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  1. Western Kentucky with the upset
  2. This recruiting class is going to be hated by the entire Big 12
  3. You won’t and aren’t getting Zamari!
  4. As of week 10 with a 4-3 record the lowest ranked team Cal has lost to is ranked #11.
  5. Proud of Ellison's improvement since last season.
  6. After last week I was expecting Ellison to air it out again too. Our run game saves us by taking pressure off him. I don’t think it’s so much your defense, but more so your offense being reliant on the pass.
  7. GG! I was nervous for this game, was expecting your front 7 to shutdown our run game
  8. Huge win, McFadden is electric this season
  9. One word: Devastating. Edit: We literally handed it to them, twice. positive note: watch out pac-12
  10. Bama and Michigan State takedown 2 undefeated teams.
  11. It’s a good thing Michigan’s strength is on the interior If our secondary can keep things under control, I’m confident in our defense against the run. Going to be an exciting matchup for sure.
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