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    noodlz2 got a reaction from bingo415 in [2023] Week #7 - Saturday Morning   
    Bama and Michigan State takedown 2 undefeated teams.
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    noodlz2 reacted to Yellow_Evan in [2023] USF resignation football press conference   
    At this point, I don't pay enough attention to the sim to continue actively playing. I have a fun 3 years here even if I was kinda unattentive for the past 12 months. I had a lot of fun on this site but at least for the next month or so, I don't really have the energy to stay ontop of everything and am generally preoccupied with other things. Some chance I come back somewhat down the line though when things clear up.
    So I'm resigning from CFBHC.
    Best of luck y'all.
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    noodlz2 got a reaction from bingo415 in [2023] Week #7 - Saturday Evening   
    One word: Devastating.
    Edit: We literally handed it to them, twice. 
    positive note: watch out pac-12
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    noodlz2 reacted to tsweezy in B1G Nude Kickoff   
    Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of the 
    I'm here with fellow coach @llamas to bring you the only pregame show presented straight from campus strip clubs. 
    Today we're here in beautiful Urbana-Champaign with our guest picker, the beautiful lady Champagne at the Pink Champaign Showgirls.
    First up, today's schedule. We are kicking off with a nice noon Michigan State - Indiana appetizer. Quick lunch break then diving into this evening's trifecta: Cal at Michigan, Iowa at Purdue, and of course Ohio State at Illinois. Let's dive in to take a closer look at each.
    First off: Sparty and the Hoosiers. Michigan State comes into this game limping as expected. Losing to TCU and LSU was expected, as was Michigan. A win against CMU was nice but not very informative about this team and we really don’t know what to expect yet. They are likely better than their 1-3 record (0-1) record indicates, hence why the spread is MSU by 6. This does feel like a bit of disrespect to Indiana though, the last undefeated B1G team at 4-0. They got here through a much easier route: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ball State, Texas State is not exactly a murderers row. They have however looked dominant and winning this game is another step to proving they belong in discussions for the division race. Below, our B1G Boi Table™ to compare the two.
     Michigan State
    Team Talent Rank
    Strength of Schedule
    Points for/against
    40 – 16.25
    29.25 – 33.75
    Yards for/against
    419 – 251
    395 – 389
    Balanced all over
    Balanced, weaker run D
    Best Players
    P P.K. Crowe (#1 nationally!), DE Vondrae Ledbetter, RB Kamar Blackmon, QB Rangi Grey
    ILB Luke Blankenship, DE Arthur Trahan, WR Antonio Jackson
    OL Rating
    4.03 (59th)
    3.65 (82nd)
    Sacks given/taken
    5 – 12
    All Time Series
    Won last year 31-28
    As you can see, Indiana has looked much, much better but against much worse competition.
    As for the pick: I've got Indiana to not only cover the spread, but to win outright and keep that undefeated season going.
    And our celebrity guest picker Champagne: They may not be as good as the Trojans, but Spartans are still a cooler nickname than the Hoosiers so Michigan State for me!
    Next up: Iowa at Purdue. Both schools are 3-1, Iowa has nice wins over Minnesota and the el assico! Fest against Iowa State. They dropped a game against PSU but look ok thus far. Purdue’s best win is Syracuse and with a loss to Notre dame they aren’t exactly sterling, but the stats paint a much brighter picture for them as seen below:
    Team Talent Rank
    Strength of Schedule
    Points for/against
    26.75 – 26.25
    26.75 – 18.75
    Yards for/against
    332.75 – 340
    365 – 295.5
    Weak Pass O, good run D
    Weak run game, slightly better pass D
    Best Players
    SS Ricky Chambers, CB Marcedes, DE Joe Hanley, TE Alec Rowell
    DE Landon Crowder (leads nation with 8 sacks), K Mason Williams (9/10, 2/3 from 50+)
    3 / 3
    2 / 4
    OL Rating
    4.03 (60th)
    4.33 (40th)
    Sacks given/taken
    7 – 7
    13 – 4
    All Time Series
    Won last year 42-26
    A nice divisional matchup here as Purdue is favored by 5 and wants to hop into the lead for the West division which is wide open right now. I have Purdue both for the win and the cover.
