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  1. Also what the penalties are for hybrid KR/PR at WR
  2. My thought on it has been that, if they are already targeting the corners it's bad in zone D already so having them be aggressive and in man wouldn't necessarily hurt especially if they have over the top coverage from the safeties if they get beat. I feel like that's how I want it to work but I don't know if that's how it would actually work. I would really just want to have a base 3-3-5 defense but I will take 3-4 to get slightly more athletic guys on the field.
  3. Is playing press coverage with everyone else in zone a bad idea/what advantages does press coverage bring? Should I be changing my guys from man to zone weekly depending on who I am playing? If so what should I be looking for?
  4. Wow, this is like real Pitt. Almost beating really good teams and then really playing down to not so great teams. A win is a win i guess.
  5. You can (unfortunately) see where I took over, need to increase the angle on that line a bit more.
  6. Well the first 3 quarters went exactly like I thought they would. Wheels fell off apparently.
  7. uh gravy can you do my a solid the Tennessee is doing and make my loss a quality loss? TY
  8. This is probably a super niche interest within a niche interest, however, if any of you are going to be at FFG worlds, especially if you are playing X-Wing send me a PM and let's meet up!

  9. Gravy why do you gotta ruin my quality loss?
  10. Losses are still only to top 25 teams, nice.
  11. In a word. We were going to play, but then you just haaaaaad to leave Cincy!
  12. 4TH!!! Christ I am scheduling an easier OOC next year.
  13. Update don't fucking try to throw deep on Tennessee.
  14. Holy shit, I mean, not happy about the loss but we let them in the end zone ONCE but this guy was on fucking target all night.
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