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  1. Illinois: 110 (+5) Northwestern: 160 (-5)
  2. The Flamethrower Zack Cera will always be #1 in my heart. Casey Swann was incredible for me too. I wish I would’ve started him my first season at Miami. Best of luck to all the players chasing the records this year!
  3. Week one filled. Week 1- vs. Virginia Tech (at Nissan Stadium in Nashville) @vtgorilla
  4. Week 1- open Week 2- vs. OU @HAFFnHAFF Week 3- @ CU Boulder @NateTheGreat Week 8- open Lmk if you wanna schedule nebraska either of my open weeks. I'd like a home or neutral site game, and preferably against an evenly matched team.
  5. JUCO transfer Shaq Callahan, who put on a show during Nebraska's spring game, stands on the sideline with QB Chase Culver. LINCOLN, NE-- The quarterback battle in Lincoln is finally settled... at least for now. Redshirt Sophomore Lucas Elizondo, who started the entirety of the 2023 season, will be on the bench for the first game of the season as JUCO transfer Shaq Callahan gets the nod following a strong spring game performance. "We have two great players who offer two different styles," coach Caesari explained. "Lucas really opens up our run game, and we think he made great strides compared to where he was this time last year. Shaq has a strong and accurate arm, and it was on full display this spring. The QB battle will continue into the season. We think both guys are totally able to lead Nebraska to where we expect to be. They'll push each other to be better every week, and that's exactly what we need." The battle was one of great interest for Husker fans. Elizondo led them to a bowl win last year as he threw for 2455 yards, including 15 TDs and 10 INTs. He also ran for 184 yards and 2 touchdowns. Callahan was the more impressive in the spring game, completing 17 of 23 passes for 250 yards and 2 TDs compared to Elizondo's 16/28, 155 yard, 1 TD, 1 INT stat line. However, Callahan's numbers came against the backup defense, raising questions about how effective he will be against stronger competition. Elizondo has 3 years of eligibility remaining, while Callahan has two. If Callahan holds onto the starting job, Elizondo is still expected to start his final season in Lincoln. He may get his second chance even sooner if Callahan cannot recapture the magic of his spring performance.
  6. Bengals send: OT Liam Hildebrand 6-5 299 R Notre Dame [Pass Blocking] [0/C] [+] 71 OG Cyrus Naylor 6-4 322 R Florida [Run Blocking] [0/C] 82 OG Jayson Waller 6-1 332 R Oregon [Pass Blocking] [0] 69 DE Emmanuel Knox 6-2 245 R Washington State [Contain] [0] 74 ILB DaeSean Woodard 6-3 206 R Notre Dame [Will] [+3] 78 OLB Miles Rinehart 6-1 242 R Louisville [Blitz] [0] 80 FS Todd Werner 5-11 195 R Illinois State [Zone Coverage] [0] [#] 74 P Daniel Bailey 6-4 195 R Massachusetts [Power] [0] 81
  7. Class of 2019, University of Alabama. Roll Tide!
  8. As we began to realize that Dean had to be Hue Jackson, or perhaps Hue Jackson's son:
  9. #7 OG Cyrus Naylor 6-4 322 R Florida [Run Blocking] [0/C] 82 4 years // 24.0 million // 79.17% Guaranteed G//6.0//6.0//4.0//3.0//Total:19.0 $//0.0//0.0//2.0//3.0//Total:5.0 Total//6.0//6.0//6.0//6.0//Total:24.0 Value//12.821782197752452
  10. The greatest days of the offseason have passed, and hope springs eternal among GMs the league over. In Cincinnati, a small draft class loaded with potential is reason for optimism. "The class isn't sexy," GM Caesari explains. "It was a meat and potatoes type of draft. Two linebackers, a guard, a safety, and a punter are not the flashiest of picks that organizations make. However, we added three immediate starters to three problem areas, as well as much needed depth and upside to another two. I am proud of what this front office has done in its first draft in Cincy, and want to especially credit @Jamarquan and @TazerMan for their stellar work scouting players and setting the organization up for success. Without further ado, the newest Cincinnati Bengals are: OG Cyrus Naylor 6-4 322 R Florida [Run Blocking] [0/C] 82 Round 1, Pick 7 "Cyrus is a hoss, plain and simple. He was the best interior lineman in the draft, by far, and in a position of great need for us. At #7 we considered him a steal, and though we were looking to trade back from the spot originally, we knew that passing up on a talent like his was not an option. It was a no brainer for us. He will slide into a starting role from Day 1 and be one of the best guards in the league in a few short years." OLB Miles Rinehart 6-1 242 R Louisville [Blitz] [0] 80 P Round 2, Pick 38 "After a trade up fell through, we decided to sit tight. Entering the day, the two biggest needs were Guard and Outside Linebacker. If we could have listed a dream prospect at #38, it would have been Miles. We had him on our board as worthy of a mid-to-late first round pick, and his production in college is a big reason why. We expect Miles to generate sacks and pressures from the jump, and be a boon to our front seven as a whole." ILB DaeSean Woodard 6-3 206 R Notre Dame [Will] [+3] 78 Round 3, Pick 72 "DaeSean was the perfect culmination of the first day of the draft. If you would have asked us our dream pick for rounds 2 and 3, we would've said Rinehart and Woodard, even pre-combine. Woodard's pro day blew us out of the water, and we considered him a top Will. Although we have Daniel Barnes, we do not have another Will on the roster. Woodard will slot into a rotational role immediately and also contribute on special teams. His positivity and and work ethic will be a great influence on the entire team, and we hope he can be a huge asset to us moving forward." FS Todd Werner 5-11 195 R Illinois State [Zone Coverage] [0] [#] 74 Round 6, Pick 177 "We didn't have a pick for two rounds, so landing one of the three guys we hoped would be available at our 6th round pick was a big get. While we also thought about RB and WR here, Werner was a favorite of Coach Tazer for his play while at Illinois St. A depth piece who we hope eventually develops into more, Werner is a great special teams guy from Day One and addresses another position we felt like needed to be shored up." Daniel Bailey 6-4 195 R Massachusetts [Power] [0] 81 Round 7, Pick 219 "There were three really good punters in this draft. With Tommy on the verge of retirement, we wanted to land one who could compete immediately for the starting position. Bailey has a hell of a leg, and finding him in Round 7 when we thought he may go as high as Round 5 was a nice way to cap the draft. He represents the third of our possible three immediate starters, and we are excited to see what he can do in camp and during the preseason." "We are still looking to make improvements to the roster," Caesari adds. "Our work is far from over, but the draft was a great start. We have been in touch with several UDFAs that we like and hope to add them to the roster. In addition, we are looking to add a veteran presence or two to help mentor and lead the team this year. The city of Cincinnati deserves the best football team they can get. Who Dey!"
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