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  1. Week 2 BYU @ N.Ill @13ad confirm
  2. Week 9 UL-L @ BYU @Dr_Novella
  3. Unless i am misunderstanding how this works, I should have signed the guy I went after. @NCAA Transfer Portal. Can you double check and let me know what I am missing. Thanks.
  4. Add: Week 5 @ Southern Miss @nemolee.exe still looking for: Week2 week3 week8 week 9 or 12 (we can move your bye)
  5. NDIrish21

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    BYU @ South Alabama was a confirmed game that is not on the schedule also I never agreed to a game with UCLA. That needs to be removed.
  6. Offense: 10 (+2) = 12 Defense: 10 Special Teams: 9 Clock Mgmt: 18 (-1) = 17 Discipline: 9 (+2) = 11 Youth Mgmt: 10 (-1) = 9 New Feat: Local Connections (1x Recruit)
  7. More PFF please. Especially anything showing more positives for the Seahawks. A shame Marcus missed a few games. He has been making such a difference for us.
  8. NDIrish21

    CFBHC v1.7

    "You may only assign points and use school/coaches visits on players who you have declared interest on in a previous week." so scholarships have not changed? We can still put them on players without declaring? New rule doesn't say anything about scholarships. If I declare interest and recruit a player for a few weeks, then remove interest on him to pursue someone else, then come back to this first guy a week or two down the road, do I still have all of my earned points?
  9. We humbly accept our newest recruit into the Church of the Latter Day Saints. We will let him play football for our school as well.
  10. We tried a 61 yard field goal? What the actual fuck? Lol missing TD catch, or one of the lesser players get one?
  11. NDIrish21

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Sure, whatever works
  12. NDIrish21

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    All games confirmed with coaches or commissioners 1: Buffalo 2: New Mexico 4: @ Iowa State 5: Akron 6: Arkansas State 7: @ ULL 9: @ UCONN 10: Memphis 12: @ Marshall 14: Utah 15: Virginia 16: @ Notre Dame
  13. Offense: 11--> 10 Defense: 11--> 10 Special Teams: 9--> 9 Clock Mgmt: 16--> 18 Discipline: 7--> 9 Youth Mgmt: 10--> 10
  14. Reeder just had another 5 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 1 INT in the bowl game. Dude is a blitz LB with 7 INT Should have been nominated for the LB award.
  15. I am now 4-0 in bowls. great write-up. Thanks. Now let's go get this conference bowl challenge thing again.
  16. I improve to 4-0 in bowl games. Yay me. Seriously though, this team stunk this year. This was a surprising outcome and I am glad this season is over.
  17. Good game. Did not think we could keep it this close. You made Jabari Snead look like Jabari Snead. Something most teams have not been able to do for some reason. If I have to lose to someone, at least it is to my Irish.
  18. Dowden in his first pro game on a scheme change against a playoff team. Not bad.
  19. "Criteria for selection will be announced..." so it is something other than using the weighted polls at 30%, 30%, 40% stated above? if yes, then what is the purpose of the 30,30,40? just wondering because those two concepts seem to contradict themselves.
  20. I feel like people will say Jacksonville, but the Jaguars have the worst cap situation in the league for the next two years. Cutting Borltes creates 16.5M in dead money and only saves them like 4.3M, which doesn't even get them under next year's cap. 2020 is even worse for them. They are going to have to make some cuts or trades. I do think Foles would be a good fit for them on the field, but that team can't afford to pay $18M+ for a qb. They need to get a qb on a rookie deal to afford everyone else they have. I wonder if the Redskins would try to plug Foles in? They have cap space, and can create more. Foles is capable. He won't be a bust, but he won't be a star. Pay him like a star and you will feel that he is a bust though. He should get about 18M, but he will wind up getting $70M/3 or something like that.
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