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  1. You can really tell the WWs already won by controlling the town. GG
  2. I did not want to role claim with Time and I being the only Mason's and thus an easy target to WW's.
  3. I'm the last Mason. I feel confident that my voting habits back this up since Time, Bright and I were pretty much voting for the same people. Even thought time wanted to Lynch Haff, he was sus about time and the reasoning that Wahoo has brought up seals my vote for Smackemz
  4. Your reasoning is outstanding Unvote Haff Vote Qupax
  5. tbh you are one of the content kings and best meme-post makers on this site. Twerking power rankings especially slapped. Also have actual good insights and are active a lot, so overall a top tier coach and large dozen is lucky you're in it

  6. The only thing I know is we have to lunch someone tonight. Haff seems sus but he is my alt so I believe him. Smack seems sus as well.
  7. Am I? Wait, wouldn't that mean we are both the same person and technically there would be one warewolf left? Or would it be two since we are both warewolfs?
  8. We literally commented at the same exact time. So my record remains perfect lol
  9. I'm siding with time on this one Vote GK23
  10. This thread definitely needed an update from me and I bet you can guess which game this is from though...
  11. Unvote Wahoo Vote Feverful
  12. Illinois: 260 (+5) Northwestern: 5 (-5)
  13. The only reason you think he is sus is just because he has barely posted like the rest of us who don't have time to see every post. I believe the last WW is trying to steer town to lynching to try to wipe out town as fast as possible. I honestly think that person is you as you were deflecting any accusations brought up against you. Vote Wahoo
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