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    1. TheLiberator

      Adoption Story and AMA

      Don't have a question, just wanted to say that this is awesome and I am really glad it all worked out for you and your wife!
    2. TheLiberator

      Who do you support?

    3. TheLiberator

      Update your team wiki pages for a reward!

      I only had to shout at it a little. But I need all the help with crooting I can get. It is done.
    4. TheLiberator

      [2021] Bowl Games - Day #7

      Congrats @Jumbo. Let's try it again in a couple years!
    5. If Jumbo hadn't left Pitt I would still be there trying to rebuild that mess. A 10 win season is nothing to laugh at though.
    6. TheLiberator


    7. Come at me bro
    8. TheLiberator

      [2022] CFBHC Schedule - Game Registration

      Week 1 @Penn State Week 2 Cincinnati @ Pitt (vacant coach Approved by AAC Commissioner for rivalry) Week 5 @ Army Week 6 WSU @ Pitt
    9. TheLiberator

      [2021] Jamzz’s Bowl Projections (Post Week 15)

      The Birmingham Bowl, I think you mean the BBVA Compass Bowl. I am becoming the real Pitt....
    10. TheLiberator

      Political Compass Test

      I honestly thought I would be more towards the middle on the Authoritarian-Libertarian part and glued to the left side considering how america focused it was.
    11. TheLiberator

      [2018] Stanley Cup Final

    12. TheLiberator

      [2021] Week #13 - FNF

      A wide receiver, a wide receiver, my kingdom for a wide receiver.
    13. TheLiberator

      [2021] Week #11 - Saturday Morning

      I guess this is where I admit to @Jumbo that I was wrong and that Messiah is the Messiah and is possibly the entire offense right now. GG @statsheetstuffer but I gotta keep the bowl dream alive. Also my quarterback has 3 passing touchdowns and my receivers have none.
    14. TheLiberator

      [2021] ACC Power Rankings: Week 6

      Thank. God.