    Champagne: You know, Iowa City actually does not have any strip clubs at all. 0. Unbelievable, an absolute travesty. It has to be Purdue here for that reason alone
    Our only OOC matchup, Cal comes to Ann Arbor for a chilly evening against the Wolverines. Cal already has beaten Kansas State and USC en route to a 3-1 record, dropping a matchup against Oregon. For their part, Michigan has a nice win over Vanderbilt and a loss to Notre Dame along with cupcake Ws over Rutgers and Wisconsin. At the big house Michigan is favored by 1.
    Team Talent Rank
    Strength of Schedule
    Points for/against
    25.5 – 19.25
    24.8 – 21.8
    Yards for/against
    360.75 – 288
    342.4 – 281
    Great running team, and a run-stuffing D
    Balanced O, balanced D
    Best Players
    ILB D’Andre Phillips, DE Jamal Dorsey, RB Zachary McFadden
    ILB Luke Blankenship, DE Arthur Trahan, RB Nick Rowland
    3 – 4
    5 – 7
    OL Rating
    4.53 (29th)
    4.96 (12th)
    Sacks given/taken
    6 – 3
    11 – 6
    All Time Series
    First ever matchup!
    As the OFFICIAL B1G partner TV Show we can’t in good conscience pick against our own conference so it’s unanimous, Michigan by 10. On a serious note, Michigan is hoping for a big win, because their kicker is atrocious this season, going 4/10 on FGA, 1/7 from 40+ so stalling outside the red zone is bad news. Next trip we take to Ann Arbor we’ll be asking the local clubs if they’ve seen him around skipping practices or something.
    And now the big one, Ohio State at Illinois. The spread is Illinois by 3, coincidentally the benefit of the home team, indicating these two are equally-matched. Illinois has already lost to Minnesota and does not want to start 0-2 in conference, and they have two nice wins against UVA and Washington to show their competence. Ohio State beat some patsies and Arizona State before losing a shocking upset to Virginia Tech on their last outing. They should be out for redemption here, or did the Hokies expose vital flaws?
     Ohio State
    Team Talent Rank
    Strength of Schedule
    Points for/against
    22.5 – 15.75
    26 – 14.75
    Yards for/against
    363.75 – 268
    378.5 – 226.25
    Pass heavy, bad at running. Good run D
    Balanced O, great pass D
    Best Players
    DE Xavier Rawls, ILB Rakeem Phillips, TE Byron Hubbard, QB Jordan Harrison
    DE Condon, DE Damien Atkins, TE Jonas Schumacher, RB Julius Wesley Jr.
    5 – 5
    5 – 5
    OL Rating
    4.83 (15th)
    3.54 (91st)
    Sacks given/taken
    11 – 6
    12 – 9
    All Time Series
    Last lost 27-20
    I do think OSU has a pretty weak OL here that will be there undoing. I'm going with Illinois albeit not with a whole lot of confidence.
    Champagne: well I don't know who will win this one, but I did find @llamas doodling this, so uh. Please leave 
    Sadly our time is up. The budget apparently only gets us an hour with Champagne in Champaign so we're going to turn it over to ESPN U and let's get started with some football!
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    noodlz2 reacted to acewulf in [2023] Week #7 - FNF   
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    noodlz2 reacted to pumph in Debate: What is your perspective on tipping?   
    Delivery Drivers are the odd one for me.  I never know what to give.  At a restaurant, where someone is taking my order, refilling my drink, bringing me food, checking on me, it's always 20-30%.  But you're driving Chinese food or pizza to my house.  If it's a $40-50 order, I feel weird only giving $3-4.  But the Chinese food driver always seems blown away by that and so very appreciative.  Pizza delivery don't really seem to care one way or the other.  It's just like, give me the money, let me leave so I can do this all over again and make enough money to buy a gun to kill myself.  We rarely order delivery pizza.  It's depressing.
