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    1. Weeze56m

      Daily Discussion: DT's in a 4-3 defense

      I am gonna kind of follow bingo in what he said. for a 4-3 defense base, 1 Gap players are who i would prefer, and i think they typically play a little better than their 2-Gap counter parts who would play better in a 3-4 base. Now that being said, i do believe there are exceptions to that rule. Some players are just so good, the designation doesn't really matter. Big Frank for example played for the most part im sure a 3-4 defense before i arrived in tampa, and now plays more in a 4-3. He plays just as productive, if not more productive than what he did in the 3-4. Now he is an exception. I dfon't think any of the other guys on the bucs could pull that off.
    2. interesting that web was still left on the board. Honestly, thats what ill be looking for this year since we will be picking so late. Who goes first, North or Webb.
    3. Weeze56m

      Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

      The university of Florida. Because Go Gators bitches
    4. ECU won't be a dumpster fire that has to squeak into a bowl game. Buccs won't return to being a dumpster fire. #22hopesanddreams
    5. i'd like to think LB Derrick Martin and Thomas Barry, as well as Big Frank could find their way in. both LB solid and broke records i think in 2020? and Big Frank has always just been a big defender and a big name
    6. Weeze56m

      [2021] All Pro Team

      My boys!
    7. Jeffrey Bryant Retires ECU Athletics Honors Former Defensive Tackle First Ever Draft Pick From ECU Retires After Seven Years in the NFL It was announced today that former defensive tackle Jeffrey Bryant will be honored by ECU Athletics. As a senior during the 2014 season, Bryant was only able to play for the pirates one year. He registered only 4 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 forced fumbles. While he doesn't have eye popping stats for his one season in the purple and gold, he helped his team none the less reach the conference championship game in their first season. Jeffrey Bryant was a homegrown recruit recruited out of Eastern Wayne High School in Goldsborro North Carolina. Following his senior season, he declared for the NFL draft. He was one of 10 defensive tackles invited to workout at the NFL combine. While at the combine, Bryant had the second highest bench press of any other player. Jeffrey was picked in the fifth round, 95th(8th pick) overall by the then St. Louis Rams before they moved to LA. He spent 6 of his 7 years playing for the Rams. Bryant had a decent career early on, but never became a household name. When the team moved to LA, Bryant also became a rotational player instead of a starter. Rams released Bryant at the end of 2020. He signed with the 49ers for the 2021. While playing for the 49ers, he had his most productive season, as well as a career high in sacks(4.0) in several seasons. Following the end of the 2021 season, Bryant Announced his Retirement ending the first Pirate career in the NFL. ECU Athletics announced a special place of honor in the ECU Athletic Hall of Fame for Jeffrey Bryant. This memorial will include a Collegiate Jersey, and a Jersey for both NFL teams he played for. It will also display a plaque of both his NFL career stats, and college stats. While Bryant will not be apart of the ring of honor(as of now), his memorial will help every visitor to remember the first man to enter the NFL and make it, having worn the Pirate Purple and Gold. The East Carolinian salutes, and offers a heartfelt congratulations to Bryant on a successful NFL career. Hopefully his retirement treats him just as well. DT Jeffrey Bryant, 46 Tackles, 11.0 sacks, 1 FF, 2 Ints
    8. Weeze56m

      [2021] Pro Bowl Skills Challenge - Morning

      Jank trade still hurts lol
    9. Weeze56m

      [2021] NFL Honors

      Wow coach of the year. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, it really was something I didn’t expect to win. I’m humbled and honored.
    10. Weeze56m

      [2021] Pro Bowl Skills Challenge - Afternoon

      Shots fired.
    11. Weeze56m

      [2021] Pro Bowl Skills Challenge - Morning

      Heiden is a quarterback rain man. you don't expect much, and then he does this shit. WR really are the reason he isn't better.
    12. a "down" year and beat the living crap out of me.
    13. Weeze56m

      Buccaneers RB Jackson suspended

      oh shoot, i forgot about this. Buccaneers statement: "The Buccaneers organization stand firmly behind our players, coaches, and other staff members. As such, we will be launching our own investigation into the situation with Jackson. He is a great player, and a great presence in the locker room, and we'd hate to lose him for two very tough opponents. However, he is a grown man, and knows the team has a zero tolerance attitude toward this matter. At the conclusion of our investigation, if we agree with the NFLs findings, we will handle the matter internally. He is a smart man. We are sure regardless of what happens, he will grow and learn from this experience. Thank you, no further questions."
    14. Weeze56m

      Who do you support?

      Yess sirr
    15. Weeze56m

      Who do you support?