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    1. practicallybert

      I saw it in the chat, all good man.
    2. practicallybert

      I don't know anything anymore.
    3. practicallybert

      Well, let me change it once last time, haha.
    4. practicallybert

      Very true. Well, if anything happens with that UTEP opening, I'll be waiting to see what follows.
    5. practicallybert

      Might as well throw my name in that hat. And I know, I was apart of that /r/CFB rush. Just a few hours too late
    6. practicallybert

      Man, the luck is not on my side today, haha. If not, that's fine. I can sit back and wait for an opening or assistant spot.
    7. practicallybert

      Can I swap my teams to go in the order of Old Dominion, Army, and Houston?
    8. practicallybert

      Awww. They were always my go to in NCAA 11. Old Dominion and Army are hopefully still there.
    9. practicallybert

      1. Please list your email address and/or your reddit username at which you can be contacted. Reddit: /u/practicallybert 2. Before continuing, please thoroughly read the coaching course and feel free to ask questions. Confirm that you have read the coaching course by writing "Confirmed" below. Confirmed. (Still have a question about Depth Charts but can ask whichever mod emails me) 3. What team do you want to coach? Tulsa Golden Hurricane UTEP Miners Old Dominion Monarchs 4. Please select two backup teams (in descending order of preference) in case your first choice is unavailable. Old Dominion Monarchs, Army Black Knights I don't think anyone else is left to pick, if I've been told right. UTEP Miners, Houston Cougars, Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders 5. In three or more sentences, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, what do you do, where are you from, why would you be a good fit here, etc. Hey everyone, my name is Max. I'm 19 years old and currently a freshman at Penn State and a former sports writer to cover Temple Football (press credentials granted for three games). This helped build my football knowledge and has gotten me access with the Penn State Football program. This knowledge and dedication to football will make me fit right in with the community. My reddit activity on /r/CFB shows how active I have been with College Football in the past season specifically. 6. This site can be as time consuming as you want it to be. Weekly duties can be completed in 30 minutes or less, however interacting with your fellow players throughout the week makes it more enjoyable for most people. Approximately, how much free time do you have during a typical week? I normally have anywhere from 2-5 hours a day of free time so a safe approximation would be close to 15 hours of true down time. 7. Losing games is an inevitable reality on this site, especially when accepting newer teams. Do you believe you can handle losing? Disappointment is expected, however we have had issues with people freaking out, and even leaving the site because of losing. I started rooting for the Sixers at the end of the 2012-13 season....need I say more? 8. How did you find out about this site? If recommended by a friend, please post his/her username. I was on /r/CFB (as many of the other recent applicants have been) and saw a comment from /u/neovenator250 talking about the site and it grabbed my interest and my interest grew after reading all of the aspects of the files and pages on the site.