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  1. After a severe Achilles rupture in Week 7, Bengals place CB Darren Logan 6-1 202 R Old Dominion [Zone Coverage] [-1] 78 on IR. He is out for the season
  2. caesari

    [2023] Week #7 - FNF

    Yeah idk. If you think I have this team figured out, you are badly mistaken
  3. Agreed. If I can’t afford to tip 20% I don’t go to a place I need to tip. If service is terribly poor I still tip around 15% and just make a mental note not to return.
  4. The Bengals have issued the following statement regarding Adrian Jankowski's actions: "The Cincinnati Bengals are disappointed with Adrian's actions on Monday night. While we appreciate his passion for the game and the intensity with which he plays, it is regrettable that he expressed himself in such a way. Adrian will be fined $13,369 for throwing his helmet. No further disciplinary action is required. We believe Adrian to be the consummate player, teammate, and Bengal, and look forward to his contributions to the organization for years to come."
  5. Jets have no more excuses to not ride Frank the Tank to glory
  6. I agree. Players should be capped at 5.0 shown potential, but some croots should be able to grow .5 or maybe a full 1.0 past their potential (with 5.5 being the cap). But a 4/3 guy be possible
  7. BREAKING NEWS: After nearly 4 weeks of searching, missing person Calvin McKay has been found in Lincoln, Nebraska. "I'm so relieved to have my son back," said Cavin McKay, Calvin's father. "We had scoured the statsheets every day of every week, looking for any sign of him. There was nothing. We'd nearly given up hope." Prior to his disappearance, McKay was a 1,000 yard receiver and widely considered the most talented player on the Nebraska offense. His disappearance was a tragedy which had the whole country talking, asking themselves, "Hey, wait a minute... isn't Nebraska supposed to have a good WR? Where is he? Did he get hurt?" after each of the Husker's first three games. 4.5/4.5 WR Alshon Collier's missing person case was solved as well, although it is rumoured Coach caesari didn't care about that because the dude sucks anyways. More on the story next week.
  8. I'm just messing with you... because you aren't wrong.
  9. Bengals place OLB Mike Hulsey 6-1 233 4 Oregon [Blitz] [0] 82 On IR. He suffered a Severe Achilles Rupture in week 2 and is out for the season.
  10. That’s two games not on the stat sheet. we are very bad.
  11. Gonna be a long year. my top 2 WRs didn’t even make the stat sheet. Wyd guys, the season started today
  12. Bengals are up to date and at 53
  13. Or worse, fight and WIN the big recruit at the cost of absolutely ruining the rest of your roster (I'm looking at you, Chris Billings).
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