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  1. The first and only thing to come to my mind is the infamous homoerotic interview, from the sites most infamous homophobe. Touchdown.
  2. East Carolina's Spring Game Questions Answered and Questions to Ask (So) QB Kyler Wilson 25 of 36 attempts, 341 yards, 4 Touchdowns ECU's spring practices came to a close Sunday afternoon after their annual Purple and Gold game. The weekend has turned into a sort of pep rally for the the Pirate faithful. Fans are invited to open practices, concerts, BBQ, various fund raising events for the football and other sports programs for the university. The final event is the Game in which everyone can get an early look at how their Pirates should look the following fall. Almost twenty thousand fans came out to watch the Pirates on the warm Sunday afternoon. Those almost twenty thousands got to witness several stars being born. They may have also witness a few stars going out. It should be no surprise, but the Starting QB for the Gold Team, Kyler Wilson, looked poise and in midseason form. He has clearly been working on his game as his ball placement was very precise, and decision making had little to no rust. The second year quarterback threw for over 300 yards, and four touchdowns. He did this against the first string defense. A defense who stayed after the game and had a huddle with new defensive coordinator, Miles Jackerson. More on that later. Wilson did a good job of spreading the ball around, and just dumping it off to an open receiver. This lead to more production out of the Tight End position, something we saw precious little of last season. All in all, he looked great and we should expect an even better season out of him with some serious weapons around him. If only he could get a little help from his run game.. Sr RB Amir Turner Jr. 12 Attempts for 30 yards One of the biggest problems fans might have noticed during the game, was that Amir Turner Jr, the second year transfer from the JuCo level, continued his struggles. This may not have been as noticeable had the other running backs also struggled. However when you compare their numbers, and their averages, they had a much better outing than Turner. Sam Baldwin was only given 3 carries, but his 3 carries gave him 15 yards and a touchdown. When you compare that to turner's 30 yards on 12 carries, it may say something about their confidence in turner when fall camp rolls around. Further more, Miles Giordano, the starting running back for the Purple Team, had the best outing of every back. 13 attempts for 61 yards. The redshirt Sophmore has thrown his name into consideration for who should start for the pirates this season. However there is a fourth name to consider that was unable to play Sunday due to a minor injury sustained during one of the practices. He is also the only one on the team to have any sort of success rushing. Xavier Stanley, now a senior, was the starting running back during the 2021 season. He rushed for 726 yards, and 9 touchdowns in ten games as a sophomore. His numbers were far better than Turner, who was one of the worst, if not the worst rusher last season in the entire country. FCS included. Giordano has some game experience, but has never started and didn't fair much better with his yard average. Baldwinn was given a redshirt last season and has no active game experience before today. With all this to consider, some big decisions are going to have to be made before they open up against the Wolfpack. "We want to run a balance offense. Last season the coaching staff and I were very upset by the lack of production on the ground. Wilson is an amazing player, but he can't always have to carry the offense. ECU has always been a dominant team on the ground. We need to find our way back to that. If defenses don't know how we are going to attack them, then it makes it harder to gameplan for us. I expect us to look at the film closely, not only from today, but from last season, and the season before. We have a tough choice to make, but we are going to work hard to make sure it is the right one for this team." This was a comment from Coach Weeze following the game on the rushing troubles. Sr WR Jacob Benson 8 Receptions for 105 yards, 1 Touchdown There was a lot of excitement coming into this weekend to get a good look at the Pirates newest weapon, Jacob Benson. Benson, a Senior JuCo Transfer, comes into this season looking to be the number 1 receiver. The first true number one this team may have ever had. He was given a 5* rating and has already generated some buzz as a real threat and weapon for his Quarterback to use. However, as good as he looked today, as tough and as strong as he looked, as fast and as agile, he was not the Star of the first string offense. Redshirt Freshman Will Sorensen came away with 120 yards on two receptions. These hundred yards receiving would have already given him more yards than any other TE last season. Sorensen also showed why The Pirates fought so hard to recruit him two years ago. "We are incredibly proud of his hard work. Will is the ultimate player. He is smart, he is a team player, and he works hard. Last season when he was given the redshirt, he didn't complain. He took that opportunity to build his body. To study the playbook and build team chemistry with Wilson. Today I think we are seeing some of the payoff from that. I expect bigger