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  1. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #1 CFBHC Takeaways

    West. Virginia. Is. Back (kinda). I for one am looking forward to smackems having a competent QB and a better all around team. Mississippi State showed how good 3 5.0 WRs is. 502 yards in his first start (albeit against a sunbelt team) would make Storm Whittaker a happy man. Louisville lost their heart and soul in DeSean Dockery, but hometown hero Nick Carr had a great game and the Cardinals are looking hot. Oklahoma State's offense looks even better than last year somehow. I know its against EMU (sorry @tsweezy), but throwing 7 TDs is not normal. Bryce Thompson continues to average around or over 10 YPC, and is super efficient. I think this showed another element of his game. Zach Lombardi proved that it was the right decision to start him over Isiah Best. Jake Davis was a super hero against the Golden Gophers, and he continues to get better, almost on a game by game basis. DeMarcus Cannon is a freak. Tyler Toney and Eric Hall had a great start to their senior seasons for the Wildcats, both could be first round players. Jack Booth, last year's #1 TE starts with a hundred yard game. Big things coming from him. Sione Salanoa had a great first game for PSU as well. Some lesser known players: Mike Naylor for Colorado went nuts, and in combination with Latavious Murray the Buffs could be great this year. Robbie Kohler made a big statement in the FCS, should be interesting to see how it affects his pro prospects. Also the Zack THE FLAMETHROWER Cera continues to play well, I hope he goes somewhere in the next level. Bryce Thompson - probably the best rushing QB in the country as a hybrid. He is truly a dual threat, his legs are almost as good as him arm, and that's a scary prospect. Almost 5000 total yards last year and 40 something touchdowns. And he, and the rest of the team, is only getting better. Marcus Black - A clean game against one of the most talented defenses ever seen (regardless of schematic problems), and he looks to be on the passing end of the hybrid spectrum. Won't put up the same numbers due to his style of play and the difficulty of opposition, but he is a front runner for the Heisman and #1 pick. Eric McLean - going to put up ridiculous numbers, and his receiving core only got better. Might have the best statistical season of all time. The pro projection is a question but he will be a collegiate legend. Jamal Trufant - Another Wisconsin running back with a good shot at the Heisman? This time he has to contend with SOLOMON and the 3 players above. He is a long shot for me, but he is going to be great regardless. Penn State vs Pitt or Washington vs Minnesota. I'd lean Penn State vs Pitt because of the huge last quarter, and some heroic individual performances. Lots of good young players on both teams means if this happens again in 2 years it could be one for the ages. No major upsets for me
  2. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Morning

    Bryce Thompson has some wheels on him, might be close to a scrambler. Lots of huge statlines today, gonna be fun to see who can keep putting up big numbers
  3. Guess its time for Lawyer Johnson/Will Thompson to show that we are not the 32nd team in the league. Or not. Probably not
  4. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #1 - FNF

    Justin Radford and Charlie Sanford going ballistic! Great slate of games, FIU and UTSA should be really fun teams this year, and their coaches are fun as well!
  5. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #1 - TNF

    Congrats again to @Jordanozenne! There should be some real hype about Eugene Salas this year, he's gonna put up some huge numbers. EJ McGuire showed up and Byron Suggs was unfortunately very quiet, but Nazir Tatum-Kimbrough continues to be a monster for the Chipps.
  6. The Tennesse Volunteers coaching staff are most distressed at this time. Do you think the Tigers can contend with the Vols on the recruiting trail at current and in the near future? Can they become the best team in the great state of Tennessee?
  7. USC looked like a force and vindicated the offseason hype around them, and Wazzu did the same with a huge offensive performance. Georgia looked red hot on offense and Bama played a solid game against a damn good Wolverine squad. Hawaii and SDSU are two of probably 4 G5 front runners, and the game between them will have a huge impact on the hopes of a G5 playoff representative. The Vols staff are still taken aback, but we will be back with a vengeance. The two fumbles from Goldson are the first of his career, and he was good apart from that. Clinton had his worst game in his last 9, and the defense was not prepared for the ground-and-pound from the Cornhuskers. Nebraska might just live up to their talent level this year.
  8. TazerMan

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #4 - SNF

    Kansas City goes from Smashmouth to Vertical. I like that
  9. TazerMan

    [2022] Pre-Season Week #4 - 1 PM

    I think that's the best grade we have seen and the best grade we'll see for a while. I'm with Ace on this one, absolutely insane
  10. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #0 - Saturday Night

    Edmondson and Youngblood are gonna play each other only once this year, but it should be one of the best G5 games all year. Both teams running backs might be overshadowed, but Garrett and Fraser were both monsters today. Riley West struggled after being really good as an underclassman, maybe its just Hawaii's killer secondary. Gabe Ciamo had a solid day, but not up to his lofty standards. Games in the MAC might be kinder to him, but he wasn't quite as dominant as the primary weapon with both Hanson and Thompson gone. Does this put a question mark next to his ability to carry an offense?
  11. Tennessee: OG: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Donald_Kendrick#College_Career QB: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Adrian_Goldson#Statistics ILB: http://cfbhc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Marcus_Coles
  12. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #0 - FNF

    JMU has some great names and there are a few more that are damn close, but they played solidly to open up. Khalil Harell is a name that I and many others probably don't recognise or talk about, but the (Sr) 5.0 of 5.0 had a great game to open up and might push his name on to draft boards early. An 81 rating is a good start, and a pick and 2 PDs is even better. Georgia manages to keep getting production out of perhaps under rated players. Omar Barner is off to a hot start again after winning SEC Defensive Freshmen of the Year last season, and getting 2 sacks from absolute unknown Brendan Benson Ugly offensive showing but some great defense in Lawrence. Kansas hopes CG3 can get his mojo back and win close games like they always manage to do (This is correct? @stormstopper)
  13. TazerMan

    [2022] MWC Trending Up/Down: Overall

    Great stuff! I'm just imagining Fresno's jump next year with their current redshirts
  14. I think the main takeaway from this is that Marcus Black and Sean Meade look damn near unstoppable. We knew they were good, but TCU is one of the most talented defenses this year and of recent years. Black is making his case to be a stellar QB prospect.
  15. TazerMan

    [2022] Week #0 - TNF