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  1. JB Blacknall is being really selfish with things like my draft pick.
  2. Vikings are up again. The last one was never processed because I didn't include the old contract line so I edited that in. Not sure if this is allowed but it's before the deadline so I figured I'd try it at least.
  3. Didn’t feel great about this game, my defense has never been able to stop Ballard and Wesley no matter what I try against them. More talented players would probably help. Time to regress to 6-6, I’m just happy to be bowl eligible.
  4. They'd be an at large but isn't Florida technically not a projected P5 champ since they're not leading their division currently? Not a big issue since it will figure itself out in the long run but they could technically win out and not win their division. Also I'm so happy just to be in these rankings.
  5. AP confirmed not cowards but actually who voted for me over Maryland lol
  6. Do I get to re-submit since the deadline hasn't passed and all I need to do is add the old contracts or are we screwed for this go around? @Soluna
  7. i feel like this has been said every other week this season
  8. And just like that the Hoosiers have matched the school record for wins in a season and conference wins in a season
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