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  1. TazerMan

    Experience with Out of Position Players

    Got a 4.5/4.5 and 4/4 so I don't think its worth it.
  2. TazerMan

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 15

    Oh noes playing Mum is gonna be scary. Sparty vs Mississippi State is probably the game I most want to see out of the non-playoff spots. Mississippi State were super unlucky this year (just part of the SEC I guess), having lost games by 3,3,1,10 and 6 points. Those teams are Clemson, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and TAMU. Put that up against a massively over performing Spartan side with a 10 point loss to Michigan and a 4 point loss to Ohio State. Slink and Duncan are some of the best coaches the site has, and a battle between Storm Whittaker and Isaac Tyson would be a thrilling finish to the season. Make it happen.
  3. TazerMan

    Experience with Out of Position Players

    Has anyone tried OG -> C? I have an overload of guards on roster next year (2 x 3.0/4.5s that won't start) and my only C will be a 2.5/3.5. Any thoughts on what would be better?
  4. TazerMan

    PFF's 2022 Best Rookie O-Lineman

    Franklin really struggled in his first game against Khairi Bryant, but this past week he absolutely locked him, great pick by the Cowboys (I can't believe I said that either). Also its nice to see a Bears lineman succeed.
  5. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #15 - 1 PM

    Well that really sucked. GG @serwendel, you coached a great game today, I'll try to level the series between us at 2-2 next weekend. Sad that Hunter suffers such a serious injury, hopefully that doesn't damage his progression. This might be the 2nd game all season we haven't missed a kick.
  6. TazerMan

    Class of 2022: Noteworthy QB/RB Final Commits

    Demarion Moore is gonna be Travis Etienne isn't he
  7. TazerMan

    BOFA Awards Shortlist

    Or Coach of the Year
  8. TazerMan

    BOFA Awards Shortlist

    Where is Slinky at? Dude is killing it with an awful roster.
  9. TazerMan

    [2022] BOFA Awards Announcement

    @SlinkyJr has the 108th best team by rating, and has them in the top 25, probably deserving of a higher spot. Double dipping on @SlinkyJr @Osukid2811 @Captin_Blue - outstanding work at Tulsa Too hard to tell for now imo. @Jieret/ @stormstopper @mahrowkeen, @SolutionA, @Osukid2811, @Suffocation @gigemags11 Troy McMurray, QB, Stanford Cardinal Troy McMurray, QB, Stanford Cardinal Miles Rinehart, OLB, Louisville Cardinals Storm Whittaker, QB, Mississippi State Bulldogs Davion Mayo, CB, Georgia Bulldogs Samuel Connor, QB, Eastern Washington Eagles Troy McMurray, QB, Stanford Cardinal Solomon McLaughlin, RB, Texas Tech Red Raiders Ryan Childs, WR, Mississippi State Bulldogs Jaime Bautista, TE, Kansas Jayhawks Temple Owls Deontre Graham, DE, Alabama Crimson Tide Miles Rinehart, OLB, Louisville Cardinals, or Dillon Hall, ILB, UCLA Bruins Ashton Evans, CB, Virginia Cavaliers Elijah Williams, Oklahoma Sooners I just wish we got some love for special teams @Darman.
  10. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #14 - TNF

    GG @neovenator250, could have gone either way. Would have liked to recover the fumble, its something we struggle with, 11 FF and 5 FR is not great. Great ball production from the linebackers and a great game from Eddie against a tough front 7. A game manager game from Goldy was just enough, hopefully he can find the big games again.
  11. TazerMan

    [2022] Imposter's Bowl Projections: Post-Week 13

    Ohio State would be a great test for my young defense and a good way to finish the season, I'll take this or Virginia
  12. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #13 - FNF

    Oh my. GG @Hagan, didn't expect that
  13. TazerMan

    Impact of CFBHC Research Survey

  14. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #13 - 1 PM

    GG @SlinkyJr, was a bit closer than I expected, probably helped by the short field goals. Sorry for bruising Calvin's toe
  15. TazerMan

    [2022] Predicting the NFC Playoffs

    All the Giants comments made me laugh. Great article!