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  1. Bengals place FS Matthew Dyson 5-11 216 2 TCU [Man Coverage] [0] 80 on IR. He suffered a Severe Hamstring Rupture in Week 6 and is out for the season.
  2. He’s coming into a great front office to learn the ropes from. Good luck to him and the Broncos!
  3. First Name: CalvinLast Name: McKayCollege: NebraskaAge: 22Height ( ft’in”): 6’4”Weight (lbs): 207Position: WRNumber (realistic pls): 12skin color: BlackEquipment: Clear Visor and rolled up jersey if you can do that (Zeke style)Attributes : look through this list: (these are the default, remember to subtract or add elite/good depending on age) 3 elite attributes - Catching, Jumping, Acceleration7 good attributes - All 3 route runnings, Release, Catch In Traffic, Spectacular Catch, Stiff Arm5 above average - Speed, Ball Carrier Vision, Juke Move, Toughness, Carrying
  4. I moved to NYC and started grad school. I've been struggling with my mental health, but I've also really enjoyed the program and people I've met. And living here has been awesome when I've actually been taking advantage of it. I think I'm gonna go to therapy starting next semester since its free to students through their mental health clinic. I just feel it has been a long time coming, and my girlfriend started going a few weeks ago and its really helped her with her anxiety.
  5. Agents could be fun. Idea: they represent more than just monetary interests, so in FA you actually make a "pitch" to a player about fit, playing time, winning outlook, etc. Money still is king but a better pitch means they may take a little less money to meet other needs. Also gives players more RP personality.
  6. I would like to continue to rule the city of Cincy as its GM
  7. caesari


    damn @Suffocation gg. I got really lucky to escape with a point. Looks like the title race will come down to the wire
  8. The Great Horde Founded: 1464 Form of Government: Khanate Capital: The City of Bones Leader: Khal Dre Khan, since 1868 Beginning as a loose association of tribes on the Kazakh steppe, the khanate began to form after a power vacuum left by the collapse of the four Mongol khanates. A chieftain by the name of Drogo Khan, a descendant of the great Genghis Khan, began subjugating rival tribes in the region through both violence and diplomacy. His legend developed to god-like status, and upon his death he was deified as the god of the ever-growing Khanate. Under the leadership of his son, Khal Drogon Khan, The Great Horde subsumed all tribes on the Kazakh steppe. For the next 100 years, the horde roamed freely on the steppe. No permanent settlements sprang except the City of Bones, which was home to Khal Drogo's body and where all other Khals were buried. Each year, members of the Horde (which divided itself into multiple factions, all under the leadership of the acting Khal) would spend 1/3 of their time protecting and building the city. They would save bones from the animals they hunted to construct temples and other buildings. It was here that the Palace of the Khals was constructed around 1603. The Great Horde is considered one of the most brutal and fearsome cultures. They are large people with a taste for war. Despite the seeming barbarism of the khanate, however, its social customs were ahead of its time, with women rising to the highest ranks in the khanate (although no female Khals) and gender fluid priests who served as Khal Drogo's messengers to the people and full-time defenders of the City of Bones. Following extensive contact with Eastern Europeans, the khanate attempted to define its borders. Originally they stretched beyond the Kazakh steppe, but a series of ineffectual Khals and difficulties defending such a large swath of open land led to consolidation back to the original lands of their ancestors. However, in 1861, Khal Drou Khan received a message from the priests of Khal Drogo: the khanate was favored once more, and was to subjugate the earth. Khal Dre Khan, the 21st Khal of the The Great Horde, rose to power in 1868 at the age of only 18. Inspired by his ancestor, Khal Drogo, to innovate and modernize The Great Horde, Khal Dre Khan began to implement new laws and governing policies to strengthen the khanate against the ever increasing threat from the modern world. An intelligent and cunning leader, he implemented many social changes and began trade relationships with surrounding settlements, specifically those to the south. The relationships were tenuous, but it allowed for the khanate to build two highways through the steppe: one east/west, one north/south, with the interstection at the City of Bones. It also saw the rise of several small settlements along the borders of what was considered Khanate land, mainly as outposts to defend against intruders. Lastly, the Khal created compulsory education courses for all children that included reading, writing, warfare, and trade. Khal Dre Khan is called "The Great One" for his reforms that have strengthed The Great Horde. Over thirty years into his rule, he has appointed his successor and instructed that upon his