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  1. apologies! You guys were 11-10 overall so 52.38%.. I'm adding it to the list now
  2. oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I'll fix that right now
  3. This will be a quick analysis of the current W/L of each state. Where does your state rank currently? Is a certain team in your state slacking behind? Here is the data current to this last week..... (No data for Alaska, Vermont, Maine) Tier 1 1. Missouri 83.33% (5-1) 2. Indiana 74.07% (20-7) T-3. Oklahoma 71.43% (15-6) T-3. Hawaii 71.43% (5-2) T-3. Minnesota 71.43% (5-2) T-3. North Dakota 71.43% (5-2) Tier 2 7. Maryland 69.23% (9-4) 8. Louisiana 64.71% (22-12) 9. Tennessee 61.54% (16-10) 10. Washington 60.00% (12-8) Tier 3 11. California 59.26% (32-22) 12. Michigan 57.58% (19-14) T-13. Mississippi 57.14% (12-9) T-13. Pennsylvania 57.14% (12-9) T-13. Delaware 57.14% (4-3) T-13. Idaho 57.14% (4-3) T-13. South Dakota 57.14% (4-3) 18. Illinois 56.00% (14-11) 19. Texas 55.42% (46-37) 20. South Carolina 52.38% (11-10) T-20. Iowa 52.38% (11-10) 22. Florida 51.85% (28-26) 23. North Carolina 51.11% (23-22) Tier 4 T-24. Colorado 50.00% (10-10) T-24. Arizona 50% (7-7) Tier 5 T-26. Oregon 47.37% (9-10) T-26. Massachusetts 47.37% (9-10) 28. West Virginia 46.15% (6-7) 29. Virginia 45.17% (16-19) T-30. Georgia 42.86% (12-16) T-30. Kentucky 42.86% (12-16) T-30. Utah 42.86% (9-12) T-30. Nebraska 42.86% (3-4) T-30. New Jersey 42.86% (3-4) Tier 6 35. Ohio 39.62% (21-32) 36. Alabama 39.39% (13-20) 37. Kansas 38.46% (5-8) 38. Nevada 35.71% (5-9) Tier 7 T-39. Arkansas 28.57% (4-10) T-39. Connecticut 28.57% (4-10) T-39. New Hampshire 28.57% (2-5) 42. New York 20.00% (4-16) 43. Wyoming 14.29% (1-6) 44. New Mexico 7.14% (1-13) 45. Montana 0.00% (0-7) Interesting Takes/Surprises? Any upcoming powerhouses? Coming up: Looking at average team recruiting rankings combined with average team recruiting points per state. This will figure out which states have been over and under performing so far in recruiting. Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-4TW4AbPK5mFQsa6Sk5587gg5eQZX_I_4ZHr6S0Y6WQ/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Hagan

    [2023] Week #9 - TNF

    Lil bit too close for comfort if I'm Ole Miss..
  5. As someone with experience in both now, I don't think they should be illegal. Just philosophically I think if someone is willing to volunteer their time in order to gain field experience in return for no financial compensation who am I to say no? I got my first job because I worked hard in my internship. I have another job offer after college because of my unpaid internship. It helped me network with tons of people as well. When I finally got paid, it was like a cherry on top because I love my job and had no problem doing it for free. That being said, Congress passed a bill this year that allowed offices to pay their interns. I had max salary allowed over the summer and still couldn't pay for just my housing. For people in bigger cities I definitely see the argument, because some people might not have opportunities to gain experience because of the high costs involved. But I don't think the idea of unpaid internships should go away. Especially in smaller crafts where it might not be viable to hire another full employee, it is still possible to give people experience in the field.
  6. Seems like Giants are missing a TD? McLean threw for a TD, OJ ran for one, we only have 10 points.
  7. Hagan

