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  1. caesari

    [2022] Big Ten POTW Week 0

    I'm disappointed Frank Riggins didn't get the OPOW to earn us the clean sweep, but congrats to Tyson on a superb first game leading the Spartans. Billy the Kid did not start for the Cornhuskers at any point during his first 4 years in Nebraska. However, this offseason he won the job from the erratic Connor Dykes, the career leader in FGs by any Huskers kicker. Dykes was 51/75 on his career, only 68%. It is the second lowest in conference history of anyone with 15 or more attempts. Shockingly, his career percentage is also only the 3rd worst kicking percentage in Nebraska history, behind Roger Barrett's 40% (4/10 kicks made) and Tyrone Johnson's 16.7% (1/6 made). After winning the offseason battle, Billy the Kid wasted no time, and big dicked kicked his way into Cornhuskers hearts everywhere with two long field goals this first week. We hope for big things from the RS Senior. Or at least, bigger things than 68% on FGs. As for Joshua Holmes, we are excited for his first season starting. He beat out last year's starter Mario Browne, and while he may not be an NFL caliber player, we would love to see more production like this from him.
  2. caesari

    [2022] SBI 5 Stars Recruits

    Very excited to welcome two SBI 5 Stars to Lincoln! #8 and #28
  3. caesari

    Who commits where?

    Anthony Carlin is a Cornhusker, and I will not hear otherwise. He's the best T in the country and I desperately need a T. Besides that, Cutler Barker to Okie State. Donte Delmas goes to Auburn. Most intriguing is Travanis Ponder. Looks like Kansas, Mizzou, and LSU could all be after him, in addition to homestate Arkansas. That's 3 teams with ~60 points. I'd bet money on Travanis Ponder to LSU
  4. caesari

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - TNF

    Eagles will win it all this year. Loaded roster, great young guys that complement their core, and depth for days. Gotta love having a top 20 QB () as your backup.
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    Twice. Went inactive at hawaii before that
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    Welcome back!
  7. caesari

    I Called It - Draft Predictions

    Lucas Benton goes before Miles Slater Chargers take Noah Barney Pats take Dikes in the first David Sutton is picked in the top 20, most likely to the Chiefs.
  8. caesari

    Podcast recommendations

    Pardon My Take is the best sports podcast out there. It’s funny but they also have really good interviews with people across all the major American sports. I also like the NFL podcast by the Ringer as well as The Pat McAfee Show. Politics wise The Wilderness is a great look at the American Democratic Party (and hosted by Jon Favreau, the former head speech writer for Barack Obama and the current host of another politics podcast, Pod Save America). The best single episode of a podcast I’ve ever listened to was Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Episode 48, about the German city of Munster in the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. It is one of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard. It’s 4 hours long, but absolutely gripping.
  9. First, I love this thread. I think this is a great way for a lot of us to examine ourselves and be honest with ourselves. For me at least, a lot of what I am about to say I don't have the courage to tell anyone in my life. This is entirely a ramble, and I can't promise it will make sense: I feel like a part of me is dead. It's not like it used to be; I'm 21 now, but for all of high school and early college I was suicidal and constantly depressed. I am not like that anymore, but there's still a profound emptiness. Conventional wisdom tells me it shouldn't be this way; I'm very thankful for how good my life has been. At the end of the day though, when I am alone in my apartment, I wonder why I feel so empty. I have big aspirations in life and although I'm not super anxious, I fear not achieving them. For years people have reinforced those aspirations, and it just makes me feel like if I fail then I let people I love down. It's weird; I don't feel like others are putting pressure on me. But I have very clear goals that don't align with most traditional career paths/life journeys. I have been so blessed by the life I've been given that to not succeed would devastate me, and I'd feel like a waste. I feel guilty for being gifted a life that has been so good and yet feeling so broken as a person. I am religious, but when I see people use religion as a tool to fight these feelings I never can get it. I try. I believe. It doesn't seem to help. God is supposed to be the answer to this feeling, but most of the time I feel it anyways. I'm in the middle of probably the best summer of my life and there is still always a nagging feeling in my gut when I'm alone. There is a complete longing for something different, something better, something meaningful. Sometimes I can picture my life with clear cut purpose, but usually I can't. I think life can be beautiful. I just don't know how to make mine match with my hopes and dreams. There is too much suffering that I can't do anything about. I want to try. I hate who I am, but also really like it sometimes. I can't explain that feeling. At the end of the day, I think I'll be okay. I will float along and keep searching. But it feels good to type these things out. However dumb, trite, or illogical they may be, they are thoughts that plague me. Thanks for this.
  10. caesari

