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  1. What does it means for me and @GigemAgs?
  2. The New England Patriots place the following players on Injured Reserve: CB Miguel Varela 6-0 191 4 Penn State [Man Coverage] [0] 72 - Severe ACL Rupture during Team Minicamp OT Noel Tatum 6-5 334 1 Air Force [Pass Blocking] [0] 76 - Severe ACL Rupture in Pre-Season Week 3
  3. New England Patriots send: QB Josh Beckett 6-3 211 R Georgia Tech [Pocket] [+2/C] 82 RB Tom Honeycutt 5-11 228 R Nevada [Power] [-2] 73 RB Marcel Clinton 5-6 218 R Rutgers [Power] [-1] 72 WR Dave Bruce 6-3 166 R South Carolina [Speed] [+1] 67 TE Charles Newsome 6-2 195 R Tulsa [Receiving] [0] 68 OT Mahamadou Hooker 6-1 263 R Virginia [Run Blocking] [+1] 74 OG David Coon 6-4 279 R Duke [Run Blocking] [-2] 77 OG Max Painter 6-3 333 R Michigan [Run Blocking] [-2] 74 DE Henry Negron 6-2 252 R Washington State [Contain] [0] 71 DT Landry Everett 6-6 285 R Oregon [2-Gap] [-3] 75 DT Kahau Tupa'i 6-0 319 R Texas Tech [2-Gap] [0] 70 ILB Vincenzo Hickey 6-1 210 R Tulsa [Will] [0/C] 76 CB Roman Blackmon 6-1 181 R TCU [Man Coverage] [+1] 80 CB Nigel Wooten 5-10 183 R Texas Tech [Man Coverage] [-1] 72 FS James Munnerlyn 6-2 218 R UCF [Zone Coverage] [0] 80 SS Timothy St. John 6-1 187 R LSU [Zone Coverage] [0] 79
  4. When Bingo was talking about Pats' draft, and he only had praising words, I really thought he was going to give us a B+, or, even, an A-. When he gave us a generous B, I was so confused!
  5. Bruno

    Coach Memes

    Coach memes is our Manny Diaz
  7. Unfortunately, to me and the Pats, I think you had a great draft. I was praying Ciamo would fall to the 4th round. I was already contacting teams to trade up to the first pick of the fourth to pick him.
  8. I think A.J. is going to fit well in your team. Really liked that pick. I liked Bautista too. Don't really understand picking Barnes, specially when there were some good players on the board. Good draft overall, boys. Good work!
  9. I definitely see the value for McDermott in the second round. He was talked to be a first rounder all through the process. Getting him at #42 is great! Absolutely love the Braxton pick. You guys got 2 starters, no doubt
  10. I'm really intrigued by your draft. I didn't like McKinney a lot, but, play alongside Carlos will make him produce a lot, and, surpass my expectations. I think Kyle Jefferson will not play right away, right? I'm really intrigued by his potential after a dew years learning.
  11. I was really expecting you guys to trade up for a RB. When you appeared at #3, I was lost in what were going to happen. You renewed your secondary. Dawkins is a freak, and Gibbons will be a big part of your team too. Great job guys!
  12. We were considering White at #6. He's going to be great, and take a lot of pressure from Bowman. That's not even the best part about this class, which is the pictures that you made for it! Absolutely great!
  13. Rainey is going to be a beast. Tyrone Rivers plus Easley is a nightmare for the opposing OL. Really liked McManus in the 5th round.
