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    1. Giants with myself. Thanks!
    2. TazerMan

      Steam Keys

      Can I have Dungeons of Dredmoor please?
    3. TazerMan

      2021 Heisman Semi Finalists Announced

      PARKER! I think Dowden wins it, but there are some great players up here, gonna be a tough one.
    4. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #16 - TNF

      Gg @serwendel, this team is going to be a lot tougher in a couple years if you keep pulling those classes. Looking forward to it! Far out that was a showing! Adrian being efficient and managing to sneak one in Peyton Manning bootleg style. Eddie went ham and the defense were ruthless. Great way to go into bowl week.
    5. TazerMan

      Oklahoma State Announces 2022 Schedule

      Tennessee is looking to be on this slate next year.
    6. TazerMan

      Who's the most important player on your team?

      For Tennessee its probably Eddie Clinton, despite Goldson being the name player in the offense once Eddie started getting 20 carries a game he has been averaging 100 yards and 1.5 touchdowns a game, upped his yards per carry by a whole 1.5 and still hasn't fumbled. We have gone 5-1 since that point, and I think the change to a balanced attack and the effectiveness of that balanced attack has turned this team into what they should really be considering their talent. Next closest is Parker Holmes, leading the SEC in Sacks and TFLs is a pretty great achievement for a guy with not a lot else on the defense, and apart from the Missouri game the defense has helped us to win.
    7. TazerMan

      [2021] Week 16 SOS and RPI

      I'll definitely take 16th RPI and 1st SOS. Really impressed with this team when this is put in perspective
    8. Kek @Rome Looking forward to playing an AI team in Tennessee!
    9. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

      Well that was interesting. I don't know who scored the 4th TD. DOES THIS MEAN I DIDNT WIN? GG @Rome, didn't think I had a chance but I guess this team really wanted that win. Parker Holmes is an absolute monster and Owen Hein is a sexy man
    10. TazerMan

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 1: @ Nebraska Week 2: vs Georgia Southern Week 5: vs USC @Jumbo Week 5 not Week 6 Week 8: @Maryland
    11. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #15 - FNF

      Congrats @Wonderbread and @rabidsnowman! Big week for bowl hopes
    12. TazerMan

      [2022] Recruiting Master List

      Yup that's the goal
    13. Rice vs Toledo is gonna be a fun one, G5 teams looking to make a playoff push that couldn't quite get there
    14. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #14 - Saturday Afternoon

      I think Matt Jones likes that
    15. TazerMan

      CFBHC v1.5a

      Awesome! Thanks for listening to constant bitching about recruiting as a g5 coach, this should make a huge difference for new coaches and those wanting to build a small school
    16. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #14 - TNF

      Congrats @caesari, one more baby! Also great game @Wonderbread, keep those bowl hopes alive
    17. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Afternoon

      Edmondson and Youngblood are going to be a fun pair to watch these next two years. Also Andre Webb is ridiculous. @caesari what a win man, how bout then huskers!
    18. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #13 - Saturday Evening

      Damn, if only we could have recovered that fumble. Gg @vtgorilla, I know have absolutely no idea how to stop you
    19. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #13 - FNF

      @Jamarquan Goooood shit brother!
    20. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #13 - TNF

      LETS GO KENT STATE! Congrats @sybex99
    21. But he is 6-2 240. I get the player type but in a 3-4 he will get ragdolled. I guess with the size of Oline it won't be as big a deal
    22. Interesting that Key isa 3-4 DE given his size
    23. TazerMan

      [X11] Gameday 2

    24. TazerMan

      [2021] Week #12 - Saturday Evening

      Fire up Chipps! Congrats @johnkirk, showing everyone that you got what it takes. Suggs is an animal, keep up the good work