    [2022 NFLHC Draft] Franz's Facts: Early Entrants

    *record scratch* *freeze frame* "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation."
  11. It’s been six seasons since the Oklahoma Sooners and Penn State Nittany Lions met in the 2015 CFBHC National Championship game. Most of the stars have moved on to the NFL, where they have seen varying levels of success and made a name for themselves at the highest level of play. But thanks to a triple overtime national championship game that has gone down as perhaps the greatest game ever played, they’ve long been immortalized in the lore of college football. As the sixth anniversary of the game approaches, I got the chance to sit down with several stars of the game. Tai Miller, Norris Brooksheer, Greg Hadnot, and Ozzie Love represented the Sooners; Todd Jennings, Mark Harrington, Anthony Beltran, and Kadeem Martin represented the Nittany Lions. The memories surrounding the game were vivid. Norris Brooksheer, OU Quarterback: “It’s strange. We went down to Dallas the Monday before the game so that we could acclimate to the town. You know- try and feel as at home as possible. We ate some good barbecue. Texas barbecue, man! It’s the best. That’s what I remember most about the week before the game. [laughs]” Greg Hadnot, OU Running Back: “Oh yeah! I remember, it was like the Wednesday night before the game and Coach Ted took the whole team out to this outdoor barbecue place outside the city. It was like an hour bus ride. We were all getting antsy, but once we got there, it was the best brisket we’d ever had. We were so relaxed that night, just eating and having a good time. But when Thursday morning came, when we were just a few days away from actually playing, you could start to feel the whole team tightening up.” Kadeem Martin, PSU Cornerback: “We got down Wednesday. Flew in to DFW, went straight to our hotel. Ate a catered meal from some barbecue joint, then the coaches gathered us for a team meeting. I’ll never forget what they said. They told us ‘it’s our time. This is what we’ve worked towards, this is what you wanted from the beginning. Enjoy this week, but get your minds right. Work as hard as you’ve ever worked. We’re so close.’” By the time the game rolled around, the city was buzzing. Every hotel within an hour of the stadium was booked full, and the traffic near the stadium in Arlington was crazy by noon of championship day. Martin, PSU: “I’m usually pretty calm before games, but I was feeling the butterflies all day for sure. The guy I shared a room with woke up at four o’clock, sweating because he was so nervous. The man only played special teams.” Ozzie Love, OU Defensive End: “I threw up.” Mark Harrington, PSU Wide Receiver: “We got to the stadium probably two or three hours before game time. We expected it to be like an away game, since we were so close to Oklahoma, but there were a lot of Penn State fans there. We had traveled well. You could tell we were all tense. But we were focused. It was a good tense, it meant we were ready to go.” Todd Jennings, PSU QB and 2015 Heisman Winner: “I did my usual pregame routine. After we all walked the field, I put on my game pants and socks, my lucky shirt, and went to go talk to Coach. We always had a meeting before warming up. It usually was only about ten minutes, but this time it lasted almost thirty. Lots of the typical stuff, just going over plays and looks I might see. I told him we were going to come out firing, and I wasn’t wrong.” Jennings and the Nittany Lions won the coin toss and deferred. After their defense forced a 3 and out, the Penn State offense marched 58 yards and kicked a field goal. Oklahoma matched the score on their next drive. But then Penn State broke the game open. Harrington, PSU WR: “It was tied up 3-3 when we got back on the field. Pete [Choboian] broke off a nice run to get the drive started, I remember. It took us four plays to get four first downs. We were just clicking. Coach Soluna had a script for this series, which I still remember. It was a simple trap play to start, which Pete broke for about 20 yards, and then a Drago route. That was my first catch of the day. It probably went for 15. Then we ran some play action, then another Drago, this time to Curtis [Settles]. Just like that we were 20 yards out and knocking on the door. Whole thing only took a couple minutes off the clock.” Jennings, PSU QB: “It was third down, I’d just thrown an incomplete pass. Clock had stopped after a first down run play. We went to one of our bread and butter plays- Tree 400 China. Trips right, Mark ran a deep flag while Curtis curled underneath. I think Omari Waddy, our Tight End, was running a crossing route. My first read was to him, but the safety tried to come up on him. Mark was so wide open. There wasn’t anyone in ten yards.” The Penn State fans went nuts. The Sooners were fired up as well. Brooksheer, OU QB: “I was determined to match that drive. They’d made us look pretty silly. We got the ball on the 25 and I told Tai that I’d find him.” Tai Miller, OU Wide Receiver: “First quarter ended and we had a little bit of something going. I still hadn’t caught a pass. Me and Kadeem [Martin] had been dueling, and Norris was mostly checking down. Greg was rocking, though. We were handing the ball off and getting chunks of seven or eight yards. We were probably on the fifty when Norris gave me the signal.” Martin, PSU CB: “I’d been ready to play Tai Miller since the beginning of the season. There wasn’t a better Wide Receiver in the game. I’d studied