the 5th round by the Oakland Raiders. He spent a few years there before moving to the Buffalo Bills. While he did not spend a lot of time with the Pirates, he has left an impressive impression on fans as a loud, vocal leader who inspired the young offense to make some great plays. Sean Gomez ILB 2015-2016 15 Games, 101 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 Interception, 1Touchdown 2nd All Time Tackler, 4th Tackles in a Season 2015 All AAC Sean Gomez was an early defensive favorite, and a leader on the defensive side of the ball. In 2015 he would fill the shoes of of Jerome Rowell, the schools single season tackler leader. His play during the 2015 season currently has him fourth in most tackles in a season. That same season would see him recognized by the AAC as he also received All Conference Honors as well. Sean Gomez is considered the best inside linebacker, as well as one of the best defensive players in school history. Until this season, Gomez was the leader in career tackles. It should be noted, it took the current leader 9 more games to break his record. Ashton Best SS 2016-2019 18 Games, 86 Tackles, 1 Sacks, 8 Interceptions, 3 Touchdowns 1st player to receive multiple All Conference honors 2016, 2017 All AAC Ashton Best is one half of the greatest safety Duo in school history. The Duo was there for both the worst, and best years of ECU. During the two down years, the Duo was easily the brightest spot. Between being in on the majority of tackles, they two found a way to force turn overs. Ashton Best, the greatest Strong Safety in school history, was also the first player at ECU to be recognized by the Conference multiple times with All Conference Honors. Ashton Best ranks fourth in all time in tackles, and third all time in career interceptions. He is also fifth in single season interceptions. While he did set the record for most career interceptions in 2019, the record was broken in 2020 by the other half of the duo, and an excellent Cornerback who also played with both of them. Eli Tuitama FB/RB 2016-2020 37 Games, 758 Attempts, 3504 Yards, 45 Touchdowns 7 Receptions, 68 Yards, 3 Touchdowns, 9.71 YPC Multiple Single Season and Career Rushing Records 2018, 2019 All AAC Eli Tuitama, recruited as a Fullback, quickly found his way into the starting lineup in 2018 as a redshirt Sophomore. In his first season as a running back, the big bruiser pounded his way to his first All Conference recognition, as well as being largely responsible for the huge offensive success the Pirates had in 2018, when they returned for their second Conference Championship appearance. Rushing for over 1400 yards, he ended up with 13 touchdowns. The following year, he would return with over 1200 yards with 50 fewer carries, but 20 touchdowns. He did receive All Conference Honors for 2019 as well. Setting Multiple records, Eli set the career rushing record, single season rushing record, rushing touchdown record for both career and single season. Patrick Cornett WR 2017-2020 45 Games, 159 Catches, 2276 Yards, 19 Touchdowns, 14.31YPC Multiple single and career records Patrick Cornett is with out a doubt, the best Receiving threat in school history. There is some argument that earlier seasons relied more on a strong running game, but even just looking at the YPC, only one is higher in their career than Cornett. Cornett set just about every receiving record for the university there is. The only records he does not have, is yards in a game, and Touchdown receptions in a game. He has set the bar for most career receptions, touchdowns, and receiving yards, as well as single season records for the very same. Another more obscure record he set in 2020, 5 straight games of 100 yards receiving. As of 2020, he also has more stat sheet appearances than any other player in school history. It is also important to note, the majority of stats came from the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Devin Lloyd FS 2017-2020 24 Games, 105 Tackles, 1 Fumble Recovery, 11 Interceptions, 3 touchdowns Leading Career Tackles, Leading Career Interceptions, Devin Lloyd is the second half, and probably the best half of the best Safety Duo ECU has ever seen. Joining the Pirates a season after Ashton Best, Lloyd made his presence felt on the field every snap. Lloyd is the all time career tackling leader as well as the all time career interception leader. Devin Lloyd also ranks third on most interceptions in a season. He is one of three players to ever get over 100 tackles in their career at ECU. Along with Sean Gomez, and Inside Linebacker Sebastian Chaney, Devin Lloyd is arguably the best defensive player to ever play for the Pirates. ObliviousLAX 1st Head Coach 5 Seasons, 25 wins, 32 Losses, 2 Conference Championship Game Appearances 3 Bowl Game appearances,1 Win Coach ObliviousLax was tasked with starting up, and winning with a new program. In his first and last season, he lead the pirates to a conference Championship.He also lead the pirates to 3 bowl games. The 1 bowl game he won, was against then 8th ranked Ole Miss. Winning 17-16, the game still stands as one of the greatest, and perhaps the best upset in school history. ObliviousLax was also responsible for bringing in almost every great player in school history. Lax instilled an identity early on when the pirates needed it most. He ran a very heavy run game, with a gritty defense. It was a day of great speeches, and heavy emotions. It was great getting to see some old players younger fans might not have known about, as well as celebrating some current players who had amazing careers while attending ECU. The inaugural class 2020 Ring of Honor Class was big, and we probably won't see such a big class ever again, but it was well deserved. Each of these players contributed greatly to the success the school had on and off the field. Now forever enshrined in the Ring of honor, we hope their example will inspire others to reach new, and better heights. 2020 was a great season. We can't wait to see what 2021 brings us. Go Pirates!
    11. [2020] End of Year Newspapers

      Defense Leads the Way! Pirates Come Away with 3 Sacks and 2 Interceptions So DE Isiah Townsend with 8th sack of the season
    12. What have you learned at UVA that you think you can apply here to see the same success?
    13. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #10

      It definitely was. I was never too far out of reach till the end. Hope we can meet again in another bowl. Good luck in 2021!
    14. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #10

      For the First time in school history... ECU has been to three consecutive bowl games, and have won back to back bowl games.
    15. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #8

      How do I unfuck him up? I just remember i don't have to worry about him anymore. Dont tell anyone how to make him gud