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    1. I am aware, I posted it here, so there is a reminder that I owe money to this site via my loud mouth.
    2. If Oklahoma State beats TCU, I will donate $100 to this site next month. Posted here, so it is saved.
    3. rocksaucesundae

      Scenes from a hat: CFBHC Edition

      Damn, your a big bodied receiver.
    4. rocksaucesundae

      Scenes from a hat: CFBHC Edition

      You will do for now, but next year I am getting someone with more talent.
    5. Hey man, how have you been?

    6. Today I wanted to look at top play makers on offense for the 6th ranked Air Force team, and how they compare to the previous play makers. Quarterback Nico Kaufman was one of the best, and and could do it all at the quarterback position. In 14 games last year he completed 293 of his 384 passes (76.3%) for 3,341 yards (8.70 YPA) with 31 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Those stats are great in alone, but what makes him better is what he did with his legs. In 2020 Nico took off 87 times for 888 yards (10.21 yards per carry) and had 13 rushing touchdowns. He was lights out all year, and his replacement had huge shoes to fill. That replacements name is Giovanni Luke. Giovanni Luke saw how good Nico was, and had the ability to learn from him. Air Force expects big things from Mr. Luke. Has he lived up to expectations so far this season? Lets have a look. So far Giovanne Luke has led Air Force to an 8-0 start to the 2021 season with a completion percentage of 67.7 (121 completions out of 179 attempts), with 1416 passing yards and 7.91 yards per attempt, and has 11 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions thrown. Giovanne has not ran as well as Kaufman has, only having 156 rushing yards on 33 carries (4.73 YPC), but he has been the leader Air Force needed, and it shows. Running Back In his junior year Xavier Valentine was a great Halfback who proved that he could carry the team if they needed him to. He had 1464 rushing yards on 309 carries, averaging almost 5 yards per carry (4.74 YPC), and had 20 rushing touchdowns. Is he doing just as well in 2021? We are going to find out. So far this year Xavier has 159 carries for 756 yards (4.75 YPC) and 13 touchdowns. If he continues to play with this much effectiveness, he will surpass all of his rushing stats from last year. That makes sense though, as they are feeding him the rock more often this time around. Wide Reciever Last year Sam Baugh was at North Dakota State College of Science and decided to transfer to Air Force for a better education and a chance to prove himself on the gridiron. Just how effective can the brainiac be on the field, and can nerds catch a ball? Lets look at the stats! So far this year Sam has been targeted 32 times and only has one drop, so yes, nerds can catch. Though he only has 434 receiving yards so far, he has 5 touchdowns and has 14 YPR. He has done well for himself, but I would expect a little more out of a 5.0 receiver. The numbers for Reginald Lattimore in 2020 were pretty good. 69 receptions for 1070 yards (15.52 YPR) are nothing to scoff at, though only having 8 of Nico's 31 passing touchdowns kind of is. I understand that having a quarter of your QB's passing touchdowns looks good, but as the #1 receiver on a team with Kaufman, in the Mountain West, I think you should get a little more separation in the end zone. Now for the 2021 stats. Through 7 games in 2021 Lattimore has 23 receptions for 314 yards (13.65 YPR) and only 2 touchdowns. So far this year, his production is less then last year, and I have to assume it is because of the lack of separation. This could be troubling, as he is looking to join the ranks of receivers in NFLHC when this season is through. All in all, the play makers at Air Force are doing really well for themselves, and deserve to be #6 in the nation and should continue to run wild on the MWC. Next year will be a huge question mark for this team, and it looks like they are at there peak and will slowly fall into a lower tier of the MWC.
    7. rocksaucesundae

      [2021] Week #11 - TNF

      ...and one interception, If that isn't hype worthy, I don't know what is.
    8. rocksaucesundae

      Most underachieving college bball coach

      My Other vote is for Tony Tony bennett.
    9. rocksaucesundae

      Most underachieving college bball coach

      Why is any person who has coached Wazzu not on this list despite being in a decent recruiting area? Can I vote for Tony bennett?
    10. rocksaucesundae

      CBBHC Bracketology: 3/7/18

      Excuse me, why is SJSU not considered when we are 2-0 in our conference?! #rigged
    11. rocksaucesundae

      Rocksaucesundae new application

      Thank you for letting me know.
    12. rocksaucesundae

      Rocksaucesundae new application

      Thank you. Taking the team away from anyone after I have abandoned them is not right imo.
    13. rocksaucesundae

      Rocksaucesundae new application

      1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. jimmypoo02@gmail.com Reddit: Rocksaucesundae 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed! 3. What team do you want to coach? San Jose State Spartans 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Iowa Hawkeyes or Tennessee Volunteers 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. I hail from Oregon, my favorite school is Wazzu. I don't really expect to win a lot of games with them, at least for several years, but I like the challenge and the group we have here. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? 7-8 hours a week 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. Losing is apart of any game. I am pretty even keel when it comes to life, I don't really see myself getting mad over losing. 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I saw an old post on Reddit about this site and game. I coached SJSU for a little over a season, and left do to circumstances in life, but I am back now.
    14. A month later, It hurts just as much as it did that night. People say it gets better with time, but I don't think it ever will, the pain will always be there, but how people cope changes. To some degree I don't want to continue on, because of the guilt, but I can not live in this moment forever. I sit here awaiting the second hardest day ever, her birthday. How in the fuck do I present her with her present now? 

      1. deathcpo


        lots of love your way man, hang in there. It DOES get better. 

    15. rocksaucesundae

      CFBHC Pick'em

      Thursday Night (4 Games) - 11/30/17 CFBHC Kickoff Game: Michigan State (0-0) vs Oklahoma (0-0) (Indianapolis, IN) ECU (0-0) vs Duke (0-0) (Charlotte, NC) Clemson (0-0) at SMU (0-0) Arkansas (0-0) at Maryland (0-0) Friday Night (5 Games) - 12/01/17 TCU (0-0) at USC (0-0) Ball State (0-0) at Toledo (0-0)* California (0-0) at Baylor (0-0) Iowa State (0-0) at Wisconsin (0-0) Ohio State (0-0) at Arizona State (0-0) Saturday Evening (5 Games) - 12/02/17 West Virginia (0-0) at Missouri (0-0) Alabama (0-0) at Michigan (0-0) Penn State (0-0) at Pittsburgh (0-0) Florida State (0-0) at Air Force (0-0) Nebraska (0-0) at UCF (0-0)