  14. Foxborough, MA The 2023 NFLHC is finally in the books. The new generation of players coming to the NFLHC is finally set, with a new sim home, some money in their sim pockets, and, ready to play! The Patriots' organization did a great job over the weekend, so, a big thanks to all our team, @believer @gigemags11 @Jordanozenne, who were essential in assembling this great class. Now, let's take a look at the new players of your, New England Patriots Round 1 - Pick 4 DE Deontre Graham 6-7 244 R Alabama [Contain] 83 In the pre-draft process, we identified our needs, and bolstering the defensive line was set as one of our priorities. We had the luck of Graham, a players who was discussed for the #1 overall pick, to drop to #4. With that, we felt that the value was there, and made an aggressively move, to trade up from #6, and pick him. Paired with Davenport, we hope Graham can become a dominant force in our defense, and, opposed to Jamal Norwood, can create chaos for other OLs. Round 2 - Pick 33 QB Josh Beckett 6-3 211 R Georgia Tech [Pocket] 82 Beckett's a polarizing prospect. Some hate, some love. We, were never in doubt he was a great prospect, and, thought we would have no chance at picking him, since almost all the mocks were projecting him to get drafted in the late first. Prior to the draft, we approached the Giants, about trading up to #33, if he was there. And he was. We moved up, to select a developmental quarterback, who, we hope, is going to become the face of our franchise for the years to come. He will have the possibility to learn from Watkins, one of the better QBs in the league, improve his play, and, in future, be our starting QB. Round 3 - Pick 70 FS James Munnerlyn 6-2 218 R UCF [Zone Coverage] 80 Defense was our main focus on the draft, improving our secondary play specially. When changing schemes, we felt a lack of depth, and, youth in our secondary. Munnerlyn solve all these problems. He had some ups and downs in the pre draft process, having a good pro day for a third rounder pick, and showing he's a big and explosive safety, leading to feel a great value in early 3rd round. Round 3 - Pick 88 CB Roman Blackmon 6-1 181 R TCU [Man Coverage] 80 Continuing our desire to improve our secondary, we identified Blackmon as a target for #70 pick, and we were impressed that he was still available at pick #88. We feel like Blackmon, who had a good pro day for a third rounder, brings a lot to table, being a big, strong corner, that will be able to contribute right away, fitting our scheme. Round 4 - Pick 102 SS Timothy St. John 6-1 187 R LSU [Zone Coverage] 79 St John is another player that is helping us to feel more comfortable with our secondary. We are in a division with BB, Matt Jones and Wegert, so, having a good secondary, with depth is essential. He got fairly good grades on his pro day, and a 4th round projection. He's coming ready to contribute, and, will play, first, at the special teams, but, in the near future, we hope he can contribute with our starters. Round 5 - Pick 142 OG David Coon 6-4 279 R Duke [Run Blocking] [-2] 77 After the Hodgins trade we made with the Panthers, we felt like we needed more bodies in the Offensive Line. Coon is fast, explosive and a strong OG, who will sit for a few years, while he learns what it takes to be a starting OL in the NFLHC. After that, if he develops how we think he can, hewill start for us and we hopefully found a diamond in the 5th round. Round 6 - Pick 196 DT Landry Everett 6-6 285 R Oregon [2-Gap] 75 With Rich Moore's retirement, we needed another DT who would be able to come in, and enter the rotation as quickly as possible. We don't want Everett to replace all Moore's production, but, we sure hope he can eat some snaps, and let all the rotation fresh. Round 6 - Pick 215 RB Tom Honeycutt 5-11 228 R Nevada [Power] 73 Tom was a highly productive back for Nevada, almost hitting the 1000 rushing yards mark, and, getting double digits (10) in touchdowns. With our need for a 3rd Running Back on the roster, we felt like he would fit like a glove, bringing another running style (power), to mix with Bell and Harris. Round 7 - Pick 226 OG Max Painter 6-3 333 R Michigan [Run Blocking] 74 Already looking to the future, we thought Max would be a great addition to our team. He have that P5 pedigree that everybody loves on the OL. he was a big part of Michigan's success last season, and, we hope he can come to Foxborough, and help us replicate the same success. He will sit for a few years, and learn the position, but, we feel like he can contribute to the season late in his career. Round 7 - Pick 250 ILB Vincenzo Hickey 6-1 210 R Tulsa [Will] 76 Right when we thought the day was over for the Patriots, we felt like Hickey would be an important part of our defense, so, we traded one player with the Giants, for their pick, so we could draft him. He have a lot of potential, and, we feel like he's going to improve a lot with a few years learning the game in the NFLHC, with the chance of being a starting player for us. THIS IS THE 2023 PATRIOTS DRAFT CLASS! Stay tuned for the UDFA players that the Patriots will pick up
  15. I really liked Frazier too! Had Beckett been taken, you probably would not have had the chance to pick him
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