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  1. Not sure where it is, but I think the G5 list is also available to certain P5 teams that are below a point threshold. But not sure where to find that here.
  2. YES! YES! YES YES YES!!!!!! Computer not a coward confirmed.
  3. Gg @Joopear. Somehow snuck out of there with a win. To the pollsters: Rank Fresno you cowards.
  4. What just happened in this batch of games?
  5. God bless that one voter for Fresno
  6. Yooooooo 2 votes let's go!
  7. 3 Fresno freshmen! The future looking really good on offense if Kamu proves to be the real deal at QB. How Cagle even made anything on this list is beyond me though... Thanks for doing this!
  8. SOS 128th out of 130 lol. Should improve a good amount the next few weeks though.
  9. To win the division somehow, I need a Hawaii win over SDSU and SDSU to drop another conference game. If it happens, we are in control of our destiny.... That being said, I think this young team is going to get exposed the next few weeks against the best of the conference. I don't see a win against Air Force, Nevada, Hawaii, or Colorado State, but I hope to put up a good fight. Like you said, Cagle has got to show me something because he's the only option I have currently... Good luck to everyone the rest of the way!
  10. Redshirt QB gem Kamu is gonna tear it up next season
  11. Well that was way too close for my liking..... Cagle is letting this team down so much, but Wyatt is a monster. Gg San Jose State, you guys almost pulled it off. Side note: @Dacder your boys are BOWL ELIGIBLE! Hopefully we fulfill the vision you had for this squad.
  12. One more win until BOWL ELIGIBILITY!!!
  13. Ugh so close. This team was built really damn well though by the last coach and is better than I thought it would be going in. Toe to toe with one of the best in the conference. Why we ran only 12 times is beyond me though... Gg SDSU!
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