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  1. I'd like to add that I am really excited to work with Paul. We know he is dynamic and he will bring a new element to an offense that's only gotten better since his last stint here, and I have faith in his ability to fit within the offense we want to run. I haven't been able to coach a mobile QB since leaving Kent State, so I am really excited to go back to the scheme I started with and that brought me a lot of success in my first year. I am also happy to answer any questions.
  2. ROCKY TOP! Happy days for the Vols, was really looking forward to this game, but was super nervous also. GG @Darman, I thought it would be much closer. Awesome game today. Cam Moss goes out with another great game, he'll always hold a special place in my heart. Unfortunate for Pat Major to go out on a missed kick, but he was stellar this year. Tinsley was a big play monster, Clinton had his longest career run, Richardson showed up big again. Goldy seems to be getting better by the game. Congrats to ace, alien and bingo on great wins today, and caesari, Franz and Bubada for fantastic seasons as well. Super excited for next year, thanks all for a wonderful season of CFBHC. P.S. Goldson > BT
  3. I was 10, my friend wanted me to start playing League and I needed a username. I had previously used a bunch of random usernames that had incorporated my name, but I decided against that after being told to never share personal information online by various angry cyber safety "experts". I have no idea how I came up with this and even less of an idea of why I thought it was good. I often question 10 year old me. I really want to make a new one, but have no idea where to start.
  4. Great choices, Flem's news updates are good and I like his perspective on a lot of things. Tree is good, but I can't watch too much of him in one day. Vincent's highlights are some of my favourites, particularly the Aaron Rodgers one. I find his humour to be hit or miss, but when he is on I can't stop laughing. If he were more consistent he'd 100% be a top 5 for me. Wish I could watch more, probably should make a scheduled viewing time for it. Some of my regularly watched channels are: theScore esports - esports documentaries and random informative videos. Not amazing, but quite accessible and enjoyable. Siv HD - great sense of humour, short videos. Primitive Technology - I don't know why but its really interesting, camping and outdoors stuff is something I enjoy but don't do much, so this scratches that itch a bit. MrHurriicane - best Madden/NCAA guy out there. Escapist - Zero Punctuation is amazing and should be watched at every opportunity. Crazy Boris Productions - Dungeon Dynamite (despite irregular releases) has been a great watch. Brett Kollman - NFL and CFB film breakdowns, great explanation of football concepts for beginners and more knowledgeable fans. Adam Neely - Complicated and weird music and music theory, awesome bass player.
  5. Sad to see you go, I always respected you as a coach and the few times I was able to talk to you in threads and the shoutbox were a pleasure. Congratulations on your career at CMU, and I guess the IRL stuff too. We'd love to see you back here some day, but until then enjoy everything else life has to offer!
  6. Economic Left/Right: -2.13 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.56
  7. Some sources say he's not going to be worth anything more than a 3rd, which seems crazy to me. Hopefully he doesn't get screwed long term by the Cardinals fucking around
  8. Feel free to discuss anything about the upcoming draft, whether it be what you want your team to do, what players you like, your favourite sleepers, or things you don't understand (like some people listing Kyler Murray as a QB/WR). I'd love to talk about my thoughts on prospects and fits with y'all!
  9. Congrats to all who played, regardless of result this has been a fantastic season for all. Charles Palmer is a name to watch for sure now. That dude is a baller. Playoffs are gonna be good
  10. LETS GO @caesari!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to @Dr_Novella and @pumph for outstanding seasons, and best of luck to both of your rapidly rising programs.
  11. Auburn proved me right. I have had them #1 in my poll for the majority of the year, and I was the only one after their lone loss. They justified that so I am very happy with that, cheers @Rome. Isaac Tyson/Marcus Black: Two ridiculously good Hybrid QBs in very different circumstances producing very similar results. TMac, Black and AW3. QB value, two are almost guaranteed playoff spots and all have been stellar. Isaac Tyson, McLean, BT and Storm Whittaker are probably the next tier in that order. While Bedlam lived up to its name, MSU vs PSU was a high scoring affair with all sorts of action and a thrilling second half. Ohio State making people throw away all their playoff predictions. Pretty happy, expected 8-9 wins. Only lost to #1, #8, #11 and #12 (according to Week 15 poll), three of which were one score games. I thought the defense might bite us in the ass and it did a few times, but we kept all but 1 loss very close. Looking forward to a pretty good looking bowl and next year, which might be peak Volunteer football.
  12. A nice way for Zack Cera to go out
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