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  1. I'm very disappointed in myself for getting the Evan Grant question wrong
  2. Vikings send: QB Blair Sullivan 6-1 228 R Rutgers [Pocket] [0] 73 WR Alex Dubose 6-1 198 R Alabama [Target] [0] 71 OG Jonah McCullough 6-2 315 R Michigan State [Run Blocking] [0/C] 79 OG Omari Streeter 6-5 260 R Wisconsin [Run Blocking] [0] 73 C Miles Best 6-1 252 R North Dakota [Pass Blocking] [+1] 76 DT Walter Koehler 6-7 316 R Alabama [2-Gap] [+2/C] 76 DE Aidan Morrell 6-2 266 R TCU [Contain] [+1] 73 ILB Devin Ruff 6-1 233 R Mississippi State [Mike] [0] 80 CB D'Onta Neely 5-9 194 R Clemson [Man Coverage] [-2] 77 SS Isiah Poole 6-0 183 R Toledo [Man Coverage] [0] 70
  3. I said Colt Brennan instead of Timmy Chang rip
  4. Site issues caused multiple posts
  5. So I'm not gonna hit on everything because I can't tell what's directed at me and what isn't, but I certainly feel like I explained my reasoning on why I didn't like the trade. I didn't just leave you with "It was a bad trade" I explained exactly what I didn't like about it and why I thought it was bad. I'll hit on this because this part is clearly directed on me, and I'm not a fan of this comment. It makes it seem like my comment is invalid because the Bears are a divisional rival, and therefore I can't view this trade fairly. I don't like that. I've explained why I dislike the trade for the Cardinals. I felt they gave up too much, and I won't say more than that so I don't become repetitive. My perspective doesn't have to be affected by the Bears, I can be impartial on the trade. As it is, I don't expect to be competitive for the next few years, so truthfully what the Bears do isn't a large concern for me for the time being, I'm more worried about bringing in good players of my own. I'll once again say that I had no issues with taking Hacker at 69. You now had a need a kicker at he was imo the best in the draft. My point was that you wouldn't have needed to take a kicker, a pick some thought was a reach, if you still had Cliff Chamblin. You guys were clearly looking to move on from him and had no plans to have him on your team, which is completely fine, albeit a risk. You bring up that you don't know what you would do at 69 if you didn't take kicker, but you certainly had options, at least in my opinion. If there was no one on the board that you liked you could have traded down, as you mentioned, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You, I, and everyone else obviously don't hold the exact same views on the Cardinals needs so I won't get into what you could and couldn't have picked but I think there are players there that you could have taken and would have fit well on your team. To throw some names out there just so it doesn't seem like I'm saying this just to say it, I think James Munnerlyn and Shawn Cortez would have been good picks as well. Absolute worst case scenario where you can't trade down, don't have the assets to trade up, and don't have a players that fit needs on the board, you can go BPA. You guys have done it before. For the rest I can't tell what is aimed at me and what isn't so I'll try to keep it brief. You say it's really easy to shit on teams when you don't know what you're talking about, and while I don't disagree, I do like to think I know what I talk about and if this is directed at me (it may not be and if not then ignore this) then yeah I take offense to this. I'm not here to brag about what I do to know stuff, but I do spend a lot of time doing so to know what I'm dealing with, and I know lots of other people do too. Obviously we aren't going to agree and everyone's needs and what constitutes a fair trade but a large part of the draft and the site is criticizing and praising moves. I think it's easy to say that others don't know what they're talking about without knowing what they actually know. And once again I'll say that I don't know if this is directed at me or not so take it with a grain of salt. And for the last thing, I don't think the "go fuck yourself" is directed at me as I do try to give analysis and wasn't a part of the draft broadcast, but if it is I'm not sure what I did to warrant that response by criticizing your trade. So basically if these statements weren't directed at me then you can ignore what this last paragraph says, and if they were then you have my responses.
  6. I'll be another person to say that I would've taken Hacker before Bendbrook if I was looking for a kicker. There's really not much more to evaluate kickers on other than how often they made their kicks, what their range is for consistently making kicks, and how far they can kick it. There was no one better than Hacker at this last season, and honestly the only reason anyone could say Bendbrook is better is his rating. I also liked the Sample pick. With his stats last season and his impressive pre draft process I don't think anyone can blame the Cards for taking him at 8. If he busts then the Cards will get shit for it, but almost everyone else got their scouting on Sample wrong as well in that scenario. I can't be toooooo nice to the Cards however, and I will say I didn't like the Akeel Morris trade at all. I've seen it said that the Cardinals "only gave up a second rounder for Akeel," and that's just a gross oversimplification of the trade. Akeel Morris is a good player, and has the potential to become a great player, but the Cardinals simply gave up way too much for him. I know the ILB they traded away would not have played, I know they didn't want Chamblin's contract around anymore, and I know they've said that the would've taken Sample at 5 if they were still picking there. But if you are only focusing on how the trade affects you then you'll end up without a lot of trades that you could have given up a lot less for. I guarentee you the Bears valued moving up 3 spots very highly (they would have been in a much more sticky scenario regarding Silolo, Graham, Sample), I guarentee you the valued Chamblin very highly (they've had kicker problems for a while), and I guarantee you they liked bringing in the will ILB they got (duh, they just traded away Akeel and run a 3-4). And then of course there's the second round pick. It just seems like an excessive amount to give up for Akeel Morris. I will also point on that they would not have had to draft a kicker in the third if they still had Cliff Chamblin on the roster, which shouldn't be glossed over. A lot to say about someone that isn't my team but it's being discussed in length here already so I figured I'd throw my two cents in.
  7. Whoever said this I hope you’re correct for next year After that I hope the Colts win the AFC South every year
  8. OT Shane McCord 6-6 290 R Georgia [Run Blocking] [0] 83 4 years // 26.0 million // 75.00% Guaranteed G//6.5//6.5//3.5//3.0//Total:19.5 $//0.0//0.0//3.0//3.5//Total:6.5 Total//6.5//6.5//6.5//6.5//Total:26.0
  9. If I were the Broncos I would've gone Garrett Taylor at 7 and then a WR or something else in the second. I say this as someone who really likes Faulk, but I don't view their WR need as urgent as they clearly did. I think Taylor is gonna be a monster from day 1 and could end up being more valuable than Faulk, even if his positional value isn't as high. That said I don't have a straight answer on who I would've taken at 44 then. Their other needs had thinned out, I probably would have gone after Gulla or Felder, which admittedly is a bit of a reach even if those players went shortly after the Broncos pick.
  10. Interested to see what everyone thinks. Personally I think the Bears and Niners added the most talent to their rosters and filled their needs well.
  11. Ohio State and Purdue being the third and fourth highest rated teams this past season is interesting.
  12. You needed both RG3 and Bradford and then you needed an explanation for SDSU
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