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  1. Swipet

    I am done

    Simply put, I am done with the site and will be relinquishing my teams. This decision was not an easy one as I still want to play the games and interact with the site’s members but the elephant in the room can no longer be ignored. But firstly, I want to thank @Soluna for running this site. Most of us members have no idea what you take out of your lives in terms of time and effort to provide simple entertainment in the form of games. We all are thankful for your time and effort to make the community of CFBHC what it is today which is one of the best online communities that I have ever experienced. The community is what brings most of us, long time members, back to the site and that’s where most of the best content and times are not in the actual simulation part but through interaction with each other. But the simulation still plays a major part as to why we are all here together and keeps us active and gives us a reason to create articles, headlines, and even memes. Without games and the simple announcement every now and then, we users have no clue what is going on behind the scenes of the sim. The addition of announcements has been greatly appreciated and has caused the number of users to say “games this week” to go down tremendously. It all boils down to communication between the administration and the user-base. There are some good instances of communication and there are some bad ones. But it seems like recently, the bad has been outweighed by the good. The implementation of the Committee Feedback has been great in theory and has caused some good changes but they by themselves can’t force any change unless the admin wants to change it so there should be no blame passed on to these people who listen to our complaints and thank them for the time and effort they put into their role. This last incident of piecemealing games was the turning point for me as to why i am writing this post. It does not matter who said it but how the situation was handled was in one of the worst ways possible. Criticism comes from every direction and parts of life, it’s how you handle it makes the difference. Taking criticism and acknowledging what you could do to correct the issue and putting words into action is the correct way to handle it. Not complaining about it and avoiding questions. A lot of us have some concerns and have been afraid to share our opinions and critiques due to the backlash that may come from it. That being said, real-life should all be our number one priority and if something comes up, please let us know because we are a lot more understanding than you think. Even putting a “Be back on October 1st” in the announcement would be greatly appreciated and keep a lot of bitching down. But please keep us updated. As of right now, the games were delayed for a week and were supposed to be put up four days ago. This along with several key delays in games and recruiting and the promises of “I’ll get this done on this date” have come and passed without any additional updates. All in all, we are all here to make this place an excellent sim and site in general. I would be lying if those values and attributes are fading away. There needs to be more communication between the admin and site members that could solve most of the site’s problems that severely need to be addressed.
  2. A Dream come True Brendan Scherer (44) assists on a sack during Friday nights game It was only a matter of time said the senior in the post-game press conference. “I’ve honestly had no idea until the crowd started cheering lower than usual on a simple 3-yard run until my teammates started congratulating me”. Late in the first quarter, Colorado’s Shontell Driver took a handoff and broke a tackle that was quickly followed up by a solid hit by Brendan that pushed him to the number one spot in Kansas State’s all-time leader in tackles. “This one was one of those experiences where all the hard work in the offseason paid off” said Brendan. It was a long time coming too. The Hoyt native was one of those rare athletic specimens that college coaches drool over by watching them dominate the competition in every way imaginable. It was especially rare for that talent to be coming from a high school who has never been able to produce a football player that could play on the division 1 stage. “When I was younger, I had a few family members that went to school in Manhattan to get their degrees and that has caused me to become a fan of Kansas State for . But when I got into high school, I suddenly started to like Kansas and their success and switched sides to become a Jayhawk fan.” It was a matter of time before both schools took notice of his skillset and offered him athletic scholarships. During his senior year at Royal Valley High School, he did well enough that he was selected as the Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year and be named as a Parade All-American as an Outside Linebacker. “It was a crazy point in my life to go from being the best player on your street block to being called by name by people I have never met” recalled Brendan. “Those fall recruiting trips to Lawrence, Norman, and Lincoln were really fun and they made me feel like I was the greatest thing to step foot on campus. It came to a point where I thought I was going to be a Jayhawk and probably gave coach @stormstopper my verbal commitment to play for KU”. Most people thought Kansas was going to be the college of choice for Brendan on national signing day. Royal Valley even threw a commitment party for him in their gymnasium and rounded up some red and blue balloons for the occasion when he committed to Kansas. When it came time for the announcement, he picked up the purple hat to the right of the red one. “The switch happened a few days before the announcement when coach @HAFFnHAFF surprised me after basketball practice and said he wanted to talk to me for a minute. At that point, I was like what does this guy have to say that could change my mind and ignored what he said for the most part until he said I could be the face of the program forever.” The next day, Brendan skipped class and drove for an hour west on Highway 24 to see the campus. “It was honestly kind of a dump when I got into town that day. It was in January, nearly 10 degrees out and I was having a hard time finding the football facilities”. When he got to the stadium, he saw players playing a simple seven on seven game in the snow, simply cracking jokes and messing around. But one thing was noticeably missing. Talent. “I did not know if those guys were dunk or what but they were dropping passes I would have caught one-handed with my eyes closed. But that’s when I realized it, I could go to a school that had success galore, fell in line, and gone to the NFL. Or I could go to K-State, change the program around and hopefully be a legend someday and that’s when it clicked for me. I walked into the Vanier complex and into coach HAFFnHAFF’s office who was in a meeting at the time and gave him my verbal commitment.” Ever since that January day 5 years ago, Brendan has been the face of the Kansas State program and changed it from barely winning twice a season to celebrating its first-ever bowl game last season. On Friday, Brendan firmly cemented himself into the G.O.A.T status by recording that record-breaking tackle on a run play. It seems like a fairy tale to be honest to be the turning tide to propelling a local basement dweller into a bowl winning program but if you ask Brendan, he will tell you it’s simply all a part of the plan as he tries to propel the Wildcats to a conference championship this season.
  3. Swipet


    Pac-12 in shambles right now
  4. Day 4 Actions: Seduce Dumph and eat his liver Oops wrong thread
  5. Name: Laughn kohk Skills: Animals, Shooting, Social Trait: Misogynist, Gay, Cannibal
  6. You can really tell the WWs already won by controlling the town. GG
  7. I did not want to role claim with Time and I being the only Mason's and thus an easy target to WW's.
  8. I'm the last Mason. I feel confident that my voting habits back this up since Time, Bright and I were pretty much voting for the same people. Even thought time wanted to Lynch Haff, he was sus about time and the reasoning that Wahoo has brought up seals my vote for Smackemz
  9. Your reasoning is outstanding Unvote Haff Vote Qupax
  10. tbh you are one of the content kings and best meme-post makers on this site. Twerking power rankings especially slapped. Also have actual good insights and are active a lot, so overall a top tier coach and large dozen is lucky you're in it

  11. The only thing I know is we have to lunch someone tonight. Haff seems sus but he is my alt so I believe him. Smack seems sus as well.
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