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  1. I like the idea of making it a threshold thing for the overall OR older vet stuff. Even still I like leaning on the longer end of the range you mentioned. 7 seems pretty good to me. At that point you're probably coming off your 2nd/3rd contract.
  2. The New York Giants select: Cryptic Communications Coliseum
  3. New York Giants abstain @smackemz
  4. New York Giants vote Yay (1 influence) @Dr_Novella
  5. I nominate the following resolution, regarding the creation of a new resolution discussion threads and creation of co-sponsor system. This is the Giants first resolution. Summary: A new forum would be created to post resolution discussion threads. Every resolution must gain the support of 3 owner co-sponsors before being brought up for a vote. Effective Date: Effective immediately on the passage of Resolution #3. Soluna's Workload: Creation of a new discussion thread forum. Check that future proposed resolutions have the required 3 co-sponsors in order to call a vote. Official Proposal: A
  6. The New York Giants are proud to announce their newest hire to replace long-time General Manager and new Packers owner/GM Dean. As an owner, what was important to me in looking for a new GM candidate was someone who knows our system, knows the direction of the team, and knows our personnel. That criteria is what I decided would be the best for the team moving forward. I am very confident this person will hit the ground running and will continue building on the success our team has accomplished. With that, I am proud to announce @Sarge has been promoted to the role of General Manage
  7. I'm excited to see how the owners use resolutions! A possible 64 proposals per season is awesome imo. I love the idea of allowing owners to come up with their own ideas and proposing them to the league for a vote. I embrace debate and think all of us sit back at some point thinking..... "what would I change if I were in charge?" and this gives us the opportunity to finally do so! On the topic of discussion, is there any way we could get another private forum for owners to float ideas publicly to other owners to gauge interest on a proposed rule change? Since we have a resolution pr
  8. I have done it.... I am become death, destroyer of worlds... defeater of Skaggs. @CadeRich5 got me started on this site years ago and it's always the game I'm looking forward to most on the schedule every single year. Between NFLHC and CFBHC, this is the first time I've come out on the successful end. I've spent years w incredible staff trying to rebuild the Giants and this win is just special, almost like the turning of the page of whats coming next. Leaving the Panthers for the Giants, at the time, was a huge risk. I was really determined to show my own skills and prove I could run a succes
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