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  1. caesari

    [2022] B1G Recruiting Review #2

    Good classes so far at the top. Hopefully I can get a couple commitments this week, my big fish are right on the brink.
  2. caesari

    [2022] Week 6 CFBHC Takeaways

    If Franklin Riggins has a big game vs Purdue I will start his Heisman campaign. Right now I don’t think he’s in the same tier as the leaders. Solomon was my #1 until this week, but I don’t think this game does anything to knock him out of the race. It hurts for sure though. We aren’t talking much about Marcus Black, probably because we are tired of it. But let’s not forget about him as the season goes on. Eric Pope has gotta be climbing the ranks too. As more and more teams drop games, the undefeateds will have more of a spotlight on them. Look for the Stanford-OU game to have a huge impact on the mid season Heisman race. Sets up perfectly for a Heisman moment for TMac???
  3. caesari

    [2022] Week #6 - Saturday Morning

    Tennessee with a big win!
  4. caesari

    [2022] Week 5 B1G Players of the Week

    Riggins deserves all the recognition he’s been getting. Super proud of him so far.
  5. caesari

    Favorite Recruiting Memory

    DStack knew
  6. caesari

    [2022] Week #5 - 1 PM

    RIP Saints Secondary
  7. caesari

    [2018] Week 13 IRL Discussion

    Iron Bowl. Last home game as a student. Let’s ride, and roll tide.
  8. Saints-wise, we know Sean Jenkins is the best WR in the league, but let's give some Pro Bowl love to Mike Miller, who is averaging 15 YPC, 95 YPG, and has 4 TDs (tied for second in the league). He'll probably be borderline, but he's the best rookie WR of them all right now. Also Devy leads the league in TDs and hasn't thrown an INT. The only other QBs to start a game this year and not throw an INT? AJJ and Orly Vaccaro. Lmao
  9. caesari

    [2022] Week #4 - 4 PM

    This was the wildest round of games I can remember in a long time.
  10. Lincoln, NE-- A quarter of the way into the regular season and following a 37-17 home victory to open conference play, Coach Caesari took to the podium for the first time this year. He seemed fired up as he reflected on the win, as well as the previous two games. "One word to describe my feelings after this game? Proud. I'm proud as hell of this team so far. I was proud after the Tennessee game, proud after the Auburn game, and proud tonight. We played our asses off tonight, bounced back from the Auburn loss, and shut down the best running back in the conference. Wisconsin, historically, is one of the best teams in our conference, and Coach Taffy always brings his A game. To see the fight we had tonight gave me great confidence and pride moving forward. I want to give a special shoutout to two guys: Franklin Riggins and Joshua Holmes. Frank was a tank tonight; our offense is predicated on him being able to run the ball and Sean making the right reads, but it all starts with our running backs. And Frank has been phenomenal. He should be in everyone's conversation for best back in the nation right now. As for Josh... Josh was a situational guy last year. We made the call to give him a start against Tennessee, and he's leading the team in sacks and is an absolute force out there. It's a testament to the work he put in and his growth as a player. With him and Tyler bookending our line, I feel like our defense has two scrappy leaders in the trenches. "While we didn't get the result we wanted a couple weeks ago in Auburn, we traveled to the #1 team in the country and fought them to overtime. We showed the kind of toughness that it takes to win in a conference as tough as the Big 10. And we showed it again tonight. Make no mistake, those are our aspirations. We understand that in a division as tough as ours, anyone can beat anyone at any given time. But we are hungry. We've got the want-to. So we will be back on the practice field on Monday, and I anticipate that we'll be working harder than ever. I know I will. My wife tells me I spend way too much time gameplanning and preparing for virtual games, but as tough and driven as my boys are, I have to in order to keep up with them. Anyways, Go Big Red. I'm damn proud to be a Cornhusker and to be a part of these young men's lives. Any questions for me?"
  11. caesari

    [2022] Week #4 CFBHC Takeaways

    I'm just here to talk about Texas Tech and Stanford. They are deservedly getting a lot of love, but they both made big statements and cemented their top players as two of the leading contenders for Heisman (Solomon is #1 for me, TMac is 3). Both of these teams and players are good picks for all 5 of these questions. On the Nebraska front, I'm gonna write up a press conference, but I like where we are at. Exceeding my own expectations, for sure, and I think Franklin Riggins should be getting talked about a little more. He's a dark horse for Heisman if this continues; I'd put him at 6 or 7. Georgia Tech's Josh Beckett is the best player in the country not getting love, however. Dude is tearing it up. I don't think GT's ceiling is very high this season, but it is entirely predicated on him. If they can stay hot, watch out ACC! Also, shoutout @CadeRich5 for the lowkey beatdown of a very very good Rice team. The Iron Bowl is gonna be ridiculous.
  12. caesari

    [2022] Week #4 - Saturday Evening

    GG taffy. I’ve long been a fan of your Wisconsin teams and was really worried about Trufant. Good luck the rest of the way!
  13. caesari

    Generational Music

    From my Dad, I got 70s music mostly. He liked the 80s as well, but his three favorite artists/bands were, in order, Earth Wind and Fire, The Eagles, and Stevie Wonder. By the time I was 5 I was begging him to play Sir Duke in the car, and knew every word to it and many other songs Stevie had (mostly off Songs in the Key of Life). Later on I really got into the Eagles. I got in trouble in my art class in 4th grade for drawing a “Tequila Sunrise,” which was just a bottle of tequila with the sun rising behind it. My mom is from Texas, and except for the first 5 years of my life, has always lived in Texas. When we moved back I was surrounded by country music, which she loved. I am not really a huge country fan, but I know good country when I hear it. Classic George Strait is hard to beat in the genre, and Amarillo By Morning is a song I’ll always love. I never choose country except coupled with classic rock on the beach. But if other people want country, I will fight to the death to hear that song. edit: I would add James Taylor and Billy Joel to my mom’s list as well, they were her two fav artists and I still love Billy Joel
  14. caesari

    How are you doing?

    I am in my second to last semester of college, drowning in school work, but good. i went to the LSU game this past weekend which was a blast, and today I found a job that not only am I really interested in, I am also completely qualified for! On top of that, my girlfriend and parents are coming for the Mississippi St game this weekend and are meeting each other for the first time. Overall im relatively stressed but I’m also doing alright. I am optimistic about the future but ready to be done with classes.
  15. caesari

    [2022] Week 2 Coaches Poll

    We love a good Q U A L I T Y L O S S Officially my first time in the Coaches' Poll. FEELSGOODMAN