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  1. #24 - OT Donald Reed 6-5 293 3 Virginia Tech [Pass Blocking] [0] 89 - accepted $5.5 million
  2. Vikings: Offensive Coordinator – Clyde Christensen +12% QB/WR chemistry +4% WR durability +4% WR progression -10% QB/TE chemistry
  3. HC Minnowsotan extension 2 years/$6 million $3 million per year
  4. Wisconsin would be the sweet 16. I know a lot of people have us losing to Oregon but just on seeding alone that would be a disappointment. Losing to K State wouldn’t be unexpected per se but I definitely wouldn’t consider it a success.
  5. When I was in 5th grade one of my friends was writing my name down (James) but accidentally wrote the s backwards so it looked like "Jamez". We were 10 years old at the time so we found it funny and occasionally people would call me that as a joke. It was pronounced with two syllables at first but eventually it devolved into "Jamz" or "Jamzz" and around the time I was making usernames for sites so I stuck with that. I don't think any of my friends since maybe late middle school or early high school have used it but I still use it for sites since that's what I've done for a while now. I've seen some people on past sites and I think this site assume the meaning of it comes from the food, jam, or they just relate the name to it but that's never been the meaning behind it.
  6. Good win in EJ McGuires final game
  7. I’m stuck between thinking it’s too early to make a thread on Skaggs legacy and thinking he’s never going to win one anyways. If I had to bet I would say that I don’t think he’s ever going to win one, but their window certainly hasn’t closed just yet. Right now his legacy has to be the best to never win it all but the next few seasons could see him go from a Marino to a more talented Elway.
  8. ...nebraska would’ve won or maybe not idk
  9. Indiana back with two ranked wins
  10. Jamzz

    Little Caesars

    i mean it doesnt even taste bad
  11. Colts really fell off I thought they had a chance to make a run this year
  12. Evan Grant got a 100 yard rushing game before the Colts
  13. Devin Whitaker 10/0 - 0/0 0/0  0/0 What lmao
  14. Severe lack of punters and recognition of P.K. the Punting King
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