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    1. [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Afternoon

      Edmondson and Youngblood are going to be a fun pair to watch these next two years. Also Andre Webb is ridiculous. @caesari what a win man, how bout then huskers!
    2. [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

      Damn, if only we could have recovered that fumble. Gg @vtgorilla, I know have absolutely no idea how to stop you
    3. [2021] Week #13 - FNF

      @Jamarquan Goooood shit brother!
    4. [2021] Week #13 - TNF

      LETS GO KENT STATE! Congrats @sybex99
    5. But he is 6-2 240. I get the player type but in a 3-4 he will get ragdolled. I guess with the size of Oline it won't be as big a deal
    6. Interesting that Key isa 3-4 DE given his size
    7. [X11] Gameday 2

    8. [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

      Fire up Chipps! Congrats @johnkirk, showing everyone that you got what it takes. Suggs is an animal, keep up the good work
    9. SumoHC Signup Thread

      Greg Zheng
    10. UFHC 1 Discussion

      Would have, now going up against a quitter, someone who doesn't really want to be here. Residing in the shadows, out of shape, not prepared for the fight. I submit gameplans as soon as my game is finished. I know your true identity, I know your name and what you look like, that visor ain't doing shit except making it harder to see me. Volunteers are passionate and hard working, while you had to give up your team and avatar. My hard work and preparation as a Volunteer is going to be damn useful. I have a pretty good grasp of strategy, ask @Hagan about me upsetting him as a 2-4 team and him as the then #5 team in the country. That isn't a debate you can really bring up. Once competed in, going back to what I was saying earlier, out of shape and unprepared. Not willing to keep it going. Yeah but you aren't running kilometre after kilometre like me, I am fitter and able to go all day. Programming isn't going to help you catch these hands. I don't think glare isn't going to bother an Australian, the sun isn't an issue for us.
    11. Music thread again

      I love Kaleo, great rock band that does some high and low energy stuff. New Arctic monkeys Album is coming out today in Australia so Ill recommend that. If you are into jazz, funk or ska Cat Empire are great EDIT: Also George Ezra is worth a listen if you haven't heard him, great voice and some great songs
    12. [X11] Gameday 1

      Thought I might do a Gameday recap, might keep it going if anyone enjoys it. CFBHC Championship: Admirals vs FC Cincinnati An absolutely dominant performance by Rome's men, 62 percent possession and 12 chances. After the Admirals leveled it at the 27th minute, keeper Antoine McPherson was absolutely peppered by Cincinnati, with more 2 goals coming before halftime. Standouts for Cincinnati were Harry Ewing, Felipe Rocha and Willie Abrahams for their dangerous forward play. The only real standout for Admirals was Mitch Sampson, who was a rock at the back despite the 4-1 scoreline. SV Wiesbaden vs Philadelphia Union The matchup between two Penn State men who played a physical game, with a major injury for each team, and Philadelphia picking up 3 bookings. Wiesbaden controlled much of the game and were looking for plays down the wing and crosses, and it worked very well with 3 goals to show for it. Despite this control, they only had one other chance that wasn't a goal, so Soluna will be happy with the composure of his players. Standouts for Wiesbaden were Kai Knecht for his towering header at a corner and solid defensive play before being injured, Julian Schiffman and Erwin Kirstein for an assist from a cross and a headed goal each. For the Union Lincoln Cohen provided a spark from the bench after Philip Wall went down, but was unable to bring any chances. Canon Yaounde vs Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Canon's defense came to play, building a wall that Tottenham struggled to break through. Spurs had 5 chances, but none that were clear cut, and struggled to make much of the possession they had. Canon only had one chance, but it was a half-chance at best, as Guy Moundi flashed wide. Man of the Match went to J-A Rififi and Rudolfo Carolino, both centre backs who shutdown the opposing forwards. Idris Ndip Akem was great for Canon, and the rest of the back four played well. Adelaide United vs Santos The Reds came out all guns blazing against Santos, scoring 5 goals from their 10 chances, while Santos scored 1 from their 4. United's defense didn't play well as a unit, but Bernard Norbert was an unmovable object in the centre for them, and played a great captain's game. Santos's captain Roque Fernandes wasn't to be outdone, picking up their man of the match after assisting their goal and being a menace for the United defence. . Other standouts were Cuthbert Huck and Elliot Dickson who scored a brace and nabbed an assist each. Premier league coming later because I am going to sleep.
    13. [X11] Gameday 1

    14. [X11] Gameday 1

      Reds starting the season at home against the Santos boys, looks to be a good one. Best of luck @bmlig95