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    2. Welcome back everybody! I am your host Tim Timms, and we are back to look at the second week of recruiting commits to the MAC for 2021. A solid week for the MAC this week, with two big time playmakers on defense and one on offense, two of which went to Western Michigan. FS Julius Reese was projected by some as the #2 free safety in the nation, and one of the best players in the Midwest, adding to the talented core of Kayden Soriano and Julius's long-lost brother (or so we hope) Christian. OLB Shiloh Maxwell was one of the top 4 players in Ohio, and the second OLB to Blake Gauthier, and he will anchor the Kent State defense along side Geno Mason for years to come. Also, WMU's signing of tweener TE William Griggs adds a dynamic option to an offense that is compiling more and more such weapons. Miami brought in two solid players on the defensive line, and Akron and EMU continued to bring a number of players. A major shift in the table, as Kent State jumps to second with their lone signee, and WMU jumps to 3rd, while Miami goes from the bottom to 5th place, equal with Ball State and Buffalo, but not a lot else happening on this front. Committed Recruits (by potential) Total Recruits (all *) Team 2.5-Star 3-Star 3.5-Star 4-Star 4.5-Star 5-Star Croot Total Tot. Stars Avg. Stars Avg. Skill 3 Toledo 0 0 0 1 1 1 3 13.5 4.5 1.33 1 Kent State 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 4.5 4.5 1 10 Western Michigan 0 2 6 0 0 2 10 37 3.7 1.65 5 Ball State 0 0 5 0 0 0 5 17.5 3.5 2.2 2 Miami (OH) 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 7 3.5 1.25 3 Buffalo 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 10.5 3.5 1 21 Akron 0 13 8 0 0 0 21 67 3.19 1.29 19 Eastern Michigan 4 11 4 0 0 0 19 57 3 1.32 2 Ohio 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 6 3 3 1 Central Michigan 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 3 1 4 Northern Illinois 1 3 0 0 0 0 4 11.5 2.87 2.625 0 Bowling Green 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 This week in the National Rankings there were some big jumps, particularly from Kent State, with one player changing the perception of their entire class entirely. Also, Western and Miami (OH) both jumped up significantly. Akron was the only other team to rise, as the rest struggled to sign any recruits at all. Toledo (National rank: 43) -16 Western Michigan (National rank: 34) +43 Kent State (National rank: 76) +55 Akron (National rank: 77) +2 Eastern Michigan (National rank: 86) -4 Ball State (National rank: 88) -7 Buffalo (National rank: 99) +8 Miami (OH) (National rank: 109) +13 Ohio (National rank: 110) -12 Northern Illinois (National rank: 114) -14 Central Michigan (National rank: 122) -11 Bowling Green (National rank: 130) -4 On to the analysis of each team's weekly recruiting efforts Toledo (National rank: 41) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: No commitments this week for the Rockets, but they stay in good position across the board Looking forward: Toledo is being the Toledo of years not named 2020, dominating Ohio and building up one of if not the most talented core in the MAC, and they look to continue this by leading on DeVante Gilliam, and being second to Cincinnati for DeVante Nesbitt, Ohio's top outside cover men. Toledo is also leading the race to sign the talented Atamu Tatupu, with Pittsburgh and Miami (OH) following closely, in what will be a bloody fight for the speedy wideout. Western Michigan (National rank: 53) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: A huge week for the Broncos, signing 2 5.0s, including the #2 FS in the nation by some sources, and one of the best Move Tight Ends in the nation, despite his Wide Receiver frame. Looking forward: WMU is not done yet, almost having secured the services of Gabe Baker, one of the top 7 QB's in the nation, despite a challenge from Michigan. Western also leads on Rafael Montanez, the 3.5 potential OT from Texas, and Nehemiah Daniel, another Michigan native to catch passes from Baker in the years to come. I, for one, welcome our new Bronco overlords. Kent State (Class rank: 75) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: Their first signing of 2021 is similar to 2020, signing another 4.5 potential defender from Ohio, coming almost out of nowhere to steal Shiloh Maxwell from the clutches of Ohio. Looking forward: Kent State tried to make a move on TE Miles Hooker, but were unable to gain significant ground on the Bobcats, but they are leading on SS Aiden Monroe, keeping Western Kentucky and Temple at bay. They are looking out of state at C Isaac Grover, WR Jermon Bailey, and P Walt Cote (all 2.5/3.5), as well as WR Jacob Kellogg (1.0/4.0) and ILB Dwayne Felder (1.5/4.0). The Golden Flashes are spread across the country, trying to use their new-found fame to attract recruits who have received less attention than they may have deserved. Akron (National rank: 78) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: Another big lot of signings by the Zips this week, with a focus on the offensive line. Looking forward: They got signatures from two of the players we highlighted last week: OG Maurice Longoria and OT Nick Irvin. Now, they look to get their only 4.0+ potential player so far, FS Calvin Bernard, who they lead the race for over Miami (OH). Two other players on their radar are OLB Paul Boykin, who they lead Ohio for, and WR Ryan Buckner, who is being lightly contested by Kentucky. Ball State (National rank: 89) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: Ball State keeps with the plan of taking 