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    noodlz2 reacted to Dr_Novella in Debate: What is your perspective on tipping?   
    I tip, but only because the waiters or general service folks need that money. Tipping in America is an absolute joke, forcing customers to pay up more of their own money so the boss doesn't have to pay them what they are rightfully due. Personally I think every employed person deserves a liveable wage no matter what job it is, but that's a slightly different can of worms so I'll leave it at that.
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    noodlz2 reacted to Swipet in [2022] Week #7 - TNF   
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    noodlz2 reacted to bingo415 in [2023] PAC-12 Superlatives, thru Week 6   
    The best of the PAC-12 after week 6, in the nation's most exciting Conference. 

    One of these things is not like the other...
           PAC-12 quarterbacks have mostly played extremely well through the first portion of this 2023 season. The race for All-PAC 1st Team QB features studs like Washington's Jake Davis (11th nationally in QBR), UCLA's Aaron Harden (3rd nationally in passing yards, tied for 2nd nationally (with Davis) with 13 TDs thrown), and Washington State's Bradley Hassan (6th nationally in passing yards). But alongside this talented trio, two more gunslingers deserve special notice for their efficient and effective season starts. Arizona's Christian Noonan (JR, 3.0/4.0), USC's Riley Sharp (FR, 1.5/5.0), and ASU's Parker Townsend ((SR), 4.0/4.0) are all Top 30 nationally in QBR, and have registered 17 TDs to only 5 INTS between them. Noonan has resolved many of the Wildcat's insecurities at the position that loomed over the program in 2022, and Townsend is coming off the best performance of his career in leading Sparky to a mini-upset of Harden and UCLA. Riley Sharp is on pace for the best freshman QB season in sim history (just ask Jumbo, he's got the numbers on dial-up). These slight surprise seasons have boosted programs that are scratching for recognition...well, not USC, but certainly the two Territorial schools. 

    Explosive Runners
           PAC-12 ball carriers have been electric this early season, with a host of players breaking off huge runs. That extends to backup RBs and even QBs, as the pro scouts are found wiping the drool from their watering mouths looking at the eye-popping YPC numbers Conference-wide. CAL's Naiquon Barner leads the country with a blistering 11.71 ypc mark, and other surprising young backs follow closely behind: UCLA's Ualesi Maimoana (10.38), Arizona's Akrum Toney (8.31), and even Aaron Harden and CAL's Nick Ellison are over 6.5 YPC. Starting backs Tremaine Clemons and Israel Carlson are both sporting Trevon Yeldon-esque 7 YPC numbers that highlight their talent levels, and typically run-averse Washington State is surprising all with Lawrence Sykes-Clayton at 5.90. These huge chunk plays in the run game are not terribly surprising, as six PAC schools are averaging 4.4 or above in OLine rating, which is top 20% nationally. 

    Perfect Kickers
          Big shout out to Arizona State's Rafael Guinn and Wazzu's Benjamin Gray for being perfect kicking the football so far. Gray has connected on 13 of 13 PATs and 5 of 5 FGs with a long of 53 yards. Guinn, on the other hand, is 15/15 PAT, and 11 of 11 on FGs, with a long of 50. Huge legs, and tremendous accuracy: these two 4.5/4.5 SRs will be playing on Sundays. 

    National Air Defense
          Unheralded defensive backs playing out of their minds is a fantastic part of the Conference this season. Gavin Andrews-Bradley (ASU's 3.5/3.5 SR corner) and USC's Darren Tamayo, a 2.5/4.0 (FR) opposite uber-corner Max Wilcox, both are tied for the national lead with 3 INTs on the year, and have contributed in run support as well, with 9 and 10 tackles, respectively. Similarly, freshman CB Kayvon Harris from Oregon has pilfered two passes this season, out-pacing, at least thus far, his far more heralded teammates Jamir Lacey and Donte Terry. Harris is Oregon's nickel defender in 2023, and looks to jump into the starting role fully in 2024. 
