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    1. The Bengals are activating Leonard Shockley from short term IR
    2. This is the list of the players we would hear an offer for: WR Cameron Whelahan 6-4 211 7 Arkansas [Target] [+2] 80 OLB Prince Matos 6-1 254 3 Louisville [Blitz] [0] 80 ILB Daniel Barnes 5-11 205 6 Florida [Will] [+1] 89 CB Aaron Stiles 5-11 180 6 Tennessee [Man Coverage] [0] [+] 80 Also, currently, we are looking to move one, maybe two, of the following OTs: OT Gene Miller 6-6 297 10 Ohio State [Pass Blocking] [-3/C] 84 OT Leonard Shockley 6-1 314 5 Eastern Michigan [Run Blocking] [0] 82 OT Terrell McRae 6-4 276 2 SMU [Pass Blocking] [+1/
    3. Bengals new cap sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ti5o7-XFg7uvJjXzCNNEFyletaWVpSdsGokpKhxnmf0/edit?usp=sharing
    4. I’m really excited to get back to NFLHC, and looking forward to working with @ImposterCauster
    5. I’m really excited to get back to NFLHC, and looking forward to working with @ImposterCauster
    6. Bruno


      Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I hope everyone is good. Just passing by to say that I'm sorry for the way I acted on draft night. I was passing through a rough moment personally, and was a complete asshole. I have no excuse, no one should behave like that and say the things I said. I want to apologize specifically to @Piercewise1 @Nmize0 and @joedchi. I should have never said what I said to you guys. I'm really sorry for that and that's totally my fault. Also, I want to apologize to everyone else! The cfbhc is a good community and didn't deserve that. T
    7. Somehow, Ballard keeps upgrading his stock. Impressive
    8. Can I be an international recruit? CB Bruno Ligieri 6-0 190 Fr Brazil (Sao Paulo, SP) XX of XX [Man Coverage]
    9. Patriots place OG Thomas Rodriguez 6-2 287 5 Hawaii [Pass Blocking] [0] 76 on injured reserve. He suffered a Severe PCL Rupture in Pre-season Week 3 and is out for the season.
    10. Patriots place CB David Gonzalez 6-0 191 4 Arizona [Man Coverage] [-1] 74 on injured reserve. He suffered a Severe ACL rupture in Pre-season Week 1 and is out for the season.
    11. I think the Pats' season will come down to Beckett's development. I have 100% confidence that @GigemAgswill do the best job possible, scheming for Beckett. If anyone can make Beckett work, it's him.
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