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  1. Update don't fucking try to throw deep on Tennessee.
  2. Holy shit, I mean, not happy about the loss but we let them in the end zone ONCE but this guy was on fucking target all night.
  3. Big sad Army.. That season before I took over really fucked their recruiting and me just patching holes in it didn't really help that much either.
  4. The Pitt Panthers have started their season on a good note with a convincing victory against cross state rival Temple. The 31-14 game was one of RS JR Messiah Winston's best performances of his career, with 245 passing yards and 2 passing TD's combined with an additional 89 rushing yards and a TD on the ground. His main targets in the game, Atamu Tatupu and Kareem Jackson, both were excited to get out on the field and are looking to be a deadly one two combo for any CB's the Panthers will face. (Atamu Tatupu after making his first TD catch as a Panther) Christian Cowart and Dominique Baptiste both pulled in interceptions and after the game Baptiste commented that Cowart was an honorary member of the Sniper Gang, the self given nickname of the Pitt secondary, as they had a bet that if Cowart got an interception in the first game of the year he would be in. This is a large change from the disorganized Panthers of the Spring, who could not even get a spring game together. Coach Liberator apologized to the fans for this before the season started. Saying "Somehow we got the 'Pitt Panther' instead of 'Pitt Panthers' on the form for the field, some student showed up with a panther at the field and none of us wanted to go out to get the darn thing off the field. The fans kind of enjoyed it until it tried to eat the band director, then everyone got scared and left. By the time we got on the field and warmed up it was already 10PM and we couldn't get the next weekend scheduled because there was a country concert." Coach Liberator said that next year there won't be any screw ups like this again. The main disappointment of the lack of a spring game was that freshman QB Joey Wolfe was not able to show off in front of the fans. Coach Liberator commented "We are red shirting him this year if we are able, but if Messiah goes down at all he will likely be in the game. We aren't hesitant to burn the redshirt in order to be as competitive as we can be right now." That's all for this month's Panther round up, good luck to the Panthers next week as they take on rival Penn State to try to become the Champions of the Commonwealth!
  5. dunno about you but like I'm gonna go 12-0 now
  6. Pitt v Virginia Pitt v Ohio Pitt v UCF Pitt v Delaware Pitt v Miami Pitt v UNC Pitt at VT (possibly) Pitt v BC
  7. Points for Wiki


    Pitt's page also needs updated, I tried to fix it last year and fucked it up more I think. I know how to do it I am just bad.

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    2. LAX


      Pay based on what you think the finished job is worth, that seems the fairest to me

    3. TheLiberator


      Sounds good!

    4. LAX


      Update: electric has been out since Friday, will begin working on it today or tomorrow while at my gf's place

  8. I can't justify why I am better than anyone above me right now. But I feel bad about it.
  9. TheLiberator


    If I can get my insurance to cover physical therapy I would love to get into running. This would be a great motivation if I can get through that.
  10. I played one deck dungeon a few times with a friend and found it was hard but doable with two, he played it solo and said it was near impossible to get though so good luck with that. I picked up Star Wars Outer Rim for my girlfriend and I to play, it looked like there was a lot of similarities (symbol and dice wise) to x wing and we got half off on it so excited to play that. My friends just ordered Formula D and we're going to try that out next week.
  11. was more excited for the AAF, not even getting excited about this beforehand but I will probably watch the games. I don't think there will be enough interest in a league in the spring to fund it completely, at least not in the first few years that investors will want to see results (maybe this is where the XFL will be different since McMahon will own everything). I don't think a league like this will work if it isn't isn't directly associated with and partly subsidized by the NFL.
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