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    noodlz2 reacted to Kirby in [2023] PAC-12 Superlatives, thru Week 6   
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    noodlz2 reacted to Jieret in [2023] Pac-12 Power Rankings after Week 6   
    Sparky continues their surge, knocking off previously unbeaten UCLA.  How did that affect those teams and the other members of the Conference of Champions when it comes to the Table of Questionable Worth?  Let's find out.
    Remember: If you don't like where you are, then you should probably get more people to vote.  Or perhaps you should vote, that too.
     Pac-12 Power Rankings after Week 6 
    Rank (Poll Pts.) Team (First Place Votes)        Record (Conf. Record) Streak Change from Last Week 1 (84)  Oregon Ducks (7)
    4-0 (1-0) W3 - 2 (77)  Washington Huskies 3-1 (2-0) W1 - 3 (67)  California Golden Bears 3-1 (1-1) W3 +1 4 (58)  USC Trojans 4-1 (2-1) W1 +2 5 (53)   UCLA Bruins 4-1 (2-1) L1 -2 6-tie (51)  Arizona State Sun Devils 3-2 (2-0) W3 +1 6-tie (51)  Washington State Cougars
    3-1 (0-0) L1 -2 8 (30)  Oregon State Beavers 3-2 (1-1) L1 - 9 (28)  Arizona Wildcats 2-2 (0-1) L1 +1 10 (26)  Colorado Buffaloes 1-3 (0-2) L3 -1 11 (14)  Stanford Cardinal
    1-3 (0-2) L2 - 12 (7)  Utah Utes
    1-4 (0-3) L4 - Number of voters: 7 12 points awarded for first, 11 for second, etc.  
    And this week's Chart...

    Welcome to the top half of the Table, Arizona State!  They beat the Bruins 31-23 to take early control of the Pac-12 South race, and now their week 9 game at USC has a TON of significance for the division.  A side beneficiary of the UCLA loss is Cal, who moves up another spot to third behind Washington and Oregon.  A team who didn't benefit from this game (or from USC's victory over Stanford)?  Washington State, who falls another couple of spots into another tie with Sparky.  Harsh, yes, but it's not as bad as it looks - there's a grand total of 2 points separating the Cougs (and Sun Devils) from UCLA, and they're 7 away from USC.
    Looking further down it seems the coaches have respect for the Beavers as they held steady - if barely-  to their rank despite falling to the Huskies.  Zona and the Buffs trade spots while on bye; perhaps Colorado missing recruiting had something to do with that?

    This week's games: (* denotes non-conference)
     California (3-1) at  Michigan (4-1)*
    Arizona State (3-2, 2-0 conf.) at  Washington State (3-1, 0-0)
    Stanford (1-3, 0-2) at  Oregon (4-0, 1-0)
     Arizona (2-2, 0-1) at  Washington (3-1, 2-0)
     Colorado (1-3, 0-2) at USC (4-1, 2-1)
    Byes: Oregon State (3-2),  UCLA (4-1),  Utah (1-4)
    The P12 Network's Pick to Click?  California at  Michigan.  The Golden Bears travel to Ann Arbor to take on the Michigan Wolverines.  This will be a big chance for @noodlz2's boys to show they can be sp00ky outside the Pac-12, and what better stage to do so than the Big House?  Michigan has been a very balanced team offensively with running back Nick Rowland averaging about 120 yards on roughly 20 carries a game, and QB Evan Perkins averaging 221.6 passing yards although the TD/INT ratio isn't great (6/4).  When Perkins does throw it's primarily to his big targets on the outside;  junior Tyler Sterling (27 rec for 324 yards, 2 TDs) and true freshman Antonio Jackson (33 rec for 442 yards, 4 TDs) account for nearly 70% of Michigan's receiving yards.  Cal needs DT Adam Gibson to play one of the best games of his career Saturday and against Miguel Prieto, the 2024 draft's best center prospect, that's a tall ask.  But it's one he needs to answer to hurry Perkins' clock and prevent freshman corner Zachary Riggins from being exposed against Jackson.
