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  1. UCLA Victorious in Desert Shootout Bruins' Jay Arreola speeds past the Sun Devils defense for his first of two TDs in the contest
  2. I like to think it is just that our offense is so good they score too quick and then our defense didn't have a long enough rest. In reality I don't know what to do on defense and just hope my offense scores one more point than the other team.
  3. UCLA Preparing For a Trip to Tempe Head Coach JBax works with his Bruins Defenders to prepare for the Sun Devils
  4. I agree with most of these rankings. Thanks for putting them together. I would just like to add a little color to my two losses by saying they were both on the road, both against ranked opponents at the time, and both were 3 points losses.
  5. Bruins Offense Stalls UCLA held to just 10 points after averaging over 45 points per game so far this season
  6. Bruins Bulldoze Blue Raiders UCLA wins their second home game 41-21 over Middle Tennessee
  7. I'm fine with that. I hope he stays for his senior year
  8. Maybe Gore one week? No? Ok, I'll just keep his stats to myself
  9. UCLA Wins Home Opener QB Steven Gore lead the Bruins in a 48-24 victory over Washington
  10. Done: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=2020_UCLA_Bruins_football_team#Regular_Season
  11. Notre Dame is my dream school as I'm from South Bend and have been to countless games. ND is probably the only school I would leave UCLA for as I'm very happy here.
  12. Bruins Too Slow On The Draw Bruins come up just short on a 54-51 shootout loss to #15 Baylor in JBax's first game in charge
  13. gg TuscanSota If only we had remembered to bring our defense to Waco Bummed about losing of course, but going on the road to #15 Baylor, taking them to OT, and just coming up short isn't the worst way to start a season
  14. UCLA upsetting #15 Baylor... shh it's a secret
  15. Transfer Breakdown by Conference Conference Players +/- Current Starts +/- Potential Stars +/- 2 7.0 7.0 -1 -3.5 -1.5 -5 -18.0 -18.0 -4 -13.5 -13.5 4 15.0 15.0 Independent 1 2.5 3.5 -1 -6.0 -6.0 -3 -10.0 -11.5 7 25.5 24.5 0 1 0.5