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  1. 8/31 Kansas State vs Nicholls State 9/7 Kansas State vs Bowling Green 10/5 Kansas State vs Baylor 10/19 Kansas State vs TCU 10/26 Kansas State vs Oklahoma 11/2 Kansas State @ Kansas (Buddy got free tickets and a nice tailgating spot 2 years ago) 11/9 Kansas State @ Texas (My birthday is that day and i really want to go since my fiance went to the game 2 years ago but trying to find the money to go) 11/30 Kansas State vs Iowa State (Would not miss Farmageddon for the world)
  2. Swipet

    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    I don't know whether to be disappointed by the loss or happy that my team came so close
  3. Finally realized this thread existed so here is my office
  4. Week 0: Stanford vs Colorado State Pregame Interviews Polo Alto will be the home of one of the most interesting games in the opening week of college football 1. Looking at the opposing roster, who is going to be causing the most problems for you on offense in your week 0 match-up? @Ahven D'Gale: This is a really tough question because they are so well rounded. In looking at the DC, I don't know how to gameplan, because there are no glaring weaknesses. Let's go with Damani Driver. Talk about an experienced team leader. He's able to stick to receivers like stink on shit. I have a feeling he'll be affecting our routes all day. @believer: Colorado State's defense is very formidable and it's going to be tough to handle. As much as that front 7 of theirs is going to give me fits when it comes to gameplanning, and I very much respect them, Ibrahima Goodson is going to be a tough one for me. We're bringing in a new QB this season, and Goodson is going to be making it tough for him out there, especially with his prowess in coverage. 2. What about the defensive end? I actually want to call out a position group here. The OL that Believer has at Stanford is incredible, and I'm worried that Our front 7 won't be able to get pressure or clog up rushing lanes. However, if I have to pick a player, I'm going to choose Bonner. That kid is freaky athletic. He doesn't always make the correct read, but when he does...oh, boy is he tough to stop. It doesn't help that all we have on him is high school tape and the spring game. I'm gonna cop out on this one and say the young duo of QB David Barrow and WR Marion Reeves. Both are immensely talented. If the both of them get into a rhythm, my secondary is going to have a tough day stopping them. Barrow is a very smart quarterback, and Reeves is very physical. Combine those together and it's a formidable task to stop. 3. Say something nice about the other coach and their team. Believer has been an excellent coach since well before I arrived on scene. Nothing but kind and helpful to those in his conference. To add to that, he was finally enticed to go to Stanford to make a winner in the PAC 12 immediately. I messaged him wanting to do what Bellwood never could, notch a W. Since he wasn't at Boise anymore, I figured I should go after it now, before he 'croots a lot. He's a coach that can compete with the best of them. Ever since Ahven took over at Colorado State after Bellwood left, he's done a phenomenal job. He's been recruiting great talent and he's been coaching them well. I really believe he's setting this team up to really compete for the MWC title, and it would be great to see him accomplish that. He's grown alot. 4. Finally, if the game was decided with a coach vs coach drunken brawl in the parking lot. Who would probably win and what would your drink of choice be to get drunk? Without a doubt, I would win. I've been in 3 fights before, all while drunk, and won them all. Being 6'6" provides the advantage I need. As for my drink of choice, it would be 5 buckets of Chug Juice and 1 riot punch. (Both are drinks at my favorite bar at Ball State, The Chug). I'm a pretty skinny guy, so it's a tough one aha. But fuck it, give me White Claws and I'll probably be amped up on Frat Boy Energy to take him. Shoutout Trevor Wallace.
  5. 2023 Off-Season Interview Series: Texas Tech Red Raiders Thousands of Red Raider fans mourned the loss of Solomon McLaughlin to the NFL draft and even held a funeral for him.@acewulf was rumored to be crying like a five year old girl at the event. 1. What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2023 season? The biggest gain going into this season is by far some of our young studs from this latest recruiting class. Shane Briggs is a top end blocking TE talent, Jesse Lester is a Guard that slide right into Walt Shannon's old spot on the OL and keep that unit strong, Tyson Moss is a JUCO guy that we are looking forward to seeing in the slot in the new offense and Dominique Dixon is a player that we are absolutely thrilled about going forward. He's easily the best WR prospect to have ever come into this program and we are incredibly excited to see where he goes going forward. Biggest loss is by far the heart and soul of the team for the last few years, Solomon McLaughlin. He defined what we were as a program from day 1. I always said that we were not going to keep him here any longer than he needed to. We were just a stepping stone for him to make it to the league and we are so excited to see him in San Francisco. Samir Sample is another guy that we are going to truly miss and loved what he brought to our program in his 1 year here in Lubbock. We loved what those guys did to buy in to the program and it is difficult to replace that kind of talent. 2. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? I've seen a lot of people say TCU, but personally when I see scared I think of programs that could come out and surprise you. TCU is a great team and have great coaching, but Oklahoma is the scarier program to me right now. They just lost another guy that defined the program in Maurice White and now they have moved on from Eric Pope. If OU plays like I think they might, that is a scary thought to have 2 programs that are playing at TCU levels. 3. Losing Solomon to the draft is probably the biggest loss any team experienced in this off season. How are you going to replace his production? Losing Solomon is going to be one of the toughest challenges for me as a coach. He was a one of a kind back and we have to realize that. I stated this in my 3U/3D post that Solomon and Samir aren't walking through those doors this season. Sugar Bowl champs are in the past. We need to look forward 1 game at a time and plan for the future. But in terms of replacing his production, the answer is balance. We don't need our guy Hayden Dyer to replicate Solomon to be successful. We just need to get above and beyond the yards and TDs that he produced for us. That's the key to success post elite player. 4. How do you expect redshirt freshman Grayson Gillette to perform this season and is his last name literally a sponsorship for the overrated shaving utensil brand? Honestly, I expect Grayson to perform decently. He has a pretty good supporting cast and all the tools to play well. I don't expect top 5 production of any category, but I think he can be respectable to pair with Hayden Dyer. Like I said earlier, it's all about balance for the offense and keeping the pressure off Grayson is key to helping him perform well. Giving him a good running game will open things up tremendously. I'm excited to see what he'll do! 5. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. I think I'll regress a bit this season. I kinda think somewhere in the 6-7 win range. Maybe a bit higher if I get lucky. Decently easy OOC and plenty of opportunities in conference. CCG is again TCU-OU. They are the best teams in the conference for sure. Oklahoma State can make a run, but it's one of the Oklahoma schools against TCU.
