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  1. You were one of my role models during my time in the AAC. The site will never be the same without you. Happy trails.
  2. In my 24 years of existance I have never heard of a sandwich not being called anything other than a sub or a hoagie on the very rare occasions. Calling a sandwich a hero is like calling a pizza a tire. It does not make any sense!!
  3. Swipet

    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    When i thought the oddness streak was dead It may not match the dankess of 35 but ill take it!
  4. Swipet

    [2022] Week #7 - TNF

    GG @smackemz. Go scare the shit out of other BigXII teams. Also why was my starting punter kicking field goals? @Soluna
  5. 1 Like = 1 Croot that will be yours. Copy and Paste this Satus Update to show that you are a good crooter and dont need no help.

    1. Osu


      No croots 4 u

    2. vtgorilla


      this Satus Update

  6. Maybe the only thing that could destroy it is a Kruse Missile? I'll see myself out
  7. 8/31 Kansas State vs Nicholls State 9/7 Kansas State vs Bowling Green 10/5 Kansas State vs Baylor 10/19 Kansas State vs TCU 10/26 Kansas State vs Oklahoma 11/2 Kansas State @ Kansas (Buddy got free tickets and a nice tailgating spot 2 years ago) 11/9 Kansas State @ Texas (My birthday is that day and i really want to go since my fiance went to the game 2 years ago but trying to find the money to go) 11/30 Kansas State vs Iowa State (Would not miss Farmageddon for the world)
  8. Swipet

    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    I don't know whether to be disappointed by the loss or happy that my team came so close
  9. Finally realized this thread existed so here is my office
  10. Week 0: Stanford vs Colorado State Pregame Interviews Polo Alto will be the home of one of the most interesting games in the opening week of college football 1. Looking at the opposing roster, who is going to be causing the most problems for you on offense in your week 0 match-up? @Ahven D'Gale: This is a really tough question because they are so well rounded. In looking at the DC, I don't know how to gameplan, because there are no glaring weaknesses. Let's go with Damani Driver. Talk about an experienced team leader. He's able to stick to receivers like stink on shit. I have a feeling he'll be affecting our routes all day. @believer: Colorado State's defense is very formidable and it's going to be tough to handle. As much as that front 7 of theirs is going to give me fits when it comes to gameplanning, and I very much respect them, Ibrahima Goodson is going to be a tough one for me. We're bringing in a new QB this season, and Goodson is going to be making it tough for him out there, especially with his prowess in coverage. 2. What about the defensive end? I actually want to call out a position group here. The OL that Believer has at Stanford is incredible, and I'm worried that Our front 7 won't be able to get pressure or clog up rushing lanes. However, if I have to pick a player, I'm going to choose Bonner. That kid is freaky athletic. He doesn't always make the correct read, but when he does...oh, boy is he tough to stop. It doesn't help that all we have on him is high school tape and the spring game. I'm gonna cop out on this one and say the young duo of QB David Barrow and WR Marion Reeves. Both are immensely talented. If the both of them get into a rhythm, my secondary is going to have a tough day stopping them. Barrow is a very smart quarterback, and Reeves is very physical. Combine those together and it's a formidable task to stop. 3. Say something nice about the other coach and their team. Believer has been an excellent coach since well before I arrived on scene. Nothing but kind and helpful to those in his conference. To add to that, he was finally enticed to go to Stanford to make a winner in the PAC 12 immediately. I messaged him wanting to do what Bellwood never could, notch a W. Since he wasn't at Boise anymore, I figured I should go after it now, before he 'croots a lot. He's a coach that can compete with the best of them. Ever since Ahven took over at Colorado State after Bellwood left, he's done a phenomenal job. He's been recruiting great talent and he's been coaching them well. I really believe he's setting this team up to really compete for the MWC title, and it would be great to see him accomplish that. He's grown alot. 4. Finally, if the game was decided with a coach vs coach drunken brawl in the parking lot. Who would probably win and what would your drink of choice be to get drunk? Without a doubt, I would win. I've been in 3 fights before, all while drunk, and won them all. Being 6'6" provides the advantage I need. As for my drink of choice, it would be 5 buckets of Chug Juice and 1 riot punch. (Both are drinks at my favorite bar at Ball State, The Chug). I'm a pretty skinny guy, so it's a tough one aha. But fuck it, give me White Claws and I'll probably be amped up on Frat Boy Energy to take him. Shoutout Trevor Wallace.
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