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  1. I received a tax return of $59. I am very poor. I will be donating it to the site.
  2. NFLHC Career: New Orleans Saints Scout (2019-2022), Cincinnati Bengals GM (2023-Present) CFBHC Career: Miami Redhawks (2019-2021), Nebraska Cornhuskers (2021-Present) Feat: Local Connections Skills Offense 14-1: 13 Defense 15-1: 14 Special Teams 6+1: 7 Clock Management 9 Discipline 13 Youth Management 9+3: 12
  3. caesari

    [2023] Week #16 - FNF

    And just like that, Nebraska’s regular season comes to a close with bowl eligibility secured. been a weird, long, roller coaster of a season. Started out 0-4 with no clue what to do with the team. 6-6 may have been slightly disappointing overall after last season, but I’ll certainly take it.
  4. People are saying Joel King is better than Aaron Shea. I don't know who, but I'm hearing talk
  5. It's interesting to me that OU is Nebraska's #1 rival. @HAFFnHAFF leave a noncon spot open for me!
  6. I'm not smart enough to comment on the content of your paper, but I've really enjoyed reading it and think I speak for most of the site when I say congratulations and we are super proud and excited to have been a small part of this
  7. Of the 3 pro potential players in NE, only one was on the P5 list
  8. It blows my mind how bad the OL is at Charlotte. A couple 1/3.5 recruits would’ve done wonders for Billings.
  9. Can I get Bengals GM added? I joined during the preseason
  10. Shackleford is a great get. I really considered making a big play for him before crooting started. I think he’s gonna be a great player for the Red Raiders.
  11. Fwiw I hear you can win your conference title game and still not get in, while the 3rd best team from the SEC West takes your spot.
  12. Holy hell, @Kirby. Really well done early. Utes are trying to return to the playoffs in a couple years!
  13. caesari

    [2023] Week #9 - TNF

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