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  1. The fact that some of these are even in consideration makes me question humanity.
  2. Tipping is pretty much non-existent in Australia, never done it nor have I seen it done. I also don't like the concept but I would like to imagine that I wouldn't be too stingy if I was in the US.
  3. I have gone a few weeks of 4 per night or less, but I get between 6 and 7 and a half usually. Looking forward to being able to sleep much more after school is done.
  4. TazerMan

    IRL Football

    This is from last year's school rivarly game (school got professional photography hence the watermark). Some quality jockeying here. We drew the game 1-1. Definitely a highlight for me, got to play in front of a crowd of 600 or so. The following 4 are from my club team this year. A free kick I took against my old team. This game was one of the worst refereed games I have ever seen/played in. Fuck that ref. Slightly disabled looking here but I made a good defensive flick-on header. This was the first game after I shaved my head. Definitely added something to the intimidating center back effect I was going for. Probably the most normal looking photo of me.
  5. TazerMan

    IRL Football

    Can I post soccer (the real football pictures?)
  6. TazerMan

    [2023] Week #6 - MNF

    Bugger. GG @Nmize0, had a strange feeling that we might make a game out of this. Definitely happy with how we are progressing, just need to keep building now.
  7. GG man, your defense kept it tighter than I expected. Best of luck to the pack moving forward.
  8. TazerMan

    [2023] Week #6 - FNF

    We like to see Suggs doing this well, keep it up @robcarlson77
  9. I don't watch enough tape to say definitively, but I'd say his offensive line is a big issue. The 49ers (my boys) D Line absolutely spanked them, Baker barely had a pocket to work with. Any QB under pressure regresses substantially, and Baker is pretty aggressive so he is forcing difficult throws with poor protection and from less than ideal throwing platforms. I don't think he is much worse than last year, but on the other hand he has not made any visible progress from the end of last year. I think he is going to play pretty high-risk ball for as long as he is breathing, so stretches like this are going to be somewhat common. Also, I think coaching and locker room issues are pretty big in Cleveland. Lots of big personalities trying to be controlled by a first year HC who had only been a position coach until halfway through last year, and Kitchens is still growing into his role as play caller. All the media hype probably didn't help either, clearly need to readjust and reset as a team.
  10. This is a great article with some select parts of tape: https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/a.j.-epenesa-is-unquestionably-edge1 He's got great hand technique and fantastic strength, there's plenty of clips of him just ragdolling B1G linemen. He is also stout against the run. Not as explosive or bendy as a lot of edges but he doesn't need to be, so much power and a pretty good set of pass rush moves. Dunno if I have a comparison for him, but I'll just touch on the limited playing time. He played 40% of Iowa's defensive snaps last year. 10.5 sacks, 16.5 TFLs and 1st Team B1G as a sophomore. Dude is a freak.
  11. I dunno if he is top 5 considering Jeudy, Ruggs and Lamb are probably better pure receivers, but I think he's definitely talented He gets quite a few comparisons to Sammy Watkins which I think are reasonable. Some liken him to Julio (a bit rich imo but they have some similar physical traits). DJ Moore is another one - gadgety player who is really athletic and strong. Not a conventional X receiver but suits the modern NFL pretty well.
  12. From what I have read/heard he is an offensive weapon at Colorado. Because he is so strong, fast and elusive they manufacture him touches in lots of different ways (wildcat QB, sweeps, screens etc.). He's really good in space as a ball carrier and is also a good receiver at the catch point (jumping, hands, body control) but has a limited route tree. He hasn't faced much press coverage so don't know much about his releases, and with his limited routes there is some cause for concern. Very high potential player and is pretty dangerous already, but has had some injury trouble.
  13. Participated in the Australasian Philosothon and still checked the discord habitually to see when the site was back.
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