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  1. Amazing work cant wait for mine
  2. Awesome work!!
  3. Nice!! Congrats Bowling Green!
  4. Thanks! Yeah youre definitely gonna be tough next year. Im gonna need to pick up on the recruiting to compete.
  5. Thanks for voting me MAC coach of the year guys! Hopefully things keep looking up in Ohio. Congrats to all the players.
  6. Thanks Jieret!
  7. Oh fuck yeah!
  8. Congrats to the winners! Nice to see Western Michigan win! Nice job Jieret. Really wish Central Michigan could have pulled it out.
  9. Would be interesting to see how the rankings fall if we do another one before the bowls.
  10. GG Toledo. Very pumped to get a MAC Championship in my first year as the coach. I took them over at 1-4 and we finished 8-5 with a MAC Championship. Hopefully we can continue to make strides.
  11. I thought you did too. Your team is definitely better than their record.
  12. Yeah, I know it's unlikely but you never know.

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