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  1. @rabidsnowman "I halfway WANT [Brooksheer] to look bad to give us an excuse to try something new." Norris Brooksheer
  2. But you'll also note that the Steelers aren't on the list of bad boy teams, so, apparently not that wrong?
  3. Wait, sorry, I've been editing the post with my gameplan every week, is that not how you're supposed to do it?
  4. Wow GG guys, that was a disaster and a half, why the fuck did our OG have the ball on the 0 yard line at the end of the game though, that's the real question I have.
  5. Could I get War for the Overworld and Project Cars 2? Thanks!
  6. My name there is just Jonathan Liberatore
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers select Secondary Skill Level 1
  8. The Pittsburgh Steelers would like to create an OC 64 Years old [3] Level 3 WR/TE Progression [50] Level 1 O-Line Skill [10] Level 1 Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement [10] 73 points total @Soluna
  9. The Pittsburgh Steelers would like to create a DC 55 Years old [30] Level 3 Secondary Skill [50] Level 1 Linebacker Progression [10] Level 1 Pass Defense Chemistry [10] 100 points total
  10. Round 2, Pick 13: ST Dave Toub (Age 62) Descended from Lovie Smith Special Teams Versatility Level 3; Kicker Skill Level 2 Dave Toub will be the Special Teams Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers Carolina Panthers are on the clock @CadeRich5
  11. Round 1, Pick 13 OC Frank Reich (Age 63) Descended from Mike McCoy WR/TE Skill Level 3; O-Line Progression Level 2; QB Durability Level 2 Frank Reich will be the Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers Carolina Panthers are on the clock @CadeRich5
  12. The good: Starting grad school for Library Science (to be an Archivist) in January. Girlfriend started her PhD in chemistry and we are talking about getting married in the next year or two. We have had like 4 covid scares between us but neither of us has actually caught it yet. Got into iRacing a lot and have been getting fairly handy at it. Sites back, big hype. The bad: My car engine just died a few weeks ago and that's taken up most if not all of the money I've saved by not doing things during the pandemic and wiped out our 'go to an F1 race in 2021' fund as well. Reinjured my knee on a walk a few months ago and it hasn't quite felt the same since. Also kinda lead to me gaining back the 10 pounds I lost in June. Not doing things has brought a general malaise around, just a general feeling of 'things suck' that's very hard to shake right now. End of the day, still here. Which is all you can really ask for.
  13. What's it like living life being a fucking asshole? Miss you swipet, I'm sure a lot of people echo these concerns.
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