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  1. Artists 1. The Black Keys 2. Johnny Cash 3. Franz Ferdinand 4. George Ezra 5. Welshy Arms Songs 1. Fall At Your Feet - Boy & Bear 2. Weight of Love - The Black Keys 3. Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra 4. Waitin' to Die - Useful Jenkins 5. In Hell I'll Be in Good Company - The Dead South 6. Sweet Disaster - DREAMERS 7. One Crowded Hour - Augie March 8. The Way You Used to Do - Queens of the Stone Age 9. Here It Goes Again - OK Go 10. The Dark of the Matinee - Franz Ferdinand Genres 1. Modern Rock 2. Rock 3. Pop 4. Australian Indie 5. Funk Minutes: 60,160 About what I expected, I hammered Welshy Arms and Franz Ferdinand for a few months but have listened to less of them in the last few months. The Black Keys have been my top artist 2 years in a row, so I guess that's that.
  2. TazerMan

    [2023] Week #12 - MNF

    gg @Azul, you're doing great work with Black and that defense. Would have been a really fun game to watch. Super proud of how we have rebounded in this last little stretch, really positive about this team moving forward.
  3. The first 3 games of the The Third Saturday in October were played in 2014, 2015 and 2018. Alabama won 24-7 in 2014 and 32-23 in the 2018 SEC Championship game on their way to securing their second national championship. Tennessee won a defensive slugfest in 2015 by a score of 9-7. Since 2020 it has become a yearly fixture, and is quickly becoming a must watch SEC matchup. Tennessee won that year in another close game, 13-10, which marked Goldson's first win against the Tide. The following season, Tennessee was off to a dismal and unexpected 0-4 start. That changed on the Saturday afternoon of Week 7, as Tennessee rallied in the 4th to get a 30-24 home win behind a strong Goldson performance. This would the last game that the legendary @SageBow would coach, as he resigned for personal reasons. A fitting way for him to finish. This marked the first time Tennessee had a lead in the series despite a -25 point differential over the first 5 games. 2022 was perhaps the best game of the series. Saturday afternoon came around again, with a 7-0 and highly ranked Alabama hosting a 4-3 Tennessee team with 3 losses against quality competition. The game was tied up at the end of every quarter, finishing 17-17 at the end of regulation. Both teams played clean football, finishing with no turnovers, but the kicking game had kept the game tied. The Volunteer's Patrick Major had missed a 47 yarder early in the 4th but composed himself to make his next 3 that kept Tennessee fighting. His counterpart Jason Damico missed field goals of 51 and 55 yards that prevented the Tide from winning it in regulation. The first overtime ended with a field goal each. Tennessee only managed a field goal in the second overtime period, and Tide QB Linus Petty willed himself across the goal line, pushing through a crowd of Volunteers to end the threat of an upset in Tuscaloosa. This leaves the series tied at 3-3. Goldson is 2-1 against Alabama, and Alabama QB Greg Carnes is yet to make an appearance against the Volunteers. This game is shaping up to be another classic, with a resurgent Tide looking to crush the dreams of perhaps the best Volunteers team since the 2019 Playoff Semifinalist, while Goldson is looking for another signature win and to keep the hopes high in Knoxville. Tune in on the 3rd Saturday afternoon in 3 years to watch the 3-3 all time 3rd Saturday in October series (I'm sensing a trend here) sway in the favour of one team. Good luck @CadeRich5, looking forward to it.
  4. CHAOS EVERYWHERE The race for both SEC divisions becomes more interesting by the week, exciting times!
  5. Emergence Lowpoint Figuring out powers Training Montage Bonus meme song
  6. Great article once again, loving that the MAC is still such a fun and active conference.
  7. That's Emmanuel Hunter's second INT of the season, tying him for the team lead with my two 5.0 CBs. Nice. Good offensive performance, but worrying that it took until the second half. We are really going to need to step it up to beat Bama and Mizzou.
  8. This moved me. Thank you so much for sharing. Well done on your initial progress and I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your journey.
  9. That Missouri game is going to be huge for the division race. Also Vandy should definitely be ranked, they have been fantastic to start this year.
  10. Yeah I think the early years were pretty bad for Tennessee. I imagine that will change this year
  11. I think that's pretty likely especially given that NFL teams really like doing that in pass rushing situations. I think he'd be pretty dangerous on the interior.
  12. I am fairly confident this will be the first time that Arkansas and Tennessee have played each other in site history, which will mean that Tennessee will have finally played every SEC opponent after 11 years in the sim. If the Vols win, that will leave only 1 SEC Team that Tennessee has never beaten: Texas A&M, who we played once in 2018 and lost 52-42. Beating Arkansas would mean that Tennessee has a .500 or above record against all but 4 SEC teams: Kentucky (4-5), Texas A&M (0-1), LSU (1-2) and Georgia (4-7).
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