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  1. Gg Illinois. You guys look really good and we have some work to do. Next week not looking too good for us either with Bama.... At least Kamu isn't bad for a RS Freshman in a run-first offense
  2. How in the world did I jump 2 spots without even playing lol. I was in a perfect spot last week at 5th, but now we're being overrated...
  3. Fresno State OOC games: Week 1: at UCF Week 2: at Illinois Week 3: vs Alabama Week 8: vs Arkansas
  4. Cagle made the smart choice and about to become the best clipboard holder in the country.
  5. Hchou17

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    Sorry man it filled up as soon as I posted it. Next year for sure though.
  6. Hchou17

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    Sorry man I got booked week 1. Only week left is week 8 and I need a home game. Maybe next year
  7. Hchou17

    [2024] CFBHC Schedule

    Need games in weeks 1, 3 and 8. Lemme know if you need a game!
  8. Post-2023 update Offense: 10 (+1) -> 11 Defense: 10 (+3) -> 13 Special Teams: 10 -> 10 Clock Mgmt: 10 (-1) -> 9 Discipline: 10 (-1) -> 9 Youth Mgmt: 10 -> 10
  9. YOOOO LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOUNTAIN BEST SZN. SHAQ FUTURE TOP 10 PICK, WRIGHT FUTURE 1ST ROUND PICK, AND CAGLE DOESN'T SUCK THAT BAD!!! I LOVE YOU @Dacder!!! Gg Ape, tried to play the contain game on D and we didn't really manage to contain much passing wise. Luckily, our offense played pretty well overall. Good season overall for you guys! Mountain Best kicking ass so far this bowl season
  10. Gg @GigemAgs So close Hedged my bets by trying to contain the passing game and I don't think we did too badly against a QB of JT caliber, but man we got lit up on the ground. 3 losses this year all by a single score... I need that bowl win for the last recruiting tier though
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