and better things from this young man. He very well could be the Best receiving Tight End to ever grace this fine universirty. William Bouchard is in New York right now thinking how this kid is gonna break his records. I have that much confidence in him." Another Person we were eager to get a look at was Transfer Jimmy Cardona. He transferred from Oklahoma before the start of the 2022 season. We expected him to start outside, opposite of Leon Burris. However when Benson joined the team, all bets were off and how the receiving corp was going to look was up in the air. For the first time since his freshman season, Leon Burris was not a leading receiver. He had only 3 receptions for 40 yards. The fewest he has had since 2020. With the weapons around Wilson, we are expecting an offensive explosion from the Pirates. The best of Coach Weeze Tenure, which has already seen some very good offenses. The only question left, other than runningback, is how will the final Offensive line look like. A freshman left tackle, a back Center in Jackson Girard playing Left Guard, a Freshman Right Guard, and a senior Right Tackle who played Left Tackle last season. The only starting lineman for the Gold team who was the same as last year is Center Levi Hickey. Easily the best lineman on the whole team. While it looked better than it did last season, it still wasn't up to par of seasons past. (So) DE Theo Guinn 3 Tackles, 1 TFL, 1.0 Sacks. The Starting Defensive unit was on the Purple Team. This is a unit that has a lot of questions coming into this season. But it has a lot of really young talent. The front seven in particular are all possible NFL players in a few seasons. They are just all very very young and haven't had a chance to grow. 4 of the 8 are freshman, with a couple being true freshman, 6 of the 8 are Sophomores or younger..That is a lot of inexperience on that front seven. "We believe in their raw talent. We know they are young, probably one of the youngest in the conference. But they have the raw skill and talent. They just need to learn to trust their instincts, and listen to what we are telling them and we can easily return to defensive dominance in this conference. Statistically, the defense did not put up great numbers. However they also did not have a great offense to help them either. Theo Guinn however did end the day with a sack on Wilson, and Da'Quan Eason manage to chase down an open receiver and break up a beautifully placed pass, preventing a fifth touchdown for Wilson.Joshua Hollis made his presence known, getting involved a lot, coming away with 7 tackles, Mario Redd, a Freshman Inside Linebacker fighting for that starting role ended the day with 4 tackles. Again, you kind of have to take the lack of production, and the amount of yards they allowed with a grain of salt. Their offense were made up of backups, and third string players who won't see a lot of play time, if any this season. The Purple offense only converted three 3rd downs out of 12 attempts. That put the starting defense on the field a lot. Something Coach Weeze said he wasn't mad about. "Honestly it is a good thing. We have so many young players, it gives them a chance to get that playing experience. We play everything as if it was a real game. It gives our QB and receivers a chance to really work on their chemistry, but it also gives our defense a chance to work on their communication, and their own chemistry. We had a few changes to the starting line up because we wanted to see how they worked together. How did they communicate and try to fix errors in the lineup. They did very well with that and we were pleased. Obviously i would have liked them to have create turn overs, and get after the QB..but at the same time im proud my starting offense didn't allow them to do that. We worked hard this off season to try and cut down sacks allowed and it was nice to see that pay off here today. Hopefully we can keep that going forward." All in all it was a great day for the starting offense. They showed off various weapons, and gave their fans an idea of some things to look for, and some changes that will probably take place. The players, fans and coaches are all ready for the season opener against Nc State in a few weeks. Untill then.. Go Pirates!
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    Woah there buddy. I guess you haven’t heard of the AACtion i would have loved to see you build up Colorado, but life happens. I think you’ll do great In South Dakota and wish you the best.
  4. Corrected. I copied from the team page and didn't notice some people were missing values. @TheTodd15 Thanks for posting that, i never saw that post.
  5. ill have mine posted up tomorrow, i do have my depth chart mostly posted however, special teams only thing left
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers send TE Jaime Bautista 6-1 203 R Kansas [Receiving] 77 OG Terrell Oliver 6-7 337 R Georgia State [Run Blocking] 76 OLB Jeremy Woodall 6-2 236 R Purdue [Coverage] 76 SS Jon Mallory 6-1 200 R Boston College [Man Coverage] 76 P Aden Evans 6-3 155 R Kansas [Accuracy] [0] 80 PR D.J. Barnes 5-10 161 R Ohio State [Hybrid] 81
  7. the reason you know this is fake is this. EA would release them all separately, at 60 per game, but only half the game would be released. The rest would slowly come out over DLC content as they "fixed" the game and show they listen to their customers.
