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    1. this will probably finally get some coaching turnover to happen!
    2. Congrats Titans! Feels better losing the AFC championship to the team that won the super bowl (especially with your insane season). It makes it hurt a little less haha
    3. He is better than Reese in our opinion right now, Reese has kinda been a bit of a letdown unfortunately but we still have faith in him through the playoffs. Everyone onboard the Vega hype train! Gg Denver, I didn't expect to get you guys twice this year but they were both great games.
    4. With his 20th Sack this season, Carlos Washington takes 2nd place in sacks in a season away from the tied Carlos Washington (2022) and Carlos Washington (2024), with 1 more sack next week he can tie Carlos Washington (2023) with 21 sacks.
    5. That might put the Ravens over the cap
    6. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/34834-2025-week-13-snf/ Heiden should have 1, not 13 touchdowns.
    7. I know they'd get you one of these years @grv413
    8. Oh shit, late season game this year. I'm about it!
    9. If you'd have told me our 72 R FS would be the best CB on the team this week while playing dimeback, I wouldn't have been shocked. That may tell you a lot about how our season is going. Uh. That was an ugly one @ImposterCauster but gg
    10. Top player grade: CB Zeus God of the Sky (10.0) gg browns that must have been an awful game to watch.
    11. I did 3 and you can't stop me, Heiden, Jackson and Carlos.
    12. Good luck with DA BUNGLES you both, but not good enough luck that you beat me
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