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  1. Last summer touring the White House (just the public tour, still really cool though) This is me at senior year Alabama-UT game (my favorite game of the year) Graduation Pic (rocking the quarantine haircut)
  2. ##VoteImerman Sorry for late vote was driving all day.
  3. Flutie already voted in a direction. Let’s get out of here as quickly as possible and avoid that trap to the north. Haff dies and we have to sacrifice another person to the trap or take an extra couple days backtracking. ##VoteEast
  4. Under my theory you’d use that ability to get by traps to gain our trust that you were town. Who would question your allegiance after you proved it? My problem is I think this is a guard ability. And I think it makes sense because guards are the ones that booby trapped this place originally. my theory now is that you big brained us and presented a guard ability as a town ability. I would’ve been murdered the night before we go into any item room so the first person (you) would get the item and hopefully pass it to a guard friend that hasn’t been outted yet. This kinda makes sense because you wanted to “test your ability out” on the shiv room. We know guards only had a limited Amount of ammo after the firefight (I think it said that in the intro). A shiv would be extremely powerful late game and if we lose our numbers advantage to the guards they could just slit our throats with no consequences next morning. And trying to present a case like prisoners need weapons in order to escape. We need to get out of here ASAP.
  5. Just spitballing here... doesn’t it seem like guards would be immune to booby traps anyway? The guards/warden are the people who set them up. It could be a prisoner ability, but I could also see guards being invincible to traps they’ve set up themselves. Maybe Haff is the guard who placed the traps. He knows where they are, and therefore invincible. It could be a good mafia move to murder me the night we get into an item room, town loses the ability to vote, Haff gets whatever item bc he goes in first. Just trying to look at this from all angles possible. It could be a prisoner ability, but we have to think of the possibility of a guard being invincible to traps they placed in their own prison.
  6. My ability maybe just applies to items that were listed on the map I listed. We aren't able to tell necessarily if it was the first person going thru the door that got the item in this room, but if there was an item and we weren't able to vote on it, that must mean my ability only applies to ones on the map. This is the first time we've encountered an item (which we still don't know what was in the locker) and this basically confirms my map is incomplete on the item front, so we should probably be worried about hidden traps not listed on my map.
  7. I agree with this assessment.
  8. I just don't see why Wahoo would specifically mention headshots in every single death note. And Dacder's being different than between the eyes makes me extremely suspicious.
  9. Good catch, really sounds like bulletproof vests are useless against guards kills. Time to see if imerman and Dacder had beef day 1.
  10. I don't think an unloaded gun would do much to protect you at night. And if you're a smuggler it wouldn't really be that useful to smuggle an unloaded gun, just sounds like a shitty smuggler to me.
  11. This message gives me vibes that you don't want the group to get the lie detector, maybe im the only one who read it this way, but it caught my eye as I was catching up on the thread. Might be something to think about.
  12. Sounds like 2 good leads here.
  13. also just for clarification sake my gun is empty, and I got it that way.
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