  6. 2023 Off-Season Interview Series: Kansas Jayhawks Depth is a concern for this Kansas Squad but they do not lack raw talent in key positions 1. What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2022 season? Losing Jaime Bautista will hurt more than anything else. We've had a lot of youth at wide receiver these last couple of years, so Jaime's been our rock. In my opinion he was the best tight end in the country, with Jeremiah Kendrick from Southern Miss being the only other one on that level. You just can't replace someone like him--but we'll try our best, because now we have Cameron Bowers out on the perimeter. He reminds me a lot of Malcolm Davis: big, strong, great hands, and a nightmare for corners to cover. He and Christian have been getting a lot of reps in, and I think it's going to be a special connection. 2. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? Nobody scares a Jayhawk. Scared money don't make money, you know? We expect opponents like TCU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, and Missouri to be the most challenging on our schedule, but we played all of them tough last year and we know we can beat them if we execute like we do in practice. All of them have their weaknesses. None of them are unbeatable. 3. A big surprise coming out of Spring camp is that Deon Evans and Naiquon Crosby are going to be the starters at the OLB positions in the fall. What did they do to separate themselves from the other upperclassman OLBs? Deon and Nuke are special talents. They've been killing it in spring practice and Deon in particular showed up big in the spring game. We put them with the first team to see how they'd handle the pressure, and they handled it admirably. We unfortunately didn't see the same level of play from Carlos Guillen and Pat Rhoades, but they've been mature about the whole process, they've been great mentors to Nuke and Deon, and they'll have every opportunity to earn time on the field in specialty roles just like Jude Broussard has as our bandit. 4. How many yards will Christian Graham throw this season and will he be the conference's offensive player of the year when its all said and done? How about 4,132 to match Eric Jennings in 2019? No, but seriously, I don't think it's a secret that we're gonna throw it. Christian is a phenomenal quarterback, and when he finishes the year he will've rewritten the school and conference record books. He's probably gonna hit 10,000 career yards two or three games into the year. I'm not gonna put conference player of the year expectations on him because there are a lot of phenomenal players in the nation's most exciting conference, but we pretty much ride or die with him to a larger degree than I think is the case for anyone else in the conference. 5. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. I think a bowl game is a reasonable target, and anything more than the 6-7 finish we had last year is something we'll have to work our tails off to achieve. I'm hoping it'll be us in the conference title game, but failing that I wouldn't be surprised to see any two of TCU, West Virginia, or the Oklahoma schools. Assuming I'm not allowed to pick myself, my pick is Oklahoma over West Virginia.