film of him all week, and only him, and for whatever reason when he got that sign from Brooksheer, I knew what it was gonna be. I guessed right. It was just a slant route, but I baited it. Next thing I knew, the ball was in the air and I was in position to jump it. So I did.” Brooksheer: “Immediately after the ball left my hand I knew it was an interception. Kadeem played me like a fiddle. He was off to the races then, and I had to go make the tackle.” Brooksheer made the tackle after a nearly 40 yard return, and a few plays later Pete Choboian punched it in from 2 yards out. With 10 minutes left in the second quarter, Penn State was up 17-3. The rest of the quarter was relatively quiet. Alejandro Aguirre hit from 42 with 3:00 left on the clock, and then Penn State matched that field goal with no time left to head into the locker room up 20-6. Love, OU DE: “It was so quiet in the locker room. We felt defeated. We were getting our teeth kicked in, hadn’t scored a touchdown, and didn’t even get the ball to start. We were a sieve defensively, too. Seemed like whatever Penn State wanted to do, they did.” Miller, OU WR: “I was pissed. I hadn’t even caught a pass, and the only time a ball had even come my way was that pick.” Hadnot, OU RB: “You could hear a pin drop. Coach Ted came in and lit into us, accusing us of not playing hard and being sloppy. I had my head down the whole time. He grabbed me by the back of my shoulder pads and pulled me to my feet and yelled in my face. ‘Do you want to win a championship?’ he asked. I nodded. His face was so red. ‘Then f****** act like it!’” Anthony Beltran, PSU Defensive Tackle: “Our locker room was still determined, but we were hype. In our minds, we were just one more half from a championship. We were in the driver seat. We thought that if we scored immediately out of the half we’d break their will.” Penn State did score. Todd Jennings led a march down the field that took five minutes off the clock and was capped with another 2 yard Choboian plunge. It was 27-6 and the Penn State sideline was rocking. Harrington, PSU WR: “At that point, I was so confident we’d win that I would’ve bet my life on it.” Hadnot, OU RB: “We were dead in the water. There was hardly any life on the sidelines. But Coach Ted pulled the offense together before the kickoff and lit a fire underneath us. I don’t even remember what he said, but it awoke something. He did the same thing with the defense while we were on the field. Some of my teammates told me later he wasn’t even watching the drive. He spent all three minutes getting the team’s mind right.” Brooksheer, OU QB: “Our offense had been awful during the first half. We turned the corner on that first drive. Greg had only like 35 yards in the first half, but the first play of the drive he took a counter for 20. Then I hit Tai for his first catch of the game for 30. We got Kadeem on a sluggo since he’d bit the slant so hard earlier. Two plays, 50 yards. All of a sudden, we had a little mojo.” Martin, PSU CB: “That sluggo still haunts me. I knew better than to try to jump it twice. But we were feeling so good. We were up 21 in the national championship game, and I thought if I could get another interception not only would I be rubbing salt in the wound, but it would seal the game. Our offense hadn’t been stopped, our defense hadn’t given up a touchdown… I wanted to be the hero right there.” Beltran, PSU DT: “I think they scored in like 6 plays. We slowed them down a little in the red zone, but they ran a third down play action and caught us napping. Little touch pass to the tight end, and suddenly it was 27-13. We still were in control, though. We weren’t feeling too out of sorts.” The Nittany Lions took the field again after a great kick return, giving them possession at their own forty yard line. After a short completion to tight end Omari Waddy and a four yard run by Pete Choboian, it was 3rd and 1. Jennings, PSU QB: “We lined up with two tight ends and a fullback. The ball was going to Pete, no doubt. They knew it and we did, too. We motioned our fullback, Darren [Michael], from the right side of the line to the left and snapped the ball. During that motion, Ozzie Love shifted from shading a 6 technique to a five, head up over our tackle. Just that little adjustment was enough to blow the whole play up.” Love, OU DE: “I was a short guy, but I was pretty quick. Fullback shifted away from me, I shaded over, and I jumped the snap. I ripped through the tackle and was on top of Choboian as soon as he had the handoff. I grabbed around his shoulders and tried to rip him down, but he went right through my arms. I thought I’d seriously f***** up, but in reality, I’d slowed him down just enough.” Jennings, PSU QB: “Pete didn’t stand a chance. They brought the blitz, Love hit him early, and he kind of got stood up. He was swarmed as soon as he was through Love’s initial hit. Next thing I knew, the ball was rolling on the ground. Backwards towards me and towards Love. He scooped it up before I even knew what was happening.” Love, OU DE: “The ball kind of rolled right to me, and then bounced up into my arms. I cradled it against my chest and slid down immediately. Possession, OU.” Martin, PSU CB: “When we came on the field, we knew they were gaining momentum. We also knew we were in real big trouble if we couldn’t get a stop.” The next four minutes were all Greg Hadnot. He carried the ball 6 times for 37 yards, including a five yard touchdown run. Suddenly, the score was 27-20. It was a one possession game. Hadnot, OU RB: “By that point, we were back in the race. After the first drive, the third quarter had been all us. The fans were so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.” Harrington, PSU WR: “For all the craziness up to that point, the thing I remember about the beginning of the fourth quarter was the lull. It was a calm before the storm, looking back. We ran like five plays and then had to punt. They did the same. For that time, it seemed like a stalemate. When we got the ball back is when things went absolutely nuts.” With 11:45 to go in the game, Penn State took the field on their own 28 yard line. For the next four minutes, Todd Jennings methodically picked apart the OU defense while Pete Choboian picked up two huge third down conversions to keep the drive alive. After a 12 yard pass to Curtis Settles, Penn State was inside the 30 and seemed to be knocking on the door. Martin, PSU CB: “It finally felt like we were back on our game. Our offense was gonna give us a cushion. I’d been feeling tense most of the fourth quarter up to that point, but the path to the trophy was looking clear as day.” Love, OU DE: “For whatever reason we couldn’t stop them that entire drive. They made us look silly. But God bless Jerry Walker.” Jennings, PSU QB: “Literally all game I’d avoided Jerry Walker. He was playing free safety for them, and I had not challenged him deep once. I didn’t make the conscious decision to go at him, but the opportunity just kind of presented itself. Mark was running a simple go route and his corner sat. It looked like there was a window to pick up 15 or 20 yards- hell, knowing Mark, he may have been able to score. I tried to zip it to him, but got hit as I released. The ball hung up in the air for just a moment too long.” Harrington, PSU WR: “It basically became a 50/50 ball, but Jerry Walker had the better shot at it because I had to come back to it. He was full speed to the sideline and jumped up in front of me. I tried to reach over his shoulder and knock it out, but he was able to pin it against his hip. Next thing I know, the OU sideline was going berserk. I didn’t even have to check to see if he’d caught it. I knew.” With the ball on their own 11 and 8:00 on the clock, Norris Brooksheer and the OU offense took the field once more. Brooksheer, OU QB: “We were determined to not let that drive go to waste. We knew it was our last real shot at making something happen.” Hadnot, OU RB: “I told Coach Ted to feed me. He did. Tai told him he wanted the ball. He got it. We were confident and making plays. It was maybe the best drive of the entire season for us.” For the next 6:00 minutes, OU drove 89 yards in 9 plays. Brooksheer was 4/4 on the drive, with three completions to Tai Miller for 30 yards. Hadnot carried the ball on the other 5 plays, including a 34 yard scamper that set them up with 1st and goal on the 3 yard line. The very next play, Brooksheer threw a touchdown to wide receiver Jose McGinest to tie the game. Martin, PSU CB: “We were at a loss. The game was far from over, but we’d gone from almost a sure victory to the fight of our lives. We certainly didn’t give up, but OU just dominated us that drive.” But it wasn’t over. Mark Harrington had been the star wideout for a Heisman winning QB all season. By the fourth quarter, he had 6 catches for 84 yards and a touchdown to his credit. When Jennings needed bailing out, the ball was almost always going his way. So when the Nittany Lions got the ball back on their own thirty with just over 2:30 left in the game, all eyes were on him. Jennings, PSU QB: “We had 80 yards to go and 1 timeout left. We knew we needed some big plays, and we knew Mark was the guy who provided those typically. So we went to him early.” Harrington, PSU WR: “I think the first one fell incomplete. It was just a little long. Next play we picked up a first down on a crossing route to Curtis that went for 18, and then we hustled to the line. That’s the play. I ran a post pattern and got behind Jerry Walker. 40 yards, just like that. We were inside the 25.” Love, OU DE: “We called a timeout once they got to the line. We had to. We were gassed. There was a minute or so left on the clock. We knew if they scored, they won.” Two plays later, the OU defense had stood firm. Harrington had caught a screen pass that only went for one yard, and then Jennings was sacked for a loss of 4. With time winding down, Ozzie Love broke through and recorded another sack, this one driving the Nittany Lions back to the 34 yard line. Beltran, PSU DT: “Coach Soluna called a timeout with three seconds left. 51 yarder for [kicker Matt] Fisk. He missed, and it was on to overtime.” Martin, PSU CB: “We never stopped being confident. We had the talent, we had the ability… going into overtime, we still believed the game was ours.” Brooksheer, OU QB: “I don’t think either team believed they were going to lose. We had all the momentum, but even still Penn State was as determined as ever. That’s why I wasn’t shocked that it went into three overtimes, because the competitive spirit on that field was at an all time high. You couldn’t find two more competitive teams.” Penn State got the ball first and were held to a field goal. OU sent it into the second OT period after an Alejandro Aguirre field goal following a sack by PSU Defensive Tackle Anthony Beltran. In the second overtime, Tai Miller caught two passes and Greg Hadnot capped it off with a touchdown. Penn State answered right back with a 4 yard touchdown from Todd Jennings to tight end Omari Waddy. To begin the third