3.5 potential players with higher floors from Florida, with another two this week. Looking forward: The Cards want Erik Parker to be their signal caller of the future, and it looks like it will be that way, as they retain a large lead on him. Another player with 4.0 potential they are eyeing is OLB Gavin Pugh, who the instate Kentucky lead Ball State on with some comfort. After signing one target for their QB of the future, they are also looking at Jermon Bailey, who has Kent State in first place, and Bruce Edmondson, who Ball State lead on, to be targets for him in the future. Eastern Michigan (National rank: 90) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: Eastern Michigan continues to build a big class, bringing in 7 more recruits, but only one with a potential of 3.5. Looking forward: All the prospects highlighted last week for the Eagles are all committed, so on to some new ones. CB David Jefferson (1.5/3.5) is favouring Cincy, but EMU isn't too far behind, and they are in a similar spot with DE Christopher Dorner (1.0/3.5), this time behind Michigan State. Also, they are behind both SJSU and OSU for C Sean Price (1.0/3.5). Miami (OH) (Class rank: 104) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: Solid depth being picked up on the defensive line with two boys from instate, both of which will see some time as backups and later in their time at Miami as starters. Looking forward: The Redhawks still lead on Alvin Hines, breaking away from Ohio and leaving Toledo in the dust for now. Shamar Wiley has only received any attention from Miami, so expect him to commit soon. The Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky have vaulted into the lead for QB DeShaun Jackson, and Miami now has to decide who to target between him and Atamu Tatupu, who they are behind Toledo and Pitt in terms of interest. Akron now leads on Calvin Bernard, but Miami is a close second with no one else close, and they are all but out of the picture for DeVante Nesbitt. Miami is also trailing Cincinnati in the race for SS Gavin Goode (2.0/4.0), the top safety in Ohio. Finally, Drew Edge is one prospect that caesari can feel good about, having breathing room in front of Ohio State, and no one else particularly close behind them. Ohio (National rank: 106) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: No croots this week, and Ohio lost Shiloh Maxwell, who they were leading on for the majority of the season to date, but were jumped by Kent State in the last few weeks. Looking forward: Ohio is in a few major battles, and a few of these aren't looking good for the Bobcats. Despite Penn State being interested, DE Clinton Noel has Ohio down as his #1, and with a bit of space now they might pull away from the repeat national champions. they are still trailing for Alvin Hines, but are not impossibly far away from Miami (OH), and they retain their lead on TE Miles Hooker, holding back Kent State and Temple. Linebackers didn't seem to like Ohio, or vice versa, as ILB Ryan Anthony Jr commited to Penn State last week, and OLB Drew Edge is now leaving them out of the picture. Northern Illinois (National rank: 109) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: No commits this week for Coach subsequent Looking forward: Northern Illinois stick with their strategy of going after the big fish, Freddie Cooper, and they are leading Illinois to be the team to get his commitment. Also, they are leading on CB Tyus Rawls (1.0/3.5), ahead of Illinois and Northwestern, and QB Nathan John, who they are in a comfortable lead for. Buffalo (National rank: 115) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: Two more solid players, but none of the stars they were hoping for. Looking forward: Not looking good for Seth here, both of the big recruits that they were gunning for are starting to favour other schools. Eric Lanier, one of the two best road paving tackles in the country has been courted by Penn State, and Buffalo isn't close on this one. This was always going to be a tough one, considering they are fighting perhaps the most prestigious university, and as he was from Pennsylvania that was an added hurdle for the Buffs. Laquon Boston, the best man-to-man defender in this class, is now being favoured by Army, putting this class in real danger of producing nothing more than a group of 3.5 potential players. Central Michigan (National rank: 119) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: Nothing big this week for the Chipps. Looking forward: Central Michigan retains a big lead on CB Matthew Edmonds, who might commit next week, and they retain their leads on Bill Mccauley and Viliamu Mea'ole, and Mccauley may commit soon, however, they have been overtaken by Akron on Javon McCoy, and we will see how that pans out. They are also leading Indiana on C Noah Patrick (1.0/3.0). Bowling Green (Class rank: 129) Commits: This week: Complete: Analysis: This week: The Falcons are now the only MAC team without a commitment yet. Looking forward: The Falcons stay in second for one of their big targets DeVante Gilliam, but they are going to have to change something to stop Toledo from building a lead. They do have a chance because Toledo is involved in so many battles, they may begin to get spread too thin to cope. Also, Bowling Green still leads on Micah Bean, and these two look to be the stars of the class. Thank you for tuning into another installment of the MAC Recruiting Recap Show. Looking forward to seeing you all next week, and until then remember, "If it's not MAC, it's wack!" See you next time!
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