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  1. Jamzz

    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    I think he's more confused about why Spillman threw so much, especially when there's a pretty solid RB on the team.
  2. Jamzz

    [2023] Week #2 - FNF

    Tyler Pearson is a first round pick in 2026
  3. After a good start to the season, the Vikings new defensive tackle made some news this weekend by signing a sponsorship deal with Minnesota Legit Glass to advertise the companies products and to collaborate on a custom marijuana strain that will be called "Bud²". This news comes in light of the new legislation that legalized recreational marijuana in the state of Minnesota at the start of the 2023 calendar year. It had been a long battle to legalize marijuana in Minnesota after repeated attempts to pass bills that got shut down on multiple occasions. When asked about the deal Howard stated, "It just made too much sense to ignore. The headline writes itself." After being traded from Pittsburgh to Minnesota following Marcus Brown's season ending injury, Howard has proven himself to be an improvement to the middle of the Viking's defensive line which has seemed to have a hole at the position for the last couple of seasons. Howard also mentioned his time in Pittsburgh as one of the reasons he looked out for the sponsorship. "I was only in Pittsburgh for a week but the city was so nice to me that I felt like I had to do something for the community. I decided to buy a billboard thanking the fans but didn't realize just how expensive that was, so I figured I needed to find a way to bring in some extra cash." Howard had previously been traded from Kansas City to Pittsburgh earlier in the offseason and was apparently feeling sentimental about having to change towns again. You can read about that billboard here. When asked his thoughts on the news, Vikings owner and general manager, Jamzz said, "The organization fully supports Bud's decision to pursue opportunities outside of the league. We hope that this means he will accept a cheaper contract when the time comes to discuss his future with the Vikings."
  4. Brunson Yusuff Yoel Pettis DC Also I think Sandhagen will beat Assuncao
  5. I think Illinois State will best Tulsa
  6. Jamzz

    [2023] Week #2 - TNF

    Indiana has now beaten the spread by a combined 56.5 points
  7. I agree with everything else you say about us but this is a really weird thing to say, I can think of at least five players, probably more, who are better than Kessler. I do wanna give some credit to the Pats though. I think you’re kinda harsh on them for coming close on a game no one had them winning. Not to criticize you a lot or anything, that’s just what stood out to me, I agree with a lot of the stuff you say here.
  8. I love this idea. QB: Adrian Rupp - Kamau is definitely more talented but only had one year with the team. Rupp was the QB for the two best Indiana seasons and had a spectacular senior season. RB: Timothy Cano - All time leader in rushing yards. Honorable mentions to Michael Acevedo and Kamar Blackmon. Blackmon will almost surely take this stop by the end of the season and no chance he doesn't have it by the end of next season. Will be a 4 year starter and will probably take over Cano's record half way through this year. FB: Julian Early - Made it to the NFL. Not much to say other than that, no other Indiana FB has done that. WR: Douglas Chadwick - Crazy good sophomore year where he made all Big 10 with over 1200 yards. Fell off in future years almost certainly due to incredibly bad QBs. WR: Graham James - Two really good years as WR1. A solid player who made it to the NFL and not much more. WR: Patrick Rollins - Was WR1 for a few years which led to some good production. No Freddie Jackson, he had one year where he didn't do much. It was probably due to the QB being young and not being able to throw deep but that's all we have to go off of. TE: Miguel Elias - Really the only decent TE Indiana has ever had. Had three years of good production. OT: Andrew Self - Current senior and the only IU OT to have pro potential ever, except for Mike Weir's brother, Quinn, who is currently redshirting. OG: Mike Weir - One of five players to make the all Big 10 team, his younger brother is the future IU left tackle. Best OL player for sure. C: Finn Pratt - 4 year starter despite being a 3.5/3.5. Will lose this spot to Ayden Washburn eventually, a current sophomore who will also be a 4 year starter and also has pro potential. OG: Hunter Parrish - Three year starter, graduated last year and now in the pros. Tobias Watkins as an honorable mention, also a 4/4 and was a two year starter. OT: Adolfo Fine - 4 year starter despite being a 3.5/3.5, a trend for the Indiana offensive line. DE: Vondrae Ledbetter - He's only a redshirt sophomore, which says more about the team's DE history than Ledbetter, but he had a really good freshman year, the best of any IU DE ever. DT: Howard Foster - Not much competition here, not surprsing for IU. Was never great but but had solid stats for a couple of years. Anquan Everett, who just joined the team as a JUCO, is probably the most talented DT the team has ever had and I expect him to have this spot by the end of 2024. DE: Ricardo Fernandez - Not a very good player, started a few meh seasons. A 3.5/3.5. OLB: David Hernandez - A 3.5/3.5 but one of the 5 all Big 10 players for the school. Had a crazy senior season. Probably the all time leading tackler in Indiana history, I didn't do the math for everyone. ILB: Daniel Felder - A 3/3 but was constantly made game reports, probably due to no other good defensive players. ILB: Jaden Durant - Current senior, solid player who will be the first Indiana ILB to go pro. Has never put up a ton of stats but always solid. OLB: Felix Hinojosa - Had three good years as a starter and left early for the pros despite not having a chance at ever playing. CB: Orlando Archuleta - Not many corners in the history of Indiana. This guy graduated last year with two good statistical seasons under his belt. 4 INTs his senior season. CB: Walter Askew - Had never head of this guy before I went through everyone, but he had a few good years of stats so in he goes. FS: Elijah Faulk - Had a few years with a lot of tackles and a few INTs. SS: Malachi Hawkins - Three year starter, current senior. No idea who else to put here. Has never put up too many stats but started this season off with an interception. K: Zack Yarbrough - A 3/3, there's been a few 3.5/3.5 kickers at Indiana but Yarbrough is the only IU kicker to ever make a kick over 50 yards, so he gets the nod. P: PK Crowe - No contest
  9. Arizona State did gameplan actually, and they have some very good players on their team. Ohio State should have won by more but you're completely discrediting a solid team here. I had San Diego State as 25 in my coaches poll but when I went back after I submitted it I realized I forgot Washington, so they should have been 26 for me. I think San Diego State will most likely end up as a top 25 team but there are close to 40 teams right now who have a very good case to be ranked in the top 25, it's not crazy that SDSU falls out after a loss to WMU. There are just too many teams right now to properly fill out a top 25 so it is far from ridiculous to leave SDSU out. I could say the same about Michigan falling out after a loss to a really good Notre Dame team, Miami almost fell out after a loss to Florida. Teams like Washington State, Illinois, Purdue, etc. haven't even made all of the the polls yet. It will become more clear as the season progresses.
  10. Falcons had to settle for a field goal at the 6 and 9 yard line, that lost them the game
  11. Vikings place OG Joe Smith 6-2 300 8 Arizona State [Pass Blocking] [+1] 79 on IR with a severe foot fracture. He is out 12 weeks so he will be available to return in week 14.
  12. The Kansas City offense looks very good. They might win the AFC West
  13. Jamzz

    CFBHCVision XX

    The Lumineers - Donna
  14. McCord had to go up against Khairi Bryant the entire game and still crushed it.
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