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  1. OC Mike Munchak

    Damnit, sorry, I missed that.
  2. OC Mike Munchak

    OC Mike Munchak $3,000,000 per year 1 Year
  3. [2020] Bowl Challenge Cup

    MWC showing up! Also, Arizona lost their bowl to Nevada.
  4. [2020] Bowl Games - Day #10

    gg @Franz Kafka Elite kicking saves the day! This is the first time that Air Force has played Colorado, and also the first time that all three Colorado schools have played in the same season. Going 2-0 against in state competition, I claim the state championship!
  5. OC Tom Cable

    OC Tom Cable $3,250,000 per year 2 years
  6. Coordinator expiring contracts [GMs ONLY]

    Denver Broncos OC Tom Cable +3% OT/OG skill +2% C skill +15% OT progression +10% OT/OG/C durability +20% QB scheme change penalty Contract Expired at end of 2020 season. DC Leslie Frazier +12% CB aggressiveness +10% CB/FS/SS fitness +10% total scheme change penalty Under Contract through 2022 season.
  7. [2020] The case for Air Force

    You're right, corrected. I got all those games backwards.
  8. So I wrote this up part before the MWC CG, and part after. I don't believe that I've gotten nearly enough help from Team Chaos (would have been an extreme long shot to start with), but I'm going to go ahead an post this up anyways. It's been a fun season so far: Even if you missed the MWC Championship game, by now we've all seen how it ended. The officials couldn't be bothered to make the correct call, and robbed the Falcons blind. That leaves a big asterisk on Air Force's official 11-2* record. The two losses* both came at the hands of MWC Champion* Nevada by a combined 4* points. Be that as it may, this is still a top flight team. Air Force boasts the nations #1 scoring offense, #9 scoring defense, #2 in point differential, and a strong Heisman contender in QB Nico Kaufman (the nations most efficient QB both in the air and on the ground, who just posted a record 77.44% completion % obliterating Brian Browns 2014 mark of 73.65%). Many will point to a releativley weak Mountain West conference, but this team swept the OOC slate (Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Navy, Army). Air Force beat Mississippi State by a larger margin than LSU did, both games played in Starkville (38-20 vs 24-22), beat Notre Dame by a larger margin (38-7 at The Academy) than Purdue (31-34 in West Lafayette) and USC (lost 23-26 in South Bend), beat Army by more than UCF (51-21 vs 28-17, both games at West Point), beat Navy by more than Michigan State (45-28 vs 24-14), and beat UNLV by more than Clemson (55-0 vs 31-34 with UNLV away in both games). When looking at common opponents with all the other 10+ win teams, Air Force had a higher margin of victory in all of them except for Mississippi State - Auburn (0-30 in Auburn, vs 38-20 in Clangaville). While there may be a strength of schedule question about Air Force, I believe we have done what should be expected when a top tier team plays releativley weaker opponents. disclaimer: While I do think the MWC as a whole is fairly weak this season, I also feel that many teams within the conference are solidly trending upwards, and competitiveness should increase. There is a lot to be excited for in this conference moving forward. In the common opponent comparison the Air Force scores are bolded.
  9. [2020] Conference Championship Games - Day #1 (MWC/AAC/CUSA)

    Congrats to nephewjack and Nevada. I'm completely baffled by these results. My rushing numbers are way down from what I expect, and very surprised my defense was so ineffective against the pass.
  10. [2020] Week #16 - Saturday Afternoon

    gg @bellwoodbomb611 Ended my instate rivals season. Game was closer than I would have liked, but I have now tied my best season win total at 11. This is the first opponent we have won six games against (two three game streaks). Nico Kaufman through 12 games: 254 of 327 (77.7%) for 3,431 yds 28 TD 2 INT 192.8 QBR, 78 carries for 843yds (10.8 YPC) 13 TD, (4,274 total yards (356.2YPG) and 41 total TD). That's a new school passing yards record, a new school passing TD record, school best TD/INT ratio, new school rushing (QB) record, is just 1 rushing TD behind the QB record. Other players with notable achievements, receivers Reginald Lattimore and James Hall both cracked 900 yard seasons in this game (900 and 922 respectively), and are both in good position to break Reggies school record of 938, and are both likely to hit 1,000 yards (assuming their current production average continues for the minimum of 2 games remaining). Those two plus TE Cayden Reese all broke the school receiving TD record (previously 7). Any of the three could reach 10 TD. RB Xavier Valentine tied the school record for single season rushing TDs at 20. Kicker Lorenzo Rodgers has made 64 PAT's, beating the previous season best by 20. Next up is a rematch against Nevada. Air Force is 3-0 in MWC CG play, 3-0 at Levi's Stadium, and 5-1 all time against Nevada.
  11. [2021] Scout contracts

    Denver Broncos darkage 1 year
  12. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Afternoon

    3 TD's, 3 FG attempts, 0 takeaways, a single punt return, with a total of 210 offensive yards. I don't even know how.
  13. [2020] Week #15 - Saturday Evening

    Rematch with Nevada? Yes please. Unfinished business.