  8. depending on the day of the week, what i was doing, and how much free time i had, i could have anywhere from 5-10 tabs open looking at several different things. sometimes i'd hook my tv up as a second monitor and really spread stuff out.
  9. Thanks, the more i looked at AJ the more i liked him. have a good plan for him and hope it works out. he is gonna need help from the QB and other WR around him, but he should do very well. Bautista is someone i hope can develop very well. i loved his stats and can't believe we manage to grab him where we did. he showed a good level of production that i hope translates. so initially i will say i was a little ehhh about taking him where we did because he was a returner, but when we started looking into his stats, and how he was used...i started to think he might be a little bit of a "gem" considering what he is. won't ever be a huge star, but for what he is and what he could give..maybe. I was also ok with it a little, because i think Rabid actually did a good job of filling some holes during FA and the off season. There really wasn't a whole lot of needs going into the draft. We needed a WR, and while we could have used a CB, we didn't neeeed one. honestly i think this is the best group of corners i've had so far and excited to see what we can do. but anyway, back to the PR, i think if he can produce like he did in college in more than just ST, he could really help elevate the offense whose receiving group has honestly sucked.
  10. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select... Introducing the 2023 Draft Class Buccaneers Made 6 Picks During the 2023 Draft The 2023 NFLHC draft has come and gone. Fans and coaches alike are all excited of their new toys and the potential greatness we may one day see. The Buccaneers going into the draft actually did a pretty decent job at address most needs during the FA period. Between trades and FA, they were able to really focus on Best Player Available and make the process so much easier for themselves. With the 13th Overall Pick... WR A.J. Edwards 6-4 217 R Alabama [Speed] [-2] 81 Round 1, Pick 13, 13th Overall The Buccaneers used their first pick of the draft, and the 13th overall pick on Alabama Wide Receiver, A.J. Edwards. Coming into the draft, many experts, analyst, and casual observers had the Buccs making 1 of two picks, a Receiver or a Corner. But according to coach Weeze almost immediately after the pick was made, "There was never a question in our minds who or what we were going to pick. We obviously had other ideas and backup plans, but Pretty much from day one, AJ was on our board as our number 1 guy. We feel like he cemented himself with a great Pro day and a strong Combine. He is Tall, has great hands and can stretch the field with his speed." Their number one guys was easily one of the best three Receivers in the draft. There is some debate on whether he might be The Best, but regardless, the Buccaneers grabbed a solid outside guy who can replace the much needed presence left by the unexpected absence of Richard Wilson. 2022 Season Stats: 78 receptions, 942 Yards, 5 Touchdowns With the 99th Overall Pick... PR D.J. Barnes 5-10 161 R Ohio State [Hybrid] [0] 81 Round 4, Pick 4, 99th Overall This may have been a very surprising, and polarizing pick made by the Buccaneers. D.J Barnes, a PR out of Ohio State, was selected 4th in the 4th round, and 99th overall. Barnes was a great returner in college football. But more than that, he produced on the field for the Buckeyes as a receiver. He was third this season with over 700 yards receiving, and second in touchdown catches. He is fast, agile and is probably now the fastest player on the Buccaneers roster. Special teams is an area that they have struggled immensely. Last season they drafted a Kick Returner to help with some of it, but Derek Payton suffered a season ending injury before preseason ever started. The Buccaneers hope Barnes can be a multi-role guy who can first help on special teams, but also help on offense with injuries, and with substitutions. 