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    1. Kansas State Season Ending Press Conference By Swipet Branden Scherer proves why he was the crown jewel of the 2019 recruiting class 2021 Season vs W 27-26 vs L 25-44 @ W 24-14 vs L 10-21 vs L 17-31 @ L 24-38 @ L 12-17 @ L 26-29 vs W 35-3 @ L 24-38 @ L 16-20 vs L 10-27 A midseason coaching change can be brutal, especially when the coach leaving leaves for a school 3 hours south. The kids handled it very well and nothing has changed from day 1 of spring practice. We would be bowling if we could have 15 extra points in 3 different games but we ended up with the short stick in those. We congratulate all the seniors for graduating and the hard work they put in to build this program to where it is not, but it is nowhere near finished but we will someday get there. Records Broken Single Game Longest Run- Jaiden Givens, 44 Yards (Week 12, West Virginia) Season Completion Percentage- Rahim Murrel, 61.43% Fumbles- Rahim Murrel, 5 Receiving TD's- Ricky Seau, 11 Passes Deflected- Matthew Parham, 3 3rd Down Percentage- 43.48% Carrer Passing Completions- Rahim Murrell, 435 Passing Attempts- Rahim Murrell, 733 Passing Yards- Rahim Murrell, 4957 Passing TD's- Rahim Murrell, 41 Passing Interceptions- Rahim Murrell, 25 Passing TD Percentage- Rahim Murrell, 5.59% Fumbles- Rahim Murrell, 8 Receiving Drops- Ricky Seau, 4 Tackle For Loss- Javier Tovar, 3 Sacks- Matthew Mayfield, 19 Whats next? It may seem daunting that next year will return 12 starters (5 offense, 7 defense) but if you take into account that Haff's recruiting classes got better and better over time, we will see a lot of high star freshman and sophomores start to take over those empty spots. The familiar face of Julias Minnow will return to lead the offense after sitting behind JUCO transfer Rahim Murrell for 2 years and look out for redshirt freshman Jermaine Jordan to step up and make up for some of Ricky Seau's production. Next season will see a different shift in philosophy as Swipet has the time to implement what he was successful with at Tulsa and we should see a different offense and a few tweaks on defense. I'll open the floor to anyone who has questions
    2. Swipet

      [2021] Week #16 - Saturday Afternoon

      Rahim Murrell's Carrer ends with a lackluster performance in the rivalry game as usual. He will definitely not be missed at all.
    3. Swipet

      [2021] Week #15 - FNF

      Why can't i have good things?
    4. Swipet

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 1: vs BYU (Denver, CO) Week 2: @ Louisiana Lafayette Week 3: @ Liberty
    5. Swipet

      [Poll] What do you think of tattoos?

      Tattoos are ok but when people start to go overboard and put them on their neck, face, and arms, it looks foolish. But a tattoo in the right place for a good reason except for "It looked cool" is a good use of tattoos. But then again this is coming from a guy who has his house address tattooed on his upper thigh for no reason, so my opinion probably isn't that important.
    6. Swipet

      [2021] Week #14 - Saturday Morning

      I swear every time the game is within 1 score or goes into OT Tulsa always loses. Nice to see Charles do really well in his freshman year, he is going to be a force down the road.
    7. Swipet

      Top 10 NBA players of all time.

