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  1. Wow I'm surprised usf went up so high...they almost lost to Cincy..
  2. Rod Fulton, RB, Kansas Jamari Callahan, DE, Kansas Aden Evans, P, Kansas stormstopper, KU, Conference Commissioner
  3. This really gives me hope that I can beat usf next week. They get to come visit me. Maybe I'll be their first lost
  4. almost two months late, but i did this for the '14,'15,'16,'17,'18,'19 and of course already had it for the 2020 season.
  5. i'm actually surprised im ranked higher than Houston
  6. This was really cool and a fun read. I wouldn't mind doing something like this in the future. but damn Rome, I need some more positivity from you babe. Everyone is all bright and sunny then there is you. Dark and gloomy
  7. your statistics are always awesome and fun to look at.
  8. Shock and Surprise! The 2-10 Bucs topple 10-2 Packers for a 28-24 Win! Richard Wilson 8 Receptions, 109 yards receiving, 2 touchdowns
  9. is there anyway we could get an updated list? im curious how things changed in two weeks.
  10. Holy hell you are right. Season has flown by
  11. A serious lack of Liam carver. Doing the impossible with almost literally nothing.
  12. I love that we are edging our way up slowly. Another 20 weeks and we'll be in top 15. Also, the last one, does that mean according to numbers I should win next four? If so..I got some disappointing news...
  13. i feel it coming, next week. im gonna have a few names again.