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  1. Hey that's my band director... GO PITT
  2. Well you can sure have Army if Pitt opens up. I think that though I would always have a soft spot for Army cause this is my first team I couldn't pass up the chance at going for Pitt.
  3. Caleb Leggett 'Legs it' away form defenders to help Army score 27 points on Boston College
  4. Army Black Knights - 27 Boston College Eagles - 23 This was a helluva game to watch folks and it's a shame if any of you missed it. We saw some great improvement on the O-Line after we made some changes. Caleb [Leggett] got a TD on his feet and through the air today and that wouldn't have been possible without the changes in the line. The boys are happy about it because they are winning games now, something that wasn't happening last year. On defense, boy I can't say enough good things about Blake Raines. That's a name you all will be hearing a lot of this year by the way so ya better write it down. He is the heart and soul of this defense and a natural born leader and getting that pick as well as the sack really helped us put this game away. Penalties are down, which is always good, but that third down number is still bugging me and the boys. That's what we will be working on for the next two weeks while we get ready to play Northern Illinois for our home opener. Go Army, beat Navy! At this time we will take any questions from the floor.
  6. It turns out when a team has a coach, they win more games!
  7. Coach what will be the focus going into next week? Do you think you can pull out a few more wins before the end of the season?
  8. We are gonna have a talk with Caleb to see if he is comfortable with the current situation in the depth chart with WRs as well as the O-Line. If we get that number up some other things, like getting a better third down conversion rate, will come naturally. We are hoping to take the lessons we have learned up to here and apply it to our game in week 3.
  9. Going into game 3 against Boston College the Black Knights are 1-1, both fairly close games against Northwestern (14-10) and Nevada (20-27). Head Coach TheLiberator was quoted saying "Our offense really needs to step up their game, third down conversion could be better and the O-Line isn't giving Caleb [Leggett] the time he needs when making passes, however they are giving Jamir [Hurt-Braxton] enough room to put up 100 yards a game. We are keeping the games close at this point, we need to make some adjustments to start winning more games from here on out. We may not be the best team in the world but we have the best teamwork and room for improvement. Go Army, beat Navy!" How will they preform against a team like Boston College next week? Only time will tell; but the folks at West Point know there probably won't be a lot of people betting on them but that doesn't seem to effect their spirits as they are excited to take them on at Chestnut Hill in week 3. We are open to take any questions now.
  10. Well my offense decided not to come out on the field for the second half. My defense, if nothing else, was consistent. My 4.5/5 FS still hasn't made an interception. Huzzah.
  11. I assume we add our own stats to this?
  12. GG! Hopefully that third down conversion number improves a bit though... 3-11... Ew...
  13. May I have the Army avatar please?
  14. i will take Army then! Being an independent sounds like fun!
  15. Yeah I just saw that after I posted this, I looked down to every post before that one. Hopefully Army is still up for grabs?