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    1. Hagan

      [2021] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

      Take me as well
    2. Hagan

      Best chain pizza place?

      Dominos tho
    3. Hagan

      Political Compass Test

      Thought this might be fun if you have a little free time today feel free to go to this website https://www.politicalcompass.org/test and take their test. It only takes about 5-10 minutes and can give you a pretty good look at where you stand politically. Post your results in the comments! Pls no arguments in this thread just your results. Don't want to start a political debate, just want to see results.
    4. Hagan

      New York Times

      Dazed and Confused Mason Singleton looks on after the Bears return a punt for a TD
    5. Hagan

      All-Time starting 5

      PF, SG SF, PG, C = Coach = doesn't matter if you have Lebron not like they do anything anyway
    6. Hagan

      New York Times

      Davy Jones' Locker Giants still looking to put everything together after another loss to the Buccaneers
    7. Hagan

      Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Five Guys: 82 (-1) Whataburger: 3 (+1) In-N-Out: 12
    8. Hagan

      UFHC 1 Discussion

    9. Building off of Navy once again, my favorite was from 2015 Army/Navy where Navy handpainted helmets based on the position you played Another classic favorite in my eyes has always been the FSU helmet outfitted with tomahawks, not the newest era, but the one that was replaced in 2014. This was the last game that FSU wore those helmets. Doesn't get better than that in my eyes. So iconic.
    10. Hagan

      Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Wendy's: 7 (-1) Jack in the Box: 8 Five Guys: 23 Whataburger: 30 (+1) White Castle: 8 In-N-Out: 21
    11. Hagan

      [2021] Week 9 Coaches Poll

      When you ruin an undefeated season and possible Heisman run by losing at UT at home but realize you have a Top 5 win over Mizzou (Also S/O to whatever voter put me @ 7, you da real MVP)
    12. Frederick Fain, SS - Severe ACL Rupture
    13. Hagan

      [2021] Week #8 - 1 PM

      Mood: (In all seriousness thank God we won this game, Toilet Bowl Champs!!)
    14. Hagan

      2021 Heisman Discussion

      While 7.06 yards per carry is extremely impressive, Condon has 8.51 YPC 281 yards on 33 carries and 9 TDs. He's a touchdown machine, keeping pace with the most elite RB's in the country TD wise and is SLINGING the ball. I think the 29 TD's in 6 games speaks for itself. He almost averages 5 a game and is so well rounded. Yeldon is very good but hasn't faced any elite teams at all yet.
    15. Hagan

      2021 Heisman Discussion

      Combined records pre-week 8 goes as follows: Dowden: (17-14) Condon: (13-17) Black: (12-18) Threw in the RB's just for fun Yeldon: (8-23) Newby: (10-15)