  7. This feels like getting an A on a group project when you barely put any effort into it.
  8. Off-Season Interview Series: Iowa State Cyclones Is Iowa State going to win football games? Probably 1. What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2023 season? My biggest gain going into this season would be the progression of Vaughn Sheppard. His progression is highly important to my team having 2 threats on the offensive side. Another gain would have to be Freshman OG Dillion Dooley he was the top guard in the 2022 class. I'm happy that he's able to open up opportunities in the Gameplan. My team hasn't really lost much this past year (my record begs to differ). My biggest loss will be the defensive backfield after this year most of them graduate and at the moment have no replacement to be first year players. Other than that potential loss I haven't lost much going into the season. 2. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? TCU oh my God the rain of Texas is relentless this year. I have never won against TCU in the history of the team and Danger knows how to keep a team stacked year after year. 3. Everyone in the BigXII is on alert now since Vaughn looks like a early MVP candidate. How are you going to give him the best opportunity since nearly all eyes of the defense will be on him? I think you mean Kofi McCullough. Vaughn was never the eyes of my offense but if people think that, it's good news. I have to say it'll be interesting to see how he performs under pressure and getting a bigger role on offense and finding a balance between both running and passing will be the biggest challenge. 4. With the Cornerback position being so thin and the Safety positions full of Talent, how are you going to cover up that weakness? I expect my current Corners to be able to step up and make plays, just because they are underrated doesn't mean they can't play. I have thought about moving a safety to corner but it's unlikely that'll happen. Corner is going to be a main focus in fixing this off-season 5. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. I will probably go to a bowl with a .500 record. Most of the teams blossomed last year and haven't recovered. I'm saying the championship is going to be, Texas TCU
  9. Off-Season Interview Series: Oklahoma State Cowboys Along with a potent offense, the Oklahoma State defense looks to punish any ball carrier in 2023 1. What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2023 season? Can I say my entire offensive skill positions since none of them declared for the draft? No but having Jurrell Jordan coming in after red shirting last season is huge and he looks to be the young leader of a promising few seasons of Oklahoma State linebackers. Progressing to a 3/5 as a RS Freshman is just the icing on the cake. 2. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? Well obviously TCU and OU are the top dogs this season and scare me plenty. But West Virginia upset me last season and they’ve only gotten better so I think they’re poised to really be disruptive in the conference race. Hawaii is also scary good and should be a great game. 3. With a WR duo that is one of most feared in the country, how do you expect opposing defenses to defend against them? Well I’m hoping they don’t. The beauty of having them is that if the defense commits against passing then Amral will just feast all day. Barfield and Bridges are just deadly but I think that the Big XII has some really loaded secondaries, especially at TCU and OU so I think they’re going to let their corners prove themselves against the best receivers in the game and let the safeties focus on those two as well since WR3 and below aren’t as big of threats. 4. How do you expect the O-Line to recover after the departures of Edward Meyer and Benjamin Driver? To be honest I don’t expect them to recover. These are huge losses and I recruited their future replacements but after a lot of consideration they’re going to be redshirting. The oline is a definite point of concern for the season and I’m hoping Amral can still shine behind them. 5. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game. 9-3 again. I’d love to say 10-2 but I feel like I’ll drop some games again with how good the conference will be as a whole. It’ll probably be TCU-OU again in the CCG which is a boring prediction but despite the potential for chaos they’re still going to rise to the top. 
  10. Off-Season Interview Series: Texas Longhorns A full season with a championship winning coach and a better team puts Texas in position to enter the top half of the BigXII 1. What is your teams biggest gain and loss going into the 2023 season? Our biggest loss is clearly Simeon Wells. We have a huge unknown at RB with a transfer and a true freshmen. We also lost a lot by losing Devon Braxton and Tristan Priest on defense. Our biggest gain is the depth that the recruiting class brought to us. We got some developed players that can play right away while grabbing some guys who will take some more time. Biggest immediate impact is Sam Milner. He can really make or break our season. As for freshmen look out for Natrone Benjamin at WR and Tyrus Fair who took a redshirt last year at Guard. 2. Looking at the schedule, what other team scares you the most? Oklahoma, TCU and TAMU are the obvious choices but I’ll throw out UTSA as a wildcard. If I lose to them this will be a long season. 3. After a year at Texas, what are the expectations like since you are one year in with the team? I’m expecting to make AND win a bowl game this year. Hopefully with a record north of .500 4. After landing Benjamin Lockwood and a all-star cast around him, do you feel rushed to get those guys out on the field early or are you confident in the veteran core of your team? I feel a little urgency to get some of them on the field. A lot of the guys I got this class are ready to go, some like Lockwood will need time. So to make a long answer short yes and no. Some guys will play right away, but I won’t rush development to try and keep a .500 season if that’s where we are at. 5. Finally, give us your teams record prediction and who is in the BigXII Title game 7-5 record. I have OU over TCU in a close one
  11. Big 12 : 45 (+5) Big Ten: 39 FCS: 30 Indy: 15 MAC: 30 MWC: 40 PAC-12: 30 SEC: 15 (-5)
  12. It's classified. For real though, I'm doing a home network setup and tinkering with it trying to gain knowledge for my networking certifications and hopefully land a job.
  13. 1. (This is OU's time to shine) 2. (Does not have as good of talent in key spots but they are still damn good) 3. (After a few down years with high recruiting classes. WVU is my breakout team of the year pick) 4. (I think they will have a surprising down year this year with last years NC appearance, just a hunch) 5. (After a full season, the longhorns look like a well-oiled machine headed into '23) 6. (Has arguably the best QB in the conference and will be throwing it all day and night) 7. (Good pieces everywhere with no glaring weaknesses) 8. (Tech will undergo a billion dollar project in an effort to clone Solomon and have him eligible by '24) 9. (Good freshman pieces will start to emerge but average players everywhere else) 10. (No hope. With a conference schedule of 9 very good teams, 3 or 4 wins seems like a dream especially in a recruiting system that prioritizes wins over everything else. The good teams stay good and the bad teams stay bad)
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