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  1. Vikings select: Prostate Guard Industries Stadium (through 2027): +20 stadium upgrade funds immediately; +5 personal wealth at the beginning of 2025, 2026, 2027.
  2. Vikings place SS Joe Johnson 6-0 206 7 Houston [Zone Coverage] [0] 84 on IR with a severe ankle fracture. He's done for the year.
  3. Third season ending injury to a secondary starter this year. Not great when it’s already bad to begin with
  4. I would vote yes if I felt more people would, so if something similar comes through I will vote yes on it. Abstain @Rome
  5. When you traded a bottom 10 corner for a 3rd rounder When you traded for a bottom 10 corner for a 2nd rounder
  6. Hmmmm seems to me like Vardell would be perfect for a team that needs a QB to make a push in the playoffs
  7. He can be a gadget/slot player still. Running out of the backfield with him does not appear like it will ever be successful though.
  8. Really busy with school starting this week, if someone could help me out with stats this week, and possibly the rest of the season that would be great. Send me a message here or on discord and I'll give you access to the spreadsheet I have

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