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  1. I played one deck dungeon a few times with a friend and found it was hard but doable with two, he played it solo and said it was near impossible to get though so good luck with that. I picked up Star Wars Outer Rim for my girlfriend and I to play, it looked like there was a lot of similarities (symbol and dice wise) to x wing and we got half off on it so excited to play that. My friends just ordered Formula D and we're going to try that out next week.
  2. was more excited for the AAF, not even getting excited about this beforehand but I will probably watch the games. I don't think there will be enough interest in a league in the spring to fund it completely, at least not in the first few years that investors will want to see results (maybe this is where the XFL will be different since McMahon will own everything). I don't think a league like this will work if it isn't isn't directly associated with and partly subsidized by the NFL.
  3. Don't remind me, I'm not at all set up at corner to fill that hole.
  4. There is a weird part of me that is almost hoping messiah declares at the end of this year even though he is a 4.5/4.5. I feel like Wolfe is my guy now so I want to get him on the field as much as I can (and I am not a fan of true scramblers anyways). If really anyone else declares early that is a 4.0 or above I am fucked. I have just about 1 level of high quality depth across the board before it goes down to x/3's
  5. AAC: 20 ACC: 24 (+5) Big 12: 23 Big Ten: 19 C-USA: 20 FCS: 25 Indy: 22 MAC: 20 MWC: 20 PAC-12: 20 SEC: 19 Sun Belt: 10 (-5)
  6. Can you get mine too?
  7. Did you want me to do anything for you to do this and I misunderstood?
  8. That's annoying, sorry about that, it's changed now, I'll find another day and write something whenever I have time next week.
  9. But I did tho What was wrong with them I guess? They're right here
  10. Will players "know" that next year they are the clear starter if, say, they are a 2.5/5 (Fr) and the only other player in the position is a 4.5/4.5 (Sr)? Situations like this it would be silly for the player to transfer, they can't play that year no matter what. Does the probability scroll based on how far down they are similar to the question about JuCo players transferring right after they join the team? (PS this sounds really cool since I didn't say it above)
  11. Pitt: Week 2: vs Temple Week 3: vs Penn State Week 4: vs Tennessee Week 9: at Cincinnati
  12. Feeling pretty good, decent chance of a coastal repeat if the team is as good as the internal hype makes it feel like. There is a lot of cautious optimism about the offense on my part after the spring game (0-0 at the half). The O line looks shaky at best past Center, but if the team stays healthy 8-4 or 9-3 is a decent possibility, maybe 10-2 if the stars align and Miami and Virginia don't live up to their hype. I fully expect Penn State to be a loss again but I haven't been paying attention to them at all so who the hell knows about that. Other than our 2 RB's there isn't really anyone I'd say I miss on the team this year.. Firing Shawn Watson is what really gives me hope, we got 7 wins despite him not because of him last year. It's also my first year not in the band so I get to actually be a fan for once so that is what I'm really excited about.
  13. Offense: 14-->14 Defense: 10-->12 Special Teams: 7-->6 Clock Mgmt: 9-->8 Discipline: 11-->12 Youth Mgmt: 13-->14
  14. I thought I could add to this thread but honestly I was going to put all of these down. Straight down to that funhaus video, that and the weed shop 2 gameplay. I'll take it in a bit of a different direction.. I am a fan of Drachinifel for historical videos on warships, I read about naval history a lot and I am a big fan of these videos. The Tank Museum has made me want to take a trip over to England for tankfest at some point in the future. Jelle's Marble Run is just strangely addicting. I can't explain it but I can spend hours watching the marbelympics!
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