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    1. I feel like I may have accidentally done this, my coverage OLB was my right side OLB but also my Jack OLB. I think that may have gotten him on that side and able to get 4 picks while my blitz guy on the left side with the sam sub position got 6.5 sacks.
    2. This looks really good when combined with the T4 perks too, I think this may solidify some of the top win teams near the top of the recruiting rankings
    3. Quarterbacks QB Messiah Winston 6-4 201 (Sr) Central Catholic (Pittsburgh PA) 4.5 of 4.5 [Scrambling]QB Joey Wolfe 5-11 229 (Fr) Unionville (Kennett Square PA) 3.5 of 5.0 [Hybrid] PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW QB BATTLE FOR THE AGES WHO WILL WIN FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON IN IT TO PITT IT
    4. I don't think that I've ever done one of these, but here's a picture of me from my band days a couple years ago and another from this past years spring game
    5. You are free and clear on this one but I've got my extra 10 to put in
    6. I put $10 in and I'll put up another $10 if I can somehow beat @TheTodd15 in our bowl game.
    7. CFBHC Career: Army Black Knights (2020) Pitt Panthers (2021-Present) NFLHC Career: Steelers Head Coach (2024-Present) Achievements: NA NEW FEAT: Local Connections New Offense: 16 (+2) Defense: 11 (-1) Special Teams: 8 (+2) Clock Mgmt: 8 Discipline: 11 (-1) Youth Mgmt: 14
    8. 25 thought it would be lower at first considering the first like 40 questions were yes
    9. I feel like a lot of people here play Spread/Pro so what I do now is already different. But I really want to go full air raid with an up tempo offense. Something maybe like IRL SMU this year?
    10. I'm extremely excited that I don't think I'll have to play a single one of my freshman croots from this class other than Virgil Sykes at #3/4 WR and possibly if my #1 CB Baptiste declares put Jamal Grady in at #2 or 3 CB Virgil Sykes Shade (Cairnbrook, PA) Scholarship Offered SV CV PR Hybrid Fr 6-1 170 1.5 of 5.0 Jamal Grady Southeast Bulloch (Brooklet, GA) Scholarship Offered SV CV CB Man Coverage Fr 5-10 197 1.0 of 4.5
    11. In my academic papers I write really god damn long sentences. Dunno what it is but I just keep going until it becomes a conglomeration of commas and semicolons that takes up half a page. Fortunately my girlfriend, who usually edits my papers, knows that I do this and will just circle whole sentences and just yell at me to break it up into at least 2-3 smaller ones.
    12. Top 5 Artists: 1. Sabaton 2. Lil Nas X 3. Reel Big Fish 4. Watsky 5. Lizzo Top 10 Songs: 1. Uproar - Lil Wayne 2. Panini - Lil Nas X 3. Carolus Rex - Sabaton 4. Old Town Road Remix - Lil Nas X 5. Watch Me - Jaden 6. Boys - Lizzo 7. Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker 8. Juice - Lizzo 9. Uptown Girl - Billy Joel 10. The Carolean's Prayer - Sabaton
    13. I would agree however that would lead to a grey area of being able to drop a player off of your interest once you felt you were far enough ahead so you could offer another player quickly, just to do the same thing over and over to get work, say, 15 players, while only officially having interest on 10. I would just want some clarification just so I/we would know for sure how it works and if there is a way to prevent that from happening, maybe say only having a chance to sign the player/have you show up on the list if you are currently interested in them?
    14. Does anyone have suggestions for 6 player games that aren't necessarily "party" games? I have a board game night with my friends that usually has 6 of us. We have a couple games that we usually play (Formula D, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Carcassone, and formerly Charterstone) but I am just looking for a few more things to possibly pick up at some point.
    15. Same, rip strategy for top 10 classes So to be clear, the interface functionality will change so that you are able to drop players that you have points on. Will you immediately get the half scholarships back from these players as well? I have 2 players right now that I am no longer perusing but can't drop off of because I put points on them which means I can't offer the half scholarships to other players, or even just clear off my board of players that I won't get and don't care about.
    16. Also what the penalties are for hybrid KR/PR at WR
    17. My thought on it has been that, if they are already targeting the corners it's bad in zone D already so having them be aggressive and in man wouldn't necessarily hurt especially if they have over the top coverage from the safeties if they get beat. I feel like that's how I want it to work but I don't know if that's how it would actually work. I would really just want to have a base 3-3-5 defense but I will take 3-4 to get slightly more athletic guys on the field.
    18. Is playing press coverage with everyone else in zone a bad idea/what advantages does press coverage bring? Should I be changing my guys from man to zone weekly depending on who I am playing? If so what should I be looking for?
    19. This is probably a super niche interest within a niche interest, however, if any of you are going to be at FFG worlds, especially if you are playing X-Wing send me a PM and let's meet up!

    20. Pitt v Virginia Pitt v Ohio Pitt v UCF Pitt v Delaware Pitt v Miami Pitt v UNC Pitt at VT (possibly) Pitt v BC
    21. Points for Wiki


      Pitt's page also needs updated, I tried to fix it last year and fucked it up more I think. I know how to do it I am just bad.

      1. LAX


        Pay based on what you think the finished job is worth, that seems the fairest to me

      2. TheLiberator
      3. LAX


        Update: electric has been out since Friday, will begin working on it today or tomorrow while at my gf's place

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    22. If I can get my insurance to cover physical therapy I would love to get into running. This would be a great motivation if I can get through that.
    23. I played one deck dungeon a few times with a friend and found it was hard but doable with two, he played it solo and said it was near impossible to get though so good luck with that. I picked up Star Wars Outer Rim for my girlfriend and I to play, it looked like there was a lot of similarities (symbol and dice wise) to x wing and we got half off on it so excited to play that. My friends just ordered Formula D and we're going to try that out next week.
    24. was more excited for the AAF, not even getting excited about this beforehand but I will probably watch the games. I don't think there will be enough interest in a league in the spring to fund it completely, at least not in the first few years that investors will want to see results (maybe this is where the XFL will be different since McMahon will own everything). I don't think a league like this will work if it isn't isn't directly associated with and partly subsidized by the NFL.
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