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  1. Soooo Wyatt for Heisman is a given at this point ain't it folks?
  2. Craaaaaaap forgot the GP Won't forget in the future!
  3. Hchou17

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Sorry about that. Here's the edit : Week 3: at Akron
  4. Hchou17

    [2023] CFBHC Schedule

    Week 1 Miami OH Week 2 at E. Michigan Week 4 at USF Week 5 Toledo
  5. gg @gigemags11 Youngblood is a beast and we held it down the best we could but the D finally broke in the fourth. Good luck bowling!
  6. So you're saying there's a (8.6%) chance........ @gigemags11
  7. Back to back special teams player of the week for Fresno State!
  8. Something to play for this week. Good win for us since I was scared Brady would go off on us. Gg CSU. On to Hawaii
  9. CSU and Hawaii to cap off the season, and I need both for a bowl bid...... So I have that going for me lol. Good luck Colorado State! And awesome preview!
  10. Lol that was ugly for a debut. Gg nevada.
  11. Speaking of which, there is an error for Fresno State. Im not sure who I should tell but Fresno State beat SJSU week 9 (everything else is right but they put an L instead of W for us). We are 3-5.
  12. Fresno State has announced the arrival of new coach Hchou. As an unknown to college football in a strong division, Hchou is ready to answer the questions that come with the job. "Fresno State had some great seasons and their recruiting classes have been fantastic. While last season was a bit of a down season in terms of on-field performance, I have full faith that my staff and I can make a quick rebound and get back on track. While I understand that bowl odds are not favorable this season, we will ensure that this team plays hard and that will start this week when he host a very good Nevada team. While I've been on the job for only a couple days, trust me when I say I am well-versed in the trouble that the Godwin to McDowell connection can cause, and we will be prepared. As for recruiting, Fresno State was a top 50 class before I was hired this season, and I believe these commits will be a very large part of the direction of the program. Being this late in the season, I plan on filling up the class will solid contributors who will represent Fresno State well both on and off the field. And mark my words, we will hit the ground running come next season." Fresno State currently sits at 3-5 and will finish the season with 3 home games against Nevada, UNLV, and Colorodo State, and topped off with a trip to Hawaii. "It's a tough stretch. I already spoke earlier about how good Godwin and McDowell have been for Nevada. UNLV has had a tough year but with the new coach and the conference rushing TD leader in Turner-Darby, no one in Fresno is taking them lightly. Then you have Wesley Brady for Colorodo State who does a fantastic job of spreading the ball out to a bunch of his guys. And don't even get me started with the guy who plays Quarterback for Hawaii. There's no doubt in my mind that he's the conference MVP to date, and we will have our hands full when we visit." "As a takeaway message, I hope everyone in the conference realizes that I was not brought in to be middle of the pack in the MWC. I was brought in to build a championship caliber team. You may have heard that I am a defense-first guy, and while I do cherish defense, I cherish winning the most. Whatever it takes we will do. Now let's go take care of Nevada."
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