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  2. Hagan

    [2018] Week 3 IRL Discussion

    Building off what @CadeRich5 has said, Alabama will go undefeated in the regular season for sure. We look even better than last year, but I can't say I'm 100% sold on Tua yet. Now saying that might get me a lot of hate, but I think he's a higher risk/reward sorta guy than Jalen is. Either way, having them as QB1 and 2 is super exciting and I can't wait to see what this season has to hold.
  3. Hagan

    2022 Pre-season sign up

    New York Giants vs. New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans @ Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens
  4. Hagan


    Roll Tide! We have a couple UA students here on the site including me and @CadeRich5 , if you're ever in Tuscaloosa for a game day, let us know! We'll meet up with you and take you to a tailgate (unlike another member. I won't name names but you know who you are *cough* *cough* @Emperor_of_Orange )
  5. Hagan

    Podcast recommendations

    I just started Slow Burn today! Almost finished Season 1 about Watergate and couldn't stop listening since I have over 2 hours of driving everyday. Such a great series. Definitely a +1 from me on this series. The way he draws in parallels to todays society so subtly I think is very interesting and doesn't seem like hes trying to force it. Great series. I also listen to JRE and This Past Weekend by Theo Von. Both comedians that interview people so if that's your cup of tea both are really good. Both bring in people from all walks of life and just talk to them for 2-3 hours and I always learn something.
  6. And I knew Cobb wasn't an elite WR. (Unlike another GM, who declared him a Top-5 talent)

    1. Rome


      And I knew Ballard wasn't an elite DT. (Unlike another GM, who declared him an All-Pro talent)

    2. bmlig95


      And I knew Weldon wasn't an elite WR. (Unlike another GM, who declared him a Top-5 draft pick)

  7. Hagan

    Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

    You need to share the doc. Right now we can't see it because we dont have permissions. You need to change some of the permissions so everyone else can see the doc.
  8. Hagan

    [2021] Final Coaches Poll

  9. Hagan

    Favorite Tailgating Gear

  10. Chattanooga and UT Martin
  11. I think this is a good idea, I've always had interest in coaching an FCS team. I would possibly move to FCS if this idea was implemented.
  12. Hagan

    CFBHC v1.5d

    Will rookies in this years draft have these values or do these values only appear once a player has played a full season? If they will have these values before playing a full season will they be revealed during pro-days or some sort of event? It would be cool if some events leading up to the draft could give hints on a players locker room atmosphere, sort of like the character flags issues on the scouting combine. Do you have anything planned for rookie atmosphere numbers or is the plan just to have those revealed after a full season is played