    On the other side of the ball, Cal wants to run, then run, then run some more.  They have nearly as many rushing yards (685) as they do passing yards (758), but with Zachary McFadden and Naiquon Barner in the backfield it's hard to blame them.  This could be a strength-on-strength matchup as @jmjacobs's defense is strongest up the spine with DTs Mason Ragland and Frank Cuadrado, ILB Luke Blankenship, and SS Paul Cline.
    If anything will give Cal hope, it's that the Wolverines haven't really looked incredibly menacing this season and had some ugly looking games even in victory (13-10 at Rutgers, anyone?).  With Michigan averaging 24.8 PPG and surrendering 21.8 PPG, this could be a game where things hang in the balance until the end.  And a game where things could hang in the balance until late is the kind of game a team like Cal wants to play on the road.
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    noodlz2 reacted to Quasar in [2023] Week 6 Computer Poll   
    Goooooooooooooo bears
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    noodlz2 reacted to HAFFnHAFF in Biggest Winners and Losers of the 2023 CFBHC Season (so far)   
    I'll stick to the Large Dozen because that's what I know the most about and I'll stay positive and list a winner for each team...
     - I don't think anybody really expected them to be 4-1.  Kofi McCullough has been the best back in the conference this division so far and Vaughn Sheppard actually has the 3rd highest passer rating.  ISU is sneaky scary this season.  Fans - For the first time since Dylan Stewart graduated KSU fans finally have something exciting to watch.  Sure they are only 2-2 right now, but QB Shane Kruse is at least exciting.  He is going to rewrite the record books in Manhattan.  Naiquon Crosby - As a true freshman Crosby has already made a big impact.  He has 4 sacks and 3 TFL in his first 4 games.  It's not gonna be a pretty season for the Jayhawks, but Crosby is a definite silver lining. Sam Milner - The last time we saw Milner was 2020 in a TCU jersey when he completed 54% of his passes and threw for 2,243 yards, 16 TDs, and 15 INT.  With a change of scenery he seems to have revived his career.  He is on track to complete 67% of his passes for 3,039 yards, 33 TDs, and 3 INTs.  That is quite the turnaround.  Life After Solomon - Turn out there is life after Solomon in Lubbock.  The Red Raiders are a better team this season than they were last year with their only loss coming to Oklahoma after pushing them to the brink.  QB Grayson Gillette is playing well and while Hayden Dyer will never be Solomon, he is on pace to be a top back in the conference.  The young backfield - Oklahoma features a new starter at QB in sophomore Nick Brohm and a new starter at RB in sophomore Jaiden Douglas.  They have been up and down this season but they make the winners list because when they have had a down game the rest of the team has picked them up.  In 5 games so far this season the Sooners have tallied a total of 2 punt return TDs, 1 kick return TD, and 2 defensive TDs.  While that production isn't sustainable, it has given Brohm and Douglas more time to settle in.  Amral Brown & Ian Baldwin - It's all about the 1-2 punch of Brown and Baldwin in Stillwater.  Brown leads the Big XII in rushing TDs with 9.  Baldwin is 2nd to only Sam Milner in passer rating and 2nd to no one in completion %.  Defenses facing the Cowboys basically just have to choose how they want to give up TDs.  Griffin McHanna - After a long and winding path to get there, McHanna seems to have found his place in the Horned Frogs offense as a gadget type player.  On the season he has 227 yards rushing (5.97 YPC) and 4 TDs.  He has added 63 yards and 1 TD through the air.    Caleb Olmsted - After a step back in 2022, Olmsted has taken a big leap in 2023.  His completion % is up 8%, YPA up almost a yard, passer rating up 24 points, and his TD:INT ratio has more than doubled.  Dominic Acuna - The redshirt freshman DE has been on a tear in Morgantown.  In 5 games he has recorded 3 TFL, 4 sacks, and 2 FF.  The Big XII record for FF in a career is 4.  Acuna is on pace to force 19 fumbles in his career (assuming a 4 year career but not factoring in post season play.)  