death, the next Khal is to begin the work instructed by Khal Drogo in 1861: subjugate the earth. Culture and Customs: Appointed Successor (Khanians): Each Khal chooses his successor (khalian), who is adopted into the official Khan lineage and given a name that begins with "Dr-". At any point, the current Khal can change his mind and appoint a new successor. Any khalian who does not become Khal is banished from the City of Bones and forced to wander the steppe alone. Priests of Khal Drogo: genderfluid and celibate, the priests are chosen in infancy from among any orphaned children in the khanate. It is considered the greatest honor to be chosen, and the priests are trained to communicate with Khal Drogo and as guardians of the City of Bones. Traditionally, they were some of the few who could read and write, and still serve as pseudo-governmental officials as well. Burial Rituals: All soldiers who fall in battle are buried with their horses. All Khals are buried at the Palace of the Khals, which is made entirely of bones. It is where Khal Drogo was buried. War: Primarily fighting on horseback, every member of The Great Horde is involved in the war efforts. Women take care of the horses, smith armor, and tend to wounded; children assist both the women and the male soldiers. Able bodied women are trained to fight, and may rise up the ranks to command men. Children learn to ride and shoot bows at an early age, and receive their first swords at the age of 12. Culture: Men do not shave their beards or cut their hair unless they have been defeated in battle. Back tattoos are received for heroism in battle. It is customary for children to receive the names with the same initial sound as their father, I.e. Drogo having kids that start with 'dr'. The traditional currency of the khanate is bone, but that has given way to coins in the recent years. Stats: Economy (1-10): Education (1-10): Military Power Overall (1-10): Land Power (1-10): Sea Power (1-10): Air Power (1-10): Technology (1-10): Health (1-10): Infrastructure (1-10): Population: Location (City of Bones is located just south of the non-purple part in the middle, near the river there)
  9. Make no mistake: while we are optimistic about our chances this year, Joel King is on the shortest leash he’s ever been on. Cutting him this coming offseason would save us $15m next year, just as Sila Lotomau will be landing what is likely to be the top contract of any DT in NFLHC history. On top of that, we are excited by what we have in David Oates and the way he fits our team. So don’t be surprised to see us make the transition if things go off the rails. Awesome article. I mostly agree with your tiers with very few exceptions (the rankings within each tier are pretty arbitrary with nothing to go off of). Well done as always, Bingo!
  10. Disagree. They only have 125 points this season. Across a full season that’s pitiful.
  11. Vernon Muhammad does not play for Nebraska. But proud of the B1G, Looking good so far this season!
  12. LINCOLN, NE- After much debate among the fanbase, the University of Nebraska today released the list of four players who would be added to the Nebraska Ring of Honor during halftime of their opening home game against Oklahoma. The inaugural class of 2023 included legends of Nebraska's original teams, but this class has a slightly more modern feel, with 3 out of the 4 inductees having played for current coach caesari. The inductees, who will be joining Sean Hamilton, Keena Kane, Marcus Williams, Samuel Shaw, and former coach rabidsnowman in the Ring of Honor, include: QB Sean Connell Connell is best known for leading the 2022 Cornhuskers to a B1G conference championship. While he was never as prolific as fellow Ring of Honor QB Sean Hamilton, he was a fan favorite for his heroics in big games and his running ability. Connell is currently an NFL FA, although some expect him to sign with the Bengals practice squad. RB Franklin Riggins "Frank the Tank" is the latest in a long and proud history of Nebraska running backs. In the 2022 season, he capped off his career in scarlet with over 310 carries, 1700 yards, and 20 TDs. Over his two years as a starter, he scored 37 rushing TDs and ran for 2900 yards. Now a member of the New York Jets, Riggins projects as an NFLHC starter for the coming season. OT Rafael Vitale Hailing from Kansas, Vitale was a 5 star recruit who played every snap for Nebraska over his four years with the team. He anchored the left side of the offensive line for both Sean Hamilton and Sean Connell. Vitale is entering his second season with the Pittsburgh Steelers after being selected in the second round of the 2023 NFLHC Draft. DE Karim Brown An original Husker, Brown played 3 seasons for Nebraska and was the all-time leader in CFBHC sacks upon graduation. The record stood for two seasons. His 20 career sacks, including an 11-sack 2014 campaign, remain the school record. The Cornhuskers' staff also used the announcement to welcome Karim Brown back to the program after being hired as a quality control assistant.
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