overtime, PSU handed the ball to Pete Choboian twice and then threw an incomplete pass to the back pylon, intended for Mark Harrington. A 25 yard field goal followed, putting their tenuous lead at 40-37. Miller, OU WR: “We were dog tired, but we smelled blood in the water. We knew that 25 yards meant a championship. Coach Ted gave us 3 plays coming off the sideline. One was a draw play to Greg, who took it six yards. One was a play action to Hugh Warren, who broke a tackle and took it 14 yards. The last was a dive play, which Hadnot took to the one yard line. It was second and goal from the one.” Beltran, PSU DT: “Coach called a timeout after we nearly gave up a touchdown. There’s a reason he's considered such a good coach: he called their play. He told us that they were going to run a play action on second and goal, with a little novel route to the tight end, and he was right. We had a blitz dialed up for the exact play he said they’d run, and Brooksheer had to throw it out of the back of the end zone.” Hadnot, OU RB: “All day, I’d wanted the ball. It was no different this time. I tapped my helmet, we got the play and it was just one of those big-on-big plays where we run right at them. ‘Bring your hat,’ Coach Ted would always say. And they brought theirs. Third and goal from the one, and I tried to jump over the pile.” Beltran, PSU DT: “He tried to jump over me and extend over the goal line. It didn’t work.” Facing 4th and Goal from the one yard line, OU called a timeout. During their deliberations on the sideline, the coaching staff made one of the gutsiest calls in CFBHC history. Rather than take the field goal and send it into the fourth overtime, they sent their offense back onto the field. Three tight ends, a fullback, and Hadnot. Miller, OU WR: “I was dying on the sidelines. To not be on the field for that play was excruciating.” Hadnot, OU RB: “Bring your hat. We were going to beat them by running right at them. I lined up behind my fullback, Ian Smith, and all eyes were on me. I remember smiling.” Beltran, PSU DT: “That bastard smiled at me as I got down in my stance. I was pissed. I was ready. This play was for all the glory, I wasn’t about to let him grin at me like a moron and then take the championship away from me.” Brooksheer, OU QB: “We got our fullback some carries in our offense, but no one expected it. I snapped the ball from under center, turned right, handed it to Ian, and then faked a handoff left to Greg. It wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t super confusing, but it was enough. Ian bowled over a linebacker and broke the plane. We were champions.” OU won, 43-40. In the immediate aftermath, analysts couldn’t stop talking about the decision to go for it. Greg Hadnot was awarded MVP for his 18 carry, 143 yard, 2 TD performance. Before long, the title game was named the greatest sporting event of 2015, and later of the decade. I asked each of the eight I interviewed for their final words on the game. Brooksheer, OU QB: “It was the greatest game I’ve ever been a part of. There’s never been another game like it on a stage like that.” Jennings, PSU QB: “I still have nightmares about Jerry Walker. My time at Penn State was incredible, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, except for that one throw. It was a well coached, well executed game, and it came down to just a couple plays. If I would’ve been on the other side of it… man. I wish we’d have come out on top.” Harrington, PSU WR: “I told my wife that she wasn’t allowed to talk about it. She grew up in Oklahoma, so she made the mistake of teasing me about it once. Now we don’t mention it, ever. It was easily the biggest fight we've ever had.” Hadnot, OU RB: “The rest of my career was kind of a blur. That was certainly the pinnacle. And you know what? I’m very happy with that.” Beltran, PSU DT: “You’re the first and last person I’ll ever talk to publicly about that game. Now that I’ve walked through it, any more conversation about it will be behind closed doors with my therapist.” Love, OU DE: “I didn’t make it to the NFL, and now I’m on staff here at OU. I can’t go anywhere without being stopped still, all because of that game. I haven’t bought a drink in Norman since.” Miller, OU WR: “I’ll always remember the frustration and the grind of that game. Not having a catch in the first half, then storming back the way we did and being an integral part of the offense. It was the hardest I’ve ever played, and it paid off.” Martin, PSU CB: “Tai and I are teammates now. We go against each other in practice every day. And every time he beats me, he says ‘Boomer Sooner.’ I hate it. But a couple weeks ago he tried to run a slant on me and I picked it off. After we got back to the line I got up in his face. ‘You know better than to run slants against me,’ I told him. ‘It never works out for you.’” Miller, OU WR: “[laughing] Yeah, then tell him what happened next.” Martin, PSU CB: “What? Nothing happened. I shut you down the rest of practice is what happened.” Miller, OU WR: “Nope. I beat you twice for touchdowns. And after practice I showed you the championship ring I keep in my locker. You know, from when I beat your ass when you were at Penn State? I got the last laugh that day.” I thanked them for taking the time to sit down with me. It was obvious the loss still smarted when for the former Penn State players, but even they had to admit: they had played in the greatest championship game of all time.
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    The New Orleans Times-Picayune