      MJ LeBron Magic Harkeem Russell Bird Shaq Wilt Duncan Kareem
    8. Kansas State Announces 2022 Recruiting Class National: 53 Big XII: 5th *Ranks as of week 14 First of all, I would like to personally thank coach HAFFnHAFF for bringing in 75% of the recruiting class. He went above and beyond the call of duty and brought in the best high school football players that money can buy, I mean, wanted to play for our team. As of today, we have 16 recruits signed with our team and we are ecstatic to have all of them come in and compete and be the best football player they can be. QB Shane Kruse, Northland Christian (Houston, TX) 2.0/4.5 When All-American QB Taylor Cook was carted off the field in the 2nd quarter of the first round of the Texas State playoffs, Shane stepped up and threw for 3 TDs to close out the half. This performance along with throwing for an average of 328.7 yards per game for the rest of the playoffs caused a lot of schools calling for his signature. Although he was already committed to a local D2 school for basketball, Football was his life and he decided to sign with Kansas State after winning the state championship game. After HAFFnHAFF announced his departure to Oklahoma, Shane kept his commitment and proceeded to help the new coaching staff keeping other players committed to his team. He is a once in a generation type leader and will be leading the Wildcats to many victories in the near future. TE Devin Doherty, Lebo (Lebo, KS) 1.0/4.5 The Doherty family are legends at Kansas State as his older brother David holds the career record for tackles. Fortunately for David, Devin will be on the offensive side of the ball as a Tight End. Devin will take a redshirt season as he transitions from 8-man football to D1 11-man but his athleticism and football IQ will serve greatly when he competes for the starting TE spot. OLB Mario Hamilton, Ellinwood (Ellinwood, KS) 1.0/4.5 Another 8-man player who blew away the competition with his size and athleticism drew regional scouts from the state to see him in action. He was head and shoulders the top defensive player in the state as he impressed everyone at summer camps against better competition. He will join fellow in-state ILB Brendan Scherer and make a linebacking core that opponents don’t want to play against. RB Gabriel Vinson, Port Charlotte (Port Charlotte, FL) 1.0/4.0 Florida is a hotbed for football talent and Gabriel Vinson was an exceptional performer at a high level of competition. He was virtually unknown as the state produces 100’s of D1 athletes per year and this allowed Kansas State to recruit him without much competition. He has a very powerful leg strength and it’s a common sight to see him break arm tackles by defenders. Gabriel will take a redshirt for his freshman season to adapt to the college life and will run track in the spring to develop his speed and quickness. P Dominic Page, Van Alstyne (Van Alstyne, TX) 1.0/4.0 Nothing much to say about a punter but he is apparently really good. Local legend says he can hit the very top of the field goal posts from 40 yards out after shotgunning a 4Loko. If he is half as good as that story then K-State has found a good 4 year starter. The rest of the Class of 2022 WR Neal Pryor, W.B. Travis (Austin, TX) 1.0/3.5 SS Ryan Crenshaw, Abilene (Abilene, KS) 1.5/3.5 C Jared Petty, Ritenour (Overland, MO) 1.5/3.5 ILB Gosheven Fox, Berryhill (Tulsa, OK) 1.5/2.5 OG Calvin Hyde, Houston Lutheran North (Houston, TX) 1.0/3.5 WR Matias Benitez, Port St. Lucie (Port St. Lucie, FL) 1.0/3.0 DE Bryan Hatcher, Van Vleck (Van Vleck, TX) 1.0/3.5 DE Preston Evans, Floydada (Floydada, TX) 1.0/3.5 CB Nigel Parris Jr, Shelton (Dallas, TX) 1.0/3.5 CB Jason Sterling, Joaquin (Joaquin, TX) 1.5/3.5 DT Lamarr Colbert, Barnsdall (Barnsdall, OK) 1.0/3.5
    9. Was a Center and DT in Kansas' version of Pop Warner football. Moved to TE and DE in my Jr High days and my freshman year of HS. Then I was unexpectedly moved to OT my sophomore year.
    10. Swipet

      [2021] Week #12 - FNF

      Is this real life?
    11. Swipet

      Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Five Guys: 35 Whataburger: 29 (+1) In-N-Out: 32 (-1)
    12. Swipet

      Heal/Harm: Fast Food Burger Places

      Wendy's: 3 (+1) Five Guys: 35 Whataburger: 26 In-N-Out: 32 (-1)
    13. Swipet

      [2021] Week 9 Coaches Poll

      I am not a voter but I will take full credit and say you are welcome
    14. Swipet

      [2021] Week #9 - TNF

      The only gameplan i had was to stop Solomon but he still rushed for 100+ with a TD and 4YPC. If that guy isn't Heisman worthy then i don't know what it.
    15. Swipet

      Thank You Tulsa

      Thank You Tulsa -By Swipet I would like to extend a thanks to the Tulsa faithful that have tolerated me over the past year. It was not easy to inherit a roster so thin that a 1/1 WR had to start at WR#3 but we made it work as we became a better football team and a family week in week out. My short stay in tulsa will always be remembered in my heart as the school that gave me a chance as i came directly from the YMCA to the Power 6 ranks (Yes AAC is PWR6). But it is time to return home as the coaching opportunity of a lifetime awaits at my Alma Mater i am saddened to announce my resignation of myself as the Head Coach of Football at Tulsa University. As i leave for Kansas State all i wish is for you guys to crush every team you face on the field as i know you can. Breaking Character here but anyone who is interested in joining the Tulsa family to PM TheTodd15 and myself as this is a job that is gonna reach some great peaks in the future.