2022 Season Stats: 59 receptions, 784 Yards, 10 Touchdowns With the 141st Overall Pick... OLB Jeremy Woodall 6-2 236 R Purdue [Coverage] [0/C] 76 Round 5, Pick 12, 141st Overall With the 141st pick, the Buccaneers went to defense and drafted Jeremy Woodall, Linebacker out of Purdue. Woodall is expected to play the backup strong side Linebacker behind potential starter, Thomas Barry. Barry two years ago was one of the best Linebackers in the league. Last season he was hardly a footnote in the league because of nagging injuries. The Linebacker unit as a whole suffered a lot last season due to injruies. To make it worst, they had Middle linebackers playing outside, Outside playing inside, it was just a mess. The hope is Woodall can provide a stable presence and a valid option should an injury raise its ugly head again. Julien Daly and Micah Singletary both have had significant playing time over the last several seasons. Both have played well enough that they have earn the confidence of the coaching staff. Hopefully they can make it a hat-trick with Woodall and provide themselves a sense of comfort even if the worst should happen. 2022 Season Stats: 19 Tackles, 1.5 Sacks With the 170th Overall Pick... TE Jaime Bautista 6-1 203 R Kansas [Receiving] [0/C] 77 Round 5, Pick 9(comp), 170th Overall Perhaps an undervalued Tight end, the Buccaneers used their comp pick in the fifth round to select Jaime Bautista, Tight End out of Kansas. Of the three offensive players taken up to this point in the draft, Bautista may have been the most productive. Over a thousand yards receiving, 10 touchdowns, he comes into the league maybe not the most polished player, but definitely someone who has the potential to be a great receiving tight end. The Buccaneers traded for 5th year player, TE Darren Jones. Jones will be an excellent weapon for Hieden, but a great mentor and teacher for Bautista. Both have a similar style of play, and both can help provide options for the Quarterback. Heiden has shown in the past he likes throwing to his TE if they can get open. Cipa had many opportunities last season with all the injuries and poor play by his receivers, but never stepped up enough to keep this coaching staff from looking for future options. 2022 Season Stats: 93 receptions, 1182 Yards, 10 Touchdowns With the 180th Overall Pick... OG Terrell Oliver 6-7 337 R Georgia State [Run Blocking] [0] 76 Round 6, Pick 6, 180th Overall Early in the sixth round, the Buccs drafted the monster Terrell Oliver, Guard out of Georgia State. Oliver stands an impressive 6-7, 337 pounds. He is a big boy. Oliver also is expected to be a solid backup player at least for a couple seasons with a potential starting role perhaps sooner than later. However for now, he has two very good Guards to learn from in Zack Cole, and Jack Brown. Both have been very good performers for the Buccaneers. Both are long time veterans and have a lot to teach the rookie. Just like they have been with Backup guard, Ethan Champion, 3rd year player out of USC. A player who has excelled and potentially could be starting on other teams. Before long though, Oliver and Champion could very well be our starters. Lets hope they can hold up to the hype of their mentors. 2022 Season Stats: 3.96 Oline AVG, 18 SA With the 231st Overall Pick... SS Jon Mallory 6-1 200 R Boston College [Man Coverage] [0] 76 Round 7, Pick 12, 231st Overall With their final pick, and 231st over all, The Buccaneers select Safety, Jon Mallory out of Boston College. While fans may scoff at this pick, yet another safety on the roster. However the disappointment with the secondary started with the Safety spot. Nguyen went out early before the season started with an injury, Tatum struggled early to adjust, and Jackson just looked out of place on the defense. the DC has already stated he expects a tough competition and a retool of the defense. Especially in the Secondary. While he will probably see more action on special teams than anywhere else, Mallory does have a real shot at starting the season at projected starter Chris Brown's backup. He is fast, he is smart, and he has the potential to be a starter in the NFL. 2022 Season Stats: 22 Tackles, 1 Interception, 1 Pass deflection.
  11. just happy this pick didn't get shit on. a pattern is emerging, we have a good pick every other year.
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    Didn’t even see this post, but thanks for proving my point lol
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    CFBHC v1.6d

    Temple should have been ranked, don’t @ me
  14. yeah im actually shocked you didnt get ranked.
