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    1. For the 2026 Season, the Cincinnati Bengals would like to create the following Head Coach: 62 years old [9] Level 2 QB Skill [30] Level 1 O-Line Chemistry [10] Level 1 Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement [10] Level 1 D-Line Skill [10] Level 2 Run Defense Chemistry [30] For a total of 99 points out of a possible 100 points.
    2. For the 2026 Season, the Cincinnati Bengals would like to create the following Offensive Coordinator: 65 years old [0] Level 2 RB/FB Skill [30] Level 1 O-Line Progression [10] Level 1 Passing Game Chemistry [10] For a total of 50 points out of a possible 50 points.
    3. For the 2026 Season, the Cincinnati Bengals would like to create the following Defensive Coordinator: 64 years old [3] Level 2 Linebacker Progression [30] Level 2 Secondary Progression [30] Level 1 Defensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement [10] For a total of 73 points out of a possible 75 points.
    4. If we chose to go with a point based system, I'm sure we can build some googlesheets and automate a good portion of the process. We can give a deadline to the players to use their points, and, after that import data from a lot of sheets to a "recruiting master sheet". I know we have some google sheets magicians on the site that can implement that. Even I can try to build something like this.
    5. This sounds awesome... And super incredibly hard to execute
    6. Why not both 😢😢😢 Well, in this case, I'll take Ole Miss. I really like Georgia Southern, but I'll think there will be no one in the Sun Belt.
    7. IMO, the best way to do it is a point based system with a comittee overseeing the process and managing the system. I don't think we need/can/should put that amount of extra work on Soluna's shoulder, but also, for transparency purposes, having only one person running it all would not be good too. Also, IMO, what we could do is limit the players that a coach can bid on each round. This way, we can at least have an idea of the amout of work the committee will have, and I'm sure we can set up a google sheet that will easy the work. Respectfully, I don't like the idea of the coin flip system. It takes away some of the strategy part of recruiting, wich is one of the things I most like about the site.
    8. As I've been evaluating my options, I'm specifically including these players on the trade block in order to know what offers I can get for them. I figured these are the players that will gather the most attention out of my roster, so, if you have an intent to trade for them, come to me with an offer and we can talk about it. WR Adrian Jankowski 6-4 194 7 Texas A&M [Target] [0] [§] 95 DT Sila Lotomau 6-5 296 5 Hawaii [2-Gap] [-1] [?] 95 CB Zion Evans 5-11 167 3 Michigan [Zone Coverage ] [-2] 87
    9. @Solunapls close this thread
    10. Great mock! I'd be very tempted to draft a QB in round 2 if the draft shakes out like this
    11. Bengals are ready!!!
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