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  1. Also this: Brian Brown, BSU, 45 of 53 for 623 yards, 9 TD, 0 INT
  2. If not for this game, I think Boise State would have won the title in 2014, and I don't think there would be question that Brian Brown was the best ever.
  3. This is what happens when you are the only consistent team in the conference over the past 5ish seasons, and have 3 consecutive top 20 recruiting classes (2015--16-17). And I'm pretty sure my FB, C, and CB were all on the ballot. I own 75% of MWC championships. I have a .857 all time winning percentage vs MWC teams, thats 35-7. Boise State is the only MWC team I've lost to more than once, going 0-2 vs them in the AAC, 3-1 since the MWC started up. I have active winning streaks against all conference opponents, 5 game steak vs Nevada, 4 game streaks against SDSU, Utah State, and Wyo. Sadly, I suspect that my reign of dominance is nearing it's end. I have too many deficiencies due to poor recruiting the past two seasons. If only I could pair last seasons defense with this seasons offense...
  4. I like that there is variability in scheduling for conferences. 8 MWC games, plus Army and Navy puts me at 10. I would be opposed to blanket 9 conference games as that leaves me with just one free game to schedule.
  5. I moved up four sports from last season after hemoraging defensive players away to NFLHC?
  6. First game was Week 1 2014 vs Hawaii. I think it was in Hawaii, but I could be wrong. I think it was also the first ever AAC game. I won, by a TD I think (21-14?). Frederick Chacon was my backup for the first 5? games, starter was 3.0/3.0 RB Adam Henson.
  7. I've learned to gameplan to the team you have, and not the team you want to be. It's why I was so run heavy for so long, that's what worked with the pieces I had. I tried to force the spread and pistol in 2014 (spread until Boise St, IIRC) and 2015 (pistol start to finish). Accepting I had a smash mouth team lead to more success. I currently stick with one scheme for the whole season, but tweak the sliders every week to try and exploit mismatches. Many seasons ago I would keep a running document of all my opponents games. So week 1 I tracked 12 teams, week 2 I tracked 11, and so on. I gave up on this and currently just look back at my next opponents last several games. I focus on one opponent every week. I don't actually consider myself more than just OK as a gameplanner. I guess only Soluna would know how true that is.
  8. Stephen Mitchell-Morrison, NYG, 1 INT, 1 Tackle, 1 TD
  9. Frederick Chacon, LAR, 9 for 44 yards, 1 TD, 0/0 F/L Oronde Jackson, LAR, 1 FF, 4 Tackles
  10. Was K Lorenzo Rodgers of Air Force at least in consideration?
  11. Air Force announces a home and home scheduling agreement with Cincinnati for 2022 (at Cincinnati) and 2024 (at Air Force). The teams, former conference foes in the old AAC, have previously met during the 2014 season, a 17-7 victory for Cincinnati, in a game played at The Academy. "With how the AAC grew, we never did get the opportunity for the turnaround trip to play at Cincinnati. Coach Rome looks to have brought stability to Cincinnati, and we are looking forward to a pair of competitive games against his squad." -Air Force coach DescretoBurrito Pending a potential bowl matchup before 2022, this will be the first time that Air Force has played an old AAC team since leaving the conference. Air Force is 1-1 against current AAC teams, and 2-2 against teams from the state of Ohio.
  12. Artemio has more special teams TD's than any of our receivers have recieving TD's.
  13. Pac-12 raiding those MWC teams... Glad to see at least both players leaving will be starting. Any CB's out there want to start? 2.5/2.5 or better and you'll start at CB2 for me. Anyone for a late transfer? Anyone? Depth chart updated.
  14. GG Chargers, thanks for keeping Lt. Williams off the statsheet this week. Defense with two big turnovers in the 4th!
  15. Only the logo is wrong. Points were credited to SD LAC.

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