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    1. OT Shane McCord 6-6 290 3 Georgia [Run Blocking] [0] 94 - Accepted $7.475 million
    2. Early dec? He must be on fire. My defense is terrified.
    3. Finally got the SB pick right. Congrats @Todd @Bubada well deserved. and congrats @stormstopper for a great season. It wasn’t long ago people were talking about how the Bears never had success. Definitely can’t say that anymore
    4. Updated with 2026 progressions. Let me know
    5. Jamzz

      Minnesota Vikings

      2026 Season Coaches Active Roster [/55] Practice Squad [/12] Injured Reserve []
    6. Wayne Wegert joined this site when I was 13 years old and he's still playing.
    7. Rough one for Denver. Titans vs Brian Brown and co. would've been a good matchup. No disrespect meant to the Steelers, they've had quite the run taking down Shea and Brown, but beating Tennessee will be a huge challenge.
    8. I would definitely want to be AD for Wisconsin, where I was prior
    9. The easy answer is DT, which was pretty much terrible forever for Minnesota before we drafted Nathaniel Hollis. Another good answer would be corner, which is historically the worst position group for the Vikings, and it isn't that close. Statistically the best corner ever for the Vikings is probably Devon Drummond, which tells you what you need to know. Drafting McKinney and following that up with Isaiah Jenkins has seemed to pay dividends, although both are very young. McKinney looks poised to be a perennial pro bowler going forward while IJJ the jury is still out on but as a CB2 I think he will be good.
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