    Another One Saints Sit At 9-5 With 2 Games To Go https://imgur.com/JoSP1j4 New Orleans born DJ Khaled looks on as the Saints beat the Cards, 27-23, behind a vintage Sterling Brown Performance table { width: 100%; border-spacing: 0; } table td { padding: 3px; } tr { background-color: #FFF; } tr:nth-child(even){ background-color: #EAEAEA; } table.boxscore tr { background-color: #fff; } table.boxscore td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 90%; text-align: center; border: 1px solid #D3D3D3; border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; } table.boxscore td:first-of-type { border-left: 0px; } table.boxscore tr:first-of-type td, table.boxscore tr:last-of-type td { border-bottom: 0px; } table.compare td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: center; } table td.block { height: 35px; text-align: center; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 100%; background-color: #00004c; color: #fff; font-weight: bold; } table td.teamspecific { width: 49%; min-width: 400px; display:inline-block; } table td.teamspecific td.stat{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.name{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.stat.name{ width: 11%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight:bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; } table td.teamspecific td.label { width: 35%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight: bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: left; } @media (max-width: 840px) { table td.teamspecific{ width: 100%; } } table { width: 100%; border-spacing: 0; } table td { padding: 3px; } tr { background-color: #FFF; } tr:nth-child(even){ background-color: #EAEAEA; } table.boxscore tr { background-color: #fff; } table.boxscore td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 90%; text-align: center; border: 1px solid #D3D3D3; border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; } table.boxscore td:first-of-type { border-left: 0px; } table.boxscore tr:first-of-type td, table.boxscore tr:last-of-type td { border-bottom: 0px; } table.compare td { font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: center; } table td.block { height: 35px; text-align: center; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 100%; background-color: #00004c; color: #fff; font-weight: bold; } table td.teamspecific { width: 49%; min-width: 400px; display:inline-block; } table td.teamspecific td.stat{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.name{ text-align: left; } table td.teamspecific td.stat.name{ width: 11%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight:bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; } table td.teamspecific td.label { width: 35%; background-color: #BBB; font-weight: bold; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 80%; text-align: left; } @media (max-width: 840px) { table td.teamspecific{ width: 100%; } }
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    Roll Tide! I'm a student at UA currently and happy to see more Bama fans around. We need them! We have quite a few openings currently, and the best way to learn is to hop in with one. Don't be afraid to ask questions, either. Available teams list is here, and you can apply by using these guidelines and template for your own forum post here. The commissioner for a conference is in charge of your application from there, and can help get you set up.
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    Account Elevation Requests

    Approved for Nebraska Cornhuskers, B1G