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    1. Union of the Britons Founded: 1895 Capital: London Leader: Keir Hardie (New Labour) Following the social unrest and political instability in the late 1800s on the isle of Britain, a broad coalition of leftists, republicans, and liberals managed to oust the monarchy in a small revolution and established the Union of the Britons in it's place. The Union operates on a similar manner to the previous government with a parliamentary system, however the head of state and government are now both the same person, and the head of state position is democratically elected inste
    2. He also went face first over an ATV, I think he will hopefully be back after a year of conditioning and strength training but the training camp report on him was.. Let's say not great and will have to improve for him to come back..
    3. I like seeing the other opinions on our depth chart that I didn't even consider. Like I don't think we even considered Samuel Weiner to start there, that may be a good idea if our guy doesn't work out though. I am curious to see who you think the ILB starters are if Mathis isn't one of them though. Eric Jones?
    4. The Stars of the show QB Messiah Winston 6-4 201 (Sr) Central Catholic (Pittsburgh PA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Scrambling] The Man Himself, this year he needs to prove himself and cement a legacy at Pitt, I'm excited to see where this goes this year. OG Florian Milanovic 6-5 252 (Sr) Vienna (Austria) 4.0 of 4.0 [Pass Blocking] You may be surprised, but this was the first guy I got that got me addicted to INTL recruiting, thanks Florian, there are many who will follow in your footsteps. CB Dominique Baptiste 5-11 160 (Sr) Central Catholic (Pittsburgh PA) 4.5 of 4.5 [
    5. That guy is medically retiring I think.
    6. Semi floundering offense, check Solid defense, check 8-5 is best record here, check Mediocre for past 2 years, check If I make an ACCCG appearance I'm basically Pat Narduzzi.
    7. Coaches HC Frank Reich (Age 63) Descended from Mike McCoy WR/TE Skill Level 3; O-Line Progression Level 2; QB Durability Level 2 OC Brent Rees (Age 64) Descended from Frank Reich WR/TE Progression Level 3; O-Line Skill Level 1; Offensive Adjustments Frequency Improvement Level 1 DC Case Curtis (Age 55) Descended from Frank Reich Secondary Skill Level 3; Linebacker Progression Level 1; Pass Defense Chemistry Level 1 ST Dave Toub (Age 62) Descended from Lovie Smith Special Teams Versatility Level 3; Kicke
    8. Do you have an open CFB slot week 7 and want to play? PM me and let's do it then!

    9. Boston College: 39 Georgia Tech: 5 (-5) North Carolina State: 45 Syracuse: 57 Pittsburgh: 51 (+5) Virginia Tech: 63
    10. Boston College: 31 Georgia Tech: 26 Louisville: 15 Miami (FL): 15 (-5) North Carolina State: 36 Syracuse: 46 Pittsburgh: 35 (+5) Virginia Tech: 56
    11. Boston College: 26 Duke: 15 Florida State: 20 Georgia Tech: 31 Louisville: 20 Miami (FL): 20 North Carolina State: 26 Syracuse: 35 Pittsburgh: 30 (+5) Virginia: 16 Virginia Tech: 41(-5)
    12. Graduated from Pitt in 2018, I work there now too. Probably will start my masters here next year.
    13. Pittsburgh Steelers Send QB Keith Jackson 6-0 191 R Western Michigan [Hybrid] [0] [+] 79 RB Sean Meade 5-11 218 R Auburn [Power] [-2] 80 OT Victor France 6-5 308 R Washington State [Pass Blocking] [0] 69 DT Damian Larkin 6-2 287 R Toledo [2-Gap] [-1] 78 ILB Aaron Mathis 6-3 223 R Washington State [Will] [+1] 82 CB William Travis 5-11 169 R Baylor [Zone Coverage] [0] 70 SS Laurent Daniel 6-2 184 R Iowa State [Zone Coverage] [0] 75 KR Tyson Moss 5-7 168 R Texas Tech [Hybrid] [-2] 80 LS Vince Helms 6-0 242 R Arkansas [Traditional] [0] 76
    14. Boston College: 20 Duke: 20 Florida State: 20 Georgia Tech: 25 Louisville: 20 Miami (FL): 20 North Carolina: 0 (-5) North Carolina State: 25 Syracuse: 25 Pittsburgh: 25 (+5) Virginia: 20 Virginia Tech: 40 Wake Forest: 20
    15. Boston College: 20 Clemson: 5 (-5) =0 Duke: 25 Florida State: 20 Georgia Tech: 25 Louisville: 20 Miami (FL): 20 North Carolina: 20 North Carolina State: 20 Syracuse: 20 Pittsburgh: 20 (+5) = 25 Virginia: 20 Virginia Tech: 25 Wake Forest: 20
    16. is the surprise Garrett, Our Lord and Savior?
    17. Dibs on sim Lando and sim Carlos
    18. Well I was working on making a small model of one of the Pittsburgh inclines which I initially thought that I would be able to work on now. But I don't have all the stuff I need for it and don't really want to go out to stores to get what I need to continue. So it's books and video games unfortunately.
    19. If there are games organized into a larger competition, its a sport. If you do it once, or occasionally, or not in a organized and competitive structure its a game. If you are repeatedly competing in an organized structure its a sport. Soccer can be as much a sport as League of Legends is. But if you're playing a pick up soccer game, its just that a game. If you're in a stadium with 250k people in it playing in the League of Legends final for like $10,000,000 its a sport.
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