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  1. T-38 in Thunderbird livery on display at The Academy Just because #5 Air Force didn't have a game this past week didn't mean they were taking vacation. In addition to ongoing practice in preparation for Navys visit this coming weekend, the team helped to organize and man a food drive with the Colorado Springs Care and Share. Just over 6,000 pounds of non-perishable food donations along with $8,742 of cash donations collected were presented by the team to the food bank on Monday. "It's a way for us to show our appreciation to the community that has been so supportive of this team," said coach senior punter Thomas Purcell. Donations were collected throughout the past week at seven different locations around the Colorado Springs region. Practices and team meetings were scheduled so that each member of the team had an opportunity to participate. Food bank director Cynthia Westman said; "We are very appreciative for the help from the team in bringing about donations. These donations help us to be able to feed those in need." When asked about playoff hopes, head coach DescretoBurrito said "We're 100% focused on Navy. At this point in the season playoff talk, or awards talk, is just noise. If we take care of our business every week, then all that stuff will work itself out. If we let ourselves get distracted by it all, then we lose focus. The only opponent that matters right now, is our next one." Thus far Air Force has been taking care of business in a convincing manner, having never trailed in any game, and the closest win came by 18 points. While Falcon Stadium is sold out for Saturday Afternoons game, it will be televised on ESPN networks, and on the Armed Forces Network to service members around the globe. Senior quarterback and Heisman hopeful Nico Kaufman credited his teammates for his astounding play through seven games, and asked us to remind readers that Care and Share accepts donations year round. They are located on Constitution just east of Powers Blvd.
  2. Go Pokes! *sad clanga*
  3. #LetsHaveTheCavs.
  4. I see someone lost points from the last poll...
  5. I signed both these kickers initial contracts, in the same offseason too. At night, if it's real quiet, you can hear the sound of another Raider fumbling the football. Yes I know I'm a bit late here, been long week of OT for me.
  6. FINAL SCORE: Notre Dame 7-38 Air Force FINAL SCORE: Notre Dame 31-34 Purdue FINAL SCORE: UNLV 0-55 Air Force FINAL SCORE: UNLV 9-10 Rutgers FINAL SCORE: Purdue 26-23 Rutgers Yes Matt Jones, I like this.
  7. This was my 40th win over an MWC opponent (including pre-MWC records), and the highest offensive production in program history. Nico somehow looking more impressive each week. In two weeks I host archrival Navy. This season my team is 180-14 in scoring at home.
  8. #1 Purdue and 1-5 Rutgers were tied going into the 4th quarter. And the game was a missed FG away from OT.
  9. The Honolulu Sack Machine.
  10. The wrong Kansas player won.
  11. ELI5: What happened to Iowa State? I thought they were trending up a season or two ago?
  12. Jonah pls
  13. Air Force beat Notre Dame by more touchdowns than Purdue beat Notre Dame in points.
  14. FINAL SCORE: Oklahoma 31-23 Texas
  15. FINAL SCORE: LSU 16-13 Tennessee FINAL SCORE: LSU 17-20 Alabama FINAL SCORE: Tennessee 13-10 Alabama