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  1. beeznik

    [2023] Week #9 - FNF

    Was looking at the box score and am like, who is "Alpha Heard who had 2 catches for 40 yards and a TD". Somehow my 3rd string TE got in there and did some damage. Tough loss against a talented Miami team.
  2. He played mistake free football and was incredibly efficient. It's small sample size but I don't think the guy he replaced(Mike Lucas) would have done this. Dude made tons of mistakes.
  3. I was surprised to see this as well. VT has had a brutal OOC schedule and knocked off Ohio State.
  4. Yeah, this is gonna be a tough game. Hopefully being at home gives us an edge.
  5. Yeah, shit is about to get interesting. I fully expect Clemson and Duke to finish atop the ACC again this year, but that'll change next year I think. At least in the Coastal Division. Your guys should be giving Clemson problems next year as well. As for my game against Louisville, it'll be tough. Mike Lucas will get the start for us at QB, but his chances are running out.
  6. ACC Power Rankings After Week 4 Rank Team (Points) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 Duke (55) 3-0(0-0) W3 +1 2 Clemson (53) 3-0(0-0) W3 -1 3 Florida State (45) 2-1(0-0) W1 - 4 Virginia Tech (42) 2-1(0-0) W1 +3 5 Virginia (42) 2-1(0-0) L1 - 6 Miami (35) 1-2(0-0) L1 -1 7 Louisville (33) 3-0(1-0) W3 +3 8 North Carolina State (27) 2-1(0-1) L1 - 9 Pittsburgh (25) 1-2(0-0) L2 -3 10 Boston College (23) 2-1(0-0) W2 -1 11 Syracuse (16) 1-2(0-0) L1 - 12 North Carolina (10) 2-1(0-0) W2 +1 13  Wake Forest (8) 1-2(0-0) W1 +1  14 Georgia Tech (6) 0-3(0-0) L3 -2 Week 4 Games Wake Forest vs Yale, 40-0 North Carolina vs South Dakota State, 27-24 Florida State vs Boise State, 45-12 Duke vs Maryland, 44-38 Virginia Tech vs Ohio State, 10-9 Louisville @ Western Kentucky, 35-3 Syracuse @ Alabama, 7-38 Clemson vs Nevada, 20-7 Miami @ Missouri, 20-24 Pittsburgh vs Tennessee, 9-38 Summary Duke has looked really good so far this year and was able to overtake the top spot due to a solid win against Maryland. The voters seem to feel that Clemson should have beaten Nevada by more, but they'll have a chance to make up for it. Those two teams would definitely make up the "Tier 1" this year in the ACC, as after that it gets a bit more muddled. In "Tier 2" right now, I'd put FSU, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Miami and Louisville. Miami seems to have put too much on their plate this year for OOC, they will need to turn it on in conference and they have the talent to do so. Virginia Tech just keeps playing well, upsetting a strong Ohio State team. I'd put those teams as the best chance to upset one of the top two teams and turn the ACC on its head. Finally, we get some ACC play this week. Let the fun begin! Week 5 Games Boston College vs Clemson Virginia vs Louisville North Carolina State @ Maryland Syracuse vs Notre Dame Duke vs Nevada Georgia Tech @ Northern Illinois Miami vs Pittsburgh Virginia Tech @ San Diego State
  7. Sorry I missed last weeks power rankings. Had a busy week. Send your power rankings via email before Tuesday please!
  8. Honestly I am not sure what I'm gonna do with him. This has been his MO, he plays some really solid games but totally falls flat on his face in games like this. Do I play the RS Freshman? He can't likely do any worse....
  9. Missed XP and Missed FG, lose by 1. And I'll tell you what, Mike Lucas is about to lose his job.
  10. Great to see Jamir on there again. This defense is gonna be tough in a couple of years....
  11. They are good games. I'm keeping the ACC Game of the Week to inter-conference games.
  12. Note: Three coaches submitted power rankings this week. Thank you to those that participated. ACC Power Rankings After Week 2 Rank Team (Points) Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 Clemson (55) 2-0(0-0) W2 - 2 Duke (53) 1-0(0-0) W1 - 3 Florida State (47) 1-0(0-0) W1 - 4 Miami (42) 1-1(0-0) W1 +1 5 Virginia (40) 2-0(0-0) W2 +1 6 Pittsburgh (36) 1-0(0-0) W1 +1 7 Virginia Tech (35) 1-1(0-0) L1 -3 8 North Carolina State (27) 2-0(0-0) W2 +1 9 Boston College (24) 1-1(0-0) W1 +1 10 Louisville (21) 1-0(0-0) W1 -2 11 Syracuse (16) 1-1(0-0) W1 - 12 Georgia Tech (12) 0-2(0-0) L2 - 13  North Carolina (8) 0-1(0-0) L1 -  14 Wake Forest (4) 0-1(0-0) L1 - Week 2 Results: Georgia Tech @ Arkansas, 21-27 Army @ Syracuse, 6-17 South Carolina @ Boston College, 10-24 Norther Illinois @ Clemson, 14-49 North Texas @ Louisville, 24-28 Wyoming @ North Carolina State, 13-31 Temple @ Pittsburgh, 14-31 UCF @ Miami, 17-21 Alabama vs Duke, 14-16 West Virginia @ Virginia, 20-23 Virginia Tech @ Oklahoma, 10-35 Summary The ACC had a good week this week. The only teams that lost were the two that played on the road, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. The rest of the conference had home games and took advantage of that. Virginia Tech lost to Oklahoma by 25 on the road, and they suffered the largest drop in the rankings, dropping three spots to number 7. Louisville dropped two spots despite defeating North Texas. Perhaps voters feel they should have won by more than four points. It remained the status quo for the top two teams as Clemson dominated another weak OOC opponent, while Duke was able to hold off a really good Alabama team. Week 3 Games Boston College @ Old Dominion Florida State vs Notre Dame Louisville @ North Carolina State Wake Forest vs Charlotte Duke @ Georgia Tech North Carolina @ Appalachian State Pittsburgh vs Penn State Virginia vs Illinois ACC Game of the Week Louisville @ North Carolina State: Finally a couple of conference games. You have to figure Duke will blow out Georgia Tech, so the best game this week is Louisville @ North Carolina State. This game provides some intrigue. The Wolfpack will be trying to prove that their 2-0 start is not the byproduct of an easy schedule, while the Cardinals will be trying to make up for a game against North Texas that people believe they should have won by a lot more than four points.
  13. I agree with the thoughts on Virginia here. This is kinda of a 'limbo' year, I expect Virginia to take the next step, starting next year. Mike Lucas is pissing me off. He did this last year as well, except it started later in the year. If he keeps this shit up, the freshman might get his chance earlier than expected.
  14. You're just in emotional pain because we're better than you and it's essentially a rebuilding year for Virginia. It's ok, let the feelings out.
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