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  1. rocksaucesundae

    Contract Lookup Thread 3.0

    Ravens Updated Cap Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m0MkeGgqt72hpNVnCKbxGNjnrbP0FA1D-RajtU6Hxvg/edit?usp=sharing
  2. rocksaucesundae

    [2022] Week #14 - TNF

    Please no Love, USA
  3. rocksaucesundae

    [2022] Week #14 - TNF

    A man after my own heart.
  4. rocksaucesundae

    [2022] Week #13 - FNF

    Bowl Eligible!
  5. rocksaucesundae

    [2022] Week #12 - 4 PM (Re-Sim)

    First of all, how dare you...
  6. rocksaucesundae

    New Mexico hires new coach

    Ezra Bridger, Council Informer, Does this make the rest of the MWC rebel scum?
  7. rocksaucesundae

    [2022] FAU Postgame Presser. Week 12 @ Louisiana Tech

    (OOC: My IRL name is Jim, and when you said that Jim is a big FAU fan my initial reaction was 'The fuck I am.")
  8. rocksaucesundae

    [2022] FAU Postgame Presser. Week 12 @ Louisiana Tech

    Wilson W. Wilson Jr.(neighbor from Home Improvement) Quick question coach. Who is the kid that is with you?
  9. Most of the time I am emotionally sound(by force) and will talk shit to others, with in the last week, I have not been stable, and I have kept to myself (not talking shit). Tonight I find myself scouring YouTube looking for feel good videos  because as far as negativity goes, I am at my wits end and will be for a couple days. Deep down inside I hate trying to be this strong for the young kids that were left behind. For those who were there for me when she passed away, I love you, and I will always be here for you. 

  10. rocksaucesundae

    Sun Belt Stats through week 11

    It is now fixed.
  11. Here is a look at the top 5 offensive performers through week 11. Quarterback Passing yards Eugene Salas 2702 yards Martin Johnson 1994 yards Raphael Higgins 1670 yards Jose Lynn 1497 yards Ian Sorenson 1482 yards Passing Touchdowns Eugene Salas 24 Martin Johnson 18 Rodger Reese 12 Raphael Higgins, Zachary Mattson, David O'Rourke 11 Andrew Ruiz, Jose Lynn 10 Most Interceptions Thrown Hernando Cortez 13 Rodger Reese, Martin Johnson 12 Davis O'Rourke 10 Ian Sorenson 9 Zachary Mattson, Jose Lynn 8 Running back Rushing Yards David West 699 Ray Jay Dougherty 682 Cesar Tellez 592 Amadou Jackson 570 Raymond Herrera 545 Rushing TD's Amadou Jackson, Raymond Herrera, 9 Cesar Tellez, Ray Jay Doughtery 8 David West 7 Omar Triplett 6 Samuel Coyne 5 Receivers Receiving Yards Roscoe Bishop 922 Troy Buckley 723 Peter Kolb 587 Edgar Smith 493 Jordan Haley 471 Receiving TD's Roscoe Bishop 10 Peter Kolb 8 Troy Buckley, Christian Johnson 6 Thomas Hough, Kahoni Aiavao, Michael Snowden, Lawrence Strange 5 Jordan Haley, Amos Fultz, Ronald Walker 4 Interesting Tidbit, Roscoe Bishop has 72 catches and 6 drops while Karl Craig from has 37 catches and 7 drops.
  12. rocksaucesundae

    [2022] Sun Belt Week 10 Power Rankings

    Excuse me..
  13. rocksaucesundae

    Do you dream?

    I am sorry that you have to go through that. It is terrible.
  14. rocksaucesundae

    Do you dream?

    I dream almost every night, the majority are nightmares though.
  15. It would be kind of hard to throw Touchdowns when you are constantly under pressure (the OL has given up 24 sacks) on top of the other offensive problems(drops, fumbles). We are going to do everything we can to help Brett Fisher out, but most it might not happen until the offseason.