    WoW Classic

    I'm on Herod, I had a 10k queue when I logged about an hour ago. I've had a 5 and 4 hour queue's the last two days. Today will be the longest probably at around 6 hours with the way its been going over the last two hours. I just had a bad login time today compared to the last two days. If you're on Herod let me know, I'm Horde as well I'll be on RFC tonight. I've been using Chrome Remote Desktop to check queue while I'm in class away from my desktop. Then if I end up getting in before I get back to my desktop back home then I'll use it to stay not AFK and then just get it back when I get home. It's nice
  8. Yes of course! Still waiting to hear back from a friend on staying somewhere in Atlanta.
  9. I'm a senior now so I get a really sweet deal on tickets. I'll be attending all the home games on the schedule, still looking at attending Duke in Atlanta since its only like a 3 hour drive from Tuscaloosa. South Carolina I wanna try to go to as well, Texas A&M is too far so thats a no-go, and Mississippi State is just a hop over the border so that will be easy to go to as well. I also hope to be attending the SEC Championship, College Football Playoff Semi-Final, and Championship. If we make it that far I will purchase tickets to every game I can afford.
  10. Here's my baby I built last December, the two on the outside are 1080p 24' Asus, in the middle is a 144hz 27' 1440p. i7 8700k, RTX 2080, 16 gigs RAM, couple SSD's and a NVMe that's lightning fast. I love her to death. When I have the racing wheel set up (pedals down below you cant see)
  11. When you hurt your thumb but still win the game:
  12. Rice's offense is insane.. my secondary is good but I think they have an opportunity to expose some parts of my defense.
  13. Just based on talent I dont see how this would be wrong? Like I said I think my past 3 classes were ranked like 25, 16, 9. So yeah right around 16th in the country as an average since I've been HC.. that's better than the vast majority of teams. 8 teams in the top 25 were from the SEC last. So even when I pull the 9th best class in the country, there are 3 SEC teams above me. Meaning I didn't even pull elite tier talent for my conference with the #9 class. Talent wise we're better than most teams, but my schedule is SEC, not the average team.
  14. Highest peak was starting off the 2021 season 8-0 ranked #4 and beat Dowden and Missouri. @TazerMan ruined my streak.. I think it was his first or second week at UT. I went on to go like 1-3 or 0-4 in my last 4 games. Last season I went 3-9, and this season will probably be similar. Recruited in the top 25 the last couple seasons and have some talent on my team that would allow me to beat the majority of teams on the site, but I can beat almost no one in the SEC... Considering where this team was pre-2020, I'm really impressed with where we are, despite the results being almost identical. The team I have now that will go 3-9 would absolutely shit on any of those teams, but I guess it'll show you how much better the SEC has gotten as well.
  15. The New York Giants are requesting the additional information from police to be sent to their front office as well. The New York Giants DO NOT condone acts of violence and are disgusted by the league’s accusation that I would rationalize any sort of behavior. The NFL is simply pushing a false narrative that violence is never an acceptable response to solving disputes. This simply doesn’t work in real life. From the original post, the Giants were under the impression D’Qwell Moore was “verbally assaulted” by the unnamed woman after she cut him off. “Verbal assault” is a particular use of words, and I would like to note different from verbal harassment. As stated in our original post, verbal assault would be considered a misdemeanor in the State of Florida. The definition of simple assault is to “unlawfully touch someone or perform a show of violence. A show of violence means that someone threatens violence without necessarily acting on it.” I will not apologize for someone acting in self-defense. D’Qwell was assaulted.. Maybe it seems far-fetched to the league that a woman would be able to do any real harm to an NFL football player. This is not a valid excuse, it is a sexist excuse, and sex should not be used as an excuse not to take assault seriously. I will not give a pass on assault simply because of the sex of the offender. It’s unfortunate this woman was hurt by Mr. Moore, but we will not stand for this slander of our player as some sort of violent attacked and this fake reporting by the League. The Giants will still stand by their player until the League provides the evidence given to them by police. We denounce the League’s lack of transparency in including the Giant’s staff with talks of police, as we expect them to keep the franchise up-to-date so we can make the correct decisions in response. Victims of assault shouldn’t be ignored and punishing him before he goes through his due process is absolutely insane. Sadly this sort of action is not uncommon in today’s society. Because of his job and fame, he has been unfairly treated for standing up to someone who threatened his life, “verbal assault.” Even if they don’t act on these threats of violence, this is a crime. We will not apologize for standing up for a victim of assault, and I’m proud to make the donation to the Non-Violence Project in the name of the woman who assaulted Mr. Moore, and request they use the money to do a study on “Female Violence Against Men” since only 10% of male victims of female violence report their incidents to the police. We look forward to receiving the additional information from the League and regret they decided to make such a hasty decision to ban him before he has even had a court date. #Justice4D’Qwell
  16. After speaking with police and Mr. Moore, we have concluded that its not the correct time to take any further action. In response to a verbal assault, D'Qwell responded appropriately to someone threatening his life. I simply ask, what sort of message would we like to send here, that standing up to bullies gets someone in trouble with their job? Read the story, D'Qwell was verbally assaulted, a misdemeanor according to Section 784.011, Florida Statutes. From our statement we refuse to give any further comments unless more information is released by police regarding the incident. From our interpretation, Mr. Moore responded to a bully who committed their own crime, and we hope his charges get dropped. We hope the league takes no further action as well, as any person should be able to defend themselves from verbal assault.
  17. I have Week 1 left OOC hit my DM's

  18. Yeah I feel great.. really hoping Jalen leaving doesn't come back to bite us
  19. Offense +1 Special Teams +1 Discipline +1 Youth Mgmt +1 Defense -1 Clock Mgmt -1 Offense: 10 -> 11 Defense: 15 -> 14 Special Teams: 7 -> 8 Clock Mgmt: 11 -> 10 Discipline: 12 -> 13 Youth Mgmt: 9 -> 10
  20. its tough being the 4th best coach at my university

    1. Hagan


      Gotta love it when Cade gets on your account

  21. Yeah I was named after Copenhagen (genius parents spelled it wrong or maybe wanted to give it some English flair? idk)
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