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  1. Jamzz

    [2025] Week #2 - MNF

    Shea came to play this year
  2. snap judgement is im forever going to be sad on this site and i may as well be the new ace
  3. Turns out the answer to the Garner - Teddy Walker debate was no
  4. Vikings Place CB M.K. Sharpe 5-11 201 2 BYU [Man Coverage] [-2] 82 on Short Term IR with a severe elbow fracture. He is out 4 weeks and will be questionable to return on week 5, probable week 6
  5. Lmao so it’s gonna be one of those seasons again
  6. bump complete firesale on these guys, all yours for anything if you want them
  7. Honestly I don’t think the requirement would even be necessary if you can sit players whenever you want. May as well keep it if you want but idk why anyone wouldn’t try out starters for a quarter or a drive at the very least. And just so I’m clear - is this gonna be in place next week or next season?
  8. I’m really excited for our rushing attack this year, so many options
  9. I would be open to a Vikings Pats make up game with the same gameplan we used, if possible
  10. Not every rookie goes to mini camp
  11. The Vikings place OLB Joseph Nugent 6-3 256 R North Texas [Blitz] [0] 74 on long term IR. He suffered a severe ACL rupture in training camp and is done for the season. TE Hastin Rider 6-1 206 4 Baylor [Receiving] [0] 85 on long term IR. He suffered a moderate shoulder rotator cuff in training camp and is out for 9 weeks. He will be eligible to return week 7 of the regular season.
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