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  1. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #6

    The South Carolina Gamecocks are Charlotte Bowl Champions! GG North Carolina! Hell of a season for the Gamecocks. I'm really happy to end with such momentum heading into the 2021 season. All of our weapons will be back next year improved and ready to accomplish more. All props goes to @joedchi who assembled this team and gave me pointers on how to build what I have today. Go Cocks!!
  2. [Survey] Alumni Network

    University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa 2020
  3. [2020] Week 16 POTW voting

    Bryce Williams snub
  4. Coach CaptGrizzly, The readers of The State in Columbia point out that during your tenure at UTEP you pulled the 88th ranked recruiting class in the country. How do you plan on tackling the new area of recruiting that you are dealing with now dealing with historically good SEC and ACC teams? Also since this is a newly generated team, what direction do you plan on taking this team, based off of their strengths and weaknesses how quickly do you see this progress occuring so that you can compete with the bigger names outside of the Sun Belt? Best of luck to you and your new team! I'm sure the people of South Carolina would love to see a potential matchup between the Cocks and Coastal. Maybe call it the Cock-Coastal Cup.
  5. [2020] Week #16 - Saturday Morning

    WOOOO GO COCKS! SOUTH CAROLINA IS OUR STATE NOW!!! This is South Carolina's best season with a 7-5 record, the first time we've been bowl eligible since putting up a 6-7 record in 2013 which included our only other win against Clemson. GG Emperor, looking forward to playing you again next year back in Columbia. Bryce Williams for POTW!!
  6. For some things like the hurricane prediction threads (just the most recent example that popped in my head), I think that groups would be a great way for people to put in threads like that. The majority of the site might not be interested in those certain things, but people that are more interested would be able to talk with people on the site about certain topics without clogging the regular site/sidebar with off topic things. But for more heated conversations that happen in the shoutbox a lot about certain issues I don't think that the conversation would move to the groups, and will stay in the shoutbox.
  7. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Morning

    How about instead I knock you out of the Top 25
  8. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Morning

    That bowl season feeling
  9. [2020] Week #12 - TNF

    Go Cocks! Bowl Eligibility is gonna be a tough path with the schedule remaining, but this was a huge win for us at home against a good opponent. GG @thatfunk
  10. Werewolf Mafia 2.0 Thread

    Do we know how many werewolves there were to begin with?