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  1. Maryland is the only Big Ten team to lose to Indiana three times. I believe, although I'm not positive about it, that Kentucky is the only other team in the country that can also boast losing to Indiana on three separate occasions.
  2. 16 undefeated teams. 14 of them ranked rank Charlotte you cowards
  3. Not that interesting to most probably, but I want to brag about my team for a bit. Indiana is 4-0 for just the second time ever, and a win over Michigan State this week would give us the greatest start to a season any IU team has ever had. This is just the sixth time an Indiana team has won four games, with two of the other five coming in the last two seasons. A win over Michigan State would be just the fourth time an Indiana team has reached five wins. The win over Wisconsin last week was the program's first ever. In the previous two matchups IU had scored just 13 combined points, and we scored 31 in last week's game. A win over Michigan State would be the program's second in ten games. It would bring IU to two conference wins and five wins total, which would be one shy of tying the team's record for most in a season for both categories. It would also bring me to .500 in my two and a half seasons at Indiana.
  4. Am I the last undefeated big ten team
  5. Oh shit we won a conference game
  6. Didn't rank them, but they're close. None of the 3 teams you named as their wins are ranked, so that's something to keep in mind. Ohio State isn't good as I thought, and I don't think WVU will come very close to cracking the top 25 this year. Calling SDSU a playoff team last year and keeping it at that, not pointing out how they've done this year is very misleading as well.
  7. Gotta love that cap space oh yeah and thanks for starting for so long Big Mac. Only other player on the team besides Vardell from the original draft.
  8. The Vikings place QB Brian Vardell 6-2 200 9 Washington State [Pocket] [0] 90 on IR with a severe meniscus bruise. He is out 10 weeks and will be questionable to return week 16, probable week 17, fully healthy after that.
  9. Oh but Rangi Grey is the guy now
  10. The Vikings are tied for second in the North after 5 weeks? I’m sure Blake Shell can keep that up.
  11. Just glad to not be a bottom feeder
  12. Jamzz

    [2023] Week #4 - MNF

    Evan Grant is an enigma that Socrates couldn’t decipher
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