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  1. Happy to see what my crooting does this year. Will really show where i need to improve on recruiting.
  2. darkage


    Haha give me a year or two.
  3. darkage


    1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. Coleohio1@gmail.com 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. confirmed 3. What team do you want to coach? Kentucky 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I'm 20 years old and have always wanted to come back to play at a big conference. I work at a local grocery store freezing my ass off in the freezer section. Born and raised in Ohio. I always put as much time into building my team, strategizing my game plan, and updating the wiki. Maybe even putting out some media in the process. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? I have plenty of time weekly. 20+ hours. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I have never really gotten that mad at losing unless you're talking about Jucos . That was a one time deal though took some anger from my life and took it out on the site. I have since apologized and promised to never do it again. I did however finish my season so it was the proper time to leave. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. After applying for a position, that conference's commissioner will send you one or two easy questions to verify that you have read the coaching course and possess a basic knowledge to how the game works. I was recommend by my brother Groobs03
  4. Offense: 14 Defense: 10+3 = 13 Special Teams: 8+1 = 9 Clock Mgmt: 10-1=9 Discipline: 10-1 =9 Youth Mgmt: 12
  5. Ahhh dont go man.

  6. I got 8 wins last year to get 0  jucos this year which is fucking sweet. cya all. Change your fucking cut system before it fucks another person.

    1. alienufo
    2. darkage


      Wasn't trying to be an ass, Apologize if I was but can't you see the frustration of someone that takes it seriously, loves the site, and tries to win my conference and not being able to because of a flawed cut system. I will not be coming back to a site where they can't trust a 3 year member and just hands off my jucos to a team that has 15 points on somebody

  7. Not that it matters because of how it works for the MAC (no tiers so it's a free-for-all in terms of where teams go), but there's no obligation to go off of conference record so I just do it by overall. G5 conference ranks outside of 1st are just for show basically and don't have too much bearings on anything Just teasing ya. love the content
  8. I beat cmu and im one up in conf play Protesting for the 4th mac spot
  9. darkage

    [2022] Week #12 - TNF

    That emu loss bites me in the ass. At least I'm confident in going 7-5. GG nice comeback. Oh and I will be taking Castro
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