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  1. bmlig95

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Evening

    Rabid's recruiting efforts already paying off. I know they lost, but, 4 true freshmans made the statsheet. 3/4 players on the Texas State's defense statsheet are Fr.
  2. bmlig95

    [2022] Week #0 - TNF

    Actually, that's the longest run by a Sun Belt QB.
  3. bmlig95

    [2022] Injury Report

    I think there's an error on the sheet, regarding Jamari Turner, Patriots CB. In Training Camp, he suffered a Moderate Back Disc Fracture, which, according to the following sheet, means he would be out for 5 weeks and questionable for 1 more week. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cpUZsguSG5tpuUNXzCNUY9Js8rhb6w2k7E7TxGfsPlU/edit?usp=sharing On the Injury report, he's out for the season.
  4. bmlig95

    [2022] Recruits on Interface

    I have 1 half scholarship on interface. I guess this is wrong. What should I do to get this fixed? Georgia Southern has 21 scholarships and 1 half scholarships left!
  5. bmlig95

    [2022] Injured Reserve

    Patriots place: ILB Jack Cavazos 6-3 240 3 UCLA [Mike] [0] 80 on IR. He suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in Preseason Week 3 and is out for the season.
  6. bmlig95

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #3 - 4 PM

  7. bmlig95

    [2022] Chicago Tribune National Preseason Projections

  8. bmlig95

    [2022] Injured Reserve

    The Patriots place: OT Noel Tatum 6-5 334 R Air Force [Pass Blocking] [0] 75 on Injured Reserve he suffered a Severe ACL Rupture in rookie minicamp and is out for the season.
  9. C David Sutton 6-1 273 R Louisiana Tech [Pass Blocking] [+3/C] 81 4 years // 16.0 million // 68.75% Guaranteed G//4.0//3.0//2.0//2.0//Total:11.0 $//0.0//1.0//2.0//2.0//Total:5.0 Total//4.0//4.0//4.0//4.0//Total:16.0 Value//8.17371142302 OLB Phillip Davenport 5-11 226 R Arizona [Blitz] [0/C] 80 4 years // 16.0 million // 62.50% Guaranteed G//3.5//2.5//2.0//2.0//Total:10.0 $//0.5//1.5//2.0//2.0//Total:6.0 Total//4.0//4.0//4.0//4.0//Total:16.0 Value//7.91367374839
  10. bmlig95

    [2022] Head Coaching Contracts

    HC Gigemags 2 years // 6 million total $3 million per year
  11. bmlig95

    [2022] Draft interface passwords

    New England Patriots please
  12. bmlig95

    [2021] PFF Season Evaluation: Wide Receivers

    Weldon was lucky on that. I'm sure Geno would be at least 2nd on the list
  13. bmlig95

    [2022] Re-Signing Results

    The Patriots made a mistake, and forgot to include this player: CB Matty Brennan 6-3 168 4 Mississippi State [Man Coverage] [0] 75 He should be heading to free agency. We're really sorry about it
  14. bmlig95

    OC Mike McCarthy