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  1. For those of you who weren't around for the announcement but still want an update, my fiancee passed away this evening. Thank you all for reading the updates, and caring. This community is truly amazing.

  2. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #11

    Well, he is damn good at what he does.
  3. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #11

    Gg, it was a lot closer than I thought. I too thought you were going to blow me out.
  4. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #11

    Damn man... No chill.
  5. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #9

  6. So far this morning, she is stable and even though there is a small hole in her right lung, she is still able to use it. There is quite a bit less blood coming for the right lung, so that is good. Even though so much trauma has happened to her body over the past month, she continues to put up one hell of a fight.

  7. So, late yesterday afternoon, my fiancee's right lung collapsed, they hav her on a machine to help it recover, but only time will tell.It seems like every time we get good news, something worse happens shortly after.

  8. [2020] Bowl Challenge Cup

    San Jose State is going to ruin the MWC's perfect bowl record!
  9. The surgery went well, I am happy that she was stable enough to get through it. She is not quite out of the woods yet, but she gets a little better everyday. When they transfer her to another hospital to help her breathe properly, I will be going with her. We could be there for weeks or months. It all depends on how she progresses.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. rocksaucesundae


      She ia one hell of a fighter, and probably the strongest person I know. 

    3. Wonderbread


      Fuck man, that's some shitty scenario for your fiancee man. Is she on a ventilator now, it's easier to wean young people off of a vent than it is way old people. Hope for full recovery, being young and in good care bodes well for her though! Sounds like a fighter.

    4. rocksaucesundae


      She is on a ventilator, she can breathe on her own again, but it is not enough oxygen without the vent atm (only about 37% of lung use).

  10. Fiancee is still stable. The doctor found the cause of the 35+ hour 100.5 fever, there ia another infection. Luckily it seems like they caught it in time, so it should not be a big issue. We will no more tomorrow.

    1. rocksaucesundae


      I seriously hope and pray that none of you fine folks have to go through this hell. 

    2. Wonderbread


      Good luck man, I've seen it all from the outside but never anyone personally affected. You guys are young and strong, hope for the best mate!

    3. Emperor_of_Orange


      glad she's stable, still sending my best, man

  11. My fiancee is still stable, the biggest issue today is she is running a fever of about 100.5, but that is mainly due to her body seriously fighting the bacteria. The pneumonia is slowly lessening. The nurses and myself accidentally figured out that she can breathe with out the ventilator, but it is only about 35%, but still a very good thing.

    1. bmlig95


      I don't know if I want to know how you guys discovered accidentally that she can breathe without the ventilator, but, I keep praying for her

    2. vtgorilla


      I can't imagine the rollercoaster of emotions you've endured the last few days. Stay strong and try to keep a positive outlook. Hoping for no more setbacks and a quick recovery!

    3. rocksaucesundae


      The nurse and I was repositioning my fiancee, And the hose that Led to the ventilator detached from the trache. The nurse sounds around to face her, and I damn near flew to the bed, then the nurse and myself stopped at the same time and looked at each other in amazement. Her chest was compressing and decompressing. We then fixed the issue quickly.

  12. This morning My fiancee got an emergency Tracheotomy. She was so unstable that she could have flat-lined on the table, but she handled it well. Thanks to the amazing surgeon, the doctors and nurses, she is recovering and stable again. They had to do the surgery because the ventilator tube that was going down her throat from her mouth was causing problems.


    She is not out of the woods yet, but thanks to the staff, she has the time she needs to get well.  

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    2. gigemags11


      Sorry to hear, will definitely say a prayer, best of luck

    3. Jieret


      Pulling for a full recovery for the two of you, stay strong.

    4. bingo415


      Man, sorry to hear about it, hope she heals up and feels better soon.


  13. After being stable for 3 days, my fiancee's vitals dropped randomly to the point to where she was an hour away from death. Due to the quick response from the nurses and the doctor, she is still alive and back to stable. I have never been so scared in my life.

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    2. rocksaucesundae


      Thank you. That means a lot. 

    3. taffyowner


      hey we got you here, as Emperor said, if there is anything we can do for you, let us know.... 

    4. rocksaucesundae


      If anything comes up, then I will. Thank you, you folks are seriously amazing.

  14. With the 2020 regular season finished, lets see which teams in the MWC were the best! Top 5 in points scored: 1. Air Force with 453 pts. (41.18/game) 2. Hawaii with 383 pts. (31.92/game) 3. Fresno State with 331 pts. (30.09/game) 4. Utah State with 255 pts. (21.25/game) 5. Colorado State with 251 pts. (22.81/game) Top 5 in offensive Touchdowns: 1.Air Force 57 TD's (5.18/game) 2.Hawaii 51 TD's (4.25/game) 3. Fresno State 40 TD's (3.63/game) 4.Nevada 35 TD's (3.18/game) 5. Utah State 30 TD's (2.5/game) Top 5 Total Yards Gained: 1.Air Force with 7077 yds. (643/game) 2.Hawaii with 5884 yds. (487/game) 3.Utah State with 5092 yds. (424/game) 4.Nevada with 4818 yds. (438/game) 5.San Jose State with 4652 yds. (423/game) Top 5 Least turnovers: 1. Air Force With 2 Turnover 2.Utah State with 4 Turnovers 3.Nevada with 5 Turnovers 4.UNLV with 7 Turnovers 5.Fresno State and Boise State with 9 Turnovers Top 5 Most Plays Ran: 1.Hawaii with 648 plays (54/game) 2.Fresno State with 628 plays (57.1/game) 3.Air Force with 620 plays (56.3/game) 4.New Mexico and San Diego State with 618 plays (56.2/game) 5.Wyoming with 590 plays (49.2/game)
  15. 2021 Recruiting Needs Your Help!

    San Jose should be updated.