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    1. http://cfbhc.com/index.php?/topic/34834-2025-week-13-snf/ Heiden should have 1, not 13 touchdowns.
    2. I know they'd get you one of these years @grv413
    3. Oh shit, late season game this year. I'm about it!
    4. If you'd have told me our 72 R FS would be the best CB on the team this week while playing dimeback, I wouldn't have been shocked. That may tell you a lot about how our season is going. Uh. That was an ugly one @ImposterCauster but gg
    5. Top player grade: CB Zeus God of the Sky (10.0) gg browns that must have been an awful game to watch.
    6. I did 3 and you can't stop me, Heiden, Jackson and Carlos.
    7. Good luck with DA BUNGLES you both, but not good enough luck that you beat me
    8. GG raiders, pass defense looks inept without McKinnon. Had a sneaking feeling we'd lose this because ya'll have been due for a good game but I'd have preferred to not lose 2 more starters in the process.
    9. I don't want to be the one to tell Ricky he doesn't get credit for 2 100 yard games after that. GG Browns, looks like you almost won that won in the end as well. Close game.
    10. My judgment? Well... this post has been moved to IR and will be available for reading week 13
    11. My snap judgements sailed over Heiden's head, and the run game needs to be improved. Our problems are looking very fixable and the next 2 games will say a lot about the rest of the season honestly.
    12. Laughing my ass off at the thought of him just long snapping it as a center.
    13. Ricky Vega, may not have been against 100% starting defense but that was still one helluva performance he put together. We have help for him in the backfield this year so he won't be taking 90% of the RB snaps like last year but hopefully he puts up numbers.
    14. @Soluna Darden was already 0, so I'm guessing this went to +1? Also Reese was listed as Inactive for camp as he was injured, so I'm not sure how he was on special teams for camp.
    15. Gameplan Primary Offensive Formation: Spread Option Secondary Offensive Formation: Spread Primary Defensive Formation: 3-4 Secondary Defensive Formation: Nickel Coaches HC Frank Reich (Age 64) Descended from Mike McCoy WR/TE Skill Level 3; QB Durability Level 3; O-Line Progression Level 2 OC Brent Rees (Age 65) Descended from Frank Reich WR/TE Progression Level 3; O-Line Skill Level 1; Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 1 DC Case Curtis (Age 56) Descended from Frank Reich Se
    16. Pittsburgh Steelers send OLB Jermon Pendleton 6-2 240 R Minnesota [Blitz] [0] 81 CB A.P. Crosby 6-1 201 R Ohio State [Zone Coverage] [-2] 79 FS Julius Reese 6-1 198 R Western Michigan [Zone Coverage] 80 WR Dakota Copeland 5-9 186 R Texas A&M [Speed] [+1] 78 OG Ethan Bennett 6-3 301 R Central Michigan [Run Blocking] [0] 76 SS Dillon Brinson 6-1 214 R Alabama [Zone Coverage] [-1] 69 OT Leonardo Hurley 6-6 301 R Central Michigan [Run Blocking] [-1] [#] 77 CB Brian Webb 6-1 200 R LSU [Zone Coverage] [-1] 70 RB Denaris Kirkland 5-11 193 R Geor
    17. Either of these would bring me joy. Maybe cincy more so we can bring back that god awful trophy.
    18. I'm kinda upset unless WVU comes to the ACC. In which case. Less upset.
    19. QB1/2 Yeah, QB Heiden doesn't have the job locked yet but he was better last year before that last game than Jackson was Jackson was also a rookie QB, we'll see what happens. Heiden doesn't have a lot of time left playing so the more Jackson plays the better if he's our future #1 but with the defense playing how they are we should be trying to win now. QB Taylor Heiden 6-3 197 9 Arkansas [Hybrid] [+1/C] 89 QB Keith Jackson 6-0 191 1 Western Michigan [Hybrid] [0] [+] 81 RB2 I very seriously doubt Sean Meade is going to be happy about Bel
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