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    1. You want to just hand me more croot points? Well.... alright. I like the suggested Prestige change. As for recruiting, giving or taking a point seems like it's a little too much, I like it counting for/against win tier rewards so that if you lose, its effect is able to be overcome, it just makes it more difficult.
    2. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $10000 Tanner Bowman (+300)
    3. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      10,500 on PSU (-3.5) Go big or go home.
    4. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $3000 on Clemson (+6)
    5. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $2500 LSU (+11)
    6. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 $4000 on Alabama (+1.5)
    7. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $2000 on Ohio (-0.5)
    8. [2020] Bowl Betting Bonanza

      $1000 on Western Michigan (+11.5). Can I take the moneyline?
    9. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #2

      Miami (OH) closes an up and down season on a high note. After starting 4-0, knocking off Nevada, and receiving votes from pollsters, we lost 5 of 8. Nice to close out with a resounding victory. Defensively, FS Nicholas Mingo tied for the MAC lead in Interceptions after this game and Donte Pennel took the outright lead in Sacks. Zach Cera has one of his best games of the season (to cap a season of 36 TDs and 3745 yards), and Kenneth Harrison ends a disappointing statistical season on a high note (season line of 75 catches/878 yards/11 TDs). Of course, Casey Swann put a bow on his breakout campaign. Swann's final numbers, including the bowl: 79 catches, 1,038 yards, and 14 TDs. Perhaps a little national recognition is in order? Lastly: 3rd Down Conversion 6/9 Nice.
    10. [Survey] Alumni Network

      University of Alabama, Class of 2019
    11. So by transitive property I am 4x better than Air Force
    12. Dacder's 2021 Mini-Mock

      I hear their scout is very pro-MAC
    13. [2020] Week #15 - FNF

      Yo wtf
    14. [2020] MAC Recruiting Recap Show, Week 12

      Is this the week 11 show? Am I crazy?