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  1. caesari

    New Administrator Announcement

    Jieret's long been one of the best and most dedicated members on the site. Glad to see him join the admin team!
  2. Base starting skills Offense: 10 Defense: 10 Special Teams: 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 Discipline: 10 Youth Mgmt: 10 CFBHC Career: Miami Redhawks (2019-2021), Nebraska Cornhuskers (2021-Present) NFLHC Career: New Orleans Saints Scout (2019-Present) Breakdown: (Off/Def/ST/Clock/Disc./Youth) 2019 Adjustments: Not allowed, coached only 7/12 games Traits after 2019: 10/10/10/10/10/10 2020 Adjustments: +1/+2/-2/0/+1/0 Traits after 2020: 11/12/8/10/11/0 2021 Adjustments: +1/+3/-1/-1/0/0 Traits after 2021: 12/15/7/9/11/10
  3. caesari

    [2022] B1G Recruiting Review #3

    I don’t know how he’s done it considering how crowded Illinois is, but @FlutieFlakes deserves a ton of credit for the class he’s built.
  4. caesari

    [2022] Week #10 - Saturday Afternoon

    Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Indiana is better than their record indicates and our offense has been slipping some. doesnt mean it hurts any less though gg @Jamzz
  5. caesari

    [2022] Week #9 - Saturday Morning

    Great game, ECU is on the up and up. Good luck the rest of the way!!
  6. caesari

    [2022] Week #9 - TNF

    Zach Cera has probably never had a worse game
  7. Awesome piece of media. Welcome to the site and good luck at UH!!
  8. caesari

    [2022] Week #7 - Saturday Evening

    Our only loss is on the road at the #1 team in the country in overtime. We’ve beaten Ohio St and Purdue, both ranked, and Tennessee and Wisconsin, both of whom should probably be ranked. Every team we’ve played is a power 5 school with a winning record. This is our closest win, as the other 4 were by 14+ All that to say, as far as one loss team resumes go, we should be in the conversation for the best.
  9. caesari

    [2022] B1G Recruiting Review #2

    Good classes so far at the top. Hopefully I can get a couple commitments this week, my big fish are right on the brink.
  10. caesari

    [2022] Week 6 CFBHC Takeaways

    If Franklin Riggins has a big game vs Purdue I will start his Heisman campaign. Right now I don’t think he’s in the same tier as the leaders. Solomon was my #1 until this week, but I don’t think this game does anything to knock him out of the race. It hurts for sure though. We aren’t talking much about Marcus Black, probably because we are tired of it. But let’s not forget about him as the season goes on. Eric Pope has gotta be climbing the ranks too. As more and more teams drop games, the undefeateds will have more of a spotlight on them. Look for the Stanford-OU game to have a huge impact on the mid season Heisman race. Sets up perfectly for a Heisman moment for TMac???
  11. caesari

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    Tennessee with a big win!
  12. caesari

    [2022] Week 5 B1G Players of the Week

    Riggins deserves all the recognition he’s been getting. Super proud of him so far.
  13. caesari

    Favorite Recruiting Memory

    DStack knew
  14. caesari

    [2022] Week #5 - 1 PM

    RIP Saints Secondary
  15. caesari

    [2018] Week 13 IRL Discussion

    Iron Bowl. Last home game as a student. Let’s ride, and roll tide.