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    1. CFBHC Pick'em

      Missed Thurs/Friday Saturday Morning (4 Games) Cincinnati (0-1) at Rutgers (0-1) Pittsburgh (0-1) at Temple (0-0) Kentucky (0-0) at Florida State (0-1) Virginia (0-0) at West Virginia (0-1) Saturday Afternoon (1 Game) Stanford (0-0) at Colorado (1-0) Saturday Evening (6 Games) Notre Dame (0-0) at Boston College (1-0) Duke (1-0) at Western Michigan (0-0) Baylor (1-0) vs. Minnesota (0-0) Tennessee (0-0) at TCU (1-0) Missouri (1-0) at South Carolina (1-0) Auburn (0-0) at Mississippi State (1-0)
    2. That is the main issue pressing the staff right now. Now that I am officially the owner, I will be working with deandean on different decisions we can make, and we are determined to find the best path and execute our plan.
    3. Giants Purchased By Rangers Owner Hagan East Rutherford, NJ "I would like to thank everyone who made this opportunity possible. When I purchased the New York Rangers a couple months ago as an expansion team for NHLHC, I fell in love with the fans here. I am honored to have my own opportunity in running an NFLHC franchise. I hope to make New York a winning town, and that endeavor continues further today. Regarding the staff of the Giants, current Head Coach @believer and General Manager @deandean1998 will remain in their current positions. I have been in contact with them, and both are just as dedicated as I am to getting this team back on track. I want to keep my speech short and at this time open the floor to any questions."
    4. I started off the year @ 15 and dropped to 19 after Wk 0. I just went back to my original spot.
    5. [2021] Week #1 - TNF

    6. CFBHC Pick'em

      Thursday Night (2 Games) UAB (0-0) at Oregon State (0-0) Georgia Southern (0-0) at Texas State (0-0)* Friday Night (4 Games) Miami (OH) (0-0) at Cincinnati (0-0) Rutgers (0-0) at Kansas State (0-0) Utah State (0-0) at Florida Atlantic (0-0) Southern Miss (0-0) at Central Michigan (0-0) Saturday Morning (2 Games) Buffalo (0-0) at Louisville (0-0) Washington (0-0) at NC State (0-0) Saturday Afternoon (2 Games) USF (0-0) at UTSA (0-0) Tulane (0-0) at Rice (0-0) Saturday Evening (5 Games) Boston College (0-0) at Houston (0-0) Virginia Tech (0-0) at Oklahoma State (0-0) Texas Tech (0-0) at Arizona (0-0) Iowa (0-0) at Mississippi State (0-0) Texas A&M (0-0) at Fresno State (0-0)
    7. Really doing your research here Sage! Bryce Williams had super glue on his gloves last season and might not seem super impressive at first glance, but killed it on stat sheets last season. Good Article!
    8. [2021] Conference Favorites (CFBHC)

      Could you do the rest of the SEC?
    9. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #6

      The South Carolina Gamecocks are Charlotte Bowl Champions! GG North Carolina! Hell of a season for the Gamecocks. I'm really happy to end with such momentum heading into the 2021 season. All of our weapons will be back next year improved and ready to accomplish more. All props goes to @joedchi who assembled this team and gave me pointers on how to build what I have today. Go Cocks!!
    10. [Survey] Alumni Network

      University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa 2020
    11. [2020] Week 16 POTW voting

      Bryce Williams snub
    12. Coach CaptGrizzly, The readers of The State in Columbia point out that during your tenure at UTEP you pulled the 88th ranked recruiting class in the country. How do you plan on tackling the new area of recruiting that you are dealing with now dealing with historically good SEC and ACC teams? Also since this is a newly generated team, what direction do you plan on taking this team, based off of their strengths and weaknesses how quickly do you see this progress occuring so that you can compete with the bigger names outside of the Sun Belt? Best of luck to you and your new team! I'm sure the people of South Carolina would love to see a potential matchup between the Cocks and Coastal. Maybe call it the Cock-Coastal Cup.
    13. [2020] Week #16 - Saturday Morning

      WOOOO GO COCKS! SOUTH CAROLINA IS OUR STATE NOW!!! This is South Carolina's best season with a 7-5 record, the first time we've been bowl eligible since putting up a 6-7 record in 2013 which included our only other win against Clemson. GG Emperor, looking forward to playing you again next year back in Columbia. Bryce Williams for POTW!!