  15. Lol well In my defense I scheduled hard last season. I needed some easier games to balance that tough conference schedule
  16. East Carolina Announces 2023 Schedule OOC and Dates for the 2023 Season Have Been Confirmed Pirates are set to open up the season against rival North Carolina State in Greenville. Late yesterday afternoon, ECU Athletics announced the coming 2023 Football season schedule, including the 2023 OOC schedule. The Pirate Conference opponents were announced Wednesday Evening by the American Athletic Conference. The Schedule, without further adieu, is as follows: Week 1 Vs. North Carolina State Week 2 BYE Week 3 Vs. New Mexico State Week 4 Vs. UAB Week 5 Vs. SMU Week 6 BYE Week 7 @ Temple Week 8 Vs. Navy Week 9 Vs. UCF Week 10 BYE Week 11 @ Western Michigan Week 12 @ Cincinanati Week 13 BYE Week 14 @ Tulsa Week 15 @ USF Week 16 Vs. Connecticut East Carolina will be entering its 10th season since its inception into CFBHC in 2014. In that time, the Pirates have seen some wild seasons, which include two Conference Championship Appearances, six bowl games appearances with three wins. They've seen a number of upsets, including #7 Ole Miss in 2014, as well as current Coach Weeze's first win as a Pirate over #15 Kansas in 2019. Unfortunately they have also been upset a number of times over the years as well. 2023 will open and end with a bang for the Pirates as they get two play two teams that fans have come to enjoy watching. Both of these games will be at home was well. The Pirates will open with Nc State at home. The Instate rivalry between these two teams have started to heat up. ECU won the first three meetings, however narrow losses have seen the Wolfpack walking away victorious the last two seasons. The final game of the season, and essentially the only home game the last half of the season, Sees ECU playing Uconn. While Uconn has not been a particularly good team over the years, they always seem to play ECU strong. This includes Three wins, an several close losses. ECU has a very weird Schedule this season. The front half is loaded with home games, while the back half loaded with road games. However the Road conference games are also the easier Conference opponents. We use the terms easier loosely here. WMU, while not a conference game has been a powerhouse team in the MAC and could be a very tough opponent for the young Pirates. ECU is trying to mature and show they are more like the teams from the 2018-2019 seasons. So WMU will be a good road test to see where they are at against a pretty good Conference Champion. Tulsa is obviously an interesting game coming off a Cinderella story last year. USF looks to be on a rebuild year like the one the Pirates had last year. However, With this game being in Florida, anything can happen and they are still a tough team regardless. Their rebuild years aren't like others. You could say Cincinnati is an easy win, but they broke the confidence level of Pirate fans last season after a surprising defeat at home. Will this young team have the mental toughness to overcome this and set the record straight? When you look at the first four conference games however, it is glaringly obvious that the Pirates NEED to take advantage of the OOC games. They need to open up and win big against Nc State. They need to make NMSU look like they are the inferior team. They need to play a up and coming UAB team well and come out on top. SMU, even in Greenville will not be Easy. They are possibly the best team in the entire conference when you look at their prolonged history. To follow them up, they play temple. Temple is easily everyone's daddy in the AAC East. However, they have managed to play Temple very close over the last..well since they started playing them in 2016. Since 2016, there has only been 2 games in which the victor has not been decided by 7 points or fewer. This may not be a game that Temple particularly looks forward to, but the ECU faithful always seem to perkup to see if the Pirates can topple Temple. ECU has not beaten Temple since 2018. They follow this tough stretch of games with Navy. There is no easy way to say it. ECU got an unlucky draw in the way the teams are split up, and how cross division opponents are decided. Even more unlucky was how they lined up on the schedule. The following week, Sees the tough UCF team come to Greenville. UCF Vs. ECU is not only the Pirates oldest divisional opponent, with both teams being AAC East founders, and the only ones to stay in the East, but this matchup is also the Conference longest running rivalry. 2023 will see the tenth matchup between these two. Currently the Golden Knights lead the series 5-4. As tough as it may be, ECU needs to use their home games to their advantage and try to get some early season magic and beat a few of these conference teams if they hope to be alive and in the race toward the end of the season. Furthermore, their OOC schedule is much easier than what it was last season. Unless these teams have Cinderella stories of their own this season, The pirates should be able to take advantage of this and see themselves through to a bowl season. Depending on how this team matures this off-season, this could be a very interesting season for the Pirates. A lot of growth is expected, and a much better team than last season is expected to start this year. Only time will tell if that is true, however it should be exciting none the less. The offense has slowly been building, the Defense is almost ready to explode into what was promise when Coach Weeze took over 4 years ago. There is a lot of excitement around the team..hopefully it doesn't end up like last season.
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    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Week 1 Vs. Nc State Week 3 Vs. New Mexico State(Confirmed by @joedchi) Week 4 Vs. UAB Week 11 @ Western Michigan
  18. Sagebow, theTodd and bubada? Houston has rome, Jax has Soluna. indy has Ape and Emperor and Klem. Damn AFCS, you scary.
  19. not with the bottom dwellers ANDDD i get a link to relevant supplementary material? I have finally arrived as a relevant team.
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