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  1. Not much to like? thats fine. we don't mind just building slowly and going under the radar Next year .500
  3. UCONN doesn't have that pulling power to cover up rape in court
  4. Awwww so close winning both!!!! 3 INTS and 9 tackles!!
  5. Hello Cameron Whitney!!
  6. Miller BeastMode 2.0
  7. Marshawn Miller, Man amongst Boys!!!! Great Win!
  8. East Carolina I'm looking forward to our match!
  9. Joke.
  10. Another Close Game, Another Loss....
  11. Looking forward to a big effort from the defences coming off a bye week next week!!!
  12. Abraham Pierce, missed 48 yd FG - 0:02 (UCONN) I can see the ESPN highlights now! WIDE RIGHT WIDE RIGHT!!! So close boys, on to next week
  13. That 3rd Quarter..... if only we had a game of that
  14. Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but anyways commish for the MWC I'm happy to start taking offers for Utah State? Just keen to get started shaping those Aggies/Bobby Wagner 2.0
  15. hahaha Thanks @Rowsdower I don't mind what I get along as I can get started