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    noodlz2 reacted to Soluna in [2023] Recruit Signings: Week of October 12, 2019   
    I want it to be but I'll probably forget like I always do...
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    noodlz2 reacted to rivals.com in [2023] Recruit Signings: Week of October 12, 2019   
    Ohio State None RB Trevoris Rhodes 5-11 231 Fr St. Ignatius (Cleveland OH) 1.5 of 5.0 [Power] Oklahoma None CB Landon Hall 5-11 184 Fr Gore (Gore OK) 2.5 of 5.0 [Zone Coverage] Rice None DE Teejay Perry 6-6 250 Fr Comanche (Comanche TX) 2.0 of 5.0 [Contain] San Diego State None QB Nick Stewart 6-4 211 Fr St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA) 2.5 of 5.0 [Pocket] Tulsa None ILB Cole Hare 6-0 231 Fr Afton (Afton OK) 1.0 of 5.0 [Will] Virginia Tech None ILB Jamyron Brooks 6-3 231 Fr Westfield (Chantilly VA) 1.5 of 5.0 [Mike]
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    noodlz2 reacted to anonemuss in Biggest Winners and Losers of the 2023 CFBHC Season (so far)   
    Biggest Winner - me so far (4-1 with my only loss against an upstart CPU UConn). Very unexpected

    Biggest Loser - me to come (the rest of my schedule is gonna be hella hard starting with Memphis this week). I expect to win like 1 more game (at most) the rest of the season
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    noodlz2 got a reaction from jc_superman in [2023] Week #6 - Saturday Evening   
    Well I’m glad I wasn’t scheduled for a game on this chaotic Saturday Evening.
    Israel Carlson is a beast, I’m excited to see him match up against my inside backers. 
    Oregon State is not to be slept on.
    Also can’t forget the defensive matchup between Oklahoma and Texas Tech!
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    noodlz2 reacted to Soluna in [2024] CFBHC Schedule   
    @Rome mostly but I wanted to make everyone aware of this.
    I'm almost certainly going to try to go with a realistic schedule with only 2 byes next year in CFBHC if we can do. (One of the byes just being Week 0 which is reserved for headliner games).
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    noodlz2 reacted to Kirby in [2023] Week #6 - Saturday Night   
    Finny don’t like to winny atm, although it’s not really his fault. I feel for my boy, don’t worry soldier, reinforcements are coming. 

    We got absolutely man handled on the ground defensively.
    No burgers today kids.
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    noodlz2 reacted to alienufo in [2023] Week #6 - Saturday Morning   
    ay my defense finally showed up.  Really needed that win. 
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    noodlz2 reacted to Jieret in [2023] Week #6 - Saturday Evening   
    Whew.  Guess I'm not gonna be able to fill out my ballot in 10 minutes, huh
    gg @jc_superman, I'm a big fan of the moves you're making down in Corvallis.  I dreaded opening our box score, to be honest.
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    noodlz2 reacted to stormstopper in [2023] Week #6 - Saturday Evening   
    Another Oklahoma non-offensive score saves the day. Great effort from the Texas Tech defense, Leon Travis ate Lucas Dykes's lunch. Oklahoma has a lot of different ways they can win and they needed to use all of them.
    And a huge statement win for Oklahoma State, who showed exactly what they look like when they're firing on all cylinders after not having done so the last two games--but perhaps an even bigger statement loss for TCU. Their next two games are Duke and Oklahoma. They don't have any more time left to figure out their offensive and defensive red flags.
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    noodlz2 reacted to cultur3 in [2023] Week #6 - Saturday Evening   
    Fourth quarter meltdown 
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    noodlz2 reacted to Qupax in [2023] Week #6 - Saturday Afternoon   
    Damn it LTech you were this close
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