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  1. Wow who could have gave Indiana a vote that person must be really smart and cool and handsome
  2. Anthony Harris 1/1 45 1/1 51 1/1 29 1/1 43 0/0 2/2 Kicker controversy
  3. Seems like the opposite to me
  4. the bridesmaid once again
  5. Vikings circa 2017-2018 would be good for this
  6. PK Crowes first ever game on NFLHC football featured a 48.5 punting average. If this were a regular season game and I was counting it for records it would be the third highest punting average of any Vikings game ever. I should've traded more to get him, total steal
  7. tbh I can't believe you actually won games at IU last year. I pretend I was an assistant coach who eventually took over after you left EMU so that's cool. You're not in my division anymore so you can win some games now, gl hf

  8. Nobody mentioning the GOAT Freddie smh
  9. Imagine not being able to make a status update

    1. Jumbo


      this status brought to you by the cool people who can make statuses gang

  10. Lmao look at these scrubs, could never be me* *i reserve the right to delete this comment in a few months
  11. Its just current Big Ten coaches, currently no one in the Big Ten (or anyone besides you) has coaches a game at Wisconsin
  12. I was 4-7 at EMU get it right smh (wasn’t able to gameplan for week 1 as I wasn’t the coach yet)
  13. stupid job change setting me back
  14. Illinois: 180 (- 5) Northwestern: 85 (+5)
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