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  1. This is an even dumber question but how do I make a page.
  2. One of two defensive guys on the Heisman shortlist. Let's hope he keeps living up to that standard.
  3. All I can say is look at the results. We didn't change a lot from how things were when I got here. These guys had the talent and were almost at this level last year. I think it was a leadership problem, no strong coaching staff behind the team. We fine tuned some things and had some guys step up but yes they have bought into the system.
  4. I want to start by taking you to last year, before I started here as coach. It was week 7, FNF, and we had just lost our 5th game in a row that year. Army went on to win 1 game that year to go 1-11. This year has been a bit different. The close games have gone in our favor and we finally have won one that was by more than 7 points. I would confidently say that we will get another win and a spot in a bowl game this year. But we have to look higher than this, our goal at the beginning of the season was to get the team to a bowl game. Now that we are about to do that we are going to set the bar higher. We play two teams that are currently ranked as of this press conference this season, UCF and, our rival service academy, Air Force. WE are the only service academy to never be ranked. Our goal is to change that by the end of this season. The Black Knights are going to show these pollsters that we are a team that deserves to be considered one of the best in the nation. I wanna take a minute here to recognize some of our star players because these boys deserve it. Caleb [Leggett] and Jamir [Hurt-Braxton ] have been an amazing duo running the ball and I couldn't be more proud of these guys. Caleb keeps putting up more and more yards through the air and a good chunk of them are going to Bill [Mueller] who just passed 300 yards for the year in this game by my count. On defense Ayden [Whitaker] has been stepping up the past couple weeks, he made 2 interceptions last week after we made some changes in the gameplan that seemed to get him more involved in the game. Nik[olas Gleason] has been an absolute madman on the field and is getting to the QB faster than you would think possible for a guy that is 317 pounds. Last but not least is Blake Raines, that's a name that seems to be coming up every week here! He is sacking the QB, he is getting interceptions, I couldn't ask more from the kid and he may have the talent to go to the next level. I've taken up enough of your time rambling here, if anyone has any questions I am open to them.
  5. Largest margin of victory of the year. Feels good to win by more than 7..
  6. I'll be doing my best to fix that by the end of the year, and win that Commander-in-Chief's Trophy...
  7. ARMY BESTS NIU 40-37 IN DOUBLE OVERTIME THRILLER Caleb Leggett puts up a record 267 yards with two TD's through the air and one on the ground. Blake Raines got a sack on the QB an snatched an interception to add to his ever increasing stat sheet.
  8. GG noobie, I didn't think I would pull this one off honestly.
  9. We specialize in close games
  10. Hey that's my band director... GO PITT
  11. Well you can sure have Army if Pitt opens up. I think that though I would always have a soft spot for Army cause this is my first team I couldn't pass up the chance at going for Pitt.
  12. Caleb Leggett 'Legs it' away form defenders to help Army score 27 points on Boston College
  13. Army Black Knights - 27 Boston College Eagles - 23 This was a helluva game to watch folks and it's a shame if any of you missed it. We saw some great improvement on the O-Line after we made some changes. Caleb [Leggett] got a TD on his feet and through the air today and that wouldn't have been possible without the changes in the line. The boys are happy about it because they are winning games now, something that wasn't happening last year. On defense, boy I can't say enough good things about Blake Raines. That's a name you all will be hearing a lot of this year by the way so ya better write it down. He is the heart and soul of this defense and a natural born leader and getting that pick as well as the sack really helped us put this game away. Penalties are down, which is always good, but that third down number is still bugging me and the boys. That's what we will be working on for the next two weeks while we get ready to play Northern Illinois for our home opener. Go Army, beat Navy! At this time we will take any questions from the floor.
  15. It turns out when a team has a coach, they win more games!