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  1. TheLiberator

    [2022] Week #1 - Saturday Evening

    GG grv, I'll get you next year
  2. TheLiberator

    Who commits where?

    If you're not in PA thinking about going after Joey Wolfe that's probably a bad idea.
  3. TheLiberator

    [2018] Week 2 IRL Discussion

    No, in all reality if we played the way we did the first quarter for the whole game we would have ended up with like a 3 point game, I don't know what happened but that wasn't Pitt football. I guess urban can take yinz out of the playoff this year
  4. TheLiberator

    [2018] Week 2 IRL Discussion

    Don't make us take you out of the playoffs again. Let's see what the most overrated coach in CFB can do without Barkley. We played 55 players last week, did you?
  5. TheLiberator

    [2018] Week 2 IRL Discussion

    Penn State Sucks, Joe pooped his pants
  6. TheLiberator

    My fears about the future (personal)

    Our situations are very similar, I'm a 5th year Sr at Pitt studying History. I get told I have no career future constantly by family and it's kind of a joke with friends at this point. What has really helped me recently is taking a professional development class. Only had one session so far but I feel more prepared even from a preliminary sense just by knowing I have a plan to get stuff together and know how to market myself. Please PM me if you want to talk about it more, I don't do a ton of sharing usually and I have toned down on the shitbox in recent months but I'd like to talk more about it with you if you'd like.
  7. TheLiberator

    [2018] Week 1 IRL Discussion

    1)Wisconsin 2)Oregon 3)Pitt 4)Clemson After a stunning win against #2 Oregon, and after #4 Clemson beats #1 Wisconsin, Pitt plays Clemson, who is now #2. Because of the curse of #2, Pitt wins on some last second bullshit and we extend Narduzzi until 3549.
  8. TheLiberator

    Daily Discussions: Your dream job?

    Let me quickly consult my Pitt flag. Yes... Yes... I must say Pitt is it.
  9. In a word, the offense. My JuCo OT's are human tanks and are both coming back, hopefully both at 5/5, my QB is in year two of his 3/4 starting years and while I don't have solid receivers I am hoping Messiah can make up for it. In addition I have a (1-2)/5* RB coming in who will definitely see playing time behind the line that I have now so he gets some experience. Most importantly to the future of the team I'll have to work on recruiting a lot if I want to keep the bowl streak alive and I am really excited to take what I have learned over the past 2 years and apply it.
  10. TheLiberator

    Adoption Story and AMA

    Don't have a question, just wanted to say that this is awesome and I am really glad it all worked out for you and your wife!
  11. TheLiberator

    Who do you support?

  12. TheLiberator

    Update your team wiki pages for a reward!

    I only had to shout at it a little. But I need all the help with crooting I can get. It is done.
  13. TheLiberator

    [2021] Bowl Games - Day #7

    Congrats @Jumbo. Let's try it again in a couple years!